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Why can't Indians become K-pop idols, while people from China, Thailand, etc. can? N0n5Fb?h

Ji_gP+g k 为什么印度人不能成为韩流偶像,然而中国人、泰国人却可以呢?x_V(k qfb#j hz

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Sneha Sivaramakrishnan, Multi-fandom kpopper of more than five years.
)Gxyg:j$i zh Answered Nov 27
7U$K3Ps]4v9J It is not that Indians cannot become K-pop idols. You have got idols of different places so it isn’t about which country you are from. I think the most important factor here is the looks. Koreans, Chinese, Thais, Japanese and even Filipinos have something in common, their facial structure.u$Mh#e8tZ0q
We can actually find a lot of mongoloid faces in the North Eastern part of India. Yet, we don’t see an Indian idol. This could probably be because they aren’t trying hard enough. Most Indians prefer their own music, Bollywood. So even if they do want to become an idol, they need to have a lot of talent. I don’t think language is too important because if you have the talent and get into an agency, they will train you enough so that you can communicate in Korean.&NSj5p Mw5S:o5RO
Hallyu is spreading faster now, thanks to the internet. So maybe we will actually find more Indians taking part in auditions and trying to make it into K-pop! This isn’t impossible, it will just take time.
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0gG&G.c4u b 不是说印度人不能成为韩流偶像。跟你来自哪个国家没多大关系,每个地方有每个地方的偶像。];xU3D:_:uO_Hz_
x8l_O/ng 韩国人、中国人、泰国人、日本人,甚至菲律宾人,他们的脸部构造都有一些共同点。
6A/jn H+Sv V$o 在印度东北部,我们实际上也能发现很多蒙古人种面孔特征的人。uA+~/t1\9~G
Y*f `$x \#w ek_ 大多数的印度人都喜欢自己国家的音乐和宝莱坞。
fW%B(q"{&U#\G*Ix 所以,他们即使他们想成为印度的偶像,也需要他们具有很多的才华。2ufg|$M3cyl
多亏了互联网,韩流才能传播的越来越快。`f IC0x~w l
所以,也许我们应该让更多的印度人去试镜,努力去加入韩流!l4SMxqmP @$D
这不是不可能,只是需要很多时间。?Y6_ TMN c'c/U
Ananya Nair, BSc Psychology, Aston University (2021)7I+r-FGe)P1~$q-j
Answered Dec 11
'NS CT%?{o"\ It’s not that Indians can’t become kpop idols, it’s that there’s no benefit of having Indian kpop idols to agencies. There is a big enough market in China, Thailand, Japan etc. that having members from those countries in a group can be beneficial as they are more likely to gain fans in these countries where kpop is already mainstream. For example, in Thailand, kpop is already relatively mainstream, so having a Thai member like Lisa in BlackPink is beneficial. The majority of the Indian public doesn’t even know what kpop is, much less are fans of it, so having Indian members is of no benefit to the companies. When the fanbase in India is big enough that a market for kpop actually exists there, then they might start holding auditions in India. i9R0b O_(PM

