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[转载] 世界首辆“智轨列车”:中国开始运营在虚拟轨道上运行的无轨列车

High-tech trains have been designedto run on visible rail lines and are being tested in Zhuzhou, China
9 E+ V9 e& y, V  |The futuristic transport is moreefficient than buses and cost much less to built than a tram system
4 ?& a- E- a$ q6 g! lThe smart transit system is set toopen officially next Spring and the trains are expected to be automated6 k2 b. }6 D2 E# S, R( F- {+ M
Afuturistic rail system featuring track-less trains and virtual lines waslaunched in a Chinese city yesterday.% O0 h/ U  C! H4 M
Billed asthe world's first 'smart train', the vehicle runs on virtual rail lines throughthe bustling streets of Zhuzhou in China's Hunan Province, reported People's Daily Online.
: b$ E/ x( {; m& H, i0 gThe traincould travel as quickly as 70kmh, or 43 mph, and carry as many as 300passengers.2 D7 ]6 t8 F$ v( y! G! Z: I

% F9 I' _1 V9 O) P0 [中国株洲开始测试能在虚拟轨道上运行的高科技列车& K: N5 V( v, I% [. T5 X$ H3 r
. ~0 w3 g4 U5 _5 b这种智能交通系统将会在明年春季正式运营,并将实现自动运行。$ @. N; @' x; v
昨天在中国的一座城市城市启动了具有无轨列车和虚拟线路技术的未来轨道交通系统。! i) @" z6 y  Z& x/ ^2 R" Z
被列为世界首列“智轨列车”,该车在中国湖南省株洲繁华的街道上通过虚拟铁轨道运行。- v/ [& c) W9 z/ F
/ \+ Q" F3 ^+ r+ k. }5 ?0 z5 u& s8 N) V8 P  s! o9 K
& g; M$ H! X/ s/ i
+ a7 s% Q& D- G5 b" q2 {Cutting-edge: The Chinese city of Zhuzhou has launcheda futuristic railway featuring track-less trains and virtual lines
+ u8 g+ a! d; l; B+ C/ L+ |% K/ y3 N2 x: ?/ J
前沿:中国城市株洲市推出了一条具有无轨列车和虚拟线路技术的未来列车6 n; M& J' H" q5 K  P1 A. B* g

  ~' V- r6 s2 B! Q3 J' {6 iTransport of the future? The high-tech transitsystem started operating on a trial basis yesterday on Zhuzhou's busy streets( `9 K8 a9 @0 Z0 i' z) Q+ u; x
( l* `- Q* U5 H- a3 z9 Z4 h
  y) I9 T6 {9 S2 W8 Q% Z, @
7 Y1 M4 W5 t7 l3 k, n3 FModern and bright: Each train could  carry as manyas 300 passengers and travel at a top speed of 70kmh, or 43 mph( i8 b7 L) B. r$ E. h& v
# e! n: }: y; R( n
* `5 M, ^$ L) e  6 F! _+ Z! i) o' z- H; z' a
Better solution for a city? The light rail system hasbeen developed as an effort to speed up the public transport in the city6 @( w( z# W# d/ B# I- N
/ N6 R5 [# F! J% ~
: w  z: ~6 ^0 U6 m
- f* r& s6 ?! Q5 j- l% dTherail system, called ART or Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit, has been developed byChina's CRRC Corporation Limited, one of the world's largest trainmanufacturers.7 Q! F- b0 a' o+ P" [

