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[转载] 中国国庆节各大城市灯光秀

Stunning light shows across China as country celebrates National Day. N1 D4 o* E2 d7 t8 `2 I

2 m4 E  i; O0 m2 p/ f1 _( F4 M  f9 nOctober 1 marks China's National Day. This year the country celebrates the special day with spectacular light shows in different cities. 2 ^" a2 H: [/ }" R- t" ~
2 _9 n9 j. X  }! s7 C
; B; ~- ?+ M8 Y- P( v% t8 o8 A
& N- Y# o+ |. i8 \0 u

8 N) D6 F" F8 E. y% {* M1 Q; {! ]! aGrand light show 'I Love You, China' was held across China to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.
! b4 P( D+ `" a+ ]& U+ @! h2 n8 p6 y$ D( \% @- u1 k8 v7 m2 q
6 L. ?0 H4 T) \% C; p* c$ `1 o; M7 B5 R: H+ i: R
300 illuminated drones flew in a light show in Guangzhou to mark the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up. The drones formed shape of the Chinese chareacters for "reform" and "opening-up" in the 7-minute show. The flying machines also lit up in the shape of a rocket and the Guangzhou Tower
2 q3 _9 G7 T) m2 Q
" g6 ?5 d6 e1 L0 c9 f在广州举行的灯光秀上,300架无人机呈现了以庆祝中国改革开放四十周年为主题的夜空光影表演。无人机在7分钟的演出中组成“改革”和“开放”的汉字图案,接着又变身火箭和广州塔的形状照亮夜空。
' O9 A5 i5 ?9 A: }$ M+ Z$ z
5 N( G+ F3 X0 o* F9 r6 f & f. L  {# {- T3 i; I
6 u+ W) P6 K9 K6 |+ _: @2 ]9 W/ J1 ^/ z' Q5 F- l

* `! g  d& q, j6 T% Y' T6 {" ^AJ Khan 46) I* S6 w3 {2 g1 ?# q
This is how power shift looks like, if someone could understand....
, y8 M2 q: C, J0 N( l+ u$ }" r  _# ?; N, c5 }" R: ?8 _
0 W9 ]" |2 Q# _8 o' X9 ~9 \% ]  y7 _0 g9 v

* P' C4 V$ w, ?, ~9 G% Hip desperado
1 y" f2 ]" x# Y@Dowlphwin: well, let's have another 20 years, you will know the quality from the chinese, we can promise on that!?
; w* E4 b4 x6 O- m$ K4 p, P0 Y6 P
! H  n! W% R; h( T7 Y# _2 K) N@Dowlphwin:好吧,我们再等20年,你会看到中国人到底代表什么样的质量,我可以保证!# j2 w0 Y: R" R/ A, X; n7 s

6 F' X( ^, W' f/ V8 W7 g
7 i2 Z+ l+ t. O2 S2 Z, X5 t& p* b: YMy god 356 j  h7 V+ ]/ o# R! Z
Better than fireworks# _; v! A1 D  Z- X( `$ z! `# [
2 }0 K+ N/ {$ U! G
比放烟花好啊8 S3 B* W2 k% i& a
7 }# Y. B. n. {" ]3 k1 y- {
Dawin 2
! U/ `* u# j1 n5 C0 j6 f7 gWell, the Chinese did invent the fireworks literally thousands of years ago. Let's call this one fireworks 2.0 ;-)
( i. J4 s- H/ _0 |8 F  s- D' i+ t4 r) w% p7 l6 ~' ?) W( n
好吧,其实烟花也是几千年前的中国人发明的。所以,我们就把这称为烟花表演2.0版吧 ;-)
6 C7 M0 G( y- }% @9 n6 x# m* I
7 N2 E$ |' f7 ~) ^Naveed Sultan 6
7 g( l. o# s& v4 w3 z2 WCan't beat fireworks5 j- j, ]6 [: i# G2 E* n3 a

