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[转载] 印度网民:先建好厕所吧—印度和日本建立战略“长城”

Pushing back against China's One Belt One Road, India, Japan build strategic 'Great Wall'3 p% M, G" I' ^9 S

: q7 @) K, P! p  V+ [1 A原文地址:印度媒体:印度经济时报% \0 a6 {' j8 M, u% U* A6 r

) Y8 Z. i! Z2 F1 N9 PPushing back against China's One Belt One Road, India, Japan build strategic 'Great Wall'& `& G8 U. D/ x6 R4 l! E5 e

8 g0 B! ^: S8 u反击中国的一带一路,印度和日本建立战略“长城”6 B) C0 q9 H) b+ k# u
% U4 D, V3 w7 o* U
% n. h) z! p0 s

2 v9 {, ]1 ]2 u) o* n& A+ JNEW DELHI: India and Japan are togetherembarking upon multiple infrastructure projects across Africa, Iran, Sri Lankaand Southeast Asia in what could be viewed as pushback against China’s massive,unilateral infrastructure initiatives under the One Belt One Road (OBOR)project connecting it with Europe and Africa.
' U" [$ T, E  g  G+ F7 B9 B' f
; z( T9 \) X3 @$ w! |新德里:印度和日本在着手开发多个横穿非洲、伊朗、斯里兰卡以及东南亚的基础设施建设项目。这可被视为是针对中国的“一带一路”倡导下的反弹举措,中国大规模单边基础设施建设计划——“一带一路”倡导正在把中国同非洲、欧洲连接起来。3 Q' |, p! O- ?3 _2 F. Z. P: h

& c3 e: V0 _; a! VIndia has conspicuously stayed away from theso-called New Silk Road, launched with much fanfare by Chinese President XiJinping on Sunday, because of strategic and security concerns.+ D; S4 U$ ^9 `8 `5 y

. f6 u/ |( _* a! f( j; I出于对战略和安全的考虑,印度明确地回绝了中国领导人——习以及他大张旗鼓的于周日推出的所谓“新丝绸之路”。
2 h6 h  y- p& m3 N/ X) U; l0 q  d+ ]# T
While in East Africa, Delhi and Tokyo areplanning to fund infrastructure and capacity building projects, Japan isexpected to join the Indian foray into the expansion of Iran’s Chabahar portand the adjoining special economic zone. In eastern Sri Lanka, the twocountries are expected to jointly expand the strategically located Trincomaleeport. They are also likely to join hands to develop Dawei port along the Thai-Myanmarborder.
- {( N. `8 Q' F' n5 F) Z! E( ]! P8 a( R, s
6 h! d2 Q: N$ a
% e; F! Q! Y' R' SIndia and Japan are holding a separate sessionon May 24 with stakeholders from Africa on the sidelines of the Africa DevelopmentBank meeting in Ahmedabad to discuss joint projects on capacity building andinfrastructure.
* f2 z9 d1 x* Q8 D8 f0 `8 t0 m9 F6 o" E  x& U, n
5月24日,在《非洲发展银行》于艾哈迈达巴德举行会议期间,印度和日本在分会场分别与来自非洲的股东们在举行会议,讨论关于能力建设和基础设施建设的联合项目。. i; k, F0 r  Q+ O1 c) Y5 u

+ ^1 s$ n( F- |3 O1 w7 BJapan's state minister of finance will lead thecountry’s delegation at the meet.
8 L% m! `0 {8 |7 K( I) g" |0 B: G0 }# ^5 J
, J0 y) x& i/ P% c8 S6 }( F
: [. O3 i6 e' J  ?The India-Japanese initiatives are part of theFreedom Corridor that stretches from the Asia-Pacific to Africa.1 D  M( i9 W- Z; }