9 E' {6 B" y7 N! V3 q该轨道交通系统,被成为“ART”或者自动快速轨道交通,由中国中车集团开发,中车集团是全球最大的列车制造商之一。
6 {! `- Z+ ~% H5 D2 a% [9 ~/ D: @" m" v/ Z4 p" a: `6 [6 n9 L
It'sset to speed up public transportation of Zhuzhou, a city with about fourmillion residents, before being popularised to other parts of China.
# S* }+ d! [+ z' m  h& ?7 d
; u* @& `  U  b0 x在其他城市普及这种列车之前,该车用来加速株洲的公共交通系统,株洲是一座有大约400万居民的城市,
6 F8 ^( }& O7 V. D* X2 d& Q' U" g* h  M7 V$ ]; b% L) n
Thetrain, sporting sleek livery, is somewhat a hybrid between a long bus and atraditional tram. It could carry much more passengers than a bus andunlike a tram, it doesn't run on physical railway tracks.+ n" R; V: c% C' H% }! I" n" `) V
. K1 u  f7 T4 y8 o
: l. K6 b% M7 U) ~/ X2 C7 C8 ^, v  L" [! Q. p/ h1 h1 I
Theinvisible railway measures 3.75 metres (12.3 feet) wide and is embodied bydotted lines painted on the road.: ]8 ^4 q; l9 [# ~+ c% H3 r2 ^
& l* X7 s- M3 K& Z( N" D
无形的轨道宽3.75米(12.3英尺),以虚线的形式体现并喷涂在道路上。4 m5 j$ e; }7 i5 l' U

* H: K  D' D/ k% h" gAccordingto Feng Jianghua, chief engineer of the train, the virtual railway systemis much cheaper to build compared to a tram or subway system.. O( }5 @; J; P6 Q

7 p6 g5 _1 D6 p2 ?# x据该车的总工程师冯江华说,虚拟轨道列车系统比传统轨道列车或地铁系统的建设成本低得多。7 V( E8 r. p4 B
3 p* N% f$ q" m1 S/ z6 @  ]  Q
MrFeng said it would cost 150 to 200 million yuan (£17 to 23 million) to buildone kilometre (0.6 miles) of tramway in China, but with the high-tech virtualline, the cost would be reduced to 50 to 100 million yuan (£5.7 to 11.4million) for the same distance.% j, ]5 c) ]) P0 F

6 E+ F' [  |  p冯江华说,在中国,有轨电车的建造成本为每公里1.5-2亿元(1700-2300万欧元),但是如果采用高科技的虚拟轨道,建设成本能减少到每公里5000万-1亿(500-1140万欧元)。
/ b; j4 |* R& y0 C4 t* `$ O" v& C2 S
, c2 T4 n' ]$ C8 W; d- w, k4 O, ~MrFeng also said the train identifies the pavement and has various sensors tocollect travel information./ W. i; f; }3 K0 I: x! d
$ B- u: S. J0 a; i7 H6 a- Y7 `
- T: [  B6 f) E) z; L
* @* X( C6 @- U) z# o& z/ F6 mThree'smart trains' are being tested on the road of Zhuzhou.5 U* i$ X% e* V# C. ^. J

) b) y1 M% |. b1 E3 t" s三列“智轨列车”正在株洲的道路上测试。
& \$ y. _3 g' i" s, _9 a- O. d$ A( e, i8 g$ Z! a, J% }' k- O# M. u. _" x
Therail line is set to open officially next Spring. The trains are expected to beautomated in the near future.: J% D& d8 F0 ?9 w+ D

" b. W# B2 p! I1 u这种列车将在明年春季正式运营。在不远的将来有望实现自动驾驶。
# P# J# s5 X7 X$ R7 S( o/ P1 E% A! X4 l
( }/ |; l. F* ?' C8 O9 X
$ L, K- \8 z5 g0 p# ^
5 ^: t# h$ k$ X' Q6 I/ m! C
) W! H) Z5 V, `7 p, _0 `8 w0 SC. W. Vuong, Empire State of Texas, United States, 1 day ago5 O8 }4 T, X9 F/ D( G
Paintover the double white lines, then seat back & watch the carnage...1 r  ?4 `. L! t+ f
: J/ H" L; ]. Y) S7 Q& ~. E- g  [* x
喷掉那两条白线,然后回到座位上,观看大屠杀。。。3 @' h. A; D2 L, e7 M' I5 O+ R/ |7 l

