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[转载] 中国对于赢得印度高铁招标信心十足

China “confident” of winning high-speed rail bid in India0 R4 N/ B6 M* [$ \" ^9 R& r
中国对于赢得印度高铁招标信心十足. d) ]0 o/ w; B. c. @( C
" ]% }  ?! V; F; C* S5 c
: u7 P4 @4 E- c
! X) ^0 _& }# ?" U/ A& O
China‬ says that it’s confident of winning the bid to build ‪#‎India‬’s longest high-speed ‪#‎rail‬ network, which will stretch 1,750 kilometers, connecting the capital New Delhi to the southern city of Chennai.
  t2 \% a  }5 b5 _9 K: w0 e  r
/ B$ P7 B7 h& @$ q  S  @中国对于赢得承建印度最长高铁线路的招标表示信心满满,这条线路全长1750公里,可连接印度首都新德里和南部城市钦奈。. X- J& ^/ O( v" r; `5 \

2 y  J# f0 v) d" [6 KAccording to China’s Ambassador to India Le Yucheng, China is working closely with the Indian government on the project, with feasibility studies already underway." Z( P' S, @4 m7 o
! B% k! p# V2 y5 @* \
( E/ Q" H* t% M
1 O7 I3 }9 ^, `' c# ?The high-speed rail line is part of India’s Diamond Quadrilateral project, which aims at stablishing a high-speed network across the country.# O- E: p% Y8 I5 D. R! ~
高速铁路作为印度钻石四方形项目(直译)的一部分,旨在建立跨越全国的高速线网。# ]/ K* _  @0 _. ^: h

3 v7 x( A$ ?1 IIf the deal is finalized, the 300 km/h Chinese bullet train will reduce the travel time between New Delhi and Chennai to only 6 hours. Currently, that journey by train takes around 28 hours.! o6 \6 o9 }- f( @& w" @0 F* w
2 v( g3 h( `& v7 G8 K
如果这项合作最终敲定,时速300公里的中国子弹头列车会将新德里至钦奈的旅行时间减少到6小时,而目前需要花费的时间是28小时。* ^6 U7 Q! Q- q6 F
$ M/ }* c4 P8 k  W' |
China has rich expertise in building and maintaining high-speed rail networks.At present, the 2,298 km-long Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail line is the longest in the world. Meanwhile, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway line, which has become profitable in a mere 3 years, has shown that if well maintained and operated, large-scale infrastructure projects can breakeven much earlier than anticipated.
( \& W! d: Q! P1 o# d# R0 P  k- a+ l0 ]# z6 Q, C
中国在建设和维护告诉铁路网络上具有丰富的专业知识。全长2298公里的京广高铁线路是目前全世界最长的高铁线路。同时,京沪高铁线也在短短3年时间内实现盈利,说明在操作或维护得当的情况下,大规模的基础设施工程会比预想中更早实现收支平衡。& ?/ ~5 Z- X, @  j1 {
6 z+ R3 Q  K( ~6 p" E) H. X
With all these achievements, China has over the years been working on developing bullet train networks abroad, with contracts signed with countries such as Nigeria and Turkey, and bids made to Malaysia, Thailand and Mexico.+ u  Y& g5 w4 _+ Q: F# ?0 S
9 `: g0 U* Q0 L) b5 m
1 y  d3 o" M7 g& h, K' [
+ Z6 v& ^5 M5 v4 X0 C- B$ tDiscussing the expanding of China-India partnership, Le Yucheng added that the two countries are already working together on a number of projects. There is a project to  increase speed on the existing railway line from Chennai to Mysore,
* A. u  z0 B6 O$ x
! l1 {5 x9 F; m5 v8 I谈到增进中印两国合作关系的话题,乐玉成补充道,中印两国正在大量工程上并肩协作,还有一项工程可以在钦奈至迈索尔的现有轨道上实现增速。. A) E, t$ w, x' @) R/ H