; u/ v. |; k' b& F! c2 |8 A7 J& A“印-日倡导”是一个从亚太地区延伸至非洲的“自由走廊”项目的一部分。
# E% G. T) s) r
( X& d2 \' \4 o& h0 ~) LIt is aimed at stabilising the region amidChinese designs on it that have led to discomfiture in certain capitals, notedan expert on the issue of international connectivity projects.$ @, S- H$ W5 E2 s4 K0 @! Z0 {
" }; V& a% x( h2 F
一位国际问题专家指出:该项目针对由于中国的计划而导致的一定资金的短缺的地区保持稳定。(译者:这哪个砖家啊?要点脸行不?)! P# B! i: m3 n/ E. ~7 M: y
( D6 N& @* W9 b6 s  L5 `& [
The corridorwas announced by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe during counterpart NarendraModi's trip to Tokyo last November for the annual summit of the two nations.The issue of collaborations also figured in discussions that finance ministerArun Jaitley had during his recent trip to Japan.( o+ b1 c, q2 i0 g4 i' ]
- `1 S; D  q4 T" \) O' p: p/ {) l* T
! S& H# F: [. M$ t5 p$ k6 R+ g5 m4 h) x7 W4 F' I
India and Japan have launched their owninfrastructure development projects to balance China’s influence in the region.The central features of this are Japan’s Partnership for Quality Infrastructure (PQI) besidescollaborations in northeast India and the Andaman and NicobarIslands. PQI is an initiative for advancing Japan’s expertise in infrastructuredevelopment, especially against the backdrop of increasing competition to buildeconomic corridors. The initiative was launched by Abe in May 2015.
) S. e! t) G  A8 H: N4 ~. f& G  H% Q
3 L7 }/ \, I5 W) _
5 I, X9 q4 }! z' g* PDEEPENINGTIES% x3 u& e% u* |6 @6 P/ a5 i6 Q
+ H2 g% m/ s$ D
深化合作# m- L- A5 X: h4 x9 E! U0 K

  z0 l3 R  T1 [“India and Japan’s deepening economicpartnership has been prompted by a recognition of China’s efforts to enhanceits influence by funding development projects in its neighborhood,” DarshanaBaruah of Carnegie India wrote in a recent paper. “China plans to build acorridor of infrastructure projects across both land and sea routes connectingSoutheast Asia to Europe… As China extends its influence and reach throughoutAsia, Japan and India naturally are seeking to do the same. The recent upturnin economic engagement between India and Japan is founded on the twin pillarsof development assistance and infrastructure development to enhance domesticand regional connectivity.”5 q- ~2 q3 F6 R- u3 D, g7 t- |

( z* {8 a. G# n5 Q0 _+ w3 u; ?《印度经济时报》援引印度卡内基分析师巴鲁阿的文章称“一个公识促进了印度和日本的深层次经济伙伴关系,那就是中国正努力通过投资发展项目以加强其在周边国家的影响,中国试图同时打造海陆基建项目走廊,从而连接亚太与欧洲……当中国不断扩大影响力、最终达到打通亚洲的目的时,印度和日本必然寻求类似的做法。近期升温的日-印之间的经济协定是基于两个支柱:发展援助和基础设施建设发展,以加强外交和地区联系。”5 p- r) ]- N, a9 ~& y  B7 Q! F$ g* [
" @: s5 I7 x# l7 d: {; y- R
Both the continental and maritime routes of OBORare of strategic concern for India and therefore there are security-relatedreasons for New Delhi to pursue closer cooperation with Tokyo in response toBeijing’s expansionary moves.
& k) @/ u' w7 S, f, S! D
7 ]: }; U5 P8 ^" n: S% T- `同时扩展陆路和海路的一带一路对于印度而言不仅要从战略的角度考虑,还要从安全的角度出发,以推进新德里与东京间更紧密的协作,并以此来应对北京的扩张行为。5 t4 c3 l8 q" {2 U4 r

  O+ H7 N0 h- R9 W# p  a) C; l1 J2 n“Japan’s use of official development assistanceas a tool of economic statecraft seems to be directed toward reinforcing itsdominance as an aid donor while counterbalancing China’s expansion,” Baruahfurther explained in her paper entitled Toward Strategic Economic Cooperationbetween India and Japan.- I9 T) b* w+ d% U! C* r2 Y

! [5 h3 h% X" L3 P1 L3 r+ Z日本的政府对发展的援助起到的作用就像经济战略工具,意味着其作为一个援助者直接巩固了自身的支配地位。
2 |0 G0 A) O, z" z1 j" X6 y2 {  {; a- ^1 N
“China’s increasing military and politicalassertiveness in Japan’s immediate security environment is a key driver of thischange.”
; K3 F8 J+ K  K; ?. L- p' E, ]( m' z) {. L$ U: g1 Z9 v# Z1 Y
# z9 ~' J( ~7 [6 o+ m1 ]) m8 p/ g2 a+ j, d8 {
By expanding their bilateral relationship toinclude joint infrastructure development across Asia and Africa, Abe and Modiare looking to leverage Japan’s economic and India’s strategic outreach beyondSouth Asia to the broader Indian-Pacific Ocean region.) L8 S0 P" U7 A" T1 u
( {! L+ q0 ]1 ?: \# W7 v8 R, {
通过扩展双边关系,包括在亚洲和非洲的联合基础设施建设。安培和莫迪正在寻求以日本的经济和印度的战略为杠杆,从而从南亚扩张到更广阔的印度洋-太平洋区域。+ o2 U7 F0 U9 q$ P0 l) s8 \% X