4 l( q7 e) x4 N$ G$ s4 S, w4 V7 MUSMAN75, woodbury, United States, 3 days ago( [. w2 T3 t! H" g8 o, v9 Q
A busshaped like a train is still a bus.
/ k& ~8 N& q- V2 @3 N+ B" m8 B
1 z& V9 u! s# e3 i/ k* |) Q  L长得跟火车一样的巴士不是还是巴士么
. B  @7 q3 Q* ^& }3 p( S
7 A0 A$ R2 X( \4 k8 J) nSecretSquirrel, Exposing Those Nuts, United States, 4 days ago
# }; B# U9 K/ ~- PLookslike an articulated bus to me....is it following the painted dashes or is therea buried cable it follows?
+ u/ s& J7 k  Z2 R) ~$ j& R% B
+ G6 C6 z: K% b0 L在我看来像是一列铰接式公交车。。只是跟着白线跑呢还是跟着一条埋在地下的线缆跑呢?9 J- x2 u' f8 j' c$ F" Z: y

% X2 @8 S+ S0 o) ?( o3 hnellakam, Las Palmas Sydney Cairns, Spain, 4 days ago
1 X! g: F6 a- HAtthe same time, Sydney's CBD is dug up and in chaos as our backward state governmentand city council try to put down tram tracks for carriages that will only beable to run on that line. Not to mention hundreds of century old trees thatwere cut down and hundreds of shops and businesses that went belly up due tothese trackworks
/ A- M2 o& d8 x: R6 m9 L0 k3 d; `8 Y& Z% T1 G
与此同时,悉尼的CBD被挖的乱七八糟的,我们落后的州政府和市议会正在建设有轨电车,只能在轨道上跑。更别说那些百年老树也被砍掉了,为了铺设这些轨道几百家商店都被推平了。9 E/ y, V! w4 v; |& Z

5 w2 _- m! p3 n0 R2 I! rnellakam, Las Palmas Sydney Cairns, Spain, 4 days ago
) `& W& C' @( f% b0 l. I3 WNotmany seats. Looks like a cattle car.
4 H/ S" O- I, O  Y6 ?
+ e/ k; P/ I+ h, W' B4 Y" o好像没多少座位啊,看起来像一辆牛车。
5 e: p3 v0 o" `1 N. i6 h/ W& u/ d, D/ U$ C
Bill In The Desert, La Quinta, United States, 4 days ago
0 J( Q6 C; T7 r5 aMost commuters around the world would love to ride inthose "cattle cars".
8 w. F% S0 M6 _; L+ M( E7 n2 {3 e$ J# r% n; s$ C+ y
(回上条)世界上大部分的通勤者都愿意搭乘这样的“牛车”1 t& ]# q7 Z9 |+ m& |$ i& ?

( `( b! |( o- hBagpiper13, Calgary, Canada, 4 days ago! c' W: L' A6 y1 D
That'spretty cool. We need this in my city.
5 a! u+ c+ Y" K' n2 X  a( x
* U, r2 C; Q# x棒棒哒,我的城市也需要这个# |& b% P1 X! t
8 J; h: E* G$ z9 @5 S9 u% l9 w: ]
Bill Vaughn, Olympic Peninsula, United States, 4 days ago9 L; `0 Y0 p. d& P  Z5 b
Toall the Seattle area citizenry within the Sound Transit light rail taxingauthority: Read and weep every year when you pay your inflated £500 ST annualcar tab renewals for the tens of billions of unnecessary rail bed constructionand upkeep. Not only did the rail-centric ST and its conniving politicalleaders not see this technology coming, but they deliberately understated itscost.
  b4 ~. Y* K# c- a7 m" w- L2 c1 K6 o& c
那些住在海湾运输轻轨税务局范围内的人们,看看这个,你们就哭吧。你们每年支付超过500欧来更新列车。每年花了数十亿元来建造没什么卵用的轨道,还要保养这些玩意。海湾铁路局和这些渣渣政客不但没有意识到这项新技术的到来,而且还要故意低估(当前)列车的成本。1 i  \3 Q$ C: v( r, Q3 V4 ^0 y
: Q* Z: C) ]$ R  J- }( o
sugargliderdude, ll, United Kingdom, 4 days ago
5 L) l& u5 J+ Xlookslike a bus shaped like a train..... and self driving vehicles was designed inthe USA.... nothing ground breaking at all...5 X8 T  f0 i; Q' c$ ^% w' n2 l

