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[转载] CNN:到朝鲜旅游时,游客会遇到什么?

What can tourists expect when visiting North Korea?


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Bowingis mandatory
<cite>Statues of Kim Il Sung (left)and Kim Jong Il (right) at Mansudae in Pyongyang. North Koreans gather in frontof the statues to lay flowers and bow, showing their respect for the late andcurrent leader. Tourists visiting North Korea are expected to do the same.</cite>


VictoryDay parade
<cite>This year's Victory Day, onJuly 2, attracted a lot of Western tourists. The highlight of the tour waswatching the military parade of tanks, troops and missiles. Many tourists gotcaught up in the spirit of the event, high-fiving soldiers as they drove past.</cite>


Always watching
<cite>Group tours of Pyongyang areoften accompanied by a North Korea cameraman, in addition to two or threeguides. The cameraman accompanies the group to many of the main tourist sitesand then offers tourists a DVD of their trip for about 15 Euro (US$20). Cynicaltourists suggest this is a good way to monitor visitors.</cite>
<cite>除了两三个导游,平壤旅游团往往还“携带”朝鲜摄影师。</cite><cite> </cite><cite>摄影师会在许多重要景点加入旅游团,并为游客提供价值</cite><cite>15</cite><cite>欧元(</cite><cite>20</cite><cite>美元)的旅游</cite><cite>DVD</cite><cite>。带有怀疑的游客认为这是监视他们的好方法。</cite>


Paying respects
<cite>A flower vendor beside a KimIl Sung statue in Pyongyang sells bouquets of flowers to locals and tourists tolay at the foot of the statue.</cite>
(CNN) -- The tour bus bounces along one of North Korea's potholed roads,pop music blasting out over the speakers. It's a catchy tune and even thoughnone of the tourists can understand the lyrics, a few are tapping their feet tothe beat.

The hit song, "Without aBreak," is by Moranbong, by far North Korea's most popular band. Thedriver is clearly a fan and plays the DVD several times a day.
这首热门歌曲"Without a Break"由乐队Moranbong演唱,它是现在朝鲜最受欢迎的乐队。司机明显是Moranbong的粉丝,一天放了好几次这首歌。
Most tourists are busy looking outthe window and pay little attention to the video screened at the front of thebus. They don't notice the nuclear missile being launched behind the all-girlband, nor do they see it smash into our little blue planet, blowing up theEarth.
"'Without a Break' is aboutthe nuclear destruction of the U.S.," says Australian Mark Freeman, whohas visited North Korea four times.

曾四次去过朝鲜的澳大利亚人Mark Freeman说,“Without a Break与美国的核毁灭有关。”
"Tourists dance to it becausethey don't know the lyrics, they don't know what the song is about."
Travel to North Korea raises anumber of sticky issues, not least of all the ethical issue of supporting arepressive regime. For those who opt to go, it's an opportunity to glimpse oneof the most isolated, unfathomable and feared countries in the world.
"There have been about 6,000 Westerntourists this year -- that's a tenfold increase on a decade ago," saysKoryo Tours general manager Simon Cockerell.

高丽旅社的总经理Simon Cockerell表示,“今年已经接待了6000名西方游客,比10年前增加了十倍。”
But when you sign up to visit theDPRK you have to play by their rules.
There are strict guidelines inplace about what you can and cannot do. Break with the protocol -- or even besuspected of it -- and not just you but the rest of your group will be sentback early. Or worse, as U.S. military veteran Merrill Newman discovered.
你能做什么不能做什么,朝鲜有很严格的制度。打破或怀疑协议,你们整个旅游团都会被尽快遣返。或者更糟的是像美国退伍军人Merrill Newman一样被发现。
According to his family, the PaloAlto, California, resident had gone on a 10-day organized private tour of NorthKorea in October. From phone calls and postcards he sent, the trip was goingwell and there was no indication of any kind of problem, son Jeff Newman said.

加州居民Merrill Newman的家人表示,他10月已经个人访问朝鲜10天了。儿子JeffNewman说,父亲的电话和明信片表明旅行很顺利,没有迹象显示有问题。
The day before he was to leave,"one or two Korean authorities" met with Newman and his tour guide,the son added. They talked about Newman's service record, which left "mydad ... a bit bothered," according to Jeff Newman.
Jeff Newman还补充道,父亲离开朝鲜的前一天,“一或两个”朝鲜当局面见了他和导游。在父亲离开后,这些人谈论了他的服务记录。
Then, just minutes before hisBeijing-bound plane was set to depart Pyongyang in late October, he was takenoff the aircraft by North Korean authorities.
然后,10月下旬,平壤飞往北京的班机起飞前几分钟,Merrill Newman被朝鲜当局强制带下飞机。
Getting into North Korea

Unless you're invited as part of abusiness delegation, the only way to visit North Korea is by joining a tour.Depending on the number of tourists and whether or not it includes Americans,two to three trained guides-cum-minders accompany each group.
Aside from the hotels wheretourists can roam freely between their room, the bar and the restaurant, aguide accompanies visitors at all times.
The guides are friendly andaccommodating. They go out of their way to keep their charges happy -- singingsongs and ensuring there is plenty to eat and drink. The lavish meals, with abig spread put out for every meal, is all part of the package. The DPRK wantsWesterners to return home raving about how much they were given to eat.

