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[转载] 访问香港算是访问中国吗?

Technically, Hong Kong and China are one and the same, but in many other ways they're quite different
/ N* @* O& X& _) q' Y6 N% b9 YBy CNNGo staff 4 October, 2012
3 @  i% ~, T: a' [5 t
- a9 [0 @0 Q8 s) H$ p( M+ r从技术上讲,香港和中国是一个国家并且一样,但是在很多方面他们实在有很多区别
" b& h% B% `4 w  R2 a7 z" e3 v1 u3 k! K  p. d4 N# N
5 J) e0 Q5 M' y  V- t

5 a( _+ P8 c# S4 lGotta be specific about where exactly you went when you say you "visited China."
' j5 R: A* G! N: b$ a, ~3 r; N! P8 w& O9 T. m, q
, P% R* i  @! O1 @; \" v# v, f" g* Z# U' p( J4 m, _2 s. F
Hong Kong officially returned to China from British rule in 1997. But a big royal farewell shebang and some chops on a piece of paper don't necessarily unravel more than 150 years of history.; B$ \+ e/ S, H3 }% ~  D6 p
3 ?. F/ a0 _* u' R: ?; w5 @$ ?
! q( U, `' B! F  H6 `7 \. A  y' S/ P! E  X/ P
Yes, technically, Hong Kong and China are one country, albeit with the Special Administrative Region stamp on it -- the Chinese government's acknowledgement of economic and political differences.7 N( `1 S3 I/ V- T! i- O. N
& r/ u8 y1 [; o
的确,从技术上讲,香港和中国是一个国家,尽管它被标为特别行政区-中国政府承认经济和制度上的不同1 T  [8 i3 B: [: P2 h( o
; U; S* v' ~- W4 [2 O4 B7 r3 F
But from the straight-up tourist point of view, does a trip to Hong Kong "count" as really experiencing China?
5 A( x+ z4 b+ S2 C0 `/ L" F0 I% U( R: C
% w$ r1 C" J- A" U- `5 c& e# t& q1 Y7 s  h# h& \8 w
How much does that passport stamp really mean?
' o8 s3 Z3 s0 W7 [$ Y1 R1 C$ m  g' T! U6 u4 O7 }
护照上的标志到底意味着什么?/ U$ R8 X5 \, E: |1 Q/ a( o4 V
  N" o7 B) S# m
In case you didn't know, you don't get the official full page China stamp in your booklet when you come to Hong Kong.
  q" p, H& }* x6 z3 P4 u  o
1 N* A; s* a- B. R4 P万一你不知道的话,当你去香港的时候你不能在护照上得到所有官方的中国盖章。9 U+ F, l/ A) b1 t8 ]8 N5 m  ^
7 H6 }5 N. }6 q) ^- M" c; y/ ~
Consider these five primary tourist impressions and judge for yourself.
  M( f2 u& V8 S$ e8 z
' V5 O) z4 D% ^% D! h/ A) n考虑一下这五个主要旅行感受并且自己作出判断。
' s- F( ]! ~8 v* Q( f! `( {: K! M" _8 a& @
And by all means feel free to disagree with us and leave your comment below.$ S! r7 u) f3 s* R
$ k- Y2 X) b" O, ~9 k/ X# Q9 [4 \
在所有方面你都可以反对我们并且可以在下面留下你的评论。, X( p6 i- Q4 E8 F) T7 m
! F+ J- I9 k  i7 K! ~4 Q* k6 B" s3 R
译者:chen_lt$ G% y- t4 e  y

4 D+ p$ k6 G3 Y" s; t8 P) C1. Eating: [& N& M- \8 y0 }; Z8 I

$ P; Q6 D' W' W7 I/ C# _( Y. e吃  
+ Y: L, q$ k- d( k$ C; V- T  b9 o: S* r3 M4 R& Q2 E# T3 [
! g6 @$ e4 L8 I9 j# b4 ?4 O# c

. c( H% S# W/ T3 Q# a8 XSpicy food just doesn't pack the same punch in Hong Kong as it does on the mainland.With claims such as the "world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant" under its belt, Hong Kong is a unique haven for the travelling foodie.; j2 T! Q( o: u: s
# k* D5 x7 I4 O+ z1 g: S6 |
* ]/ P/ b- u; a& Y
9 |, J: v1 @6 t) d) E, f+ [4 wGood eats dot the territory from the top of the mountains to the tips of the harbor (check out its latest floating restaurant, Shun Kee). . x- E  d' u, J' F4 r" P
' J( c, w/ v. t
香港到处都有美食,不管是在山顶还是在港口边(查查看香港最新的水上餐馆)。; }: Q, H/ F8 _+ h8 h
, |, m& F0 B/ G, i' `
And it's safe.8 o+ S* I/ \0 d7 R2 D7 g
, x( A" t& @3 ]+ \8 p/ ^, H- p4 h
而且很安全。. c$ [; g- a  i; _' x0 t. u3 O- o