v\%dMV_5gE Mv9` 答者背景:英国阿斯顿大学在校生
,x(^U+q4@;A 不是说印度人不能成为韩流偶像,而是因为,这会让在印度的韩流偶像公司无利可图。X!E;[*X/FYXF
'L|XMslz"Ow 例如,在泰国,韩流已经是比较主流的了,所以在BlackPink中有像Lisa这样的泰国成员是非常有益的。8?(}5F%\kbblN
大多数印度人,连韩流是什么都不知道,更不要说成为它的粉丝,所以团体里有印度成员,对这些公司一点好处都没有。jlh)M*Js @
L7?Y4gQ A.zs `eAqB-y4I#bD
Andy Farrar, Interested in Korean history and culture
0R'J8Q n!lO/_ Answered May 8, 2017
Q? B5o6h At this point, it is safe to say Kpop has become mainstream in Asia, particularly SEA and East Asian countries which is why you see idols from those countries. India on the other hand has yet to fully embrace Kpop. Most entertainment agencies hold auditions in countries where there is large demand for Kpop and an opportunity to make money. India currently fulfills neither of these requirements, which is why you rarely see Kpop artists performing in India. There is simply not a large enough market for Kpop for entertainment agencies to go to India right now. Once Kpop becomes somewhat mainstream in India, I’m sure agencies will have a larger incentive to hold auditions there which will give Indians a shot at becoming Kpop idols. Believe it or not, Korean entertainment agencies have been trying to penetrate into the Indian entertainment industry for a while but with little success due to how popular Bollywood is already. So it is possible for Indians to become Kpop idols, but it depends on if India is willing to accept Kpop into the mainstream.\{ ]0csgEY
答者背景:美国人,华盛顿大学毕业生,对韩国历史文化感兴趣。 S u.Q8S:O3wm
换言之,印度还没有完全接受韩流。大多数的韩国娱乐公司,只会在对韩流有巨大需求的、有赚钱机会的国家举行试镜。3? [w9_)Ar h
印度的韩流市场太小,所以韩国公司现在不会去。 z7hkK O,a
j-}_&k/\5t oC&nMv b 也许你不相信,韩国公司曾经有段时间试图渗透到印度的娱乐行业,但是由于宝莱坞太受欢迎,只能作罢。
2F,egG4E[_ 所以印度人是有可能成为韩流偶像的,但前提是印度愿意接受韩流成为主流。#F1U:sEZe

1?,l&B*z%S0O Skyrocket
T.zc$V(v8_f)t Answered Dec 14Hmi0MM;R:Q
1)basically in india music careers are not exactly encouraged as indians are officially money-minded , therefore if a kid asks there parents if they would let him/her audition its like a BIG NO
j {hG%Ou 2)india’s educaional system is so complex and hard so if a teen wanted to become an idol his/her life gets wasted away in exams and they dont get any time to enhane their talent/try out for an audition
m3p8@&h?? 3)there’s also this thing bout india that ppl do not respect other countrys’ cultures except their own. therefore they kind of stereotype and make fun of other languages too.N(P5m4b\&WPd
its not that indians cant become idols….
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f}M J.i.`"V~t|T 1)基本上在印度,音乐生涯不受鼓励,印度人不会全心支持他们的孩子走音乐这条路。A%akDh$\$]
所以,如果有个孩子问他们父母,他是否能去参加BIG NO的试镜,结果应该是不言而喻的。7c9W,K+H)F
tLse7{h 如果一个年轻人想要成为一个偶像,他的学业就会荒废掉,所以他也就没有时间去发掘自己的天赋、或者去试镜了。
[ a9m6w2P!u1a 在印度也存在这样的情况,只喜欢自己的文化,不尊重其他国家的文化。4wv&k/v-sD#i&w}
"a2qa0\ r$X pQUF 所以不是说印度人不能成为偶像······后面省略 s"V4m/lX8Y*b
Lote Hellebores, An ARMY, K-pop lover, and K-drama enthusiast!!Z,Oz3od[D5W
Answered May 8, 2017W:GD1w'B_ A?5F1f&[7^
Indians can become K-pop idols if they constantly try to enter into contests and audition frequently for Entertainment companies in Korea and i’m sure most Indians have tried that, but remember that the entertainment company in Korea isn’t like the ones in America where they try to find their stars through YouTube or in other places online and offline. The entertainment company in Korea cannot waste their time looking through YouTube to find their next star they want those people to come to them."{lh$TA:J
如果印度人不断参加韩国公司的比赛和试镜的话,那么他们也是可以成为韩流偶像的,而且我相信多数印度人可能会去试试。M#j `y*b(RS
^{_#S|9I{0G@ 韩国公司不会浪费时间在YouTube上去寻找他们的下一个明星,他们希望这些人到他们公司来。f#x a|G4QV/vb+H*I^
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