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Was Guangdong a part of Vietnam in the past? How did Vietnam lose Guangdong to China?'z T)Z)tr5Jp

lj3N+Z i'q:] 广东是过去是越南的一部分吗?越南是如何失去广东的?)x2OHA$^z

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Tung Manh, (tg6` Q.t9fJyCsF
You are Vietnamsese and you don’t know about your own history ?
8m3l({{3H v~,fK Guangdong , what the F ???
Pg+Uz3NXP When Shu pan - An Dương Vương - Wikipedia who ruled kingdom of Aulac , his kingdom ( present day North Vietnam and part of Guangxi )
(S%rOT/C When Zhao Tuo declared his independent kingdom of Nanyue in 204 and organized his commanderies of Jiaozhi ( present-day North vietnam and Guangxi )*U;`&? X b uh
This is map of “ China ” during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period
"gr |[f1c Annam province* or Jinghai - Tinh hai ( present-day North vietnam and part Guangxi ) was head by Khuc clan - as 曲承裕 Khuc Thua Du took over Annam and claim he as Jinghai Jiedushi - Tinh hai quan tiet do su 靜海軍.
3i U%L$e6~:\u It was annexed by Southern Han - Wikipedia kingdom founder 劉隱 - Luu An who ruled 清海 as Qinghai Jiedushi for short time but unsuccessful and repelled by Wu Quan - Ngô Quyền - Wikipedia paved the way for Annam independence kingdom 1000 years after that.;{#HO1OW$K#[%L
Jiedushi - Wikipedia
co4{9{9s;i$i&g$Us Tung Manh, 聖駕仙棋趙承留勝跡 , 靈僊古觀三教顯名藍
b'M,|(H'o a{6vWJ 你是越南人,你不知道自己的历史吗?
SK&C Z]5w#x d^*c 广东(属于越南),什么鬼??
1o7|[eN 蜀泮——An Dương Vương - Wikipedia(安阳王-维基百科)  统治Aulac(译注:瓯雒国,又称安阳国),建立他的王国(今越南北部和广西的一部分)
6j%I3uJ'T:`;}x8c 赵佗在204(译注:应为公元前204)年建立南越国(又称南粤国),并设立交趾郡(现在的北越南和广西)。${/bD.ti&I

o Q ?1i:k-P6wp$v 这是五代十国时期的“中国”地图
F `3gD;tw 安南省或静海---静海(今天的北越和广西),Khuc家族 曲承裕(Khuc Thua Du) 统治安南,自号静海节度使----- (Tinh hai quan tiet do su靜海軍.)
+Uq!g.tRe'aX*L 它被南汉(Southern Han - Wikipedia)吞并,王国建立者劉隱作为静海节度使短期统治“清海”,但没有成功,后被吴权( Ngô Quyền 维基百科)击退,为在那之后1000年的安南du立王国的铺平了道路。 `/HU;^*`!^d

0t ^d{6h`R(Q Robert Leo, I think for Quora points\xS0Z m)Z
It is funny that people answered in Vietnamese perspective or Chinese perspective, but none care about Cantonese perspective. Guangdong - Wikipedia Sure they are just represented by others (not to mention Vietnam today has only twice the land, same population, and 1/5 of its GDP).
&eO i+Ts4i Is there any evidence that Vietnam control Guangdong?0J~qWx)G:nl
1.There is no place called Vietnam when Guangdong became part of NanYue. That is when Guangdong first appears in history, at least as a political entity. Is NanYue Chinese? Or Vietnamese. Ok again there is no Vietnam at that time.
~$tsX'gW)Dxz WQ 2.People south of the mountains of southern China were lumped into “Yue” by the Han, west as “Miao”, nobody knows who they really were. There was a kingdom named “Yue” during Zhou dynasty period but they are not the majority of Vietnamese though some of them did migrated south to assimilate into Vietnamese. Even if Viet is synonymous with Yue, Vietnam means south of Yue, you don't suppose South Americans just means Americans do you? Vietnamese people - Wikipedia
2f'tC4h_\ Vietnamese people at 300BC were simply a mixed bag of northern Vietnam’s Dong Son culture and the immigrated Chu/Yue/Shu. So again people of Guangdong at the time of NanYue weren't all Viet, there isn't evidence that Viet was living in even a particular place in Guangdong, and ancient Chinese called the people there Baiyue, meaning lots of different tribes that they can't tell who's who, BUT they knew were different.*g M;Oj#f7k7E-U
At last, Guangdong has and still has a big list of aboriginals, one such group is Li.
8@W;kk;^6t;A One important thing to note is that Vietnamese and Chinese are nationalities in these perspective countries when putting them side by side, not ethnicities, when you distinguish further these two supposedly “ethnic” group have lots of overlaps and much more other tribes who are very different from each other, just because one can't distinguise them doesn't mean they are the same, this is like calling all east/southeast Asians “Chinese”.f6`&i:kS,_5?Uz.s q

