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[转载] 为什么来自中国的智能手机在印度这么受欢迎?

Why all smartphones from China like Xiaomi, One Plus, LeEco, Oppo, Vivo, Huawei are popular in India?
* C' `6 l( m9 |: s& h8 j4 \5 z& N* l! o. s5 ~
为什么如小米、一加、乐视手机、Oppo、Vivo、华为等来自中国的智能手机在印度这么受欢迎?  J4 x- U: ~. e! Q& Y( j8 p
+ w) R+ ^5 u: u4 U# M: ?) z. V

2 C, ~! r& F% b) \' J  G4 x7 R/ P- |( B: ~( B
3 Q& U4 [) J, f
9 W3 u+ i+ Z1 k+ ~& a/ J
8 a' i9 K- }9 W" A% v
; C0 ^" t& |! `Ellis Ho, Hong Konger in Mainland China
3 t  X9 f: p2 a% {& i% q; D( p% AAnswered Aug 15
; k) M! ^; i! X- A, F; s8 i& jCorrect market positioning is the key.
/ \8 z: t. O! [$ Q1 @$ V& T+ ?5 v; E& k. }; s& p
正确的市场定位策略是关键。* f4 o: W" A+ T  _8 _9 y& ~
: ]) w. ?" n" `8 z. W
India is the world’s second largest smartphone market. By Q3 2016 the market size in India finally exceeded the US.
9 ?; {5 K* C2 \1 d, T; `- V( w, V# H: s  o( S& R
( ?  l9 x& v) ~- s5 l: p1 n% J4 j0 @) P& g9 I; W3 h8 U; M) m
China brands dominate 46% of the market share while the rest is shared 34% and 20% by global brands and local made respectively.
. x& {" r. X. t4 a
& @- b8 \1 f. t" o5 d9 r" Y0 `中国品牌占据了印度46%的市场份额,而与之相比的是其他国际品牌占了34%的份额,印度本土品牌占据20%的份额。/ y& d* J& m, w  A8 k2 f0 ?

5 Q/ O2 R9 G: F- G% {3 F7 s  b- u% j7 i! G1 r* E  `
( M6 W: j& X. k& T7 }/ j
Despite having a second largest population, the majority of Indians are still using cell phones or no phone at all. Smartphone users is just 17% of phone users.
! G1 v# r3 l4 g3 c) F" j
8 i' O2 s2 {/ t+ T" Q% Z2 L2 v尽管是世界第二大人口国,但大部分印度人仍然在用着传统手机或者根本没有手机,智能手机用户在手机用户中只占比17%。
3 h6 N3 f; n6 j' B) v- i! Q6 Y
3 Q. G; F3 V/ t$ EGlobal brands like Apple iPhone and Samsung designed for global markets are too advance for them. The local networks are mostly 2G/3G. 4G networks are not well developed and without 4G networks, many smartphone functions are quite useless.
7 x* d. v) g1 b6 R
2 ^: f5 ?9 e& w国际品牌像苹果和三星,它们为全球市场设计的手机对印度市场来说太先进和高级了。当地的网络制式最多还只到2G或3G,4G网络基本不成熟。没有4G网络,大部分智能手机的功能就是形同虚设。
" i1 {% @6 b. y4 m7 a3 ^
' P7 ~( q) [! w# ]
' e; l+ C$ F3 {( p7 K8 z) A* M6 |7 L" w, o
5 ~: x& w8 c6 `. O1 P, Z

0 M6 e5 h! k1 [# ~4 w! S2 ^However, China brands are more flexible on designs and can offer reasonable qualities at affordable prices. As for local brands, they are mostly assembling plants but not manufacturers and the smartphones produced by local brands are in lower quality.( G0 O# |" P9 g) N. j* `2 y
' R9 u9 c9 C) P7 ?' ?5 o
) R- j5 F- w& |& `  y$ n' [  ?0 K/ F; R* q& o- m: r
So in terms of quality, China brands position correctly at the market.
$ t" Z7 u7 y% A! j/ R: |
- T7 K( g; W) A) C& J" T$ ], k从质量这点来切入,中国品牌在印度市场的定位十分准确。" r- Z4 m. T7 P8 w

