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China using Pakistan to slow India’ growth: former US envoy
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  A former US Ambassador to India said as he shared the perception of many Indian strategic thinkers that Beijing is using Pakistan to slow India’s rise。
~6[1R.kx%u   美国前驻印度大使、现供职于美国着名智囊团“外交关系委员会亨利?基辛格美国外交政策资深研究员”的罗勃特?布莱克威尔爆出惊人言论,称自己和一些印度战略家的观点一样,认为“中国在利用巴基斯坦遏制印度的崛起”。4H+W:p/ZO{9svH;^ b

MC4So#\$@@y7R,P   评论翻译:
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  Dr Ghalib///khudi  [USA]
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  You should know which side of your (India's) bread is buttered. It is not China, but the US that is horrified of India's economic progress and wants to erect barriers to save its own hegemony in developed world. It would be remembered that, the former US President, G.W Bush during his visit to India had stated in his speech at Purana Qila of New Delhi on March 03, 2006 that:--- India should be seen as a "land of opportunity" and Americans should not respond to its exploding economy by erecting economic barriers. Then, he also stated: "The United States should see India as a land of opportunity instead of a threat." Is it not enough to understand the real message? The US administration cannot ignore Indian economic frolics for long to become a danger to its own world economic dominance and if things get out of control, they always have a simple solution.All they have to do is, just instigate Pakistan with another doze of usual false promises on Kashmir and start border friction. The economic bubble will explode, driving Indian economy down into bunkers, for their relief. What Robert Blackwill has stated is just a repetition of the usual US trick by planting seeds to grow its own success without dirtying hands. Similar measures gave it victory in cold-war against the erstwhile USSR through Afghans. India knows it well Pakistan will benefit much more from Indian success than any indirect Chinese assistance。
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  你应该知道怎样才是对印度最有利的。不仅仅是中国,美国为保证其在发达国家的霸权地位也并不愿意看到印度经济发展,会试图阻止。美国前任总统布什2006年访问印度时,曾在在新德里做演讲时认为印度是一个充满机会的国家,美国不应该设置经济障碍阻碍印度经济的飞速发展,美国应该将印度发展看成一次机遇而不是一种威胁。。。难道这还不容易理解么?美国政府其实并不能忽视印度经济飞速发展,认为印度发展长期下去最终会威胁美国世界经济的霸主地位,如果事情失控,美国总能想到用最简单的方法解决问题(挑起战争)。现在,美国就在想方设法地挑唆巴基斯坦,引起印巴边境冲突。经济泡沫最终会破灭,把印度经济拖入困境之后,美国才会稍感慰藉。Robert Blackwill发表的言论不过是美国管用的伎俩,种地,收获,还不脏自己的手。这种方法与美国在冷战时期成功地利用阿富汗战争遏制前苏联如出一辙。印度非常明白巴基斯坦从印度发展中获益要远远大于从中国获得的间接帮助。D:e.v&}p6nw4C6{d
%KM7P6_~O"J cT:g Um*R$`Z5X%z ]
  Now Pakistanis must realise that they are being used by Chinese as well for their benefits. Poor pakistan, they are used by everyone because of the poor quality of their leadership。
P$I0r!ZW+[D   现在巴基斯坦人必须得认识到他们正在被中国人利用。可怜的巴基斯坦人。。。因为国家领导不力。。。被别人使唤来使唤去的。。。
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  Ibrahim Raja [Stockholm斯德哥尔摩]0e \2B]$p/Ljhg
  "The sum of the two sides of a triangle are greater than the third" is a mathematical truth. Since its inception, Pakistan has forged strong, lasting and progressive political and economical bonds with China. Every govt - civil or military - have worked hard to maintain the excellent geostrategic relations with China with identical perceptions on major issues. To allude extraneous factors impinging upon India's growth in its economic stature is a theory that necessitates material substantiation. The Kashmir problem is not a China craft. The many languishing UN Resolutions on the subject reinforce the origin of the dispute existing between India and Pakistan that has unleashed terrible blood letting and insurrection, with India forced to spend billions in finances and stake thousands in armed forces to retain its stranglehold on Kashmir. The saner politicians on both sides of the divide drew close to resolution, but for the obstinate and the overt nationalists who wrested away their initiatives and stoked the inferno of death and destruction. With Kashmir dispute solved, both Pakistan and India could streamline their defence budgets and re-invigorate their thrust on uplifting the living standards of the millions of their population subsisting below the line of poverty in both countries. China's march of progress can be impeded by domestic or internal impediments and there are no signs that there could be domestic or internal opposition to brake the momentum or dynamism of its growth。
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  数学定律:“在三角形中,任意两边和大于第三边”。中巴两国建立了稳定持久的政治经济关系。无论是巴政府,军队,还是平民都坚定信念巩固与中国的地缘政治关系。但是暗指利用外部因素打击印度经济增长的理论仍需证实。克什米尔问题不是中国用的奸计。印度被迫花费数十亿美元的财政和数以千计的武装力量在克什米尔地区,联合国关于克什米尔问题决议的效果日趋微弱,印巴关于克什米尔地区的纠纷加强,已经导致了大量伤亡和暴乱。两国头脑清醒的政客都趋向于决议解决问题,但是对于顽固不化,蓄意破坏的民族主义者,他们扭曲了原来的决心,陷入了死亡和毁灭的万劫不复中。假使克什米尔问题解决将能促使印巴双方精简国防开支,提高两国数百万生活在贫困线下人民的生活水平。中国进步的脚步可能会被中国国内的因素所阻碍,但到目前为止,中国所展现出的强劲发展势头没有表现出有被国内反对势力阻碍的信号。 B vAF(?@H U&^