-g"l2e|.H{$TS0w 有意思,人们以越南的视角或中国的视角来回答,但是没人关心广东人的观点。(链接:广东-维基百科)  我确信他们只是被别人代表了 (更不用说越南今天仅有其的两倍土地,同样的人口,GDP是其1/5)。 c:ClK#v#dt9C
2.中国南部山区的人们被汉族称为“越”,其它被称为“苗”,没有人知道他们到底谁是谁。在周朝时,有一个叫“越”的王国,但他们并不是越南人,尽管他们中的一些人确实迁徙到了南方,融入了越南。即使越南(Viet)是越(Yue)的相近词,越南的意思是“越”国的南部,你不会认为南美人是美国人,是吧?(链接:Vietnamese people - Wikipedia)
1A(l%r BL]b5a X 公元前300年的越南人是越南东山文化,以及楚国/越国/蜀国移民的的混合体。所以在南越时代的广东人并不都是越南人,没任何证据表明,越南人曾经生活在在广东任何一个特定的地方,中国古代称那里的人们为“百越”,意味着很多不同的部落,他们不能分辨谁是谁,但他们知道他们是不同的。1pHq.MC,d2wC
-I)x ILF

7lRVg)|6l 值得注意的一点是,在这些国家中,越南人和中国人是民族,而不是种族,当你进一步区分这两个所谓的“种族”群体时,他们有很多的重叠,还有很多其他的部落他们彼此之间的差异很大,不能仅仅因为无法将区分开来,就认为他们是一样的,这就像把所有的东亚/东南亚人叫做“中国人”一样。
H9G I;^*sF#Q,q
~!l-cQTy Anonymous
2]} j+Yl8E*UX \ They are mixed,
*C"QSk3t7I8h Was Guangdong a part of Vietnam in the past - No . Was Guangdong a part of Nanyue in the past - Yes. Was Nanyue was a part of Han dynasty in the past - No because they launched a military campaign to conquered it.
?dHU6RE+P4h1H Han–Nanyue War - Wikipedia+D:Y+|#A{k|
It would agreed with Robert Leo , Vietnamese people today are simply a mixed bag of the immigrated Chu/Yue/Shu/Han.As North Vietnam had frequent cultural exchanges and immigrated since ancient times and bronze items bear the establishment of the dynasty in Northern Vietnam.
5\zr"v,b For exmaple :
8]v d[6N U Qx Many items found in North Vietnam also look some way like Chinese bronze from important vessels of various forms, including a funerary container in the shape of a house.
4`x"p"\:S&SGCN Model of Granary, hard earthenware with incised details, In two pieces with lid as roof from Thanh Hoa area, Courtesy Zetterquist Galleries - Jochen May Collection, Germany
-[&nj]'RDHx Tripod Tray with Green Splashes and Incised Design - Jochen May Collection, Germany
VS%`7f'Ln Now for chinese nationalists :
ro%K_n*|h q It so funny that the Chinese museum of Nan-Yue. Show everything inside it is Chinese, not look like Vietnamese.
s_pEE3E d1NNjZ For example :
wc&mF#C?+JQ Pottery drum Western Han7pb uPm,pe:HO
Miniature drum - North Vietnam
D-]mIl:U6n@0N bronze jar#~T!i M)y+]!E
Let do compare with bronze jar found in North Vietnam'O |h*AA @-y
Bao Thinh jar , Vietnamese national treasure
ZLdCZ$u k$} Brozen drum also can found in many where in South China
t.e5n+{F1z The giant bronze drum , It can be traced to the ancient minority groups once located in the mountains of southern China and northern Vietnam
~(D c4rO?G Drum of Lingshan type. Bronze. Guangxi province, China - Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution-@C:E?5a~2\^St

