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[转载] 287万印度人没有宗教信仰,印度网民叫好

2.87 million Indians have no faith, censusreveals for first time
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人口普查首次揭露287万印度人没有宗教信仰# }* a) `) |1 k2 A- c

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CHENNAI: India has 2.87 million peoplewho have no faith in any religion — 0.24% of the country's population of 1.21billion — according to the 2011 census, which was the first to include a'non-faith' category. The figure includes atheists, rationalists as well asthose not interested in any religion but believe in some 'unknown' force.
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( |, j1 x/ X, O; R# v评论翻译
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/ z- y* w& r) t7 W( jRAVI•6 hours ago
- m" ~* c" w$ HGreat!
7 a) H# B, l. j4 `* x% {5 dRationalism is better than all thefalsehood spread in the name of religion!" g% J" A& d; Q! ?$ x$ k

- {" s( ?7 S- J5 V! w$ S, K! L; X理性主义比所有以宗教之名进行传播的错误信仰来得好!
( M6 S! {- K) f& O
1 i* Y& X" G. A& d7 P0 ?; t$ _: D5 }Anniyan•6967•Influencer Wordsmith Networker• RAVI•Hell•3 hours ago& `' j$ u, R1 `1 {$ i
Thats far better than following a religionand creating violence...
- F8 d/ g, U' `0 Y1 d7 Q' b2 v5 i* }. p
) G% O0 ~% x& F) b; N3 j$ Y
* _: x3 p7 ~1 h# ?4 I4 G- T. r& Dmechsv•6280•Influencer Wordsmith News King• RAVI•Location•3 hours ago
, Z. P2 c1 O& C, Y! ^/ J# xRationalism does not create compassion,oneness, saints, contentment and peace. Religion does. Just because it ismisused by some, don't discard it entirely. Would you discard entire sciencejust because it makes H-bombs leading to destruction of millions?' n7 V0 p, E- ?# l1 m$ u
. W, Z% p/ |$ i, I, r- U2 v
理性主义并不能产生同情心,统一性,圣人,满足和和平。而宗教可以做到这一点。/ N% q( E, [7 D
/ I' S2 U0 A2 z& }  ~9 \- _0 f; z/ c( O; l3 L. J+ k
Arvind•4090•Influencer Wordsmith News King• mechsv •une•1 hour ago
- m+ I8 w" C6 C) CObviously you dont understnd the meaning ofRationalism .) h5 b( O! x: R1 G# K
' j: H, ^3 S9 `1 g- T
' z. C) o( p- c  S
+ ~' |2 q; t! _! t( B4 t& @Jiju TJ•176•Wordsmith Member •5 hours ago
9 r3 B5 j8 x+ {1 B, `$ B# `1 `Truth is there is no god..its man madefantasy..+ _; [, c. e% U" Q. V5 Z  A0 f

: f$ g. n, c, @, R, q" U) F根本不存在神,那是人造的幻觉。* U  f/ c/ c/ b' H: v5 {
' g8 N" U3 H* A

! n- q4 f8 _: i/ O5 I7 d% ]3 i4 K8 u2 S* O( L0 {
WILLIAM INDIA•6690•Influencer Movie BuffModerator •MANGALORE•27 mins ago
9 B9 {4 z: \8 }% Y: J5 y6 N* g- u( S) r: A+ {
2 H/ E! H6 R( \' Z( s+ t# k$ g- {6 l' A" O+ E8 x2 l2 e4 j
Sujith Kakkirikan•992•Influencer WordsmithWell Connected •Bangalore•41 mins ago
9 a+ Y4 k  s3 eIts is very simple!) p9 \6 A% r) K* t
Faith is a weapons used to divide peoplewho was united once.$ p2 M5 ~1 E& V2 N5 \# ]; r, Z6 l, U7 ]8 C
I don't think animal have any faith,
  p. _( `5 l0 x* Z( t- p. v# \Evolution transformed animal (Ape) tohuman, human created faith.- a( j0 i9 u  [- Z7 w4 i- |
Good thing of faith is, it created a fearfactor, by which human behavior was under control. But now faith is not able todo so, as people don't fear any more so crime is at the peek. Now it is aweapons used by politicians and religion heads to divide people./ u" G3 \# c/ i4 A. a/ z

  I2 @) X+ {4 T. F0 E- E; C9 ~( f这很简单!8 s2 [/ A$ f+ q+ Y" p# D, e3 Z/ R1 c
/ Q' y. ^8 \& X1 ]. V+ P/ }9 R1 U我认为动物没有什么信仰。
% Q4 G9 m' R. _* W$ @* M进化将动物(猿)转化为人类,人类创造了信仰。4 V( x3 u: S5 k" A9 n7 u) R5 a5 \
信仰好的地方在于创造了恐惧,从而使人们的行为得到了控制。但是,现在的信仰已经无法做到这一点,因为人们不再恐惧,所以犯罪达到了最高点。现在宗教信仰成为了政治家和宗教领袖的武器,用来分裂人民。' ~( k  X; @0 r9 x3 Y( o
2 p# ?; F/ F5 Q  @# f- Q
rajan loknathan•43454•Influencer Movie BuffWordsmith •Trivandrum•42 mins ago
" [6 j4 d; B+ v. NAnd justCheck the so called non believersand all must be Hindus as their religion does not have any controller over themand are indisciplined as for as religion is concerned. No Muslim or Christianor others will have such ideas.
+ [& o6 M9 E5 b2 k4 W' e8 p
6 A+ |0 R0 V; k查查所谓的这些无信仰者,他们肯定都是印度教徒,因为作为一种宗教,印度教不仅无法控制自己的教徒而且是散漫的。穆斯林,基督教徒或者其他宗教的人不是这个样子的。
1 G0 x  l) c; b7 U9 w) Y. X
8 K2 Y9 G7 i) {2 m9 C! ySun•42 mins ago
' S, o% o8 M7 \/ gAm also in this list I only worshipbeauty ,intelligence,nature, ambient music ,tasty food,pc games and am veryhappy living like that.& [( A8 q* g% f
0 Y" M* A: m9 D5 |% f8 W
这其中就包括我,我只崇拜美,智慧,自然,(20世纪70年代后半期在纽约由英国布雷恩伊诺开创的)环境音乐,美味的食物,电脑游戏,我非常享受这样的生活。3 l5 Q; n" ~/ x5 P