2 L- y4 u5 U+ C. C4 H6 d# q& L“Africa is the next big destination. India-Japanpartnership will unlock Africa's true economic potential,” said Prabir De,India’s foremost connectivity expert and chair of the India-AseanCentre in noted thinktank RIS. “Mekong-India Economic Corridor (MIEC)connecting Kenya-Tanzania-Mozambique (KTM) growth zone through Jawaharlal Nehruand Kochi ports will open up new vistas of Africa-Asia connectivity.”& W% {8 h' R% f! e1 h4 S* Y

- ]; W' W3 @. D4 N" u% ?+ W# I2 X印度著名国际关系专家、RIS智库东盟中心主席Prabir De表示:“非洲是下一个重要的目标,印度-日本伙伴关系将解锁非洲真正的发展潜力。”他还表示:“湄公河印度经济走廊(MIEC)通过贾瓦哈拉尔•尼赫鲁和Kochi港口连接肯尼亚-坦桑尼亚-莫桑比克(KTM)增长区将开辟亚-非连接新前景。”4 g& S8 A# R5 L2 ?! S0 ]6 p
2 }+ e5 R  V) V5 z
ETView: Strengthen Indo-Japan Partnership
  x' X; L7 Y. R  J: T) ^
8 g; c+ O* Y* j: e$ y印度经济时报观点:加强“印-日”伙伴关系# f+ _! d' H0 r$ ?* R

$ J2 _/ ]( y2 l/ ^3 @( JNew Delhi must seriously pursue and give shapeto its partnership with Tokyo to implement a slew of infrastructure projectsacross Africa and parts of Asia. Unlike China’s mercantilist approach, Japanhas focused on building partnerships, and in the recent pastthis has also been India’s approach.3 v: P# q! X( Z8 k/ Q# w

3 m% P3 U1 X4 v* k6 L新德里必须推动并形成与东京的伙伴关系,以执行大批在非洲和部分亚洲的基础设施建设。不像中国那样的重商主义倾向,日本主要聚焦在建立伙伴关系上,而这同样是印度近期所侧重的方向。7 I; B' c$ n* m  ]% x. F" m5 G

: E' s8 v; p. q2 g* g+ p5 y. ABuilding on their strengths, India and Japan canprovide an alternative approach to development. This would serve as a check onChina and offer a pathway to development that is inclusive and mutuallybeneficial.
" C$ V% W1 L3 w) G& w( C5 t% |- G  @
$ w1 w  o* T$ U9 x. ~' M1 u6 p0 `* {7 a% k, E0 J
; j' N- M$ ^. t, C- o  ^: p
评论翻译0 l! E8 ^; `0 m0 d5 ?' ~! `

+ L8 l; t" C# s4 e' J' N) A+ i/ s
5 G6 i6 ^' D2 E# g, URob L · 17 days ago
5 `9 l7 r; }3 O. o" p3 K" j" OHaha, can't help rolling my eyes laughing. Indiacan't even do infrastructure in its own country, and it wants to exportinfrastructure building in Africa? Has anyone seen the infrastructure in India?
, w, q5 l' h8 i; V
. T. R7 z' K. c$ w4 s: B哈哈,我都笑的翻白眼了。印度连自己国家的基础设施建设都做不好,还想出口非洲的基础设施建设?有人看过印度的基础设施吗?: J/ \, I  r4 X4 `8 z; w' ~

  z, U1 e4 W! d' f  ~8 w7 GSheridan · 17 days ago
( E2 m; v+ |6 }) Z- V2 F" _Well, you better focus on Indian infrastructurefirst which is among the worst in the world.
# q5 D6 |, L# P8 h: i, {6 q$ p- b1 e  \
, _- |% m" p8 J2 w% D8 c( V
$ a5 L& @3 @/ v% |; v& oKrish S · 18 days ago
& }5 y* q* l- _; C  NIndia should first speed uo and complete it'salready announced projects, partnering with Japan is a good move to remove thefinancial bottle necks and increasing expertise, I think other countrieschiefly the western countries should chip in if they ever wants stability inthis region to counter the Chinese hegemony and not wait till it reaches forits throat.( A+ p$ f5 j% n' F  u8 `; ]