! `! y, C0 z/ C9 i5 E. THong Kong doesn't have the food safety issues that mainland China suffers. So you can be sure that's really shrimp in your har gow.3 t/ O5 X$ f, D0 |; f" `
# z: F1 T* P: B; [4 z3 p% Z
3 k$ P- m3 g1 @ ; d  g) X8 L' Y: s* }
When it comes to variety, however, the mainland knocks it out of the park.
- G+ c1 J3 z' x/ r. }  U4 v1 q3 N" l. b0 j
0 |0 \6 E) c6 W) N1 z+ O4 s5 y; \8 \  v5 J2 {' J% ]# [* f+ H
While Hong Kong specializes in Cantonese eats, mainland cities offer authentic dishes from a wide range of Chinese regional cuisines.
$ I1 t; w, Z$ t7 ~
* L/ y+ H% {- W香港是以广东菜为主的,而中国大陆很多城市都提供中国各个地区的美食。2 M; u" N; J  A* B
" I% H9 |3 Z4 M8 G6 M) _
The mainland is also the place to go fulfill Chinese food fantasies.
( i( o4 ]; w! o4 O
5 R" g$ o+ l9 n而要吃真正的所有的中国菜的话,肯定是要去中国大陆的。
6 R4 d& S0 U3 _  J4 _! s* u2 ]6 J7 C7 ^1 q8 C  o% h* c
Wanna see what a deep-fried rabbit's head looks like? Or craving fish cooked in a vat of chili oil? Gotta head to China to get it done right.
$ N% a& X0 [( D5 P5 c+ `
+ y4 x7 z/ W& \% I6 v! i想看看一只被炸的兔头是什么样子吗?或者你想看看把鱼放在一大桶的辣椒油里面煮是什么样子吗?那一定得去中国看看人家是怎么做的。" f1 M: r+ V" {9 H7 F: q, |- A4 h

3 D+ Y/ U4 |2 T& X  T5 ZSameness rating: It's like comparing hanging out with Anthony Bourdain versus Gordon Ramsey. They're both loud, candid and will challenge your limits. But you'd never confuse the two as the same.7 G' G% h4 p  j
5 x5 c: F( P6 p7 ?1 h) S7 N
相似指数:一个像安东尼 波登,另一个像戈登 拉姆齐。二者说话都很大声,也都很坦率,他们会挑战你的极限。但是你从来不会把他们两个人等同起来。
9 a9 x0 ?0 n: K% N+ U( J7 S: u2 a% Y( o) e+ ~+ @& X
译者:navy0301" j5 d( g: o# E0 K! _

7 q" x' i+ j9 |) t8 s" U3 \9 E5 {2. Culture shock  a7 `$ e$ E7 E
0 c  _1 \7 C/ M/ b& r
: P0 P, W) Z5 }" O; Z) J
  h5 h2 R$ W1 ]' @8 X1 E8 \4 V( B7 Q3 G% m& Z* F) J& }# {

; s2 f# w$ k  P/ a. J2 nWhat are you staring at? We're just enjoying the sun in a responsible mainland'ish manner.Culture shock in Hong Kong mostly consists of head-scratching at people carrying umbrellas in the sun, wearing surgical masks and eating chicken feet dim sum.
5 D( f9 y) J; p! b$ T+ ~; r  R- u" V  X" u% G* C/ T, E1 O+ d
, g0 ]& r$ {+ V" I7 a0 N1 _& p1 }
, W+ k+ ~& ~/ Y4 o& |In mainland China, you're confronted with the reality of crotchless pants for children, facekinis and squatting.2 [$ X$ {& s4 w' P# Z

% X. Z$ ]% p2 Z; ^+ L* J% [在中国大陆,你将面临穿着开裆裤的孩子,武装到脸和无处不蹲的现实。/ e3 L! p' C  {/ {

4 }1 C/ t; N0 f1 o9 xSameness rating: Mangoes and durians.  0 C, ^" w9 V' |. V

1 J% P% l( _1 n相似度:芒果对榴莲。
0 Y* n. R; E6 B0 @- }. I5 x& J3 f  U1 _& x
3. Partying7 I, }3 `6 m( t6 e& @; \+ R! d
. b+ P* E* ]$ B
! d# T- `5 G# c$ X0 S
* V9 H5 s- P( F2 |
# X% \( F0 l8 A& {" h* o
. H2 _% o$ J# a# `4 q5 pYep, it's gonna be a long night.Partying on both sides of the border involves a lot of drinking. $ X1 o: e8 l) {) S- Y0 w6 b/ i
$ L) c8 `/ D; A- j
6 w% E8 ?6 v2 [6 T4 a2 R) @* v# x! ^, E8 B
The average visitor to Hong Kong and mainland China inevitably indulges in alcoholic substances at some point.
  z) Y1 T# z( b  D
0 u* S3 N$ V% x& {) W4 q到香港和中国大陆的普通游客都不可避免的沈溺在酒精里也可以说是一个本质上的相似之处。
8 h+ w' Q0 A' Y5 U  i$ Z+ F
2 V. K7 t" c0 K; U: s! RAlcohol is plentiful and ubiquitous, and it makes you more popular with locals. ! x  c! H- D8 G; I
, i" _+ r3 ]( X3 M. D  L( w
酒的品种丰富并且无处不在,并且它会使你在当地更受欢迎。. J( {  s2 G6 ^, A0 k
+ m/ I  C! d# K$ B( T% y5 L
Nights mostly consist of bar-hopping and club-going, with no more of a security risk other than damaging your reputation at a night's-end karaoke session.夜生活主要是包括了+ M2 |, n4 D/ s. E

/ i3 f& _7 a" z泡酒吧和泡俱乐部,这里除了要损害你的优雅没有别的更多的风险直到卡拉OK聚会为止。
' g8 i: S7 t/ d- _/ g; Q4 d3 t  d: |5 Q- ?1 j
When it comes to prices, the question isn't whether partying is affordable, but rather, just how cheap can you go without losing your dignity?% f: `* X+ C  o: R( M. ?$ `1 g& p