)?tQZ S4A   S. Nasrullah [USA]qC{.S3A [%R
  Yes i can imagine because its Americans who are not the only one uses Pakistan, but China too. Thank you for sharing your concern with us。7gm6I2IJ$~

&eL-]_\*{   是,我能想象。。因为美国不是唯一利用巴基斯坦的国家,中国也是利用。谢谢你把你的关切跟我们分享。
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  Muhammad Tariq [Karachi卡拉奇 巴基斯坦]
8Jp(d#d@$d 4h2ZV gn \
  This is an absolutly false statment, just in the favour of India. It will not make any difference. But does expose the enemies of Pakistan. Who want to destroy muslims"f3Mxo/N bB
  every where in the world。
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!WYZ8j3st$l   m. akhtar [ashland 美国]M$R!S7[ q'I%Aq.oP"Q

$Z Kbe6Dm'K4}x0x   Paranoia and nothing else but paranoia。s3Mu'^-R:I
0qv:S7md.Zd3m2@N,?W /E;`&SAQ }iEA-O0R$w
  Dr.S.Qureshi [Rochester美国明尼苏达州城市]
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i8cv0tVoy+N   Pakistan and China will remain friends forever. Our enemies are trying to break this relation, but they will be defeated, InshaAllah。-{#oZA*[ZMS*Bj
@+oB8P5E3J   aaryan [London 英国]
KvQ] f~4CB fydtp H%a ?m
  I am glad that we are strategic partner of China. American can never be our friends this is the conviction of every pakistani. Besides, America is harbouring Indian and Israeli agents in Afghanistan to destablise pakistan by bombing mosques and shirines。
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  我很高兴我们是中国的战略伙伴。每一个巴基斯坦人都深信美国永远不会是他们的朋友。并且美国在阿富汗藏匿印度和以色列特工,试图通过炸毁巴基斯坦清真寺和神殿制造混乱。p vu~&N1a"f&^9r
  lKRAM KHAN [Peshawar白沙瓦 巴基斯坦] u} B2O7w,dJ2\M

