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[转载] 印度教神的图案被印到紧身裤的紧要处,印度网民彻底不干了!

1 U% O4 F$ q  ~2 i: h/ W; A( eHindus ask Amazon to stop selling leggings with images of Hindu gods
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5 w+ k8 A# }" h& B  [印度教徒要求亚马逊停止销售印有印度教神的图案的紧身裤
9 F# f; L& w! ?5 ]2 INEW DELHI: Upset over a line of women leggings carrying images of Hindu gods and goddesses, a Hindu group in the United States has urged online retail giant Amazon to withdraw the product immediately from its website, terming it inappropriate.
: j/ O9 P7 V* v1 w. {; s: \新德里:被印有印度教神与女神的图案的系列女性紧身裤惹恼了,一个印度教团体敦促美国在线零售巨头亚马逊立即从其网站上撤下该产品,这是极其不恰当的。+ G6 j2 t. k- V8 N( I# E& M2 [: D
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President of Universal Society of Hinduism, Rajan Zed, in a statement, said Hindu gods and goddesses were highly revered in Hinduism and were meant to be worshipped in temples or home shrines and not to be worn around one’s legs, crotch and hips.8 i$ u$ i6 ]4 ~4 x) o: F0 M
印度教大众社团领袖,Rajan Zed,在一份声明中称,印度教神与女神受到印度教徒高度的尊敬,肯定被祭拜于寺庙或家中圣地,不允许被祭拜在大腿,胯部或臀部处。
; X# W: D' a* r! O3 s) {& MInappropriate usage of Hindu deities or concepts for commercial or other agenda was not okay as it hurts devotees, said Zed.) F0 R$ n7 U4 j: `9 P9 o( o7 G/ w