  ~' X" X! T0 J" N: c8 m( ?0 A* `当到了价格,这个问题和派对花费是否能负担无关,而是以多便宜的方式离开而不会损害你的声誉。9 r' l# {* ~# J4 E: n( X4 @

( J1 z$ M% C4 A9 g6 J. }6 hBeers can be as low as US30 cents per bottle in mainland China. Hong Kong is a more expensive place in which to imbibe.
. J& B7 y# o* c; U) n
0 Q% J- v* ]$ [2 z啤酒在中国大陆可以低到30美分一瓶。香港喝的话则贵一些
$ h0 L! c6 E0 R( U2 \3 B, W
; J3 V/ S8 C% x: D# hSameness rating: Travelers will wake up with thumping headaches and mild aches in their bellies the morning after a night out in both places.8 H4 f3 t* @: g- S# u+ _$ [5 j9 e

: h$ {; M/ m& @3 z+ l# i相似度:在两个地方夜游之后的第二天早上游客起床时会伴随着头部剧痛和腹部的轻微疼痛。
) W1 W# W, x+ K/ N- k8 I5 h ! U9 O. m7 _% F' x5 X6 ^3 j& r" b% h

7 L2 o7 k) |2 k: g; G0 DBut they'll have more cash left over to buy back their confidence with a greasy breakfast in the mainland.
+ S- t! _( e1 E% y9 D; A; x5 D
, X' ]7 T! L9 y8 e5 _但是他们在大陆会有更多剩下的现金去买一顿丰盛的早餐来换回他们的自信。9 D/ |7 k2 b+ E3 y
+ `2 [1 B; @/ U+ g9 g' r- |
译者:navy0301& t' o, _- P# W0 S/ X: C* z# w

- q% s/ r5 C- {) `1 L. f4. Interaction with locals
4 i, B  [) P  e  O! Z' F3 Y2 m
6 x6 r% n7 e8 e9 ^3 U4.和当地居民接触2 W+ t# @  W1 r/ R4 z% V3 h
; p% m6 V+ G5 M, \1 G
; n& J0 K$ {9 c# Y( v9 ?" L, P
: B3 q. j" \8 z$ z8 Z% |
Lost? Just ask a local. They won't bite.Tourists will find locals equal parts welcoming and curious in both Hong Kong and mainland China. ! ?' i$ p0 D6 L) w* O) F  E7 v6 s5 X  n

' Y* l0 B  t4 I4 V迷路了?直接问当地人。他们不会吃了你。游客将发现香港和中国大陆两边同样友好并且有好奇心。' V) D8 y( L- V
4 b% O1 d" x. z2 _$ E8 v# y2 [4 A
Asking for directions is not too daunting a task and you'll usually be met with a smile and real effort to help you get where you need to go.9 D/ e0 l8 s6 }- ^8 t
7 I9 E2 a& S, |) @; D
$ J6 h8 ~6 O! k% _
! n5 ~) A7 y" n2 n( E9 Y6 N! LLanguage is a major difference. Hong Kong people typically have a good grasp of English, so in that sense it's easier to talk to locals.) g5 A4 b/ ~5 d* g& C! K& g
* n5 r  p4 f5 j6 @
+ i) |% T9 T4 W- f/ A 3 y/ A* _3 @; D2 D' ~  J9 J  w! Z" ]( p
And after a long history of British rule, Hong Kongers are less alarmed by foreign-looking people.
8 M& i/ A' c) X# V! r
& c! R  X+ S0 Z0 E5 Z并且在经历英国的很长的一段统治之后,香港人对于外国脸孔有更低的警觉度。
7 P8 a7 c! `5 l7 q) D1 B! [1 {- R# H! A+ K
They've mastered that city slicker habit of blanking out the odd fish, especially when they're rushing around on a workday.
! z* ]( c3 L* s. I0 E: L- O+ q( S, b, l4 o' T4 o, k6 B
9 r! `* m3 n1 P2 G: M& o+ M0 r6 d4 x
Samness rating: Interacting with locals in Hong Kong and mainland China is like meeting brothers from different mothers -- seems different on the surface, but really very similar. 8 p/ @  N+ a) c

; C. q) O  }  Q5 k0 F相似读:同香港和中国大陆的当地人深入交流更像是和同父异母的孩子见面,---表面上看起来不同但是却非常相似。& o1 M( U0 _9 {* u9 O! N% k

- D. T" m9 M1 J$ h: C* A译者:navy0301; D6 k1 P" ]: V$ `. O: r0 ^) Y3 Q

3 ]  Z; ]. Z$ K0 O( [+ ?- r5. Tourist-friendly services
$ u5 _& k0 B; n0 f$ m" Y* E2 x' n# u& f  X# u* w
5.有好的旅游服务8 Y* R, Q) w% b9 E9 m% n

7 n) ~7 y# P' v& B& b2 I" n  G/ m% F8 N& E% I4 r1 a* ]- V

2 |0 R) d7 ?( ^: e"Please, allow me to help put the food into your mouth."Obtaining a visa to visit China costs a lot more than getting one for Hong Kong, so right from the start, tourists may feel like it's more difficult to visit China than it is to visit Hong Kong.8 ~, ?# P) u. _5 k
) O  ?8 i# a# a& g* {
, z, F% e2 a$ ]$ c, p
/ m8 S# i  [* ^- M! A- x* DIf you stick to the major cities such as Beijing or Shanghai, Chinese tourist services are pretty much on par with Hong Kong.6 e: c8 x6 k4 J' D- {& [& v