j6~GrFd5nx 弄混了。zBM3?!N6t#W
广东过去是越南的一部分吗——不是。VBd6m*gM(OU d x
qLD*Y7| 南越是汉王朝的一部分吗——不是,因为他们发动了一场军事行动来征服它。(链接:Han–Nanyue War - Wikipedia)
$]W#oF5{j S)Gl.N;A0R 我赞同Robert Leo的观点(注:上一个答主),今天的越南人就是楚国/越国/蜀国/汉移民的的混合,北越自古以来就有频繁的文化交流和移民,青铜文物显示(他们)在越南北部建立了王朝。 ?f7muVh)qO0C Z
E*Z9] nR )h[DO/n3ihP
谷仓模型,有雕刻细节的硬陶,两片盖子作房顶,来自Thanh Hoa地区,Courtesy Zetterquist美术馆——Jochen May 收藏,德国t\'d:w;w@
绿斑纹三角托盘,刻雕    Jochen May 收藏,德国A'A G&]sYU!fp
Qu6O/H4SL P!} 中国的南越博物馆非常有趣,中国人把一切都展示出来,不像越南人
G {3P w%Si.V 举例:
dd o+w&L 陶鼓----西汉
&XG+m(W3pcw5] 小鼓 ----北越
9i @/h%sdur y I+{-\
Pg d9k&pNt'E H'Pl-FoKL
Aaron LiuD$Tqx,FP yH
No, Guangdong was never part of Vietnam because kingdom of nan yue is founded by a rebel Qin official called 赵佗 during the collapse of the Qin. Vietnamese historians consider him to be a ‘Chinese invader’ so his dynasty is not considered an official Vietnamese dynasty.
2j)P ~@3j]8EPa4p {LaI6Y9dl Y#|n
Luca Yang, Know something about Chinese historyb X5T]3^
Vietnam (northern part) was a part of Guangdong
X,a8KYh Chiao Chou, West Han Dynasty. Northern part of Vietnam was divided into three shires: Chiao Chi 交趾, Chiu Chen 九真 and Jih Nan日南
.jw2z7GA-Qb)l5xP z An Nan, West part of Ling Nan Tao 岭南道 (Guangdong is the east part), Tang Dynasty.
DiO5\|3U4IE In 938 A.D., The governor of Tĩnh Hải quan 静海军 decleared independence. Since then Vietnam started to become an independent kingdom.
Mc$j{H:Wx&Z Acknowledge: Map from Chinese historic map collections 中国历史地图集 _v%u^,\)n_f.x C-a
Edit: The map in the question was before 111 B.C. The purple part in the map, Nan Viet, was annexed by Han Dynasty in 111 B.C. It was not the predecessor of Vietnam.
%o%O#wRG+STI6v Luca Yang, Know something about Chinese history(u*K6i ^#EB
越南(北部)是广东的一部分。aG] @?d
Chiao Chou,西汉;越南北部被分成了三部分: Chiao Chi 交趾, Chiu Chen 九真, Jih Nan日南
Si5C&Z F7|8I9S4Nn 0A)WK Q{&F
安南,岭南道西部(广东是东部),唐代。 Eu3Q S _)[2m!m M
公元938年,静海军的地方官员宣布du立,从那时起,越南开始成为一个du立的王国。 pP;gGbSXC
A-`.m bc:B 编辑:本文中的地图是在公元前111年之前的地图,地图上的紫色部分是南越,在公元前111年被汉代吞并,它并不是越南的前身。
7P}3HVm&bz$~;dne!A s6y `E$TAF5?j*{
Vũ Tuấn Long, studied at Hanoi University of Science and TechnologyeIJ!] o&Es$t"g|
Vietnam never conquered Guangdong so as to lose it. Zhao Tuo, the king of Nan Yue and a general of Qin Shihuangdi, defeated An Dương Vương’s Âu Lạc (the then Vietnam’s name) and annexed it. Whether the Zhao dynasty was considered as a Vietnamese dynasty still remains controversial in Vietnam. However, in 111 BC Nan Yue was conquered by Eastern Han, indisputably making it, including Vietnam, a part of China. In 938 Vietnam broke off from China by defeating Southern Han’s invasion and was established as an independent country under a long-lasting rule of its own indigenous dynasties. So it was China’s Guangdong that lost Vietnam, not the other way around.
.c'z(H yA5bx 5Cd1CeG
Vũ Tuấn Long, 在河内科技大学学习RDy_q#I
越南从未征服过广东,所以不存在失去了它。赵佗,南越王,秦始皇的的大将,打败了【安阳王国】An Dương Vương(当时的越南名字),并吞并了它。在越南,赵朝是否被认为是一个越南王朝仍然存在争议。然而,公元前111年,南越被东汉(译者注:应该是西汉)征服,无可争议地成为了中国的一部分,包括越南。938年,越南打败了南汉的侵略,脱离了中国,建立了一个du立的由土著王朝长期统治的du立国家。所以,是中国的广东失去了越南,而不是相反。n`*HB,sZ ^C Z
Xuan Su, There is your truth, my truth and what really happened. This is my truth.
p)} XN(o9Y1M Answered Mar 6
n`FM7Q J0t "Was Guangdong a part of Vietnam in the past?
]@KR{,^ @!W7tZA'o-v How did Vietnam lose Guangdong to China?
+?(^GY S:oP/? The founder of Nan Yue was originally a general (Zhao Tuo) of Qin dynasty of China. He was sent south to conquer more land for Qin dynasty. At end of Qin dynasty's and start of Han dynasty, Zhao Tuo decided to establish his independent kingdom in the area under his control, thus born the Nan Yue kingdom. This kingdom was later reconquered by Han dynasty and brought under Chinese government again.
d$v4LV:o)oy%U Sn;n So Vietnam didn't lose the region of present day Guangdong to China. But rather, the region was part of China that broke off to form a new kingdom.,K.^zL0G~P

