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[转载] 汉语、日语还是朝鲜语?你认为哪种语言听起来最好听?

Which language sounds best in your opinion (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)?
% l0 h& V. ?- s! p
( J' |( w$ `& V# f* X+ g1 I: k. B楼主:Which language sounds best in your opinion (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)?Specify which Chinese dialect you like...I know there's quite a few out there...
/ ~0 _2 O6 G1 T" Z, Q6 tand if you can, please explain why you like the language you chose.
( B6 Z  u2 `. G) f- c" ^
. h9 y8 }2 i9 E. V你认为哪种语言听起来最好听?汉语、日语还是朝鲜语?
. m7 l& g1 O% [1 R7 K) p8 t4 Q注意指出你喜欢哪种汉语方言...我知道有不少...如果可以,请告诉我为什么选择这种语言。, ^5 {& S& f4 a8 Y$ z) k

! s# S' W8 n6 G. t$ |. ?4 ~* i
/ M. K2 H2 {3 E& v/ t; i+ x; d+ L
1 @4 M$ o6 a% F: z2 _评论翻译
; d3 i# K2 S3 V1 P7 a; A# E  X% ?; i9 F' q  p6 ]: A
Best Answer - Chosen by AskerI personally enjoy Cantonese and Chaozhou dialects of Chinese. Cantonese is enertaining to listen to because the tones make it appear as a sort of "boingy" nature to the way it is spoken. Chaozhou, in my opinion has an interesting variety of tones that make it appear like the speaker in singing. Mandarin can be rather harsh on the ears, depending on where you're coming from. I personally dislike the Beijing accent (wondering where the "r's" came from xD), I however enjoy the Jiao Liao accent from Shandong.- U0 M  s# i) w7 O# ^5 |. J
Japanese seems to me rather dependent on the speaker. I have heard bubbly and energetic speakers of the sort, along with monotonous and monologues of speakers represent their language in a variety of ways.( ?1 ^& p- l4 K! y8 L
Korean is probably very interesting to hear for a non-Korean speaker. You will notice a lot of patterned particles to their phrasings "eem-nee-dah, ahm-nee-da, soh-yoh, etc. etc." Along with a jumbling of syllables that are otherwise unintelligible to the general listener.
  c2 Y. L! {0 f' N: KSource(s)earning Mandarin, Cantonese, Chaozhou, Korean, and Japanese. (all in the family, except the Japanese)
& Q0 W" F. V7 b% ?, WAsker's Rating:
6 ?: Z& r* Q7 p- P4 Y4 {Asker's Comment: Thank you...  R" F5 S4 u$ B2 r/ R
I'm choosing your answer because it seems you put a lot of thought and time into it
) J0 m4 T1 [0 p4 c0 M& {
1 W; @( {1 l' C最好的回答:
' j+ D9 ~% o, ?* l我个人很喜欢广东话和潮州话,广东话听起来很有趣,它的声调听起来很有弹性,这是这种方言的一种口音。
' x6 @6 K9 O& u$ q$ g3 u潮州话在我看来有着很多有趣的声调,这听起来就像在唱歌。普通话对听力要求很高,这取决于你来自哪里。我个人不是很喜欢京腔(怪异的儿化音的出处),不过我很喜欢山东的胶辽官话。
- ~7 X& c/ E( e2 m) N% }3 ^5 R日语视乎更取决于说话的人,我听过说话听起来活泼而且很有活力的,还有人说起话来像死了爹一样的,这说明日语说起来有很多多种方法。
- p( A% H3 H  @2 ^+ b3 T$ `7 G
! D6 G6 h% \$ _9 ]% G0 C  G* p1 T不懂韩语的人听别人说韩语时可能会感觉很有趣,你会发现他们的句尾会加上很多语气词,思密达思密达的,一般人是听不懂的。
! `# y: i: q  K0 s5 A回答来源:学过普通话,广东话,潮州话,朝鲜语,日语的飘过~~~(除了日语都是在家自学的) 提问者的评价:谢了,我选你的答案是因为未来回答这个问题貌似投入了你很多的心血和时间!$ L# r6 d$ s/ ^1 ^8 Z, m2 q
$ [# Z6 S6 W9 A% h, b0 q
Korean flows the best, so I think it is the most beautiful among the three. Japanese sounds like baby speech ( you know how baby talks...ichi guchi etc). A lot of people say Chinese is harsh, perhaps they're thinking of Cantonese instead of the official dialect Mandarin? True, cantonese sounds like a fight is going on, but Mandarin is alright. Also, when you say Chinese, you should be more specific, as there are many dialects in the Chinese language, and many of them do not sound anything similar at all.