. F* d" A6 `: A$ j8 D% X3 M0 g如果你坚持去北京或者上海这样的大城市,在中国的旅游服务非常不错可以和香港媲美。
. P* r  s' ?  }, b  ?' C, G# b5 Q9 ~& ^1 C% D; m9 I: L1 l7 k9 I3 i4 g
International hotel chains offer the same level of services, travel agents are just as wiley and restaurant staff similarly fawning./ K" |9 Y+ v6 n- e" `, w

  S. O" E" m" O$ k# ]) J国际连锁酒店提供同样的服务水准,旅行社就像wiley 的一样连谄媚的餐厅服务员都相似。
8 Q& V) A: f1 v# D7 R9 Z2 X' |% ^: u* _" G( R( V' i; q
If tourists get into trouble, they'll probably find local police in both places just as unhelpful and hospitals pretty much as expensive as anywhere else." |* Z( K3 \/ X1 R

5 c) k1 G. `  f. R# v7 [如果旅游遇到了麻烦,他们会毫无疑问的发现两个地方的当地警方都靠不住并且医院和其他的地方几乎一样昂贵。
6 q) r; g- g- r  @7 c. Z5 p9 u
# Q% `* `6 W: I$ i, ~, {. x8 ~: ~The main difference: if tourists venture into rural areas in China on their own, they'll need to call in their survival skills if they get into any sticky situations. While it won't be quite a Bear Grylls-level of adventure, it's a ride.% h# p. l; h+ L

) s4 C+ O* q( q: \; ]# O! Y& U主要的区别:可能旅游风险是在中国农村地区自助游,他们将需要用上自己的求生技能如果他们碰到了棘手的情况。当然这不会是一个Bear Grylls(译注:著名探险家)水准的冒险,这是旅行。
; f1 I3 ^4 Z  f
8 R8 U" Y4 z. `; M! kSameness rating: Money can buy great service in big cities, whether its Hong Kong or Shanghai. Outside of that, you're on your own.
( Q, H' h) |& ^" ~- w& Y; D4 c6 L0 R" ?- ]% C4 d0 a% I
$ A/ U( X  g9 W: w- d' g
6 ]' _, z) a5 w/ [& c: EWe admit it -- we're split on this one and a staff vote proved inconclusive. And maybe a bit biased.
" _$ S! {; q: s! S
$ x2 u1 x( F+ t4 E" f我们认同--我们说了些秘密然后一个官方投票是没有说服力的。或者这本来就有偏见。: Z/ o2 x+ G0 Z! [  e8 R
( b1 X: ?" T4 _9 D2 S8 n. C
What do you think?
) _8 W' C" ]' ?' T! I
. E) W2 C" m" y5 f8 }你怎么想?
1 z" X% f& E4 V  m0 \/ e" h5 @) M8 F0 T: V
Have you been to Hong Kong and/or China? Does visiting Hong Kong "count" as visiting China? What's different about the two experiences?
0 X0 B8 t! [* b. i3 _+ s) P# p+ N3 }/ @1 o7 ^) N$ F
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评论翻译:6 n8 ?3 c( `. n; S+ x