' Y3 B; ?" T; w/ v9 Q2 PAlthough India also has a huge population like China, but the GDP per capita is much lower. They cannot afford expensive global brands., T/ f/ B6 ^  V, v  O2 n; H

8 Q+ p) C- q' E3 L. @# z尽管印度和中国一样是人口大国,但人均GDP却低多了,他们并消费不起昂贵的国际品牌。% X" x; T& C1 p7 S" D
- U5 R1 A- c- N' D4 o3 r
The 2017 forecast GDP per capita for India, China and USA are $1849, $6890 and $52500 respectively. Taking the selling price of iPhone 7 Plus 256GB in each country as example, every year an average Indian can afford to buy 1.1 unit but an average Chinese can buy 5.9 units while the Americans can buy 54 units.1 h& j+ t! n) U# Q) G, X2 L
. n0 O/ i* {8 [1 |
2017年人均GDP预计印度是1849美元,中国是6890美元,美国是52500美元。拿256G的iPhone 7 Plus售价为例,按年均收入印度人可以购买1.1台,中国人可以购买5.9台,而美国人可以购买54台。2 v6 _' Z1 u+ A; {! u  n/ ~

/ T! X. A9 h3 NiPhones are consumer electronic products for Americans but they are luxury goods for the Indians. On the other hand, China brands are more affordable. Although local Indian brands are also cheap enough, they are not preferred by the Indian consumers as China brands have better qualities and functionality.
7 V  v. l% `9 p; G5 l3 y  h2 y" A5 \3 T$ V7 \. S1 ^% t
iPhone对于美国人来说就是普通的电子消费品,但对于印度人来说就是奢侈品了。所以从另一个角度来说,中国品牌的价格也更适中。虽然印度本土品牌的价格也十分低,但相较中国品牌良好的质量和功能,它们并不是印度消费者的首选。! y& p" {* `3 I$ @* e

( [2 Y/ \6 I7 ^" K! y4 s& D0 w# qSo in terms of pricing, China brands position correctly again in the market." s; _& R# C1 t; o, |

; `% Z/ `/ _' k1 a& A% _7 E7 N$ I从价格这点来切入,中国品牌又在印度市场准确定位。( T. C* _! K# Y6 `% a: m( B

" W* N: s  }. ^% l2 \' qVish D, smart people use smartphones.
9 E! B& ?/ k! h* ^7 xAnswered Aug 146 E3 \. z* O/ g/ K0 e1 n
They are providing premium features at very low cost compared to Brands like Samsung and iPhone. Nowadays, Humans do not like to use the same thing for years. Hence they would just think that it’s good bet to buy those cheaper Chinese phones and get all the latest feature and use them for a year or two and go for another smartphone with superior features at that time in the future. Fast pace technology advancements is also one of the reason that makes it possible for Chinese brands to come up with more and better features quickly to grab the attention of buyers.) H, s! [4 g9 @- _. a5 e

  k! _$ N5 W, S+ f5 j% Z3 `和苹果还有三星比起来,中国品牌的手机会以低成本提供一些高级功能。现在,人们对一件商品不喜欢使用太多年,而以较低价格购买一部中国手机是性价比很高的买卖,这些中国手机一般都具备最新的功能,在用了一到两年后,再去换更高级、更先进的智能手机。手机技术的飞速更新换代也是中国品牌能让产品持续呈现更好品质和功能的因素之一,而这也是吸引消费者的原因。
- i8 a# \# N, s$ m. B* {% z$ w" A) n; x+ d5 [3 D
Gagan K, studied at Schools: h  y0 H" n5 ~
Answered Aug 14
9 k: ^2 }7 Y6 P6 F$ x4 n! CBecause it's cheap. Famous brands like Xiomi, Vivo, Oppo and LeEco are really cheap and works very well. While on the other side, one plus is not that cheap but people buy it because of its features.: d/ _6 r9 ]5 y" K& j7 z) }
1 a8 j9 f( q. O5 p: a
% K: x( d4 k! ~& I( @' Q. P! p5 Y6 ^+ \1 y: G% H: x( R3 K
Inder Pal Singh Bindra
, b. X! S" `$ K7 d" k  w  T+ n1 TAnswered Aug 14/ @8 ~, L( O1 @  V; k& {$ ~( N& ^7 `3 _
They have good specifications while cost is low. High end specifications at cheap price has made them favourites leaving Samsung, Apple, etc behind. In addition to price & specifications, ROM's like MIUI have far more features then the high end pricey phones from Samsung, Apple etc which makes them more popular. End user can buy a cheap yet high end phone & after using for a year or two buy a new one to keep up with the technological advancements while after spending 70k-100k on Samsung, Apple devices they are forced to use outdated devices for a longer period which deprives them of latest technology.. M5 h. ?: t; j8 @, B7 z9 G. f" h