' {! Q6 D6 x  e1 |; Y) P印度首先该做就是快点完成自己以前吹嘘的那些个项目,和日本搭伙是个突破金融瓶颈和学习专业技术的好机会,我想世界上的其他国家,主要是西方国家,如果说他们是真的想要让这个地区稳定,并联手对抗中国霸权的话,就应该一起凑份子干这件事。而不是等到中国把刀架到他们的脖子上了才开始行动。
, F  j2 Q" q' C" O) H- T6 W: }) M3 y- j! Z6 o
Chandu · 18 days ago
5 s) e) r4 z# Y8 W" LJapan was worst than Pakistan before US hadnuked them hard.3 {9 ~' @! d! y+ l* u8 p3 X
2 s; V' S: |* T# k* v( w) k
3 B! K/ }0 k& U9 Q
; S  o4 K3 `! O5 |3 |* z+ ESuchindranathAiyerS · 18 days ago
9 Z' K( P& C9 q! s3 j+ r3 u' z/ RIndia and Japan in Chabahar and elsewhere. Isthere any concrete beyond Great Expectations? Milestones?
8 Q. s* g$ A+ G( D' b5 G* C$ m6 u9 j7 m4 o
( V, w2 C  j8 n& W! {( Y; s4 D4 U# V
Null · 19 days ago5 ^7 u5 \" c* F9 c; s( V" y
Start with one family one toilet project firstplease!(OFOT)1 Q* x& ]$ d# X7 D' I5 q* j( f

+ P3 @: @+ e" n$ o3 R4 c, v" J请先从给印度人民一家盖一个厕所开始!
& A& h/ g8 m  R% }
+ N9 P1 A- P  ^* q7 S) X7 |Ashok Prabhu · 19 days ago * @& ?# r; x1 y4 }
China's capabilities are highly inflated.Chinacan certainly be contained and its propensity to push neighboring states cancertainly be stopped if we get together.Example is getting together of Japanand India.Add Vietnam and Indonesia to this alliance and you have a strong andwell- knit structure which can beat every adventurist move by China.% A8 {; a. r$ _+ x# Q/ d8 D* A4 q
; C* }2 B8 }& r7 `8 @/ _+ v2 I8 Z
/ V7 r* m) U( j! `2 P) _" h' G  _: i
John Smith · 17 days ago
. l# R1 t$ P' ~0 w. j3 G+ h& [The only things that are inflated are the inDianegos. They talk a lot of rubbish and accomplish very little. Before criticizingthe world's largest economy based on PPP, India should first try to set a goalof helping their citizens in acquiring toilets so they're not defecating in thestreets.
9 M3 A! U% `# N0 [; _( ~8 r
2 z% B+ g2 e: R* |4 ~唯一膨胀的东西是印度人的自尊心。他们说了太多的废话,却几乎没什么成果。想去批评世界最大PPP经济体,印度应该先设定一个目标:帮助国民多建几所厕所,而不是让他们在街头随地大小便。( R: g3 d* D% M: j1 u9 p

" P2 x3 z6 A& K(PPP(Public-Private Partnership),又称PPP模式,即政府和社会资本合作,是公共基础设施中的一种项目运作模式。在该模式下,鼓励私营资本、民营资本与政府进行合作,参与公共基础设施的建设。)' k6 s/ k' U# ]

5 j6 @% M  n9 s: H: I% q3 ~RAnand · 19 days ago. j/ ?8 l  l# b! I1 W1 t# z
- I5 p* p, C: d7 {3 e6 y
( S* |8 \5 }* D7 W“一带一路”的问题先放一边;中国确实很强大!!印度也应该赶快让自己的经济和最下层穷人(通过出口基建而)多受点损失(坏笑)。5 G4 I9 b: m9 o) C# |0 V
% w$ G# ^# i. f  X, R8 x, i
Rishiom · 19 days ago
3 }# J5 R$ W' A# H% jWe will know in time whether OBOR is a success,although my own analysis tells me that there will be huge hurdles. On CPEC, Isee any of the following scenarios taking place: a) To ensure peace along CPEC,Pakistan may be forced to negotiate realistically with India on the Kashmirissue and settle on accepting the line of control as the permanent border of adivided Kashmir (if Indian government does not up the ante and insists onclaiming all of Kashmir; b) The West, led by the U.S., wanting to thwart theOBOR project tilts toward India on the Kashmir issue, pushing Delhi to settlefor nothing less than entire Kashmir; c) China forces its new colony Pakistanto reach a speedy negotiated settlement with India on the Kashmir issue toprotect its CPEC and OBOR projects. I don't rule some quid pro quo from Chinato India on the Arunachal issue also. So let us how it all plays out, but as astrategic thinker I believe we have promising times ahead to settle somelong-festering issues.8 Y2 k* m6 W2 Z- r/ `% W