7 @* C- j3 ?- ~0 w# S3 j3 g- U译者:navy0301  u' Z- o  G. F  t. F1 U4 K* f1 a
Thomas SPENCER  a day ago
" [$ t( j. F  L% cService in Hong Kong is famously rude, unless you're paying top dollar for 5-star, 'western' treatment. I don't think it's intentional, but perhaps just because the place is so crowded. Try getting polite service in any local restaurant in Wanchai at lunch time. The staff just don't have the time for the niceties of manners. They will often be friendly and cheerful, but this is not the same as giving good, polite, attentive service.
# W4 x% \" y, F$ z, V$ b) ? ( v/ E( T6 _. o: n* w
8 Z6 e+ O# w4 N; u' X* }7 C7 r
$ l5 h$ Q/ M* Y$ M, @9 Z& ?6 ?# ]On the mainland, however, most restaurants seem perpetually empty and way over-staffed, so you get a very personal level of attention pretty much everywhere you go. You certainly don't need to be in a major city to find great service. From the formal greetings to the 'customer is always right' attitude, hotels and restaurants in the mainland put their Hong Kong equivalents to shame.
5 N* F3 H6 k2 s, e. Z& [/ ^: K* _- Q( n
在大陆,无论如何,大部分餐厅看起来永远是空荡荡的而路上则过于臃肿,所以不论你到哪里你都会得到一个非常个人层次的关注。你显然没有必要在中心城市去寻找最顶级的服务。从正式的问候开始到“客户永远是对的”的态度,大陆的的宾馆和餐厅都会让香港同行感到羞愧。. P, P! a1 V) S! e
3 R9 V) v& A9 l/ l) w0 z
Also, the police in Hong Kong are polite, knowledgable, professional and helpful. The only way I have ever been able to make a mainland policeman do his job has been to bribe him.
+ h* x* t; C4 `/ J1 H0 O+ Q# DFinally, I've been in hospital in both places. Give me Hong Kong any day. I find it hard to imagine how serious an ailment would have to be to persuade me to go back to a hospital in mainland China. If I was stuck in the country when suddenly stricken by plague, or whatever, I'd go to great lengths to hold on until I could cross the border into Hong Kong.( `. ?! @$ C6 ?. Y
( Q, S3 W* ?8 [6 e" k" `
是的,香港的警察很有礼貌, 见多识广,专业并乐于助人。唯一一条我曾经能够让大陆的警察去干活就是贿赂了他。8 c& ?% c  c8 t- Z6 P
最后,两个地方的医院我都去过。让我在香港吧。我很难想象有什么病是那么严重可以说服我回到大陆的医院去。如果我在这个国家突然患上传染病,或者任何什么,我都会使出最大的努力忍住直到我穿过香港的边境。' x, G/ Z. L/ h4 g, E- _+ `# b
& e, h4 Q' t& s8 B) E/ Z* d
Thomas SPENCER  4 hours ago  parent7 [  O2 g9 ^) V2 x  f% f- u8 n
I'm going to add to what I wrote before, to say that a lot of what people are writing here seems to be considering western-style services. Hotels, for example. Sure, a 5-star hotel in mainland China isn't going to be like one in Hong Kong or elsewhere (except some major chains such as Hilton etc. in the big cities such as Shanghai). But try a local, budget hotel and you'd be surprised how accommodating they can be.  If you tell them you are a non-smoker they may even reconnect the smoke detector in your room (they'll leave the ash tray, though).
  E9 [$ X' f0 _7 ^1 O! W
1 Y# r7 @( f* x2 `+ ~) b' C0 H: o7 f我要为我之前写的内容做些补充,谈谈关于有很多人在这里写的东西看起来都是用西方服务标准来考虑。以宾馆为例,毫无疑问,5星级的宾馆在大陆和香港的或者任何地方的(包括那些大的连锁例如希尔顿等等)不会一模一样。但是到当地去试一试,经济型的宾馆,你会惊讶的发现他们是多么的好打交道。如果你告诉他们你不吸烟他们甚至会在你的房间安置烟雾报警器(尽管如此,他们还是会留下烟灰缸)。  R, O8 B) S3 V6 a( s+ j
; H# g/ w, k# f3 _. x' N
The use of local hotels and restaurants, though, does get better if you can speak Mandarin. I think perhaps some of the problem is communication. There's a whole lot of good stuff out there and polite, helpful people, but they're a bit shy about approaching foreigners, have low confidence in their English ability and generally struggle to give foreigners the same level of customer service that they would be able to give to a local. That being said, though, they would seldom run away from me, even back in the day when I couldn't speak Mandarin. Most everyone seemed really friendly and curious and keen to talk to me, even if I couldn't understand a word, back then.2 a0 d# `+ W4 b# M3 y
3 \( O. A& k% g  l8 m4 H
如果你会讲普通话,怎么说,当地的宾馆或者餐馆的用处会更大。我想也许问题在沟通上面。那里到处都是优秀的服务生和有礼貌的,乐于助人的人们,但是他们对于和外国人接触有些害羞,对于自己的英文水平没有自信并且通常争取提供给外国人和他们能够提供给本地人的一样的服务。就像之前说过的,尽管如此,他们很少避开我,甚至是我在我不会说普通话的日子里。那个时候,几乎大部分人都真的友善的好奇的渴望和我交流,即便我一个字都听不懂。) z/ r$ `- j3 n' G9 v

- g  B; L; }, F' r, ?. h; J( nSomeone mentioned that everything costs more in mainland China. Well that's because you buy only imported goods at international outlets. Pretty much everything actually costs an awful lot less. I lived there for several years and most of the time I spent only a dollar or two each day (except when I needed to travel places, bribe policemen, bribe doctors or bribe a tax-collector). In Hong Kong, where I live now, that wouldn't even cover the cost of my morning newspaper.9 Y$ f* l8 s; @# M" R! E

7 b( Q  ^4 a2 Y2 ~  J% n有人说在大陆所有的东西都更贵。那是因为你只在国际商店购买进口商品。几乎所有的物品都有一个可怕的价格或多或少。我曾经在那里住过几年,大部分时候我一天只花一两个美元(除了当我需要旅行,贿赂警察,贿赂医生或者贿赂税收人员)。在香港,我现在住的任何地方,那些都不够我早上买报纸的钱。
! }8 n5 q: r8 F8 @. c
8 E! s' q4 @' f3 C% K译者:monkbobby
* V9 x. }/ e) q+ P: Q5 lCanmav  a day ago
4 {9 T$ s- s8 n8 F# H5 K"If you stick to the major cities such as Beijing or Shanghai, Chinese tourist services are pretty much on par with Hong Kong.
4 e! i: h" z  I. Q) HInternational hotel chains offer the same level of services, travel agents are just as wiley and restaurant staff similarly fawning."
: }/ `$ p  R' W, T( ~, HWhat a load of crap! Having lived in Mainland China for ten years I can assure you that the instant a foreign visitor appears most staff hide out of fear of having to speak to the foreigner.
+ y9 `3 w1 `; E4 [" s* ?, N 5 q9 q6 C8 I8 r; e
  J' G# F& U0 F3 d国际连锁酒店提供同等水平的服务,旅行社也像约翰威立的书一样无所不知,餐厅服务员的谄媚也很相似。“1 S) P% `# ?6 a, O