) v- I% d$ W3 C+ Q; h5 M7 w" _) A7 `8 h: H. Q( n. q" `; I! l* R
韩流赛高!!!我啊,认为朝鲜语是三种语言中最好听的呢!日语听起来就像婴儿在说话。很多人认为汉语很难听懂,可能他们听听到的是广东话而不是更正式的普通话。当然了,广东话听起来像吵架有没有?普通话就完全没问题,另外,当你说汉语的时候,应该更具体一点,因为汉语有很多的方言,而且有些方言听起来和别的完全不同。& ]" l0 s9 D% c1 s0 E

" b- E- |" H8 B8 n0 e) wFor me, they all sound nice. But I guess that people who like a fast moving language with easy pronunciation will like Japanese more (which gives it the same chic factor as Spanish or Italian), where as some people will prefer the changing tones and varying sounds of Chinese which are urgent, commanding and yet peaceful and mysterious at the same time. People who want a balance of both should go for Korean, in my opinion. Also, Chinese has a much more rewarding writing system, if you can learn it .
# p+ b% h. p8 j
3 ^0 v  k. s# P7 D  m; x5 ]对我来说,这三种语言都很好听。但是我觉得,说话快的人可能更喜欢日语(因为有一样的特点,比如西班牙语和意大利语),
  o1 b5 a/ P& J* R8 `有些人喜欢拥有变化的声调和不同音节的汉语,以及汉语那种威风神秘的感觉。如果你想要感受两者的平衡就去韩国吧(不知道7 w' L% @2 ^, y
: d& O. s  M  u, n/ k
1 q4 L! T  C1 e2 a+ U8 Z7 W  Y3 y, xTo be honest, I believe that Japanese is the... best, in my opinion. It's just that their characters look extremely nice and I seem to like their tone. I'm not saying it's the best, I'm saying it's the nicest to me.3 d( k# k' h$ D) W
The most useful and the best is definitely Chinese. It is the number 1 world spoken language and once you learn it and you learn other languages, then you are definitely going to get a good job. I'm 15 years old, I know the 2nd most spoken language in the world, spanish, and english which is the 3rd. I'm currently learning chinese forced by my father because once you learn all three of the most spoken language in the world then wow.. you will definitely get a good job. I'm not bragging or anything, just making a point.
: m; X: ~7 [- D5 xKorean is very different to Japanese and Chinese.. By the characters especially. It is actually a very useless language, that is why all the Koreans are learning English because they realize that if you learn Korean you can only use the language in Korea. But once you learn Korean and English, I believe that it will also do good because since there are so many Koreans who are in need of being taught in English, it gives a huge effect for those who are teaching. It will do you very good..
" S. ]  R3 X: O9 p% ^; w' k+ `% t& t  T
, i; k' P. s) o$ m' D' O但是对我个人来说,日语是最棒的。
3 ]' c1 [! R- U; [4 ?6 f. H1 \
: A# i$ ^- L- C5 n1 f- c. Z6 o从实用性上来说那肯定是汉语了。这是世界第一大语种,如果你学会说汉语并学习其它语言,你绝对能找个好工作。我今年15岁
/ @6 x9 d! R( j5 f  r/ V2 s,我知道其它两个大语种。西班牙语是第二,英语是第三。我老爸现在让我学习汉语,当你学会这三种使用最多的语言后,哇哈哈,你肯定能找一个非常牛掰的工作。我可不是在吹牛,这是我的一个观点。
, Z3 F9 [2 X/ @朝鲜语同日语还有汉语来说有很大不同,但是实际上吧,这是一门没多大用处的语言,所以说现在有很多韩国人学习英语,因为他们也知道如果你会朝鲜语,只能让你在朝鲜半岛使用。但是如果你会韩语和英语,那就厉害了,因为还有很多其他的韩国人需要学习英语,这一定能给韩国的教育带来很大的影响。那样你岂不是爽爆了...