& }  a& `1 z! Z" B7 ]) C% Z8 i  n, U不恰当的使用印度神像或概念出于商业或其他议程是不能接受的,因为它伤害了信徒,Zed称。" N  i) C7 e5 t! F8 O9 H
Asking Amazon to offer a formal apology, Zed further said that such trivialisation of Hindu gods and goddesses was disturbing to the Hindus world over.0 L+ e6 t) S6 n' T7 _
要求亚马逊提供正式道歉,Zed进一步称,如此轻视印度教神与女神会令世界范围的的印度教徒不安的。& ^) ~0 Y) L6 ^+ U9 e9 P9 d
3 `' e9 t  }: N: ]0 r
Hindus were for free artistic expression and speech as much as anybody else if not more. But faith was something sacred and attempts at trivialising it hurt the followers, Zed added.
, T- _* l  r) K' J9 u! G' D; n' P" ?如果不是太过分,印度教徒比任何人对艺术表现和宣教都宽容。但信仰是神圣的,轻视它的意图会伤害到追随者的,Zed补充道。; l$ ?: W* S* F# Z% H2 T2 U
Products that have upset Hindus are leggings and waist yoga pant from the clothing brand Yizzam that carry images of Ganesha, Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Muruga, Bajrang Bali, Rama, Radha-Krishna, Kali.3 I1 I* P! J$ f* D! ~$ d
/ M6 Q) ~0 H( I8 z1 d! J
该产品令印度教徒感到不安的是紧身裤和腰饰瑜伽裤出自服装品牌--Yizzam印有甘尼萨,湿婆,梵天、毗湿奴,Muruga,Bajrang巴厘岛罗摩,Radha-Krishna,卡莉的图案。2 R5 L7 k  a+ K! `% d6 b
评论翻译:( P# S, n3 G9 v  _) h
: F2 J# \' ]/ y; D- }* o
Balaji • 2 days 13 hours ago Report AbuseIt is very much disturbing. The religious sentiments of Hindus are taken for granted often for long time. Since there is no unity among the Hindus such trivilialisation of Hindu sentiments coming up then and there. Had it been other religions say christian and muslim there would have been strong...
9 ~" ~1 ]9 |1 T! k/ ?这是非常令人不安的。印度教徒的宗教情绪理所当然持续很长时间。由于印度教徒没有统一使得四处助长了如此藐视印度教徒情绪。对其他宗教如基督教和穆斯林会有如此过激的对待吗…0 c. J; T% G2 @/ k4 e. L" f" b
; M& o# R! {# o" P# [" X
Bhamini • 1 day 16 hours ago Report AbuseHighly disgusting!!! This has happened time& again. Lord ganesha pictures were once printed on footwear... They dare not do this with other religion, because they are aware of the consequences... But as Hindu's, its always taken for granted' ]/ A, X5 e0 {; g7 W4 k# a( m
非常恶心! ! !这再次发生了。喂奶的照片曾经印在鞋上……对其他宗教,他们是不敢这样做的,因为他们都知道后果……但是印度,它总是被认为是理所当然的。* F5 J* W4 |0 u. c; _' i$ ], r* ?
7 O) F" p9 m" `6 q
Gopalakrishnan • 1 day 5 hours ago Report AbuseThis is not the first time that Hindu Gods and Deities are desecrated by some anti-social elements and traders in the USA.Already,Hindu deities are defiled in filthy ways and the usage of Hindu concepts for commercial agenda,hurting the feelings of devotees and mocking the faith in Hinduism,is...2 n0 P' ]: g; f: A2 ~
这已经不是第一次,印度教的神和神像在美国被一些反社会的元素和生意人给亵渎了。印度神像已通过肮脏的方式给亵渎了,印度教的概念被商业议程利用了,信徒的感情受到了伤害,伤害感情的信徒,印度教的信仰被人嘲笑了,是……( L  A* Z# b; [" v
& M4 t; `! E% C9 T9 m" T- l
Rishu • 1 day 19 hours ago Report AbuseWhy put such things in leggings in first place? It looks more like the designer lacked originality and creativity and stole ideas from Hinduism,and for those trying to pimp such acts in name of commercialization how about the word "copyright" in your language? Does that sound nice to your lawyers?
& Q8 K; H8 C! o/ u" Y7 t6 \为什么把这样的图案印在紧身裤紧要处呢?它看起来更像设计师缺乏创意和创造力,盗用了印度教的理念,对于那些试图商业化的皮条客,此类行为在你们的语言中“版权”一词为何吗?你的律师听了会很高兴了吗?0 a2 _# M% M4 J  V% w+ S( z# v7 g

2 i9 Q% q% ~: k8 L! J: f. _Nag • 2 days 16 hours ago Report AbuseI will not buy anything from Amazon from now on.
0 u1 D8 y- q1 B$ R我从现在开始不会从亚马逊买任何东西了。
' t# B9 S1 i9 v
) K7 R9 c( e* p9 G7 F. k3 cPraveen • 2 days 15 hours ago Report AbuseThe Amazon company should completely be driven out of India . Their products should be destroyed in public so that no other company will dare to to do such acts.
8 Y' ]# x( _; a7 f: w亚马逊公司应该被完全的赶出印度。他们的产品应该在公共场合被摧毁掉,没有其他公司将敢做这样的行为。+ [5 \. q7 D. f) }. L$ w+ o
9 N6 V, o; |2 V& k5 J/ f( {4 {
Narendra • 2 days 11 hours ago Report AbuseWhy have they not printed the pictures of Lord Jesus or Mother Mary? Do Christian females living in America not wear leggings and waist yoga pants? Actually these American companies take Hinduism and Hindu Deities very lightly.
- G. A5 x6 f! ?$ V% j3 O: f他们为什么不印上我主耶稣或圣母玛丽的相片呢?美国的女基督徒就不穿紧身裤,和瑜伽裤吗?其实这些美国公司根本不需要印度教和印度教的神。
9 _3 I+ r2 s& I) d5 i3 d
* n3 g, M1 C0 d( q! b% {4 l5 eMadhu • 2 days 14 hours ago Report AbuseWestern companies are in the habit of denigrating others as they are poor in culture and lack civilized behavior.
; t5 U- g2 c: R8 M% G" e! X# Y西方公司习惯于诋毁他人了,他们都有缺乏教养和文明的行为。. _3 t3 D: b! v6 b7 R
/ I4 b0 s' @7 r% Q; t9 `
Surender • 2 days 12 hours ago Report AbuseMany peoples wear Jesus Christ printed underwear or under garment .You stupid American when you couldn't able to make any deal with India then you are trying such tricks .Coward Americans shame on you.' s. J- d( G( H$ V2 T
许多人都有穿印有耶稣基督的内衣或服装。愚蠢的美国人,什么时候你们才能不这样对待印度,然而你们却用了这样的花招。懦夫般的美国佬真不要脸。" }0 i$ Q7 T3 a& U5 e

