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[转载] 新型“造岛神器“会让中国赢得南海之战吗?

Will China Win the War for the South China Sea With Its New 'Magic Island Maker'?, d% O& p8 ^5 W

/ q* u& A' n1 @Will China Win the War for the South China Sea With Its New 'Magic Island Maker'?2 y8 L$ g6 M! t/ B; |
: |0 |1 [# m& e- C
新型“造岛神器“会让中国赢得南海之战吗?. U4 A, B6 e: \( u
. [0 W0 v8 ?) ], d9 V' P, S. `

4 l6 N! K/ I+ U2 A2 I! j; u" q; \3 i  T- J& Q
China is staking its claim in the bid for the contested South China Sea with its largest dredging vessel that officials are calling the “magic island maker.”
+ z" r3 n0 [+ c% r, f/ s
& u9 M5 X$ }  x4 p6 u中国正使用官方所称“造岛神器”的中国最大挖泥船在南海竞争场上插标立柱。  _; }0 A' f& F3 {" X2 J
* N: B/ E/ R$ O
Chinese officials unveiled the Tian Kun Hao vessel ahead of President Donald Trump’s visit to the country this week. The vessel, named after a “legendary enormous fish that turns into a mythical bird,” is capable of digging “three standard swimming pools in an hour” to produce man-made islands. according to China Daily.  B; u) A) }* P# q' t1 b
5 y: I# a  R) w, P$ J
; t: A; r6 V' F, T/ u1 S+ d' Z& J1 [6 G1 u% S% ]- ?( d
Officials say the “magic island maker” is China’s latest effort to display its military might and take control of the sea, including its resources and trade passages. The sea is currently shared by the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan. But China doesn’t seem to think so.
7 `- H# D' U3 Q' Y7 \0 |
1 j, z& C2 j  ~, i3 N* P官方称“造岛神器”展示了中国具备的可控制南海包括资源和货运的最新军事力量。目前南海由菲律宾,马来西亚,越南以及日本共同享有。但中国显然不这么认为。
9 F9 i+ a$ q: j/ ?6 T3 ?6 c: c2 U0 @& \+ S3 r( w
“So it could very well be a signal that China feels emboldened to move further with its South China Sea claims," Alex Neill, Shangri-La Dialogue Senior Fellow with IISS Asia, told the BBC.
: s" h# A$ W* n# `( w; L6 v1 F* t& s0 g& `1 J6 Z8 r2 g
亚洲国际战略研究香格里拉对话资深研究员Alex Neill告诉BBC,“可将此视之为中国有信心在未来扩张其声称南海主权疆域的一个信号。”
+ L% X  ^1 M, m
' x2 G# U+ M+ e3 P( D" f0 M. JChina has already landed in hot water for its aggressive encroachment on the sea. A 2016 international tribunal said the country caused "irreparable harm to the marine environment” by destroying reefs and ruled that it no legal right to the sea—an assertion its leaders ignored and state news agency Xinhua called “ill founded.” It is estimated that China has built 3,2000 acres of land in the past three years. In March, the Center for Strategic and International Studies announced that China had constructed China’s Fiery Cross Island for a military base. China also blocked off Scarborough Shoal, a reef, from Filipino fishermen, allowing only its own country’s fishermen to fish.
: J; x6 H7 ~4 b8 l0 J5 B( L5 C+ v4 t, l( A/ i! T; ^- d$ K
中国锲而不舍地积极入侵南海。2016年,国际法庭曾判定中国在南海毁坏群礁,非法管理,对航运环境造成了“不可挽回的伤害”,该结果被其领导人无视,且中国国家新闻机构新华社还称之为“毫无根据”。据估计,中国过去三年已经建造了32000英亩的土地。三月,战略与国际研究中心宣布中国已经将永暑礁(PS:英语意思为血十字岛)建设成为了一个军事基地。同时中国海封锁了斯卡伯勒浅滩,那是一个菲律宾渔民的礁岛,如今只向中国本国渔民开放。6 U* [9 m$ w1 Z- V- j

0 q' p3 z  y% BChina’s latest addition to its vessels can dredge up sand, mud and coal, and move them about nine miles away from the ship into piles to make an island.: k" k8 O9 S+ p2 W  q7 {

# O. m% a+ J! e) L9 S# ?这艘中国挖泥船的新功能可以疏浚泥沙煤炭,将它们移送到九英里之外堆积造岛。
3 ~# E8 s# G/ y" N8 B5 F5 O3 S1 R$ `' X+ R
“The development of the Tian Kun indicates that we have become one of the leaders in the marine engineering sector,” Fei Long, deputy chief designer at the Marine Design and Research Institute, told China Daily.
. W4 e2 v/ X+ h+ n+ }% E) y8 M1 h
/ L- S' [* B2 U4 y; f; t“天鲲号的发展表明我们已经成为海洋工程领域的领军力量之一”,中国船舶及海洋工程设计研究院的副总设计师飞龙(音译,PS:我没有找到研究院人员名单,不好意思)告诉中国日报。7 T3 ]. u* w% i# U1 A