% ^1 X$ Q; _! H! I5 ?过段时间我们就能知道“一带一路”到底能不能成功了,虽然我自己通过分析得知,“一带一路”存在巨大的障碍。通过分析“中巴经济走廊”项目,我预见会有以下情况发生:) u" i5 h0 v& Z1 j; B
a)“中巴经济走廊项目”要求确保与周边国家和平共处,这样巴基斯坦就可能被迫与印度进行谈判,实际上巴基斯坦在与印度在解决喀什米尔问题上有条底线:就是划一条分割喀什米尔地区的永久边界线。(当然这是在印度政府不想玩场大的,比如:坚持要求占有整个喀什米尔地区的前提下);3 a/ V2 q  n! ]! L. {7 q; S* L
- `# r( T0 H* o* sc)中国会强迫他的新殖民地——巴基斯坦快速的和印度达成(让出喀什米尔)的协议,以保护“一带一路项目”和“中巴经济走廊项目”。我预计中国也会给印度一些补偿,比如让出整个藏南地区给印度。
9 j1 C/ X0 e0 D1 X  g4 R这即将发生的一切就让我们拭目以待吧。但是作为一个战略思想家,我相信很快,当印度步入自身光辉时代的时候就是解决国内那些长期恶化的问题的时候。% _, Q! \% m7 a) t4 p. M

0 C' c3 E2 Y* H, gSubhash Mantri · 19 days ago
  R  G' o0 u7 s% Z& {/ NChinese dream of captive economic coloniesshould be broken @it's budding stage only6 i# A2 o& f# C# c4 f

) B: A% d/ |! M* l我们应该在它萌芽的时候就动手,打破中国用经济来获得殖民地的美梦。
7 F: G0 H) U+ D8 M8 u/ K7 U2 {; b8 |) A3 f: F5 B
Ragu · 19 days ago
' r8 p7 A+ Z+ a" _Go ahead huryyyy upp India Japan otherwise Chinawill come6 s) Q* I( F) ?2 q1 n% E: Y8 D/ u& r
& q; ?8 `3 [& u* C, J
印度和日本别老是JJYY的磨叽了,快点动手干啊!不然中国人都要打过来了。. k1 m! J3 ]8 ?/ o. l4 b2 I