, {8 i% y' y0 P( F  x4 ~) h
. [& e5 y$ t3 y3 Q3 n8 Y" `Japanese as it's not difficult to pronounce and, at the time, was studying Italian (pronunciation is very, very, similar). Have Chinese friends - two speak Cantonese and one speaks Mandarin - I find the Mandarin interesting to listen to but imagine it's, very, difficult to learn. I am musical but this doesn't hit the "notes" I'm accustomed to. Although I'm a westerner, I enjoy old forms of Japanese music featuring jushichi-gen (a 17-stringed instrument) - is, very, soothing.
* b0 E3 G4 I1 J  d# \* }/ [5 n; a* e/ ]+ T" n! L0 M
3 n# ~9 q! r/ B( i  @9 r+ A5 @我发现普通话听起来很有趣,但是光凭感觉就觉得非常非常难学。我喜欢音乐,虽然我是一个西方人,但是我很喜欢日本的6 c5 s  w2 g( c* }1 D
6 A: Q4 g1 k% U& i% P$ ~; S; x( v. z9 z# M7 x# F0 g
Mandarin (Chinese) is the hardest to learn from those 3... but it is very useful especially if you'll be traveling to some parts of Asia. Japanese is good for business and if you're working for a Japanese company (or wants to be in one) you'll impress your colleagues and your boss. Learning Korean for me is simpler, Hangul is easy to write and once you know it you'll find it easy to speak and understand the language ;)
- T- U) W, @. S, b
7 I% A, w5 v7 p5 L0 N1 G; z6 F普通话是三种中最难学的,但也是最有用的,特别是你去亚洲的一些地方旅游时。如果你在(或者希望在)一家日企工作时,日语+ F% T5 C& l2 B, K) P) U" V1 P
/ f! M% D3 E$ A$ B( d& t  H
% X; x8 f" r4 ?' l; F/ S1 f5 S  mChinese
, Y9 A$ s( N% o" f" }-Chinese mandrine as spoken in Beijing sounds like people speak with a ball in the mouth.Can sound very irritaing.
$ K1 a% O) S/ Z# l" G-Shanghainese chinese sounds weird but better than Beijing Chinese.2 o9 E7 O1 w/ c. L
-HongKong Cantonese sounds the best, as what I think
- `0 ^, u/ @1 u5 O* n; f9 |  A-Malaysian Chinese sounds a little weird too, but still I feel it has this unique flavour.
2 m: ?% i9 @' i" c' C9 s4 f* J-Singaporean chinese is totally horrible. The choice of words and grammer is at times mixed with English and Malay words.
. \$ s. Y  @6 r+ S: F* pBest : HongKong Cantonese
* k  U  n9 f/ M- SWorst: Beijing Chinese8 k. Y2 l- T2 e+ ^9 S) q  N
$ ]4 P7 E1 P/ E, t( L-Seoul korean is spoken at a fast pace with refinement.
" s" F+ f5 U5 I9 D) J! `-Busan korean is spoken slowly with a more relaxed paceor Can't decide which is best or worst
4 B, n$ I% V3 F1 I% [+ O( tJapanese! [% {* \: a; P8 k7 q! V2 j; i
I have no idea, but I once had a friend from hokkaido. I thought his accent was quite pleasing to the ear.