  l  y6 W3 x* L. P. o% {真是大话连篇!我在中国大陆住了有10年,我可以向你保证,餐厅服务员一瞧见外国游客,立马就会躲起来,他们害怕跟外国人交谈。
& U; C: A* L. |$ y
- s3 ^# Q  Z# Z. J(注: wiley,John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,的简称,是一个世界性的出版社。以出版普及知识的《傻瓜》科普和Frommer's旅游指南系列丛书闻名)
* O7 P6 w! G& _4 |/ O" u1 C ; M* j! H, r! _) V
Ted Wilson  a day ago3 A/ g0 m- F" b! d) s. G! |
I have lived in Hong Kong 15 years and mainland China for 9 years. There are huge differences starting with how people drive (mainland is insane), politeness (HK wins), food (well, mainland variety is best but you need to stick to hotels or well known restaurants), Hospitals (OMG, mainland...no way!!!), Scenery (China wins hands down), People (well, I have friends in both places and have had good and bad experiences in both..same in USA and everywhere I've been. Shopping...China and HK have the same stores but HK is much cheaper. China has enormous import taxes on imported goods. Buying in a Dept store can be frustrating since person waiting on you cannot take your money. You have to go to a separate counter to pay, get a receipt, then return to get your goods. Takes twice as long as in HK or anywhere else. Loyalty, once you get to know people in both places they are just as loyal. Patience? Chinese have no patience at all and resort to creating a huge scene when they don't get what they want. This spills over in public and even when driving around. Don't ever get involved in an accident in China. They will demand instant monetary compensation.8 y; y! e1 [2 Q# p

: r5 _! {8 K7 Q0 S( |( H  T 我在香港住了15年,在大陆住了9年。两地的差距很大,从开车说起(大陆开车简直是疯了),礼貌(香港胜出),烹饪(嗯,大陆的品种最多,不过你得去宾馆或者有名的餐馆去吃),医院(老天,大陆的医院……没治!)景点(大陆毫无悬念胜出),人(嗯,两地我都有朋友,在两地我都有过好和坏经历……跟在美国和其他我去过的地方一样)。购物……大陆和香港都有类似的店,不过香港便宜很多。大陆对进口商品征收很高的进口税。在百货商店买东西很让人抓狂,卖东西给你的人不能直接收你的钱。你要另外走到一个专门的柜台去交钱,然后凭着发票,回去取你的东西。比香港或者其他任何地方花了多一倍的时间。忠诚度,一旦你跟他们认识了,这两个地方的人都很忠诚。耐心?中国人根本没耐心。要是他们有什么不满意,最后肯定会闹得鸡飞狗跳。这种情形在公众场合很多,连开车也不例外。在大陆千万别出车祸。他们会要你马上赔钱的。
; y. h- [# V7 D; c2 v- W
# d0 J) `: u1 J  x5 `, T# o; D% {(注:该评论作者开始用的是”mainland“指大陆,后面全部用”China"来指大陆。)
0 s8 b. a1 n( ]0 w  q* d" j 0 ]' ]3 s* \, O5 s) H5 V5 f, w
ASH  2 days ago1 Y" C* v& \$ d2 l
I also disagree on number 5, stayed at western hotel chains in China and no one spoke English and few people were helpful. For point 4, If you get lost, ask a local for directions? Even mainlanders who spoke English wouldn't help us when we were lost. HK, though, is totally different, we have had great experiences every time we visit . . .# X0 C* S( F, U) e' g6 ~4 x/ R7 `- o0 k

% U+ W6 E& r9 {; A我也不同意第5点 。我曾经在中国的一个西式连锁酒店住过,没人会说英语,也没几个人会帮忙。对于第4点,要是你迷路了,向当地人问路?我们迷路的时候,就连会说英文的大陆人都不会帮我们的忙。香港嘛,完全就不同了。每次我们去香港都很顺心……
  g- s3 z& V4 i) z( D' p5 `8 X2 t+ {9 }# D9 Q2 o( Y8 N
译者:monkbobby+ _, e, x5 Z) D' Z9 y1 |
Chow Hiu Yan  7 days ago
: T, U  X6 Q* ~& i' t; E''If tourists get into trouble, they'll probably find local police in both places just as unhelpful and hospitals pretty much as expensive as anywhere else.'' -> I strongly disagree with this! If you ask for help in HK, the services offerred by Hong Kong Police as well as hospitals are much better than that of China! My friend had a very bad experience in China. Her father died in China and she has to bribe the government officials in order to get back her father's corpse... It is inhumane!
( N9 D9 s3 |( g+ C * u: ]8 `! g9 D: q$ S  L9 t
, }/ v" i+ s- [) v6 |- K% D+ ]  R5 X5 S4 G/ E7 w6 A1 V/ B% @
7 ]. T8 U5 }' A6 I) ^' C2 y , o9 x/ n3 D& a9 z
Andrew K.  a day ago
+ p( }( ?2 q) J' T( @I'm going to say no. I love and have spent a great deal of time in both, but the experiences are so dissimilar as to be incomparable.
( D7 x/ A$ {7 q( Z0 J( K' M0 B
2 S( s/ y, \( m& e我不同意这篇文章。我喜欢这两个地方,而且都待过很长一段时间。经历完全不一样,根本没有可比性。 * J  l! g, c( e. M# S7 g% R
' w; n7 R5 y* q% X
Jahnu Best  a day ago
: ^/ z& l* Q0 o+ ^8 B+ n+ zNever been to China or Hong Kong, but I have read a good deal about both places. My vote is that visiting Hong Kong does not count as visiting China. If someone were to visit Hong Kong and China, I would say that they had visited two different countries. English is much more in the Hong Kong culture than it is in Chinese culture. While I would say Hong Kong is Chinese, it's not China.
: O3 r; ~- ]+ Y% q- p$ ~& z: b3 C; v5 N+ N+ j1 \8 }: h" L
8 O& E5 s2 X# G$ A9 Q1 Z
5 B! p' F) i. Z: W$ h# IMichael Michelini  7 days ago) L$ W6 t, w. |8 H
Totally different places! Yet more and more "mainlander" Chinese are coming to HK to buy luxury goods. I go to HK as a vacation from the stressful life of mainland china - less chaos, more of an organized system, and often I feel the UK presence more and more when I'm there/ z! `1 s% }' v- L7 ~
" B4 I9 s+ |+ T, r1 w
两个完全不同的地方!不过越来越多的”大陆 “中国人来香港买奢侈品。我去香港为了从大陆的生活压力中放松一段时间的 - (香港)没那么乱,社会比较有组织,而且我在那里的时候越来越有英国的感觉。" Q* F6 {3 X" B8 x  ]