  X+ w$ g5 n0 w还是比不上烟花表演+ }  O" F" `. w) z4 B. G+ I
$ y, b/ N  y( h9 q4 _
thndrngest 7
( C  ~9 @8 o' h! Lthe technical content of this show is amazing, it is much better than burning up millions of dollars of fireworks.
" g5 `" i( A- U$ B4 L' c3 v: T6 s$ S, H' k+ D
! q3 q. ?- Q7 Q7 {+ @, \/ q- Z5 i1 I* t

2 @) v) d( T) r9 s7 ^神州 Shenzhou 35 N+ u5 D/ y+ Z$ B* f" j+ W; c
When the big American corporations like Nike and Apple, come to China and set up shop here, Chinese workers earned a miserable 10 cents to every dollar of profit that Nike and Apple make. But Chinese workers earned billions of 10 cents slowly over the years and lifted 600 million people out of poverty in just 30 years.! b3 b% I3 o: d5 ?' Z
Just for comparison, the entire population of the African continent (Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, etc) is about 1.2 billion people. So China lifted a number equal to 1/2 the entire population of Africa, out of poverty in decades compared to what Westerners been doing in Africa for centuries. ( \' G+ ]. y8 c3 C! O
All earned through the slow accumulation of billions of 10 cents over the years.
- C! Q( W- y6 n0 Y& m  T. S! ]* {
1 y! [5 A: _5 C当像耐克和苹果这样的美国大公司来到中国,在中国开店时,中国工人只能从耐克和苹果每1美元的利润中挣到可怜的10美分。但是,中国工人就是通过年复一年积累起来几十亿个这样的“10美分”,使得6亿人口在30年间摆脱了贫困。/ g9 K# @/ c8 r+ z4 y6 h
对比一下,整个非洲大陆(尼日利亚、肯尼亚、埃塞俄比亚等)的总人口约为12亿。所以,中国相当于是在短短几十年里让半个非洲脱贫,相比之下,西方人几个世纪以来在非洲都干了些什么?! l/ c4 J# ^$ k( y# K1 l
- s# y$ X8 [" T0 ]2 b7 ]) {3 w5 I  A" @% A
ones twos
5 E4 e* K$ I1 z4 [" xThis is not a free market economy, Most precisely, this is national socialism. This is the sort of change that Adolf Hitler had brought to Germany and why the satanic British warmongers destroyed it (through their peons the USSR and US--mostly USSR). Communism is INTERnational socialism and China is no longer communist. So we have seen this before, though the jewish-owned media doesn't want you to know. China is just as nationalistic as Germany was, but it is FAR more populous and less likely to lose the next world war.
; L. c8 M7 ^; \. V9 Z
* I" x! ]) y) u3 d2 q' @% m(中国)不是自由市场经济,确切地说,是国家社会主义。这就是阿道夫·希特勒曾经给德国带来的改变,也是搞魔鬼崇拜的不列颠战争贩子急着毁灭德国的原因(通过他们的小仆役,苏联和美国——尤其是苏联)。GC主义是一种国际社会主义,而中国早不是GC主义了。所以,这种景象其实我们以前就见过,只是犹太人控制的媒体不想让你知道而已。中国在民族主义上和以前的德国有得比,但在人口规模上她要大!太!多!所以,她比较不可能在下次世界大战中被打败。
( o9 R8 g2 c# D( B- n
. q$ ]6 R0 i! ^6 qDowlphwin 3+ C2 u& ^' z4 H% `/ n1 N
China is very much like the USA now. Only some differences in military activity, but that can change if they don't manage to severely instill spiritual health in the population. It started with an arch-capitalist society and now nationalism is being boosted more than already.
- s- q$ |8 ?. A" \1 MThe price to be paid for grand and impatient ambitions, I guess.$ Q& J9 d& ?3 ~9 n9 U
But seriously, they need some Daoist advisors ASAP. Shunning religion/spirituality won't do in such a powder keg. (And I'm not talking about corrupt folk superstition.)
3 H2 `3 M6 U$ D, U! q! A; O* h  A* M8 l& X: _$ C& y7 A, r2 ~
中国现在越来越像美国了。只是在军事行为方面有所不同,但如果不做好严肃培养人民的精神健康,这随时可能改变。这(繁荣)起初来源于社会的资本主义化,而现在民族主义早已发展到难以抑制。我想,这或许是宏大而缺乏耐心的雄心不得不付出的代价吧。  R0 q2 ?$ [9 f  k, V
但说真的,他们需要尽快找一些道家顾问,因为在这样一个火药桶里不加入点宗教/精神元素是不行的。(我指的不是那些腐朽的民间迷信。)  ]7 }! P+ N8 ^% O: F