2} @-wGH:qQ4i hm   Mr Akhtar, with due respect, I disagree with you, US inspite of all irritants has been the engine in India's growth story with massive exports of high/low tech software, Pharmaceuticals, auto ancillaries and a host of other products. US has been attracting Indian business houses to set up shop there and expand there. No complaints regarding US desire to increase the job opportunities in US as well as investment opportunities. Whereas as reported it has been a Himalayan task to do business in China due to various reasons some being language barriers, cultural sensitivities, security sensitivities, Chinese govt involvement in the business policies etc. Ever since Indian economy opened up, it is the west that was consuming Indian products and not Chinese as much. Though Chinese economy has been expanding so fast for so long, it is based on exports rather than internal consumption and that is where is the mismatch with India's exports. I agree that US does not want India's export to hurt its employment scene etc. So the way out will be to find a via media and that will also be worked out to mutual benefits. By the way, why would Pakistan let itself be used up by the Superpowers to Pakistan's detriments. It should see what is beneficial for itself。
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{S7D3d&ur.T/qDA 'J~?:z-{p~:OJ$K%v
  Mabob [Benghazi 利比亚 班加西]
u3r(Z w5Fq!r4q u {
_3vw,d"}DTT   In fact, its not hate mongering or anything like that. Being a smaller neighbor, Pakistan wishes India to be more fatherly figure than a big brother. India has not been good to her neighbors, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Bangla Desh or Maldives. All are weary of her saber rattling foreign policy. In fact, it is success of Pakistan that India is so obsessed with such a small neighbor like Pakistan. I totally agree we need to coexist and progress as a region. But to achieve that, India should give up its arrogance and talk as equal sovereign state, instead of acting like a super power, which unfortunately it is not...at least till now. The onus lies more on India to be true, honest and just than on Pakistan because India is a bigger and stronger country。 ^'{KYG@Rj R

&v%J)U@&gSf'R   事实上,并没有煽动仇恨或者什么别的意思。作为一个小邻居,巴基斯坦希望印度能更像父亲而并非兄长。印度对它的邻国素来不怎么样,像尼泊尔,不丹,斯里兰卡,孟加拉,马尔代夫什么的。我非常同意印巴需要合作共存,共同进步的观点,但要达成这种共识,印度首先要放弃傲慢的态度,像一个真正的大国,但很遗憾,至少到目前为止印度还没这意识。。。印度作为一个领土广阔,国家相对强大的邻居,应该比巴基斯坦背负更多的责任。mj Oa[KY-Q
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  Naser Hamdani [islamabad 伊斯兰堡(巴基斯坦首都) ]
kw2`~+km ly GXu gz9M;e
  Nothing wrong in China using Pak to slow down indias growth. Pak is more than willing to act as a stooge and client state of China. Zardari is making his 11th trip to China in three years. Obviously, China is slowly taking over Pakistan. The weak must hang on to the coatails of the powerful. And China is indeed powerful, though all of east asia is very wary of them. S korea, Japan, thailand, indonnesia malaysia and singapore do business with China, but do not allow china to interfere in their foreign policy and no one thinks they are brotherly bhai bhai! Good luck to Pakistan。
#?]#~@a   利用巴基斯坦遏制印度崛起没什么错啊,巴基斯坦巴不得做中国的傀儡和附属国呢。Zardari3年去了中国11次。。。显然,中国是在慢慢地占领巴基斯坦。弱者必须要紧紧地贴着强者衣裳的后摆。。。而中国确实是一个强国,但东亚所有的国家都在谨慎提防它,韩国,日本,泰国,印度尼西亚,马来西亚,新加坡等虽然跟中国贸易往来,但都决不允许中国插手它们的外交政策,也没哪国认为它跟中国有兄弟般的情谊!!祝巴基斯坦好运吧。。。TpS#`W){0{#T

\6LY;G Eb#ojd   Ray [Kuala Lumpur吉隆坡(马来西亚的首都)] \5}sw lX
{9qJ"^ Ai;c
  Hamdani--- What a hate mongering idea and what a wishful thinking。 {'x];~4_7QA)a