. l3 E- e' y# u. [3 Q1 ?Anand • 2 days 16 hours ago Report AbusePlaying with the religious sentiment ... for any religion ... is a sign of either bankrupt or dirty mind. Unfortunately, such tricks are found successful in hogging the limelight or attracting the attention of media. But fortunately, the output of such tricks are short lives.
" U! ?  w4 Z) s7 \9 S玩弄宗教情绪……针对任何宗教……体现出破落或肮脏的心灵的一个信号。不幸的是,这种花招却成功的在聚光灯下聚焦或吸引媒体的注意。但幸运的是,这种花招的结果是短命的。+ u% Z1 P* h1 |& I3 c2 b6 ?' W
( g* W7 |6 Z8 x8 \
JFK • 2 days 13 hours ago Report AbuseReligious Idiots who are creating an outrage over nothing are why India still remains backward.- m$ t( {/ c4 O; k
宗教白痴制造了一个出奇的怨恨--为什么印度依然落后。% {6 o% s$ f4 O! F* R
+ x3 o6 n; v$ p( ]8 [
Luke • 1 day 23 hours ago Report AbuseHindu people should take pride that America likes their culture.......where do you think the expression "tying the knot" and words like "avatar" came from ? ? ?# e: N; E! A5 o9 y! c
印度人应该感到自豪,美国喜欢他们的文化.......你认为“试婚”和“阿凡达”等词语表达来自哪里???) c/ D" y  h$ V$ ?2 D

( i9 L0 S& o( D1 b  `" H# k; VINDIAN • 1 day 9 hours ago Report AbuseThey promoted PORN to the world, so what more decency can you expect from these people ?/ `4 v) J$ W* p8 {! J1 z, @9 U% {
他们向世界宣传色情,所以从这些人身上还能指望什么优雅吗?# N# |) O1 c* d7 H

& \1 E8 \6 A4 D2 L5 mRated • 1 day 9 hours ago Report AbuseI can't believe, there so many radicalised hindus in ******* comment section...no wonder modi he is getting so much support from these radicals...75% indian hindu population should be now called radicals...By idol worshipping, their mind,soul and heart is become like a stone....They pray to prey and...7 t% r: W. k3 Y. U# K6 [4 O
我不相信,有这么多激进印度教徒在雅虎评论里……难怪莫迪获得如此多的类似激进分子的支持……75%印度教人口应该都是如今的激进分子……偶像崇拜,他们的思想、灵魂和心脏变得像一块石头....他们以祈祷为生和…% V1 K8 n: U3 L0 Z7 ~* |+ |
( @% W. P1 ?) i
Raju .C • 2 days 5 hours ago Report Abusedears.... please don't hurt people's sentiment and believe. today we are all still living happy life because of this super power & believe on god.  A( e9 X. ]# h/ _
亲爱的....请不要伤害人们的情绪和信仰了。今天我们都仍然快乐的活着,因为这个超级大国,以及信仰上帝。2 G2 I8 M: B7 |, j5 I
! r+ D' p: H# l+ h( Q- E: x
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