# `4 S' Q/ R( p3 M, P这些手机的参数都不错,当然价格也很低。高级的参数配上便宜的价格才让它们这么受欢迎,把三星、苹果和其他品牌甩在身后。除了价格和参数之外,和其他高级品牌如三星、苹果还有其他的比起来,MIUI的ROM也提供了更多的功能,这也使得它们更受欢迎。终端用户可以买一部便宜又高级的手机,然后过个一两年换一部更新的手机,来享受最新手机科技的进步。而如果花了7万印度卢比或者10万印度卢比购买一部三星、苹果手机的话,这些用户只能很长一段时间都使用这部过时的手机,这剥夺了他们享受最新科技的乐趣。
0 }5 N& G  u# ~5 F7 l+ L8 E
0 Z3 T: F" K# n, vRohan Chauhan, studied at Sharda International School- O! }, D9 j) @: R) o5 m
Answered Aug 14; V2 ]- ?: B4 L5 \# r) \
See Firstly huawei made its whole market not only in india but world by its features and hardware and camera for its decent price this is the only reason that huawei is the 3rd top smartphone manufacturer in the world.
& e7 t3 i2 X! z  hSecondly companies like Xiaomi and Leeco are popular in india because of their great features and a great durable hardware with a very low price tag.
! g9 k4 P1 d$ k4 KOPPO and VIVO are only popular in india because of their advertisements and great offline market where salesman trick people into buying it by making a huge hype about its features. If i truly myself tell about them they all phones in india are no more than e-wastw.mean who buys a phone for a selfie and not comaring other thing like mtk processors.) a$ i* w5 N! y) W, x- i
One plus are popular because of its great features for a good price tag . Although one plus is also a subsidiary of bbk electronic(VIVO , OPPO, OnePlus are its subsidiary) .Its still better than oppo and vivo beacause it concentrates on overall performance of phone.5 a' r: L# C) A6 `+ w. ]
% A1 _! W6 P& r1 A: W, M
. Z' I9 [$ Y3 e. B第二级别的公司如小米和乐视在印度也很受欢迎,这主要是因为它们优秀的功能、产品的耐用性,还有很低的价格。( I9 A$ j% i# w7 f! p& S6 K% R1 o
6 n# {: t$ s! S; m6 @一加也很受欢迎,因为它的功能和价格都不错。虽然一加也是步步高的嫡系(OPPO、VIVO、一加都出自步步高),但它比OPPO和VIVO都好多了,因为它专注提高手机的性能。
- B  ]! }7 Y  }+ d, V+ I
; }# l" f: k9 G' V) nKevin Yu2 B8 g6 k; L! m0 m2 W6 h! H
Answered Aug 14& W; }+ h/ S$ T2 P% f
Because it is cheap. Also, because the cook is not ready to sell ihpones in asia…yet. None of us want that 200$ crap you sell for 700$
6 g; A' `3 X8 S/ s' S  |+ \
+ t$ L( b) i( j) U0 V9 K9 c+ p; K1 ~因为它们便宜啊,当然,也因为库克还没有准备把iphone卖到亚洲去……没有人愿意要售价700美元却只值200美元的垃圾吧。
1 Z0 Y& G4 l9 [, ^6 y3 T8 s$ r' B
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