8 i1 K- L0 k: }2 \AJ Khan 2/ o" z* [# s& q: o3 Z
@Dowlphwin china is changing rapidly... yes they were strict but for the betterment of their people, now they have relaxed their people, and continues to improve their administration and laws. China has long been the source of knowledge for the world.....; {" B, }. ?' z& \7 X5 U4 I

9 g# k( w/ Q: W( E@Dowlphwin,中国正在迅速变化……没错,他们曾经很严厉,但那是为了人民的福祉;如今他们已经放松了监管,并不断改进他们的法律和行政管理。自古以来,中国一直是这个世界的一个知识源泉。
% W0 @/ z$ r1 a; V6 w4 b' @7 v# ?6 }+ t
OneTallCan 3
6 p0 i" {% J9 P/ O- OThanks cory?
. S7 Y. i6 u( v5 n+ D" M4 P
0 q# e# Q% V- y+ Q谢谢咯,cory6 T) _9 Q0 w; r5 _
7 c4 W7 `5 {; a; v8 ]0 P
Cory Gordon 2
; n: X" q3 ^$ U' z9 S+ kI'm sorry I couldn't resist. It is one hell of a light show though.?2 D% z/ t0 p" Z+ W# r
( G4 |3 A. i; ?8 o
- V" j' g; n& J9 [: o4 }! K/ O  K
Peter Panino 8
8 u' j" f$ ?5 LChina is a great nation! We can learn a lot from China which is one of the oldest and most advanced civilizations on earth!. ~  L! w: e  ?# H3 t' y% A$ ?' I

, o* A" x  ^. `9 }+ w中国,一个伟大的国度!她是地球上最古老又最先进的文明之一,我们能从中国身上学习到很多东西!
& e1 p" U/ B* S. q" @+ [- |2 }# J0 p  u- g( V. B
Chris Searle 1. J* k" T; {) T: q5 I
Agreed. 9 U" ?2 F( s; x( m/ x
Not only an economic power house, but also more able to look to the future.
( Y5 }0 [' W( LChina WILL be the next world superpower. How she wields her power is anyone's guess. But I sure think China has western politics beat.5 b7 j2 l/ G" \3 ~
3 d: _6 L6 `8 g$ o' E4 `
同意。她不仅仅是一个经济强国,更拥有面向未来的能力。5 r' ~% s5 q; |
* M" @5 n& d2 @$ b5 O, G8 O( F9 H3 x9 `  P, {+ `7 K
Peter Panino 2
, P, m& F, C& X. i5 m- z' S' ~Only a nation which looks to the future can survive thousands of years. How old is the "USA"?
( X: X- E$ @7 e; {3 N% @( @6 f4 y( d% w( R
3 `# i: z7 y( M: O8 b
! V; H% u3 y$ E  pPetra josip 7
7 z, {2 b/ L# ~  y8 _Russia look on with envy! Take a good look at all that new Chinese infrastructure worth a fortune. I've been to China & was impressed myself.% R* \6 |/ T$ g  Z, E/ B