- q  B2 f4 j; P% H# d2 l  _Trump made no mention of China’s efforts to claim the sea in his recent trip. The U.S. has not sided with any country over the sea. But before his election, the president said the country’s island building showed it had no respect for the U.S.
9 K! K$ w% Y' R2 z* }- _
: O# i! B" y  @" z) h: r6 L5 q! Q川普在最近的行程中并没有提到中国在南海的动静。美国没有站在其他南海国家那一边。但是川普选举的时候,曾说过中国的南海建设是对美国的不尊重。
  p/ V2 k# e4 H9 L# A; Y5 n4 G2 C+ Q( F. ~
“We have rebuilt China, and yet they will go in the South China Sea and build a military fortress the likes of which perhaps the world has not seen," Trump said. "Amazing, actually. They do that, and they do that at will because they have no respect for our president and they have no respect for our country."8 P3 D+ [' F! ?3 a/ x6 P0 ^* s

+ i6 O8 b+ w; `# X1 Z“是我们重建了中国,然而他们却前往南海,要造一个全世界可能都前所未闻的军事要塞,”特朗普说过,“好得hin哦,实际上,他们这么搞,还随心所欲地搞,正是因为他们对咱总统没尊重了,并且对我们的大美利坚也没尊重了。”
  }, d/ F$ l" ~  J3 ^" n/ g& g4 v  \: G
(PS:该文章出炉没多久就被翻了,截止上午11点的所有评论都在这儿,也许是洗地或轮子大军尚未到达战场,但是看赞弱数量还是可以看出态度。有兴趣可照来源查看更多更新评论。)3 w) N3 Q( Y, C  D2 n
" `6 J4 k' V0 n( z( _4 h