E u XRV6YK   观点太无聊了。。。空想。。。%KC-c;bn:i\

2d(NB*F#Ju`   srinivasan [India印度]7b Lb4N&etn+s

*w8h;MseD)BR   lol someone is living in fantasy. i think mr. blackwill time to wake up。
7TC\&c i.e k2j
g'w|f kvZ   看起来有人做梦呢。。我想blackwill该醒醒了
&`H-X8g$T c1zO   fari kanwal [Karachi卡拉奇 巴基斯坦]2Rh Tm!G'G/P0I
  China can slow down India's growth by dirty politics, but China cannot stopV8f(R&O-SkT
YVnQ Z'mU s
  India's growth. I understand, its good to have a slow, sustainable and steady growth instead of speculative, state sponsored growth like China. Actually Pakistan should understand sitting on the wrong side of fence is only harming its own longterm interest. India, Pakistan may be enemies, but that can change if Pakistan also sponsors growth in its own country and fights terrorism. Pakistan should understand - Nepal, Srilanka, Bhutan and Bangladesh are all on growth path its only Pakistan that is still in a denial mode of co-existance。H6?XsVV4_Iz
+{8J GU$|7@A9gn
  din [Mumbai 印度孟买]s9g1t9c an mN
Qt s%cV}} UA
  Mr. Ambassador, what is wrong with it, if Pakistan is helping China impede India's growth. Isn't US using Afghanistan and India trying to destory Pakistan in the name of Al-Qaida? I would like to suggest to China to help Pakistan destroy India and US。
)C*BRjrY9F0ZX 9T8|l!ge,b,LS`
l-^(ez\+} uYE mO,{2k9h E XT&U e
  srinivasan [India 印度]
*q!bf[4N,Fr,Z O5q&r V mB*m ?
  All countries have their strategic goals set-in and guided by their national priorities. Pakistan has also cast out its policy in accordance with geo-political realities and guarding its own interests. The situation of Pakistan and condition of ambient uncertainty is manifestation of lack of governance. It is therefore not surprising that one is easily enticed with anything and everything that goes on around the world. It is best not get influenced by what any one says. The country has its platefull and carries truckload of toxic baggage crises of all kinds, both self d and natural to deal with. Without getting emotional about China-India or US-India relationships Pakistan should focus on improving the lot of 175 million. Honest and good governance is more important. Is there time for unrelated issues? Pakistan has tremendous potential of estimated 104 million population below the age of 30 years. It has therefore immense opportunity and responsibility to train and educate its youth, improve moral and educational standards of the society. Rise above self and become God fearing Muslims. No one can use Pakistan that is strong and stable, for its ulterior motives. Both India with 1.18 and China 1.32 billion people have stable governments, are very large consumers. They are competitors for influence in Asia therefore that US woos them both. As such lesson for Pakistan is to get internal stability through honest and good governance。;wF W/kd
nR [e&\*l&Jr
  所有国家都有自己既定的战略目标,追求本国利益最大化。巴基斯坦基于地缘政治的现实制定国策,维护本国利益无可厚非。巴基斯坦国内局势和国外周边环境的不确定性都显示出了巴缺少政府统治能力。因此,巴容易跟着全世界的大事儿小情转也就没啥奇怪的了。反正中印,美印关系里自己也得不到啥,有那时间还是好好关心下自己1亿7千5百万的国民吧。诚实有力的政府才是真正重要的,还有时间去管那些无关紧要的事儿么?巴基斯坦大约有1亿4百万年轻人口,巴政府有责任为他们提供机会,使他们受到良好教育,提高社会道德和教育的标准。如果巴年轻人有了远大抱负,那就没人能利用强大而稳定的巴基斯坦。印度和中国都有稳定的政府,他们本国国民就是巨大的消费市场。巴基斯坦要记住通过改革政府才能促进国内稳定。IuWN0f.y D

mh*E:gu/T   SAI Muhammad [USA]
J ^#Oz{W`.Md   Why we can't learn to resolve our own problems. Best offense only possible with best defense. We have to be strong and united as a nation before we could face our enemies. Why we can't bring and listen to the problems of Taliban or Al Qaida without any deception and games and bring them into circle of confidence where they feel comfortable to offer and discuss their problems. leaders should talk to them for sake of peace and should also engage religious scholars to properly conduct religious matters and their correct interpretation and just application. I hope this would change their false ideology of declaring everybody as enemy from kids women and elderly same way. This should be top priority of any Government to do anything possible to bring peace and protection for people. We don't have to look at others to resolve our home problems and show other our weakness. I hope someone sometime will start taking bold steps with sincere heart。1oh Tb l'W8Gz
  为什么不能学着自己解决问题呢。防守才是最好的进攻。面对敌人之前我们必须要成为一个团结有力的国家。为什么不能认真地听取下塔利班或者艾尔卡达(基地组织) 的意见,看怎样才能让他们畅所欲言,与我们讨论我们之间存在的问题。国家领导人也应该为和平与他们谈判,利用专门宗教人士合理地解决存在宗教问题,对他们正确的诉求给予支持。我希望这种方式能改变他们错误的思想意识,甚至认为妇女,儿童,老年人都是他们的敌人。任何一个政府首先考虑的应该是竭尽所能为它的人民带来和平与安全感。我们不需要依靠其他国家帮助解决问题,向他们展示弱点。我希望将来某人能用真诚的心采取果断措施与他们一起解决问题。

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