" N: X$ }5 |: ?/ q
( O. b8 q6 c! w# z& X汉语:北京人说普通话听起来好像嘴里面含了一个球,听起来很刺激。上海话听起来很怪但是比北京话好多了。我认为粤语的发音: x/ t$ b. U: B' s5 A0 D# j
是最好听的。马来西亚人说汉语听起来很怪异,但是很有韵味。新加坡人说汉语非常可怕,说话时混合了英语和马来语有没有?* Y( N% w, R% d* _! b% d7 S
于是我得出结论,最好的:粤语 最差的:北京话
: q. _3 c# u2 a! e韩语:韩国首尔说话很精练而且节奏很快。釜山人说话很慢懒洋洋的感觉,但是不好说哪种好或不好。
# M- \' m2 s3 Z+ |1 R日语:我也不知道,但是我有个北海道的朋友,我觉得他说话听起来很悦耳。, X/ V* h' |/ M9 W! q, T* l
4 F* I, [: \2 Q1 Z3 U) c
I'm a both Mandarin and Cantonese speaker, so I'd like you to choose Chinese the language which sounds best. Mandarin has 4 or 5 tones, and Cantonese has 9 tones at least. People whose first language is Cantonese speak Mandarin very tough. But they speak Cantonese just like singing. I think people in Liuzhou (near Guilin, in the south of China) speak Mandarin quite perfect! Though it's not very standard. I don't know if Japanese and Korean have tones or not, but I hear Japanese very...I don't think it's fair-sounding like songs. So, choose standard Mandarin, or if you can, go to Liuzhou(柳州), to enjoy their non-standard but very fair-sounding Mandarin.8 O2 F) ^6 m" `; v6 O# R% N/ G+ i2 u

* _4 }  p$ E# P! S% S( w: ^普通话和广州话我都会说,所以我来帮你选择汉语中最好听的方言。普通话有4到5个声调,而粤语至少有9个,母语是粤语的人说  K! e/ N) {% Z3 ^6 T
" ^4 B0 }2 S$ k. G
  A' l6 G% S. jJapanese, its so beautiful. i had a foreign exchange student from Japan, and she taught me some simple Japanese. So me personally, love Japanese the best. Then i have a friend who speaks mandrin chinese, and i think it sounds sorta neat. Korean i never really got interested in too much. I love all foreign languages, i find them all quite fascinating. So i don't really dislike any of them
8 d! v2 C2 o: c) o5 I  ^* A$ t  w6 }% u# I' i) p$ i5 q/ B
" R/ m1 ^& v9 t, w. J3 u% R1 y1 {9 Q9 w6 N7 ]3 ]
1. Korean.
0 n8 F" Q3 d8 Z2. Japanese
1 t/ U3 s6 E0 q6 e5 b3. Chinese - cantonese.
6 F' m; N$ @# f7 b6 d! U, AKorean sounds really cute to me. Plus, my boyfriend is korean so that helps with liking it haha.! x0 O- \! c( ^$ p* u+ E+ x/ _2 r  G
Japanese is okay, but it's getting so old to me.
' q0 m  v( B% \2 i6 m- M$ gCantonese used to be my favorite language, but it's not as nice sounding as other lanfuages.
+ {$ o& A- [6 \: t
) ^. _9 N4 _+ [( T/ n1 N9 Q1、韩语! n2 T& ]  ~7 T2 V( U* ~
2、日语3 t/ U4 p' x% X1 I4 K  ^
% r" f8 [9 c" d) K( j5 p: `0 Q韩语听起来很可爱哦,另外,我男朋友是韩国人是他帮我回答这个问题的,呵呵。# z8 x- n- y0 q- A, r
6 E' E3 Q$ L# Z7 ?' p% S
: e; p5 M- |! E4 N% S1 u. J- yJapanese has a beautiful flow, because of the many syllable words, and it can sound very gentle, with lovely vowels (o and a) and the "r" sound. Chinese sounds all chopped up, and it has too many "sh" and "ZH" sounds. Korean I find harsh.
8 c$ ^2 K4 Y. o- EI hear all 3 languages on a daily basis where I live and I can tell the difference even though I don't speak any of them.& D: I7 K# O2 p2 {' A
$ X) ]! Z9 `5 F8 G- V' B
, I! s% r6 r3 r* a/ A我住的地方每天都能听到这三种语言,谁让我不会说但是我能告诉你他们的区别。
) m: L, ~  W1 d4 R
! N8 Q6 I7 x# I. G  t, Q/ HI'm thinking between Chinese and Japanese.. but I'd say Chinese.. probably Cantonese.
5 f# A9 P; g! i3 `  }* N1 {I just love the way it sounds when I listen to Chinese songs especially the traditional ones. Generally it's so beautiful.. _7 I7 R. y5 M  w/ }
Japanese sounds very nice too but not all the time for me.