: k1 B6 X* G- n, D  F  \, |; E: OIndia has also sent a team of its railway officials to China to study techniques on transforming heavy haul railways. Meanwhile, there is a plan to set up a railway university  in India, so as to provide the South Asian nation with more railway experts.7 o8 E6 r% N% N* C
$ W: D  T# H0 @3 u
同时,印度也派遣了铁路部门的团队到中国学习重载铁路改造技术。并计划在印度建立一所铁道大学,为这个南亚大国打造更多铁路专家。* t; q  _0 ?& t8 Z# N
" m. S6 G; w' T. Q
7 w' C) ~" v9 k) i/ T3 A+ u) {2 ]# Q

/ N4 V$ j- M" a& c- ]$ `评论翻译
; V  M& k) C& C0 i5 c9 T- G
3 N$ o  W/ E# K, w2 |& `3 Y& P8 k) oPrajeit Nair ) @/ m: Z; |* ~$ g
fuck , we dont need chinese tech, they have no guarantee, dont how many will die in it. 2 A4 I8 G& j* M3 l) v
PLZZ WE NEED JAPANESE BULLET. not fuckin china toy. b( |% [$ [3 I" B
& o, S1 r8 C) W$ Q
) `: u/ m/ A# N1 R  @" h- L# Y4 G3 u7 Z( G# R
: Z6 k  c) |, B7 J( Q: aidiot
) |2 |8 H( f: U2 P% X
8 I0 O( l5 X6 n/ J白痴
% ]9 c4 G8 s( _7 L
, j# V9 }# t( S' RPrajeit Nair % E9 o7 L6 N7 x8 o
ya i knw its u
5 M" G  {6 I5 {) O
: c6 c+ g- D% e1 F是啊我知道你是白痴
9 q. @# C2 \5 \3 t& i/ C0 }1 p9 N' |+ f# Q, T9 W9 h! T9 i
Shin'ya Kawamura
; }) ^+ Z1 W8 M. k2 x8 m/ `From Japan with love!" ~* U8 O; ?+ V/ L

5 @0 d* A3 g4 d8 {/ C* @- K- k6 `来自日本的爱!
. B. t" R# G+ X9 t% B6 ?1 ?* r- y; w
Prajeit Nair
& c6 G# X% |3 U1 W1 {2 d6 Rindia luv japan
5 x0 S9 P4 K; i; ]* v( W( P, q' P3 V
印度爱日本, V  R/ W" ^4 [9 P3 \

) T4 X0 a% P- ]/ V7 B6 gSunil Jiwnani
0 u) r/ o( R6 N3 E3 IIndia wants to make a railway line first between Arunachal Pradesh and hong kong route.
& B' J2 N1 A- D/ E+ u' A
) p* G3 L8 }7 q6 x. X: i印度首先想建立一条从阿鲁纳恰尔邦到香港的线路。
" n* Y- L, F, R  F6 @
) ?# F( ~9 ]% ELanilyn Znyl Rebz 7 @6 ^9 B5 i! p
Nice ! L) S7 c: |8 k- Q$ ]0 K) S