American Kent Rutter, a lawyer, hasvisited North Korea twice and says he liked the guides and asked plenty ofquestions, but was frustrated when he didn't get a straight answer.
美国律师Kent Rutter曾在朝鲜旅游过两次,他表示喜欢导游,并向导游询问了大量问题。但挫败的是,并没有得到直接的答案。
"Their job was to tell uswhatever the government wanted us to hear, even if it contradicted what wecould see from the bus window," he says.
Florian Seidel, a Germanlocalization expert for a computer game company in Japan, says he got a lotmore out of his second trip to North Korea because he had a better grasp ofwhat was going on. He did some research -- mostly online, reading blogs andscouring Google Earth images -- ahead of his second visit to the remote NorthEast of the country and was wise on what to look out for in the region.

一家日本电脑游戏公司的德国定位专家Florian Seidel表示,他在第二次到朝鲜旅游时得到了更多的东西,因为他更好地了解了朝鲜曾发生过什么。第二次到朝鲜东北部旅游前,他做了一些研究,主要是通过上网、浏览博客和刷新谷歌地球图片。
"Don't worry about being liedto, worry about not getting the interesting information," says Seidel.
"Guides repeat certain randomthings a dozen times, but when you drive right past the entrance to aconcentration camp they won't tell you."
If you don't want to bow, stay home

A key aspect of any trip to NorthKorea is the need to show reverence for past and present leaders. This meansnot only referring to them with respect, but also bowing in front of thestatues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
Pyongyang has a number of statues,so this can mean laying flowers and bowing several times on a week-long trip.For those traveling around the country, there's a Kim Il Sung statue in everycity.
Koryo Tours, the longest runningand most specialized travel company for the DPRK, advises tourists in theirbriefing notes that they will be expected to bow in front of the statues andwarns: "If you are not willing to behave at some points as expected by thelocal customs then we recommend you do not visit the DPRK, the potential foroffense to be taken by the hosts which then adversely affects the tour is toogreat."

German tourist Seidel didn't enjoythe obligatory bowing but understood that it was a necessary part of beingallowed to visit.
"I felt like an atheist duringHoly Mass -- I couldn't relate, but I played along to avoid offendinganybody," he says.
Repeat visitors to the DPRK quicklyrealize that the best way to get the most out of a trip is to stick to therules. There's little point grilling the guides about politics or gulagsbecause you won't get a straight answer.

Every tour is a carefullychoreographed affair, designed to show the country in its best light, but muchcan gleaned on the drive between approved tourists sites.
It's especially interesting whenunexpected events force a sudden change of plan. Australian tourist Freeman wason a tour of the north east when road works meant the bus had to take a sideroad through an old village.
"The guides got very flusteredbecause all of a sudden they couldn't use the road they knew was safe for us totravel," says Freeman.

"They even got off the bus andtried to reason with the construction guys, they were incredibly nervous."
He compares a tour of the DPRK tothe film "The Matrix." The occasional glitches in the tour, say whenthe bus breaks down and is forced to make an impromptu stop, are like the scenein the film when the cat walks through twice -- a crack in the Matrix.
他把朝鲜之旅和电影"The Matrix"相对比。二者都是在旅游中发生偶然故障。Freeman表示,当汽车抛锚时,他们会被迫临时停止,就像电影中的场景猫两次经过的场景一样——Matrix中的裂缝。(楼主没看过这部电影,所有理解不到原作者的意思,敬请各位网友谅解,)
So long as you don't break therules -- disrespect the leaders, wander off on your own, try to speak to thelocals without permission -- then North Korea is a very safe place to visit.

Haydon Howlett, a New Zealandtourist who visited Pyonyang for the first time this summer, says it's one ofthe safest places he's ever visited.
今年夏天,新西兰游客Haydon Howlett第一次到朝鲜旅游,称朝鲜是他曾去过的最安全的地方之一。
"There aren't many countrieswhere you can leave your bag loaded with cash, cameras and passports and knowthat it'll be there when you return," says Howlett.
Travel blogger Earl weighed up thepros and cons of visiting on his site, wanderingearl.com. The reasons for not going werefairly convincing: money from the tour would support the regime and it'srepressive policies; foreigners are used as propaganda tools by the NorthKorean government by presenting tourists as people who come to pay theirrespects to the regime and leaders; it would be a controlled and limitedexperience; and there would be little interaction with North Koreans.

But in the end he decided to go anddidn't regret his decision.
"I still believe that thebenefits of traveling to North Korea do indeed outweigh the negatives," hewrote on his blog.
It's quite possible to visit NorthKorea and buy into the vision of the country that's offered, without question.Many do. Freeman was stunned by two young Australian women who announced at theend of their week-long tour that they were going to tell everyone back homethat North Korea was nothing like what the media portrays.

"They were so naïve,"says Freeman.
Had they forgotten that there are300,000 plus people who are going to die in concentration camps? They aren'tcalled Death Camps because people are executed there, they are called DeathCamps because you stay there until you die."
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