( F7 i. w7 y0 W% RSwaminathan Guru•830•Networker WordsmithNews King •1 hour ago* g" C' i" N- R7 k
count me in!! Religious, the root cause ofall evil, discrimination & nonsense.
1 w: S& }* s# \' y4 r1 F( m3 B8 A& ?) w
我也是!!宗教乃万恶之源,也是歧视和荒谬之源。6 B  o7 |+ R  l0 h% L3 {7 r

$ J' N; e/ V8 ~, U5 ?, B! |! A- N) j, S8 o! R* x
) P! y' z8 R; B" {  ?
Gaurav Gupta•3618•Movie Buff Wordsmith NewsKing •Mumbai•2 hours ago
; f  f0 u$ [# @or may be they are afraid of telling it
) E1 m  v/ p* j3 P8 N* r4 z
% y5 ]. J( y4 }4 n: u/ H6 x. D嗯,可能是因为有些人不敢说自己没有信仰。$ F: ?. {/ X4 b. ]# G
' a- e! Q+ M' q4 i
mechsv•6280•Influencer Wordsmith News King•Location•3 hours ago) @8 [7 j: G2 n* q* n
Even the atheists are having faith inatheism. Can they prove non-existence of God? Again what that God they areproving as non-existent needs to be defined first.# h4 k# m7 t" A/ R6 Z4 f  C
$ M, [* t! J- w) k
即使是无神论者也有无神论的信仰。他们能证明上帝是不存在的吗?即使他们正在证明上帝不存在,他们首先也得对"上帝"为何物进行界定。; }( X# Y5 ^$ Q
1 n3 M% A! {& ?  O) @; n. J
mechsv•6280•Influencer Wordsmith News King•Location•3 hours ago! G9 K2 Y- ~" C0 `1 K% I( P, H
There is no person without faith. It's onlywhat they have faith in differs. So the headline is wrong.
8 v& S4 {2 R6 d& i- [5 u& a( S. s! y
  y* o1 D2 K0 L; b* _+ G0 k不存在没信仰的人。只不过每个人信仰的东西不一样。所以这个标题是错误的。
* j; O7 J- f/ D; F! k
; _, U! `, V( H& c6 g- yKunal Rana•608•Networker Member •3 hoursago) f3 r% _6 V' f/ W8 J9 Y5 O& z. O
Hope this will grow.. And India somedaywill get out of this religion shiiiit. Why can't people think on their own?They just follow what they have been told or what's going on from long.
" o$ e( p$ @6 B/ O. h: t" T: S; |; w! o
希望无信仰者的人数能变得更多一点。那么将来有一天印度将摆脱宗教这种垃圾。为什么人们无法独立思考?只是一味的听从别人的说辞。5 a1 Q3 Z2 S' E+ W
' G% \) d1 O: n9 l* u6 v
Vijay Kant•95•Member •3 hours ago
2 J3 L3 C3 \! i. \Being a physicst, I am a staunch athist.There is no argument in the world that will make me believe in the existence ofa daity. It is an outdated model. We have suffered enough from this ignorance.Get educated the rest of you.2 y1 [3 v1 f& w/ i; [% Q! l4 ~, Q; J

! ~5 @5 }! k4 ~  o2 P+ C/ m作为一名物理学家,我是一名坚定的无神论者。我不相信有神的存在。那是过时的说法。长久以来我们一直被这种无知所困扰。不要再那么愚蠢了你们。
. \0 o- [( C" O3 O. _2 t
+ M( [5 v$ s; Y: k* I* `& `mechsv•6280•Influencer Wordsmith News King• Vijay Kant•Location•3 hours ago5 y9 @3 ^* ^7 Q& R: e
Can you prove non-existence of God? Alsodefine the God you are proving as non-existent. Thanks.& i+ G; @! g+ o
* H2 H+ b/ {/ o( Y: i" `5 ~' G$ G8 _
你能证明上帝是不存在的吗?然后你能对你要证明不存在的上帝进行界定吗?谢谢。* m& B% t* t8 B2 h

2 g$ m7 f1 M' u7 K* N5 aArvind•4090•Influencer Wordsmith News King• mechsv •une•1 hour ago
) @$ Z/ O* l# @$ r1 k. ICan you prove the existance of god. If Icannot explain something it does not mean God did it ." E4 H3 Z3 `  B# ~
Look around you see how people are dying inthe name of god the creator !!!!2 p* r* Y. d! o: S: X8 K
) C  n8 H( g0 x: U
2 J9 v) Y. M- {' j& G9 Q/ m* W' _5 |' _  B4 p- H2 R+ G, ?7 [* e2 H
ashoke•3 hours ago. Q! t0 G5 C+ T$ J2 @7 F9 @
Only 2,87 million people are intelligentout of 1300 million ! That is pathetic indeed.% d( E# p! j; q! r: B

2 f  u/ _8 t, {+ c) E13亿人中只有287万人是明智的!确实悲哀。$ `( L- `9 K/ m; H2 \5 O0 z
3 N. l' x0 T# M' W! h
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