; _- I; t9 ]# t/ U0 z5 W看来就是一辆长得像火车的巴士。。。自动驾驶汽车美国也开发了,现在一点突破都没有。
8 A8 p! o2 \0 `# K
- U/ o+ }5 M- \2 I+ h0 Umelarman, Uxbridge, United Kingdom, 4 days ago9 K5 K- a# |9 q3 l& {4 a2 X
Sothe HS2 is obsolete now..?8 p& T0 C4 y: d3 F: I: z
! F* X7 h+ N) G8 c. J+ y4 w
所以现在HS2(英国高铁2号)过时了么?8 X; ]& ?. H# a. \7 n+ E8 D
  v/ @" r4 w+ g3 Y
nellakam, Las Palmas Sydney Cairns, Spain, 4 days ago
# D3 _2 b$ Z$ a) i: Z/ B8 W0 sIt was all the way from the start.; l+ U: z! S( t) ]* e, i

  K3 @- a+ [5 ^(回上条)从一开始就过时了好吧。% a* {3 k  V6 d
& \! O5 y: U* m% ]% J
SearingTruth, California, United States, 4 days ago" O- x# C3 }4 _; b+ `! p
Thisis a fairly old idea fellow citizens. It hasn't been widely adopted for obviousreasons, primarily being when the guiding patterns are obscured the systemdoesn't work. Obstacle avoidance can also be a problem, but with our currenttechnology that shouldn't be much of an issue. But all in all, with regularmaintenance of the guiding patterns multiple times a day, it should work fine.Of course the headline is misleading however, as it's nothing close to a"smart railway" ST
# K7 |7 s# i/ r6 P. a
7 r6 c. r5 |2 a# l; u同志们,这是个很古老的点子了。因为一些很明显的原因一直没有被推广,主要是引导线如果被遮挡了,这个系统就完犊子了。躲避障碍物也会是个麻烦事,但以我们当前的科技来说,这个应该问题不大。总而言之,通过定期维护引导线,比如一天维护多次,应该可以运营良好。当然了这个新闻的标题就有误导之嫌,因为这根本与“智轨”一毛钱关系都没有。3 L. B8 ]* o5 E2 A) _5 V: ^2 R  i  C0 z