6 }, R( ~1 m; |Saranathan Lakshminarasimhan · 19 days ago
; {' b3 g) P$ N) b3 _/ iit is competition* ]' j( F5 w, t( q1 S
0 |& J# I! n$ p: Q; i8 S
9 a* W; ^+ l- w9 A
: S4 J1 K! Y2 S; TMani Hussain · 19 days ago1 i7 a+ c, T5 y6 k
Israel, India & Japan .....all demoncountries , look at their histories & brutal human right violations .Goodluck with this gangster group !
' S* I- f, X  G2 [' V2 @/ S
* S" u$ v& {5 b以色列、印度和日本……都是恶魔一样的国家,看看他们的历史和残酷的侵犯人权的行为。祝这个黑帮集团好运!, e2 a5 y; \' z7 g1 _
8 H+ x- H% S" }$ u" _, y, r
RAnand · 19 days ago
0 q6 t# d1 ?* E! O' PLolz !! A Paki Talking Of Human Rights ;))??!!You Have Been GENOCDAL With East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) And Balochs ;))!!EVEN YOUR ALLAH WILL CURSE YOU SO THAT YOU PAKIS BURN IN HELL ;))!!!
1 `3 _- D0 @1 q2 `
% ?: s% c/ |1 U哈!一个基巴佬在这里谈人权??你们已经屠杀了东巴基斯坦人(现在的孟加拉人)俾路支人,你干的一切甚至连你的真主都会诅咒你,你和你的巴基斯坦将会在地狱中燃烧!!!; K8 _1 I9 ^* q
9 D3 y% [% l4 }7 f& Z
Harish Sahoo · 19 days ago; f$ o" w. p2 ]1 V5 U/ Y6 \( D
Good Job, India & Japan is new Duo toconquer the world economy.
5 j2 g% D* W* R% q1 S, N* h: n6 {# A. t6 ?3 c& A) H" I- u; E
干得漂亮,印度和日本会是征服世界经济的新搭档!( E- L. q3 z% C% S) g# l3 U6 p, p+ ]
9 l1 h% p. n( p7 `. c. x
Null · 19 days ago
; x: }: l# t5 L  qIndia should build infrastructure so that togive more advantage to its geographically close neighbours so as to offset orgive more advantage over obor project outcome this would definitely in timesthis counties would realise this is best answer to capitalist China who want toexploit this small countries. Japan technology and finance and India youth andtechnology are best combination
, f- T$ Q4 f' J) c. G. D" t; ~. e$ f
* X& T3 i$ ~9 [0 W印度要出口基建,为其邻国建立更多的优势,来抵消或战胜“一带一路”造成的影响,而中国资本主义想要利用“一带一路”来剥削这些小国家,这绝对是这个时期印度所能给出的最佳应对。日本科技金融与印度青年科技绝对是最佳组合。
7 e7 R7 r" _) ]+ ^
( t; `: T. ]6 F, D& g7 yVidyanand Shetty · 19 days ago
3 R! ?- V/ V6 `" `% f" Mexcellent.. Japan helping India to build metrofor jut 0.5% interest on loan. where china is charging 8%... Japan can helpIndia as well as many other countries in Partnership with India  Q3 p, y; P$ {8 U  b# ~$ N& e

1 \. ^/ q* I* K; Q真棒.日本为印度提供0.5%的低息贷款息来修建地铁(译者:其实是高铁)。而中国的贷款利息是8%…日本可以帮助印度,并和印度一起与其他许多国家合作。( u( O9 O# {3 H6 o
; l  K/ K3 j# K8 L4 ?- ^, I
Surya · 19 days ago
& R) p* f2 P' j1 ]7 J3 d1 ^' @A historic decision is taken by India &Japan. We must translate the very dream into reality and give a befitting replyto China. We want to tear apart Chinese domination and prove as beacon light ofhope for our neighboring countries unlike China & Pakistan.1 t9 x5 i$ Q# }6 Y
$ w- a5 }" A) `3 [( V' J
4 n; D* u0 n) v' a8 f" V) _  W: V3 A' K: U
Yoshimitsu2318 · 19 days ago  @1 `0 z" P$ T1 @, O% \+ |
/ |9 e# ~* X, f! l; k" Q9 Z1 \
真是个好消息!印度和日本搭档会做的很棒,就像日本和以色列搭档一样,日本会看到什么才是真正的友谊之船。& T" d" S# H  w& z( J! U' x, \
8 w+ u+ W1 m) _- N% v
RaMa Rajya · 20 days ago
4 }& C" ~2 T* J6 dGreat Salute to present PM and Japanese PM fortheir best strategy.# W/ @5 x' F- i2 \
  R9 U. N3 u" f- C- K& ~7 p
向莫迪和安培致敬,为他们的最佳战略致敬。9 e0 v: E8 G- k7 q

* _! g; E! n1 U2 DSalil Varma · 20 days ago$ p5 x5 \; c" Q3 G. O* `
India and Japan can forge a formidablepartnership on all fronts. There is no need to feel threatened by the Chinesedominance in the region.
9 |0 B7 h2 |) E" X: N# R! V5 n% u9 }3 W, Y3 }0 I- y
印度和日本可以在各条战线上建立一个强大的伙伴关系。这样就不需要害怕中国掌控这个地区了" b8 [* }) O7 I