& L4 B$ `. W2 O1 z- P评论翻译3 L$ z# ]% q- r/ K4 o5 c

/ G/ h" V. }' m. f6 y% Xfactswelcome 3 hr ago
% J; _  r. K1 s3 Z* U' |1 s" mIt is important to keep in mind these facts---(1)America is NOT from the Asia neighborhood. Her homeland is over 10,000 miles away (2) America is NOT part of the six nations in territorial dispute over the South China Sea. (3) All the other nations in dispute, with perhaps the exception of Vietnam, are in talks to solve the dispute through negotiations. (3) Vietnam is the nation that has the most reclaimed islands in the DISPUTED sea, numbering 29( twenty nine), which are equipped with runways and military installations. Meanwhile, China has done reclamation work on 8 atolls.
" L0 d3 Z) O2 j$ q# v, Z
8 O! z. m5 d0 y7 |. V/ \0 P记住以下几点很重要---(1)美国不是亚洲国家的邻居。美国本土距南海万里之外。(2)美国不是六个有南海领土争端的国家之一。(3)所有起争议的国家,包括意见很多的越南,都在通过对话解决争端。(4)越南是南海争端里面最主要的声索国,国家实力世界排29(Σ(⊙▽⊙"a?),自己有的是飞机跑道和军事设施。此外,中国早造好了八大礁的岛了。
8 s6 v& Y/ ]" @: d+ E& Y$ x& Y( \; |  ^- p
Fiscal Observer 4 hr ago
3 w8 o) m; }* _, l( a3 UChina's "strategy" in solving this regional conflict has been one of ENGAGEMENT. They talk to the other claimants, and for the most part are negotiating with them. Oddly, this is never mentioned in these articles, as Washington's "journalists" are always very selective with their facts. While Washington pretends to represent the rest of the region, 8 of the 10 ASEAN nations favor direct negotiations with China, and do NOT want Washington's involvement. ONE country has no opinion either way (Singapore), and the ONLY country that has asked for the US to involve itself is Vietnam (which wishes to become the regional equivalent of US backed "freedom fighters" in Syria). Strangely, the US pretends to represent the entire region, when in fact, Washington has literally ignored the vast majority of ALL parties in the region. The Chinese are not looking to start a conflict in the area. That benefits NO ONE, and the rest of the region (having paid close attention to Washington's "exporting of democracy" through various parts of the world) is also very much of aware of what Washington would like to do here. Hence, the constant misrepresentations and "selective" and "alternative" facts presented on a continual basis. China's "strategy" involves talking TO the rest of the region...as opposed to Washington's strategy...which is to PRETEND to speak FOR the rest of the region...while literally ignoring the vast majority of the people there.
7 R/ Y! v6 L* N; S2 |  q: T
0 U: Z: g8 r* ~" a% C解决区域争端的中国“战略”是达成约定。中国和其他声索国进行对话,尽最大努力和他们谈判。奇怪的是,他们的努力都未曾在这些报告中提到,因为华盛顿的“记者”总是做选择性的报道。同时华盛顿装着代表东盟十国中的八国,支持和中国进行直接对话,同时又装着华盛顿并不想参与其中的样子。只有一个国家是中立的(新加坡),并且只有越南一个国家请求美国参和进去。(越南希望美国能和支持“叙利亚自由战士”一样地支持他们)(Σ(⊙▽⊙"a?)。奇怪是的,美国假装代表该区域,但实际上却是忽略了该区域绝大多数国家意见的人。中国不希望在南海挑起争端。这无益于所有国家。而该区域其他国家(紧密关注着华盛顿在世界各地的“名著输出”)也担忧美国在南海搞事。因此,不断地歪曲事实,‘’选择性‘’的报道就成了常态。中国的“战略”包括和区域其他国家进行对话...与之相反,华盛顿的“战略”...是假装为区域其他国家发声...但同时无视该地区绝大多数人民的意见。
4 ]) f3 n' _. v3 {" ^7 a* m7 p
( R6 c% d, w! H) j& L3 Bevereachyu 4 hr ago) r% j; X3 C5 K  z5 M7 z
China has already won the game, hasn't she?
' u( Y- Q  }( s0 ~& X- t) z; \0 a7 u: [
中国早就赢了这游戏,不是吗?; I+ A; ^4 ~; a7 l/ E
- p; _+ X) ~8 o+ o
SHZ 4 hr ago8 S8 v4 x5 u6 z6 ?0 ~# a: c4 T
BEATRICE DUPUY does not have the fact correct. Two possible explanations: 1) she did not do her home work and does not know things about south china sea. 2) She's a lying b1tch
, v! d& e- N6 \- u* _* g# u0 e8 \6 z' c; p. V
BEATRICE DUPUY(撰文记者)没有报道正确的事实。对此有两种解释:1)她对南中国海一无所知,也没做功课。2)她是个撒谎的贱人。$ r: a! S# N) R+ I1 Y5 n
: O; z8 |  n# f! v/ p# _% V
factswelcome 3 hr ago
3 R, G5 H9 e! t9 Q0 KWho pays Beatrice Dupuy to "massage" reality? The ARBITRATION Court is a HIRED court by the parties in arbitration. It should NOT be qualified as an "international" court. Due to constant misrepresentation by dishonest writer such as DUPUY, the UN had to make a point to clarify that the ARBITRATION court sponsored by America ( and fronted by the Philippines), did NOT have anything to do with the UN or the world court. Also of note is that China did not participate in the court proceedings. So it was an ONE SIDED "arbitration". One hand clapping.$ U; q2 i' V0 Y1 ?

1 |/ I( O1 ?5 H/ r' k/ E. s# o谁给BEATRICE DUPUY(撰文记者)的塑料新闻付的钱?那个仲裁法庭是可以出钱雇佣的。怎么可以和“国际”法庭相提并论呢。鉴于不诚实的记者如DUPUY之流不断歪曲事实的新闻,联合国应该发表个声明说清楚,那个由美国赞助(且由菲律宾建立的)仲裁法庭,和联合国以及世界法庭没有任何联系。还要声明中国并没有参加仲裁流程。所以这是个单边“仲裁”。是拍不响的一只巴掌。
! u' \1 f5 w, J: |- K% R
- |& v1 s* `4 j, W- N) c. {factswelcome 3 hr ago
, _/ W$ p" g) M* C! \# V: R7 }4 C, VSo the Chinese has a new dredging machine ! Did they tell you, BEATRICE DUPUY, what it is going to be used for? China has port projects all over the globe. For example, inVenice, Italy. What makes the small minded and petty Beatrice Dupuy think that it has to be in the tiny body of water??
1 w2 i# t# V- |& P
$ {5 @1 Q$ x! U所以说中国有了新的挖泥船了吗?他们告诉过你要怎么用这艘船了吗,BEATRICE DUPUY(撰文记者)?中国在全世界例如威尼斯,意大利,都有港口假设的项目。是何种狭隘闭塞的思维和心胸让 Dupuy认为挖泥船非得用在南海这嘎达呢?3 _- S6 L' d1 d+ C$ |
5 h% [5 x7 k% T9 \
Dan 2 hr ago
; }$ Z- M6 K  `2 L9 AWhite people stole land by killing the natives in Australia, South America, Guam, Canada, New Zealand, US, Alaska, Hawaii, Polynesia Islands, Palestine.......TED We in China build land one inch at a time.) ~( ]6 H0 S' @  Q7 q; P  y