/ y7 @% L# u, m4 Y, t3 z( w很好& i4 B' a+ E' V0 I2 O; ]% ^8 a

( k4 t, L% [3 U- o+ GHarsh Mangal
# b4 j- s4 X& q2 ~$ P) y; x' r* ZFantastic!9 m6 ^5 Y) ?( p3 E
7 L/ Q& Q% M* `( n; c9 w1 O6 @
4 f5 ?. R# D/ s9 X2 G3 G' X( ]9 u
/ b3 d7 }( x' Q% BBenjani Okech & r- s2 z$ g! h
thats a great deal 4 real
9 Z7 j. p& B# P
+ y0 N/ k; H0 f# l: H1 W# w真是很好的合作项目
8 O6 f8 u# O! W6 B8 B% M$ I6 ?) O
$ ^& f) O3 x" YOmary K. Mkamba Poor ; ?  P$ b( @$ s# O# n5 @  B7 u
Indians will not afford
  \. Z7 w: O6 ~3 W( B) V
; m2 m- w9 t9 g; A; y4 g. B印度人负担不起
' _, }+ p6 f4 M& N# `& l4 {0 b% X6 ^( h; J
Kalifa Ks Bba + C" p0 G2 w% v1 C
6 k6 Q# [$ y# p3 Z$ g8 Q: b
: B* F0 o7 R" L1 T* D
; `" V9 q1 e1 c+ M
3 p; r6 M% c! }, l. ?, T华明 $ o& x! u8 G' V$ L# m
From 28 hours minimizes to 6 hours,thats great but do indians can afford the tickets?i # |. w8 G" d" _0 m! j$ H* b
doubt it
. u( q8 ]% Q+ ~5 K# }# S* C0 L4 v
4 l2 b# s+ |  e, T9 s2 K28小时减到6小时当然很好,但印度人能买得起票吗我怀疑。
( |& K( ^& K# J, f; Z% r% [
/ P; Z; o. p* R, D6 z! l% DSunil Jiwnani
% f( ]7 o5 H; T. C: U" Y4 Fif u can they why cant we... #jealous chicken egg
$ Y6 }1 k9 S) z$ Y) j( k8 s- }% x" P5 A# O# n
% o( H& |2 _3 n% t
6 x; U3 I; G' j9 c3 G6 x, w; P8 {Lee Choon Hoe David
! ]- j$ I9 A0 |$ {5 L2 @Ideal as China will quote a price much lower than the French or Japanese counterparts. - |& J+ E4 K) Z& r. q# O. b- Y
Quality must be ensured though ) ^# ^3 F+ g( X+ ~/ ?8 O
$ h) F2 w, l3 Z) j# V  C
就算中国给我们一个比法国日本低得多的价格,质量也必须得保证。* n! @8 h; D( h; w- X2 |" x
% y$ F9 L2 \# Y7 F) C
Kundan Kumar
" J5 ~% P1 ]" |6 Y+ |Please don't take Chinese products
( K0 h" i* X4 ]9 M4 P% S7 CWell Japanese and Germany high speed train is the best technology in this world* {/ \$ @' I# N% W' r; }5 G
; J' W6 n: x; |7 Z
别买中国货,日本和德国的高铁技术才是全世界最棒的。! U& n3 T* `4 r( l0 w# _" r- |, A: |: j

2 E- V1 y! k% `Mukul Raheja Typical
/ C% d/ P8 T+ R4 J* qChinese propaganda, showing the worst kind of train in India in the picture rather than showing Rajdhani or Shatabdi Express and showing the best Chinese train in the picture rather than showing those shitty trains on which migrants going back for Lunar New Year will hop on to! If u want our business at least show respect!3 Y( H+ r0 m4 v* z" m

2 ~% ^' Y3 r8 i8 {# ?中国式宣传,把印度最烂的火车拿来跟中国最好的火车图片拿来比,而不把 Rajdhani和Shatabdi的快线和中国农民工春节返乡坐的垃圾火车图片拿来比!如果你想跟我们做生意至少应该表示出尊重!% ^# o' r3 j/ k3 A/ @, G' H0 ~

' M, o& [. j0 W* b4 K+ i+ YMaitrey Chahataray 4 S( Z# U5 K7 g" @3 q! N/ q1 ]
Good luck china8 {, }5 A6 \# }) ~" X- B& b

6 H8 g4 J. E4 J% H8 \好运中国
1 W) _. @/ p+ }6 [# O; a
$ A, O7 H* T; O: c0 N8 nHimanshu Bist
6 ~7 ~# |8 L  l9 _% QIndia should give priority to Japan and japanese technology- a0 M# F, h. Q

5 R5 U* Q, F+ ?; r7 O# @印度应该优先选择日本和日本技术
% C9 |$ C- X" t3 S; u
+ v3 W, S- p& h2 HPrajeit Nair india luves japan not china
" S9 @: L/ R; |6 E( ~+ X
7 I6 @7 n& o% w" }7 G9 L7 l" }& c/ q印度爱的是日本不是中国/ K" W% ^& f7 O
! L% o& ~# `2 A
Jimmy Tseng * f/ B& y! j6 i! M* r4 U( Z
Go China Go.2 }8 s% n, \- J
' R0 a/ Z5 x& I0 z  Q2 C5 _8 g
中国加油!7 @5 _8 W9 y% d4 K# u
9 ?! a$ K' s! ]3 o/ m# z
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