( S2 v% m0 W" Z) \: Y( `译者:monkbobby8 V. w3 W9 x- q
& A4 @3 H& g5 t9 P' w
Guest  6 days ago% O+ e* |4 _$ q" t- R' b
I have to totally disagree with the last point. I've both worked in the hotel industry, and been on numerous business trips in China, I have to say the standard of service is nowhere near the same, even for a 5-star international chain brand. One of my experiences was from a 5-star international chain hotel in Beijing, there were 2 front desk staff and no guests, and when I approach them, they didn't address me or even look at me, I stood there for a good 2 minutes. They only begrudgingly acknowledged my existence after a loud "a-hem" from me. This would not happen in HK.
3 D4 \- _7 N# d1 {8 }! ?4 V  m 7 [4 H8 A7 j5 S) _3 s2 o
我完全不同意最后一点。我在宾馆行业工作过,也到中国出过很多次差。我得说服务标准差远了,即便是在5星级的国际连锁品牌酒店。我曾经在北京的一个5星级国际连锁酒店住过,那里有2个前台工作人员,就是没有顾客。当我走进他们的时候,他们根本不向我问候,连个眼神也没给。我站在那里足足2分钟。在我大声地”咳“一声后,他们只是嘟嘟囔囔地应答了我。这样的事在香港绝对不会发生。 4 `% k; m. x) O, o* Y1 R
! u& K2 v" H3 |# a7 q, D
Tony Lo  5 days ago
& p: i) o! C: M; d- yChina public hospitals piad before 3 @! d0 b5 W( ~' Y* g! R. A4 W
service, HK will save u first2 R/ N3 @. g. _8 ~3 l- U$ D; G
5 o% {0 T- Y; j. ?
中国的公费医院先交钱后看病,香港会先救命。! M+ t' f. j; S6 u) n. i* Z

" n" E4 Y& q$ s: |: i8 l xnrlx  a day ago  parent3 P3 O) R# R3 J8 k% c; R+ y& N
Couldn't agree more .. China careless if you are injured .. no money , no doctor .. HONG KONG save you even if you dont have money .. i live there so i know
* ~9 X5 ?+ P2 t
0 t! x4 ^' ]4 {8 H" Y/ ] (回复前贴)说得太对了……中国不在乎你受没受伤……没钱就别看病……香港会救你命,即使你没钱……我住在那里所以有真相。
  z% b7 A5 {9 S+ B: p0 [ * r+ q- |& `5 L2 L$ ]( }
Takahashi  6 days ago3 z2 @; C+ T& Z7 X
I live in the Chinese town of Zhang Mu Tou, Dong Guan city. A 20 minute train ride from the Hong Kong border so we get lots of HK people. So much that it's called "Little Hong Kong" here. About the alcohol drinking, the big problem is not pricing. Rather it's counterfeits. I would say that at local bars here 25 to 50% of beer, hards and Chinese wine are questionable. In Hong Kong I have never had quite the headaches suffered here.+ H7 U, |5 @: ^* u$ {! g+ ?