/ e/ w' t; G1 G) s1 C1 b* g白人偷取澳大利亚岛,南非,关岛,加拿大,新西兰,美国,阿拉斯加,夏威夷,波利尼西亚岛,巴勒斯坦......等等都是靠杀害当地土著,但中国靠自己造啊。
4 W' o' C0 |# c* f
3 t- w  u& @0 \I have bigly words that I know. 2 hr ago. Q/ i0 Q" C' K( k. N' I
They would not build an island maker unless they are planning to build islands.
; {; m/ C4 S* W) U# l1 h
- S- p( z( e; y是为了造岛他们才搞出一个“造岛神器”的。
8 O6 B9 Y5 p+ U+ u) o9 e$ F$ M" N6 T
Henry 11 min ago( {. ^3 }! V# `  P
Vietnam already has hundreds of illegal rigs built on disputed water since the 70s. These Vietnamese and Filipino rigs and island constructions have been going on right under American's nose for decades. Only self righteous parties with agendas refuse to see the logic in this. China only started 3 years back and the only difference is china is doing it much more efficiently than the corrupted philippino government. These are disputed water with overlapping claims by multiple countries. NOBODY should be carrying out any activities in these areas in the first place. Nobody is right here. And if they insist china is wrong here, well then i guess china's guilty for being richer and more efficient. Oh and of course it is America's interest to contain the chinese and control the oil reserves there just like their middle east adventures. These are disputed water with overlapping claims by multiple countries. NOBODY should be carrying out any activities in these areas in the first place. Not Philippines, not Vietnam, not Japan and definitely not China
5 [9 D7 j1 `7 Y$ k0 s# A1 S/ h) C% Y2 L3 _, e# t* Q$ |' }
越南早从70年代就在争议海域非法布置了上百的勘探设备。他们越南人和菲律宾人的勘探设备和造岛装置在美国人的鼻子底下运行了几十年。政府中只有少数心怀正义的人拒绝看到这些现象。中国只是从三年前开始做同样的事情,唯一的区别是中国比腐败的菲律宾政府做的更有效率。该海域正是多个国家声张主权的重叠之处。最重要的是任何国家都没有权利在争议的区域有动作。因为没有任何一个声索国在争议区域是有权利的。如果只说中国错了,那我猜中国的错就错在他们的更富有且更有效率。哦对,美国的兴趣在于牵制中国,还有控制石油存储,就像他们在中东玩的把戏一样。这是多个国家声张主权的重叠之处。最重要的是任何国家都没有权利在争议的区域有动作。菲律宾人没有,越南人没有,日本人没有,中国人也绝对没有。( i, a$ J0 c7 G( [: @
5 ]6 Z" v9 m+ z1 [1 S# I: w1 U
McCain 4 hr ago& I) W' l9 P. F
The Chinese ultimate goal is the world conquest. Towards the east, it will acquire the South and the East China Sea, go into the Pacific and defeat the United States in the near future. Towards the west, it will conquer Europe and Africa with one belt one road strategy. We can understand the behavior of China well with this perspective. For preventing such a dark future, we should contain China now by an economic strategy. Financial policy to wreck the China's economy must be carried out. Even if our economic losses with it are very big, it is better than the World War 3.
+ ?- {9 A9 F+ P  B: i) i) q- H* q2 M; F) C  u
. S; v/ R0 ?1 ?. M9 R$ N9 z. X1 \5 u9 p" T' M+ {# o
Richard 4 hr ago) x: G2 ?3 f0 C% ~) t' |. U
China is very good at stealing territory and destroying reefs.2 y& k1 f' L5 @' U- t" c
5 I$ B& Y* M6 h# ?
中国很擅长偷取领土还有毁坏群礁。9 }5 d% F: s+ `

& d/ l2 g8 }& p' O0 w$ ^richer 1 hr ago- N3 b& U- T. H* Q( J
USA is preoccupied with n.korea, isis, syria and middle east. SCS fate is set in stone already as trump says nothing about it., M0 ]* i4 K* x: H) O" k
" g) w3 b# K  P) Z
美国注意力全都在北韩,双Is, 叙利亚还有中东那里。南海情况没一点起色但川普却只字不提。
# y* ^. S4 }% O3 p/ R- U  k& }
8 X9 E1 Y9 `* k' k( 本文已被整理选入“国外译帖”栏目,欢迎大家访问:http://www.kanshij.com/community/country/american/16169.html
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