( I) j! f  |; @: ZSrabani Roy Choudhury · 20 days ago, h+ x$ e& b9 {
While the intentions of both the countries arein place, getting down to action is critical. Further, India has its domesticchallenges and the partnership is tilted more on Japan's actions which in turnis still pulled by its alliance with US. Thus, while the alliance is good,necessary and augurs well, its important to steer it for best possible outcome+ k+ @6 O" |& B0 b8 }
7 e) K) T' O7 n# D, ]- h3 i
& q. T2 ?' N+ P, J# S4 ?4 s) S" k4 t& z
Kumar · 20 days ago  {; d1 b+ R% e% Y/ j
3 |. o5 X  A' V& N
, ?4 w4 X- [3 a8 U, M. lD K Singh · 20 days ago: z& V, w* P- R
Unlike China,India and Japan do not have anymilitary or expansionary ambition
" k8 e5 `* K: d5 o$ l) D7 N8 I* l. ?) o0 `% G+ `5 Y# Q
不像中国,印度和日本才不会有什么军事和扩张的野心。9 M; Y! p( }" g: G' z9 e
9 k0 G' f( w+ ^  @/ E
James · 20 days ago
9 F% L2 h4 D8 W2 [( M- P2 cIt's funny China has a population larger thanIndia but maintains 90 percent power and water to all cities and towns anunfailing water and waste management system and an economy that challenges eventhe US they clearly don't care for Petty regional disputes just the economy andwelfare of the people whereas India keeps living in poverty by dividing itspeople sad that our pm thinks that turning down a hand of friendship when thenation is facing so many job losses from automation poor facilities and evendemontitization. It's really sad
/ R3 t. N5 x% M) Q
) }  f; q* Q6 d, u3 J5 W  有意思的是中国比印度人口多,但中国所有城市和城镇的都保持了90%的电力和水的供应,以及可长期工作的水和垃圾处理系统,而且很好的应对了经济挑战,甚至是来自美国的挑战。他们不关心哪些区域又开始出现争端,只是一门心思的发展经济和提高人民福利。而在印度,贫困的人们一直生活的无比悲苦,我认为当印度在面临着国内存在在大量失业以及自动化水平低下甚至废除现行货币等一系列问题的时候,还要去拒绝中国伸出的友谊之手。这一切真的让我悲痛万分。
: d3 _$ E* l1 d" h3 a
5 [3 u, b4 s2 N/ g# QRAnand · 19 days ago
) C9 z6 [, {1 ?! h0 T8 ]; n( ~India Has A LOT Of Ills Including DEEP SEATEDSYSTEMIC CORRUPTION & POVERTY !! However, It Is Right To Have Deep ReservesAbout OBOR ;))!! How Can Someone Build Projects On A Disputed Territory ;))??And Who Would Trust This Pseudo Capitalist China With Close Friendship WithROGUE Nations Such As N. Korea Or Pakistan ;))??!!; U: @- T4 K! K1 o0 N

8 a+ v2 m+ M; c' b2 Z印度是有许多弊病,包括根深蒂固的体制腐败和贫穷!!然而,印度有权对“一带一路”持保留态度!在有争议的地区搞基建?骗谁啊?谁会去相信这个披着资本主义外皮的同时还和朝鲜、巴基斯坦等流氓国家关系密切的中国啊?1 X1 W; t# J) H
* M5 N5 N. I( C  _, a
Manohar Deep · 20 days ago7 Q4 k* i. k" d6 g, x( G
India huld also seek participation of USA,Germany and France in this initiative.
0 O) F5 N! @8 }0 d, ]9 j- j
/ c5 k$ ]# ]* j2 x: Y印度应该把美国、德国和法国也拉进来。. U; G7 k+ f# {6 O9 q: h( {. D

2 e8 q% b7 r& @$ I/ SVicky · 20 days ago
4 P4 x% d* j& t+ n7 Z. N: \Chinese are trying to bite more than they canchew.0 k, X, z/ a/ k  N

# c" ]9 I+ d% a, k5 K中国贪得无厌。0 M  E8 }2 F5 m9 ?. a

0 {" }$ I$ t% PTvkon · 20 days ago
/ h" O4 w9 o7 Y" h0 [3 w" O3 Mcompetition to great wall of China ! O; H3 ^8 h# a/ Y- b- `
6 o9 _/ v4 Y: _5 C3 ]" a2 ?
4 f( S' _7 d6 j4 B1 u9 t3 a  uIndian · 20 days ago: U4 [# `" N/ K9 E
Feku should stop brainwashing people with fakenews.6 d5 Y' R( [! D+ K/ Q