3 v% q7 B' t+ u. F) ?5 F4 ~- X" L1 U我住在中国东莞市的樟木头镇。从香港边界搭乘20分钟列车就到。那里有很多香港人,因此被叫做“小香港”。关于喝酒,价钱不是问题。冒牌才是问题。我可以说当地酒吧里25%到50%的啤酒、洋酒和白酒都是有问题的。在香港喝酒以后没有像在这里那样会那么头疼。
5 ]7 M* M- ~) G3 o) H0 i' I- ?$ t4 Z( _
译者:monkbobby! K, S- [) v, j  r9 e& J; g8 A
3 s. n! _: F4 q! v6 o& G3 P) i- T
Gay_Chevara  6 days ago( L+ O* O3 i; Q0 x* V. j9 W
I've lived in Hong Kong and the Grim Mainland. Totally different. Despite HK being part of China,- _- r5 p( w! q( [: d" b$ K( Q
neither HK Chinese or Mainland Chinese seem to be aware of this. It's only when you point out% U. H; [, l  }
that HK is part of China that they kind of go 'oh yeah....'* t! r8 U. M( A0 i
% x% _5 Z# X4 u" S  @* ]
) Q1 E& x# M% W7 S  m; t5 Y# |) j 4 b. a& D+ L& V. B% I
Shubham Agnihotri  19 hours ago( Z# r& X8 |" N' i
As a frequent flyer to both Hong Kong (HK) and Mainland China, the basic difference that I havenoticed is that of people. HK has the business bug overwhelmed at every corner. Somehow thathumanness, smiling or being polite, is sadly missing in HK. Totally opposite in Mainland Chinawhere one can lost the count of how many smiles you receives in a day, that too from unknownstrangers. Its a more inter-personal experience that makes one feel more welcoming in China thenin HK. I don't blame HK people for there behavior, after all, they have more tourists then the totalpopulation of HK everyday in the city thus hard to be friendly with all.Food is great both in HK as well as in China. What I like in HK is that after spending a week inChina I need some authentic western or European food and HK is just the right place for it. Plentyof options on the street as well as top notch restaurants. The local street food too is fantastic. Butthen, the original Hunan or Sichuan or Dong Bei (North Chinese) or the very famous Beijing Duck,you have to be in China. I have travelled to all the corners of China,except, XinJiang and Tibet thatI hope to visit sometime, and the diversified authenticity and pureness of the people in MainlandChina makes them so much different from those in HK.Overall, both HK and China have there own unique identities. Difference is that most of the citizensgets visa on entry in HK, but need a sticker visa on passport for China. Thats where the differencestarts.  G5 J$ ]1 O) W7 t
8 Z9 |9 Y( j: N
我经常飞去香港和大陆,我注意到这两个地方的差别就是人。香港到处都弥漫着商业的气息。在某种程度上,香港的人性、笑容和礼貌正慢慢丢失,真令人悲哀。在中国大陆则是完全不同,你根本记不住每天会有多少人会对你笑,即使是陌生人也会对你笑。这种人与人之间的交流会让你感觉在中国要比在香港更受到欢迎。我并不埋怨香港人的举止,毕竟,每天到香港旅游的人比香港本地人口还多,因此他们没办法对每个人都表示出友好。/ n9 p% b' J% y2 I7 F
3 q) l; h5 p+ J, \( v3 B+ c
在香港和大陆菜都很不错。要是我在中国待上一个星期后想吃点纯正的西式或欧式的菜,香港就非常适合了,这就是我喜欢香港的地方。在街上,在顶级餐馆里,可以吃的东西太多了。当地街边小吃也很不错。不过,要吃原汁原味的湖南或四川或东北菜,或者是有名的北京鸭,你就得去大陆了。我去过中国各个角落,除了XJ和XZ。我希望将来有时间能去这两个地方。各种地方特色还有人民的淳朴,使得中国大陆迥异于香港。8 d2 A2 Z- q, ?, k, Z
5 ]* i" u. U4 O. }5 `' F* I- y
总之,香港和大陆都有自己独特的地方。差别只在于,大部分人到香港可以入境后签证,去大陆得先拿护照办好签证。这就是去这两个地方的第一个差别。! Y  R" n* f) e; V/ Y- U* U

1 M1 Z, c- i' B& qLinda Lehnert  a day ago2 q9 f0 Z+ a' v) ?; y
I spent 8 days in China in April and really enjoyed it. I was in Chengdu and Beijing. The ForbiddenCity is awesome and enormous, although not very handicap-friendly. I had a guide for a day inChengdu and had a great time visiting some of the sights. The food from the food stalls on JinliStreet was delicious. I had some good meals in Beijing too. I stayed at Ibis hotels in both cities andhad nice rooms with good service. I want to return to China and see more of the country. I haven'tbeen to Hong Kong.
2 z/ D3 f; a0 ?* _" ^( G! g7 |( \+ `* n: A# O- o
) X1 j4 w) c* o: r8 m
9 X3 J& I6 Q  I: D译者:monkbobby. M2 k7 L: w2 S, ^8 O* q# k
# W9 P0 x  S! u* h3 @# v/ v& i
CathyGao  a day ago
( u# b, M" Y' c- E, hI just read the below comments. And I am sorry to hear that complaints from foreign tourists who ever come to China. I have to say that China is socialist and developing country, which is certainly different from USA on many aspects. And nowadays China indeed exists problems that all of you referred to. But I believe that most Chinese are kind and friendly. I am sure that as long as you turn to Chinese for help, they really can do their best to find ways to help you. I am the one of such a big family. And China is improveing day after day. When all of you come to China again, she will give you a surprise.
; h3 A# |; q9 S 9 I1 X% m# F, u, [3 R
$ l9 |# r3 B. A0 C7 X  E  z + N2 f% m) N% {, S7 h
Shangyan Chen  a day ago . {5 z+ B/ R+ x4 I6 i
You can't take it for granted that everywhere things are the same. And the reason you come to Mainland China or Hong Kong is for its difference, isn't it! So always be open-minded when what you see in your eyes and what you hear with your ears contradict with what you have expected in your mind. Cause the fact is the former is the real it. And when something lets you down, try to find the reason, other than let the bad feelings control you. Though the world is becoming a global village, it doesn't mean when a time comes, the village is there. It's every person from different culture comes to understand each other that makes the world a village. This is a long long journey to go. And everyone of us around the world is participating in it. Let's start from searching for mutual understanding.6 b1 g+ P# V( B- g! v" V
* S3 {6 o/ N& t3 P6 ~
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