& D# D: V0 N* K2 k( |9 b7 c
3 e7 Y; K7 f* |4 ~9 @& W, y% R4 K# E9 aKorean, I'm not that familiar with it. 我想在汉语和日语中选择,我可能会选择汉语,或者说广州话。
6 D, x7 H" N6 ~9 Z我只是单纯的喜欢它的声音,每当我听中国传统音乐时,总是感觉它是那么美妙。! v- k* |! Z9 R
/ K. r5 w2 h+ W$ \, I韩语对我来说有点陌生,忽略...- x4 G& S$ T) D  t1 |

8 W& B4 n4 C2 d3 f4 [2 ^. iTo me Korean sounds rough and Japanese sounds too polite. Chinese depends on the dialect. Mandarin sounds fine, but Cantonese sounds very rude. But I don't really have preferences since I understand almost all.5 p" l: d4 m) ~4 e0 S/ _% w
But if to choose one, I prefers Chinese. The northern sounds very "rolling" and the southern sounds natural. To me, chinese sounds soft and elegant.
( \! f2 h5 N9 U( F+ R; _& b+ _( L* ^+ Y4 k: K9 t0 X
对我来说,韩语不好听,日语听起来太客套。汉语你得取决于到底是哪种方言,普通话不错,粤语听起来很没礼貌,大部分我都知道,我并没有特别的偏好。' u, ]. f9 p  B# \2 \
但是如果非要选择一个,我会选择汉语,中国的北方人说话听起来很带劲,而南方人说话很自然。对我来说汉语的声音轻柔飘逸。/ M% ]% }; W: |4 ]# _  K6 j
, C/ E4 x* Y) X9 f8 s! Z
I would say all the languages on Earth are special in their own way. They are interesting to be all known if it would be possible.
1 A" _* o* l) qBut for JAPANESE I've always had a inner attraction.' X7 ?+ Y4 g4 t, C, V3 z
I wished for me to be borne in that country, with their blood since I was so little ..... which I cannot explain WHY. Probably their eyes fascinated me in the first place !? Next their language, their clothes & houses & gardens ... everything!/ _$ j& r; b& R( ^# c% q- q
Do you love Italian chorus of children?' j5 `9 k! T. T; E1 l! @8 I4 f
They are adorable! I thought they are the cutest.
0 Q4 X# G: |* _( m6 g3 B: s- hBut have you ever had the ocasion to listen for at least one chorus of Japanese children?! E6 e4 n+ ~" L9 J6 {/ d0 S
Thinking of the Hiroshima & Nagasaki and puting these together .................... ..................... ....................... they are more than Angels.  Y2 F. V( d; V9 O
Japanese has a vowel after almost any consonant, and the "R" letter is pronounced very funny, like a "L".
! G0 W# @& E5 C6 @And is a complex language as they have the Chinese Katakana as well in their usual writing.
: F) f  e( L( {! w  aLooke at them as a nation, from all the times!
5 s1 K8 n7 M  ~6 I: M0 MI wonder if they're still as strong characters as they were.# {9 X; a$ x( l/ L; Q0 g

$ K# W" N/ N1 E" d我得说地球上所有的语言都有独特的,如果有可能的话懂得所有语言是有趣的。
; ^" _% y% @/ s, A3 o但是日语对我来说有着一种特别的吸引力。我喜欢自己能再那个国家出生,拥有日本人的血种,我也不知道为什么,可能是他们的眼睛让我深深着迷吧,还有他们的穿着,房子,花园以及一切!' E" d. J$ {" {: F; d/ t! b
( {+ b; e, A, i; n" t6 G3 S
; ?% F( U( Q! h9 {  C. g  O但是如果你有机会去听一听日本的儿童合唱团,结合着广岛和长崎想一想......他们简直就是天使!
, d  C: W7 _- G+ M日语中,所有的R发音都很可笑,听起来就像L。
/ |6 b: V( H5 K这是一种复杂的语言,他们在平时的写作中会用汉子和片假名。
0 Z! a+ a; t: ^从古至今,看看这个民族!
, U# [! t3 J' c8 h我由衷希望他们在历史的长河中永存!9 z# C8 Q1 ]+ V. t; D- N+ }6 ?# |

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