0 ^( W$ j: K4 Y: B& T3 ^骗子!别再用假新闻对人民洗脑了!; T9 \" D# c1 V3 r' ]% ~
4 ?0 e! L0 H, Q' N
Moon Zi Yang · 20 days ago, ~9 P0 ~9 T, F7 u
Develop your country first then talk aboutdeveloping other countries and creating Great Wall against China's OBOR.Indians please check your country statistic if you don't know, 48% illiteratein India and also don't have electricity and sanitation facility.Every 2nd poorperson of world is Indian, India has the highest number of rapes 250000annually out of global total of 730000 (means ever 3rd rapist isIndian),India's double standard blames Pakistan for terror but in India onlyterrorist family live peacefully and also millions of INDIAN attend funeral ofterrorist and Indian government pays for expense and security of separatist outof tax payers money. India's current status based on above statistic is ofBEGGAR and BEGGAR has no option that India will realise soon when all countriesUS, russia, EU etc will support China and NOT INDIA! O8 |1 y7 k( o2 u0 s2 J' g6 c
8 D4 a6 ]; R/ `+ X
  先发展好印度自身再去BB什么超越长城啊,什么对抗“一带一路吧”的话吧。印度人请先看看自己国家的统计数据再说话。如果你不知道,我来告诉你:印度人有48%的人是文盲;在印度也没有完备的电力和卫生设施。世界上每两个穷人就有一个是印度人,印度的强奸案每年有250000起,而全球每年有730000起(这意味这地球上每发生3起强奸案其中就有一起是发生在印度的);印度用双重标准来指责巴基斯坦的恐怖主义行为,但在印度只有恐怖主义者的家庭才能平和的生活,而数百万印度人加入了恐怖组织。而印度政府则把纳税者的钱大把大把的塞进分裂主义者们的口袋并花很多钱来保障他们的安全。这才是印度真实的样子,通过这个统计你会发现印度其实就是个正在乞讨的乞丐,而乞丐是没有选择权的,印度将很快就将意识到地球上所有的国家包括:美国、俄罗斯、欧盟……他们都会跑去支持中国,而放弃印度。. m4 L7 P2 ]7 z7 a0 Z

, E0 ^$ K4 D4 T: R2 |Atul Nayak · 19 days ago1 {# s7 O- J1 v0 @7 A( C& x4 r
Get lost youchinki idiot. You are the beggar and not India. Begging Indian to join OBOR andCPEC.7 j- N- x: y# s( M* X3 s+ c, V5 ^

5 H$ ?8 q" B! A" K# }+ s" m滚蛋吧!你这个来自中国的傻X. 乞讨的家伙是你,才不是印度。是你在乞讨印度去加入什么“一带一路”和什么“中巴经济走廊”。
' k9 q, ?- o& x2 Q6 ^  ]! O6 h! X' r( B  k. i, k' p) h3 [
Being Human · 19 days ago6 A9 w9 O: A  C7 K, b, D( q. U
Some of your statistics are wrong, looks likesomeone who can barely read is now typing I guess.
7 \( s6 L# ]! |" P% `
# a$ t/ V- @) y- }* p你的一些统计数字是错误的,你看起来像是个看不懂现在我所打的字的家伙。  ]/ W- w5 S# L

/ d  ?* E& Q8 _7 D1 o3 pAtul Nayak · 19 days ago
1 M! w2 T' n2 ?' u! N3 S! _Yes you can also say that also to Sri Lanka andMyanmar and the African Continent Countries and to the some of the Europeannations. The list will keep adding. So we don't need any advise from youChinese. We don't your OBOR and CPEC. So stop pestering us.0 J+ `$ B$ {; ~

# `# {; g/ Z; ]3 G" A7 X5 x是的是的,你也可以对斯里兰卡、缅甸和非洲大陆国家以及一些欧洲国家说你的这一套。你还可以对其他国家也这么说。但是我们不需要你的建议。我们不要听你说的什么“一带一路”和“中巴经济走廊”。所以别再缠着我们了。# W3 x" J8 `- s, b8 j, @

+ A0 Y+ H$ U0 U3 w4 X: L8 XNull · 20 days ago
, w3 q, Z: j- }3 B0 A* `# ]8 hI bet there are many who criticize this and callModi a feku (Those who are funded by the leftists). But the fact that Modi'sassertiveness coupled with the fact that India is a stable democracy and has nohistory of aggression will be a positive sign for other stakeholders in thisproject. The very fact that a country like India is posing a challenge toChina's ambitious project will attract the interest of many countries. Let'sface it, no one trusts a Communist2 P5 H' k  ?! A% S- ?: H. s
5 Y; }/ g7 r$ \: P- U5 a( f* p
7 K9 x9 v! p4 P( L* b  B
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