(N{c2E$Q “广东过去是越南的一部分吗?”
#}FZa*w&J “越南是如何失去广东的?” `uyq8Ao*rm[C Z;@
南越的最初创立者是中国秦代的将军赵佗(Zhao Tuo)。他被派往南方,为秦朝征服更多的土地。在秦亡汉兴之时,赵佗决定在他的控制下建立自己的du立王国,从而诞生了南越王国。这个王国后来被汉朝重新征服,并再次被中国政府置于管辖之下。
p,rM;|6Z%dum? 因此,越南并没有失去今天的广东。更确切的说法应该是,该地区(越南)曾是中国的一部分,后来分裂成一个新的王国。
wP+t| E:x)A:H1o@ Banh Dau5VQ-k@BO
Vietnam could not have lost Guangdong to China since Guangdong has never been a part of Vietnam. As others have said, rather, Vietnam was a part of Guangdong, before both became part of China.rKh6~,t0V x
I do dispute an answer that said “Vietnam has long been part of China until French annexed it from China.”AO}pvfW2K x
Absolutely wrong. Vietnam has been independent from China since the 10th century, with the exception of a brief 20 years occupation by the Ming dynasty in the 14th century.
V(sC/py F e;Oz Vietnam did pay tributes to China during this period, and acknowledged Chinese suzerainty (nominally), as a measure of diplomacy to achieve peace. China was still a much larger and more powerful nation. But Vietnam was pretty much independent in every aspect of the word. It had its own king, its own court, its own military. It managed its own internal affairs, and conducted its own foreign policies.)_I5U!|H:~D
Think of the relationship like China and Taiwan now. I don’t think anyone can really say China rules Taiwan now. And the relationship between China and Vietnam during the last 1000 years was even looser than that between China and Taiwan now.
0cg*d3Z*@%]/Y%K So historical facts do not support “Vietnam has long been part of China until French annexed it from China.” Even Chinese historical records did not consider Vietnam a part of China during this period. Rather this is what some Chinese ultra-nationalists like to think.o J\ g;}Yb