' w" c, y; h2 q俄罗斯就嫉妒吧!好好看看中国这些造价不菲的最新基础设施。我之前去过中国 & 印象深刻。
' t2 F! q: o) w9 k/ E- Q5 A- p7 y# W9 _0 f" i
Chris Searle 1
5 w# g: ?4 t) `" kRussia will be to China what places like UK and Australia are to America. They're strong powers in their own region who bow to a foreign master.! [& J* B/ x+ Z
7 A1 T' c9 E$ t9 g8 n7 I  H
将来的俄罗斯之于中国,就像现在的英国和澳大利亚之于美国一样。在自己的势力范围他们都是强国,但却要向一个外国主子鞠躬。1 {- |) T' U8 k2 [) l

# J+ Y2 a0 G" NRizz md 4! a: q1 D( j% U/ J% m$ w1 ?
China Mesmerises me Everytime6 L4 ~- c' `# t6 _5 S1 P- Q
5 l3 {- z; D3 V+ L% b  O
$ E0 V1 D! u6 N7 t6 ]  q! Q' N: Z% _' b6 {
Lord Cyrus 2
3 M( ]) k0 [' d$ J, B& F/ gMe too..
% C, i* O* t: s$ j& D3 fGo China go go go; j) c. G; K& q: r
2 m7 T, {: `0 L. o# I! a: m
4 ?' p& i9 i+ O1 J7 E* s5 ?+ V0 a2 C
Lord Cyrus 1
3 b# _" A  q/ m: t8 rCant wait for the day when China is the world's No.1 again after almost 200 years. I'm going to throw a huge party!
0 @- @/ z. f% N# s7 k8 d
# Z5 C0 }* U; q5 e我已经等不及想看到,中国在差不多200年后重新成为世界第一了。那一天我要举办一个盛大的派对!0 Y! [6 \6 q  T; n

/ T7 x& r) i2 ?6 ]) a5 G7 Scatonpillow
" ]% _0 r1 a9 i: }They already are. The US empire is crumbling, just open Google Maps and compare the infrastructure of both of the countries. It will take you just a few seconds to notice the difference.
! Y. O2 y, p; G, }/ O+ e
( _% t. O7 d& L+ x4 g1 P1 K; _他们已经是了。美利坚帝国正在崩溃,只需打开谷歌地图然后对比一下两个国家的基础设施,你只需要几秒钟就能看出差距。, |- H; Q/ ~+ J- m2 g% g# B

$ {8 F1 W1 {: o" J  xM9 3( O. ^8 C, q2 R" S4 F5 U
I think China's immigration and visa laws are good now because terrorists can't immigrate to China.5 J9 K- ]5 W5 f
: H* a4 x1 |4 g: z4 j+ H
我觉得中国目前的移民和签证法规挺好的,它能防止恐怖分子移民中国。0 H! A$ m. s' u" a; l0 y. N

" @; {6 i, O- I/ J; DDivayth Fyr 1
" k+ l7 [4 G& n' D/ Etoo much chinese in china, bring some diversity" S$ t6 Y3 T" f, G9 G

" }9 F7 h% l( S" \中国的中国人太多了,应该增加一些多样性。
! q9 x0 I; h* V# {" [( b0 p4 a: P6 K5 M: l7 H" i( u) T2 z! W
Sixgorillionshekelbergswindler Shlomo-Moshe-Ara
' d' G0 y7 m/ w- Y/ H# rlol! At least China didn't do that BIG mistake that the stupid Western world did, and that's why north-east Asia is getting better than the Western world.1 `) B- A: h) A* Z
7 D# ], s2 I! B/ {+ s* k, d
+ P9 S; L4 f8 t3 r9 O: g1 j$ d$ F/ _0 Q/ a+ p6 ~5 N  H9 C4 p
Doris 1
9 \5 S% ], O) F# e3 e& ^4 B  {Where is the rest? I wanted to see more. The music at the beginning was beautiful." N1 A1 t2 s. v0 P
& c' `7 q: `4 e) x7 B
. ?0 K! C4 M: r3 P1 c
( w! g# E+ |0 U7 yVanka
- l" D+ t5 \/ Y, T! g8 J' B+ zDoris * the song called “ I love you,China” (我爱你 中国)6 z1 y& i# x" G! c5 P" E' T