( {( @8 u/ b* I' E) N' _Pingero, Philadelphia, United States, 4 days ago
5 K& F9 Q  I/ l4 f) FAnd what's the excuse now for the USA not having bullettrains or decent airports like China?
* e# y+ s8 y; }/ v% n# n1 X' V" s, h# {# k6 j% d
(回上条)那么为啥美国没有跟中国一样的子弹头列车,也没有像样的机场。+ y. k# g6 e: @3 F0 `+ m1 v
+ a7 B/ [. G7 C" v
SearingTruth, California, United States, 4 days ago
& {) Y# ^  L& ]- S% R1 f! x6 kSadly America became a victim of the belief that the onlything that counts are arbitrary tokens of wealth instead of people fellowcitizen Pingero. But the truth is that both pure capitalism and pure socialismfail for the exact same reason - they both depend upon the better angels ofhuman nature, which often do not appear. Capitalism depends upon people to befair and just even if they don't have to be, and socialism depends upon peopleworking even if they don't have to. Of course the answer, as with most things,is a compromise between the two extremes. And if we did that myriads of thingsthat benefit our population as a whole, including modern public transportation,would be much more common. ST "The problems of humanity are simply solved.Be just, fair, and humane." SearingTruth
( G# i0 y3 Q# q4 i) J/ H& W, X7 Z/ @; P9 e& T- W
5 x# u' q/ x1 ?# k; B: D( J: f" S5 J7 ?. p" B' o+ W
Allan K Preston, Manchester, United Kingdom, 4 days ago* |: W( `( c! B! @' X
So...This train runs on virtual tracks on a road, and on wheels. Its a self drivingbus ffs.
! A/ V1 p- Q+ m' R2 q& Z! u# z! Q: \! N0 _$ x; K
所以。。这辆列车是跑在虚拟轨道上的?而且用轮子跑?这就是一辆自动驾驶巴士。' n4 e: z# K9 i) }4 l+ F
' b0 G# ~$ A) B6 R2 U
thomasm1964, BREXIT, United Kingdom, 4 days ago8 A$ W" r& P9 E
Iwonder whether the tram (it isn't a train) is shown running against the flow oftraffic when there is a "track" on the other side of the stop whichcould be used.
# r" d1 @1 [1 P* I+ h( c4 b- A% ?$ x- c" X
0 V3 l  |  a1 |$ b" _* Z7 g2 g2 t% {; U" S, m( z
mickyfethiye, london, United Kingdom, 4 days ago; p5 ]8 V$ [6 j2 v1 ~& E6 C0 k
Comingto London 2049
3 F: e' ~9 M. N& ^5 z+ k4 ~$ i/ B/ E* U4 Z3 i  c" x+ h/ O3 o7 P
& G0 d6 O  _. P+ K% ]; x6 v9 ~+ P" f6 q. E
I Am No One, Winterfell, Åland Islands, 4 days ago* r  W% q# {& C
Inthe west, it's not real public transport unless there are homeless people onit.
- B: e; R  O6 A' k
% R( z: i& `9 r! A+ h8 l9 x在西方,除非有无家可归的人,否则它不是真正的公共交通工具
7 m  E& [" Z3 Y. W! T" c) C' ~
* w( p! G9 D$ `8 J7 G  X6 q, }" hthelynx, Laughter Silvered Wings, United States, 4 days ago
$ d9 t! A! a9 B5 DIprefer the giant bus of Qinhuangdao.
& O8 A$ ?* w* f5 K: X0 W9 d
# j4 [7 o# V1 K1 _我还是喜欢秦皇岛的巨型巴士( U) A: M& j4 O; Z% ?; ?2 S! R

3 D/ ~" N" @  c; E7 p2 U# k: RFrits B, Assen, 4 days ago
+ Z( f  ?- a8 M7 o& @  INo,it's not a bus. Buses don't follow guiding lines embedded in the street [Isuppose "pavement" was not used in the original translation in theBritish sense]. The steering wheel is used to steer the tram around an obstaclewhen necessary; it runs on batteries so is not dependent on overhead wires.During normal runs the tram steers itself. Now all the inventors need toenforce is that no other vehicles block the "rails".
9 z& L9 T: e% t* P7 f, r# o* k3 y" Z+ {6 e6 b0 I1 n
不不不,这不是巴士,巴士不会跟随引埋在地下的导线行驶的(我想在英国的原始翻译中没有用到“路面”这个字眼吧?)方向盘用于在有需要时引导列车绕过障碍物。这辆车是用电池的,所以不需要顶部电缆。在常规行驶中,这车会自动驾驶的。现在发明这个列车的人要保证没有别的车阻挡“轨道”。7 K- c  A' a; H, t& p8 C8 n
; U# C6 j$ h. X# s9 {, K
cdnred, Windsor, Canada, 4 days ago
# w& Y; g' {% sIT IS A BUS AND NOTHING MORE...!! The only thing thatthey changed was to make it self steering, that's what the lines on the roadare used for to guide it. This isn't any NEW technology, just a deceptive useon their part on how they are wording it. I'm sure that a regular bus could beeasily converted to use this technology and all that would be left to do ispaint the guidance lines on the road..: B1 u; o( C$ K) s+ b