{?6M'A,H#tw 由于广东从未成为越南的一部分,越南不可能把广东丢给中国。就像其他人说的,越南是广东的一部分,在两部分都成为中国的一部分之前。
0J S f5` e2u"pZ-M 对一个回答说:“越南长期以来一直是中国的一部分,直到法国从中国吞并它。”
1Q:K#uO{e 我确实不同意这个说法“长期以来,越南一直是中国的一部分,直到法国从中国吞并了它。”(注:楼下答主Michel McGill说的)
w3NT/Pb5~a%P7C{ 绝对错了。自公元10世纪起,越南就一直du立于中国,除了在14世纪被明朝占领了20年。
`!H;a/E+B k!M6f pY'I 在此期间,越南确实向中国纳贡,并承认中国的“宗主国”(名义上),作为实现和平的外交手段。中国仍然是一个大得多、强得多的国家。但是越南在这个词在各个方面都是du立的。它有自己的国王,有自己的法庭,有自己的军队。它管理着自己的内部事务,并实施自己的外交政策。Q9dq6S@8L4Ri%Z
5b1U{r ]@ Michel McGill, My parents are WWII veterans.NX#n8Qw3_ t
The picture is the museum of Nan-Yue. It is in Chinese, not Vietnamese.k~:]K/[;^!ck\ S
The picture is the relic of Nan-Yue in Guangzhou.'w.s#CL;g@
Guangdong and Vietnam were within the Nan-Yue, and the political and culture center was in Guangzhou. It means that It was Vietnam belonged to Guangdong, not the other way around.
2O2v2xf\J'} r M Zhao Tuo, the king of Nan-Yue, was the governor set by Qin Shihuang. When Qin dynasty ended and Han dynasty established, Zhao Tuo did not join Han immediately. It is like Taiwan does not joint Mainland immediately. Zhao Tuo joint Han eventually. Nan-yue belonged to Qin Dynasty first, in between for a period of time, then joint Han Dynasty.b} Kj*so+Wp!g
Vietnam has long been part of China until French annexed it from China.l*U IS$l i%XFmD
This status is for local Cantonese people who defend Chinese territory against French invasion in Guangdong Province.
#k#gTD uVT +U/}S9mH;mv-F(U
%OhgtV pM ^ 南越国王赵陀是秦始皇的地方官员。当秦王朝结束,汉朝建立时,赵佗并没有立即加入汉。这就像台湾没有立即加入大陆一样。赵佗最终加入了汉。南越首先属于秦朝,在一段时期内,然后并入了汉朝。
1o+N$tKAW:zV/z 长期以来,越南一直是中国的一部分,直到法国从中国吞并它。z%~ q+Mv'nPr|

a2E.w/r.`{-o f8M;a]5RD1~
]j/w,doJki cEwoRS']
Ka Basha, has been reading weibo to know about China directly
v W |,Z2DLms Answering this question is impossible since “national border” was not even a concept which exists in the land which belongs to Vietnam today, and “what is Vietnam back then” is also extremely debatableb$D7q2nk-ggS @;w

+m&hK(}a!K2oq 回答这个问题是不可能的,因为,在今天属于越南的土地上,当时根本不存在“国家边界”这一概念,而“越南当时是什么”也是一个极具争议的问题。6ZS$P~f5vz

`I`9` ~ Jin Zhang, studied at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law@Pp+y;w
Are you kidding me? Please do not learn it from south korean.
v!z2qD'JUUZz;vP Nanyue ( including northern and central Vietnam Nowdays ) ever was a part of China.L)tgVBu|
And the first king of Nanyue Kingdom, 赵佗(zhao tuo), who work for First Emperor of Qin and come from Hebei Province (near Beijing, 3 hours by train)d4CmZ6W-MBz;B
In ancient time, the distance is so far from Vietnam to Central China, China emperor can defeated the vietnamese army in the battle, but it’s diffcilut for China govern Vietnam for long and continually.
? P }2{i/JH[~E
8{/l:m @2e#AK'E+A k:K 你是在和我开玩笑吗?请不要学韩国。
3\"RN!k%K{ }2I'yb 南越(包括越南北部和中部地区)曾经是中国的一部分。.DNw$Q B#ao se
/x6g5Bk V-Xa af Lioo Hu, Love people, use things. The opposite never works.
dUlXHr} According to China map, the areas colored deep pink in map are Yun’nan Province maybe including Guangxi. But it does not contain GuangDong absolutely. Minyue is the location where GuangDong locates largely.}IeBD'm+}
The map just shows the territory situation of Han dynasty. May I say the territory of Yuan dynasty contained the area where now Vietnam locates even Mongolia or is larger than I imagine. U7@iL;f_L
8`Dp:Ja;QGJ-q 这张地图仅仅显示了汉朝的领土情况。我可以说,元代的领土包含了现在越南甚至蒙古,比我想象的还要大。
)K]F#t[8Mj ?p4x,y!Wn!s
Cyrus Lee, lived in China
@t R7a6ne/w You can see the red part called Nan Yue (南越), which is a historical state of China, founded by Zhao Tuo (赵佗), a general of Qin Dynasty. So you shouldn't say guangdong was a part of Vietnam but Vietnam was a part of China. That's true!5F X$Z|9tAEna
你可以看到红色的部分叫南越(Nan Yue),是中国的历史区域,由赵佗建立,一个秦代的将军。所以你不应该说广东是越南的一部分,但越南是中国的一部分。这是真的!
\Q'XHG f+F$?$k Joseph Boyle
tZ0g4@1g All of what is now the southern half of the Chinese coast was inhabited by Yue peoples. The original Yue kingdom had its capital in Shaoxing, Zhejiang.*Ys(v(G+B3v%oA
现在的中国东南沿海所有地区都被越国人占据,最初的越国首都在浙江,绍兴。u4_ h:U#M^?0\ w$`0F
旭 刘, lives in China (1991-present)
{ k3YM;gLO"B2ZL~)r Guangdong became a part of China in Qin dynasty. However the empire Qin was overthrown because of his brutal rule. A gennral of Qin lad his army to Vietnam and announced that he was the king of Vietnam in same time. But he failed soon. The new dynasty HAN beat Vietnam. So Vietnam belonged to China again. So in the history Vietnam had never owned Guangdong. On the contrary Guangdong had owned Vietnam in the past.
.j5^7E5O[7M3w3d O V{8JQ3v H6v q
广东在秦朝成为中国的一部分。然而,秦国因为其残暴的统治而被推翻。秦军的一名将军,率领他的军队来到越南,宣布他同时也是越南的国王。但他很快就失败了,新王朝的汉朝打败了越南,所以越南再次属于中国。在历史上,越南从未拥有过广东。相反,广东过去曾拥有越南。 Xn-W*OuY;e

@y0HvF'ui Alejandro Peralta, studied International Relations YN!dL q(Rfb5a
It was Vietnamese territory as for the result of long time historical contact. Remember that prior to the unification that founded the Qin Dynasty, Guangdong was not even Chinese land.Q8uZ/DZea
The native Vietnamese tribes, in a large extent, had inhabitated in Southern China, which they often referred as heartland of the Vietnamese origins.
t jBcG:m,U/S My understanding is due to later Chinese millennium rule, the region was slowly Sinicized and the Vietnamese went further to the South. However, there had several wars between China and Vietnamese force and the Vietnamese wanted to reconquer back Southern China. Four dynasties of Vietnam had reconquered it, the last time was the Ly Dynasty.I,X0?Jo#eyO
Interesting that Quang Trung Emperor of Vietnam at 18th century, after defeating the Chinese, had planned to conquer China as well, but he died before he could have done it.
^IV ps So? Guangdong was Vietnamese before. But after 1.000 years, it is now Chinese.
ZG6{[)mn4h ,S*a {KPI9\8F
由于长期的历史接触,这是越南的领土。记住,在秦朝统一之前,广东甚至都不是中国的土地。7qB6VK{ k@Q3b
C w3r6eVP0d2h[ 我的理解是由于中国千年规则,这个地区慢慢地被中国化了,越南也进一步向南走了。然而,在中国和越南军队之间发生了几次战争,越南人想要夺回中国南部的领土。越南的四个朝代重新征服了它,最后一次是李朝。:W/uh/L M#VQ z
` k`6v f o&v%J3X%v
7im,j6pTb7L William Tang, Author; CEO at Tang Long Enterprise (2010-present)QFN"LHY#F-W
Not that I know of. Vietnam was part of China under the First Emperor and the ensuing Han Dynasty.~L~ C,W4N

3x$GQX,k)J!e,u 据我所知不是这样的。在第一个帝国(秦)和随后的汉朝,越南是中国的一部分。(s(e Y6`$g&p
Xuan Zhang, lives in China (1993-present)
'J`8qOkO| vietnam∈guangdong∈china e9m3W^ I0Q
]:xbH!jY-~+s%x:\v this logic was corrected before franch occupied vietnam.
]Vq |0W J4p 越南∈广东∈中国
0p[ ZR^}*] 中国∉广东∉越南
R|N,B\F3y _| 在法国占领越南前这一逻辑一直是对的。 p_O^ ]

Obc:HC Xiaohao Cui$b;? E_;D6v#z
Was Britain a part of Us in the past? How did Us lose that little island?]1K'ee'a6N J2VI

!Y luF _4mR U 英国是美国过去的一部分吗?我们是怎么失去那个小岛的?iM BH z
$[$PS?G-@i#C Cambodia, Laos, China. These three weak countries were all part of mighty Vietnamese Empire. We will reclaim them all.
Y T*dz Zr2jwi1R G }k5q4ws Sq/oE
u^L%F:U o;n ]{
m)}_ bI$q/m%U Carfield Yim, Manager at Macquarie Group (2010-present)
S{i`QL9F.o(Jl Probably a confusion, Guangdong was named as 南越, which have same Chinese name as Vietnam, but those 2 countries shouldn’t have relationship
#v8} C1V{+DSXT oT]vf/~ z
可能有点混淆,广东曾经叫“南越”,和越南的中国名字是一样的,但这两个国家没关系。7[-f)|F)TAh O
e'gl G1^1|)W
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