3 j0 e! I; m; U2 Q. _5 g(回上条)这就是一辆巴士,没别的。。!!他们唯一做的就是让这个车自动驾驶而已。路上的白线就是用来引导这辆车的。这根本不是一项新兴科技,只是一个措辞方面的欺骗性字眼。我很确定,一辆常规巴士很容就能加装这种技术,剩下的事,就是在路上喷涂这些引导线而已。$ q& @; \" N( m0 c8 `! D/ F; l
2 ^. q0 A6 Q1 M5 F3 q/ _
GDog,Camberley, United Kingdom, 4 days ago
9 t6 u# y4 D7 ?Errisn't it a bus.# A9 W7 B9 [- W$ y; g

0 T. H  G% N1 ]) }) Y5 F这难道不是一辆巴士?. N2 h# g7 W' d

# p: T" E( n7 [+ Z5 f& ERobertG, Rockville, United States, 4 days ago
6 f9 v, i' X. ^0 q2 f3 RWaituntil it snows then the fun will begin./ r9 G6 `0 L/ g, \3 O

7 G1 Y' ~) Z: z$ O  E0 i等到下雪的时候,那就有点意思了。
& l8 r- ^) ^; S( f3 l, L) Y' U9 f$ H5 N! n
Wee Monkey, Paradise, United Kingdom, 4 days ago
/ Y1 X6 I+ s0 \5 [Or they have the wrong kind of leaves.
8 e: }5 ^5 v+ q% {' p/ j! i. B
2 V7 |  O* |: ?$ m  y& I' W! Z4 ]) T* d
Why2016, Whoville, United States, 4 days ago1 P7 G; h4 l; `6 b. g6 E* V
Canit be hacked?9 A4 g6 C" P; R+ S5 x9 I

. r* x% [9 K: X$ g9 E能黑掉这车么?
# J! _( L0 J! v, Q: K6 r
* H6 Z9 S! B$ m: C' f# M9 i. d7 fbeetlebaja, shirley solihull, United Kingdom, 4 days ago
4 |0 f; N% ^% J/ h- Awatchout for the virtual leaves no the virtual lines
4 k3 u' o; z8 o4 l' j; W! M. X# t. @' `$ Q* H  b' H  t
/ S- n2 ?0 y$ Q/ u/ A/ p) w- z. }+ e
Atlas,Los Gatos, United States, 4 days ago
. k6 L$ I; [- X! R. O- c1 @4 OSo,it's a bus. Too funny.1 a. a' B0 A1 U" C! y6 E; ]6 f

# c2 A' S9 j# ~" n所以,这就是一辆巴士而已,有趣有趣。
! J  w3 y% \/ J- H  `) h' s/ U; c2 g
Lajunto, Breaux Bridge, United States, 4 days ago8 d! e8 D  j1 c1 G& O
7 I9 i& R9 x0 T6 Z0 E3 k. s4 ]- u' y& M, z4 k3 K# n
- Z% J  Z" S6 n% g* G) a8 w& a/ d' G3 w' T$ d6 P
Chris Chaddick, Houston, United States, 4 days ago" d! q) \- D! s; S' F% F
Brilliant.Now the Chinese need to invent a bus that runs on tracks.
2 ~6 d! \" ?5 ]) U  U  J6 e" U) u
6 \1 C* i$ C# E% K聪明,中国人该发明跑在轨道上的巴士了。6 }0 B1 ]* M+ c; G7 a# ?

3 u2 W3 v4 J0 n" ?/ ~5 [7 ]Kykotsmovi, London, 4 days ago
( H3 i. k8 U( p1 R; iThat clever idea would increase the vehicle's efficiencyby greatly reducing its rolling resistance!6 t. @  [/ W7 R& H4 v
# e3 ]' j8 V$ I% G, W* J$ M
(回上条)这个聪明的主意能提高车辆的效率,因为这样能大幅降低运行阻力。+ [* T4 v# u/ z! ~, I5 t

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