, Y4 p/ N: k7 o+ I( jDoris,那首歌叫“我爱你,中国”
" l5 }3 J" z5 H3 H; [" G0 z% H! M4 S: P
Click Sun) u7 P) e4 s, c4 e! \- H
Celebrate when you can...........when War broke up...........there wouldn't be any more celebration.
' D+ Y! r+ j! U
. x4 N9 I/ Z+ y& s% l放开了庆祝吧……当战争终于爆发……就再也不能这样庆祝了。' M  L" K! }% L

. t6 ~; h9 t6 W! j# t% _7 Sdz zd 1: T6 [3 O- p" J
LOL, see you on the battle fields; C) }- @) g4 N- e6 L# e8 R
, _: q. d% Z2 z+ C7 \% ?
哈哈,那就战场上见咯。: J5 O& X+ R+ P+ Z+ F( g
. d& P8 l* r9 g# b9 x5 W
ARSHAD BAIG 48; y9 L9 @6 k7 Q
That is spectacular, truly astonishing.
$ A/ _3 r' W/ n& l% x: j+ S$ N
' ?$ V' Z# E+ l, s! l这场面太壮观了,真的令人震惊。( Y! F2 ?0 S6 p' N3 \

: {- z3 Q* f8 [; o  N. M6 S/ HManic Hindu turds Turdolia 40
4 Y: m& B, N9 y: q" ^; \+ {I can see Nikki haleys disgruntled face somewhere inside the UN hiding under a desk mumbling insanities and cursing China and Russia.! @  n( w2 S- n! o
& N: J& |3 A3 a9 \
我仿佛能看到联合国里面,闷闷不乐的妮基·黑利(Nikki haley,现任美常驻联合国代表)正躲在桌子底下神经兮兮的咕哝着诅咒中国和俄罗斯。
; v0 c, Y3 f  e! o, q  i$ e& k+ J$ k; D' t: G1 c' A
r .ra 19! y3 l, x6 v% t) h  H3 @
Simply stunnig. Go China+ i, C3 k6 ~. }2 x' X
# s, a4 x' e$ X4 \% W8 K) O
1 }4 {1 Y7 P$ q1 Y. A9 y
- F8 W6 C  l% n1 I9 a) lChina Superpower 149 P! O3 f# w3 B2 f
Happy birthday to the greatest country in the world!!!?* C& R' E8 T' {+ i2 X9 z

0 i& N% V! `9 |祝世界上最伟大的国家生日快乐!!!; R0 ~# T' c4 f+ [

5 [& W5 h4 S' c( ^9 s5 sNoid M 12, z6 G3 Y* D$ [$ c# \9 A' Y
0 ]: ^, t  e' I" g- uYOU WILL DEFEAT USA!!?! }( ~0 V" Z; _% i

: g4 c" h/ Z/ H3 {7 A前进中国!!……你们的时代来临了!!* `4 Z5 O- _' `
你们一定能战胜美国!!4 @) p! l( [3 L+ j4 s% s8 s1 a

, G6 i' N+ S, G4 c. x1 [Hitler Loli 12" T: p5 v2 e8 ~2 w0 e5 Z: _* |
just one word... AMAZING
7 ^- x8 A& i0 X' [6 O! i- }! ?
- B/ @6 {1 H& h( s就一个词:神奇!4 m- t+ S$ A- A
# d# R+ R9 _6 I) a3 T/ a
Syed Siraj 12
( `0 a2 @9 o! l4 eAin’t one such city in stinky India and they wanna compare themselves with China
; \6 ^/ H* M2 r8 x6 d* c3 D% L! M" ~9 f' B  N) Z
+ p" D4 U& C! ]3 z2 N! P
! n' S1 K  k' Q! w$ d8 pSunry NicGk 11
: b7 r0 M6 a3 U  VLove China forever?
  d3 b- n1 |3 L5 P% i$ U7 p: C: F( v
永远爱中国, B. r' ]; A0 l1 ]# k" V) @
. L" m5 e0 k2 N5 c- G0 l8 U% l7 B
tyjghjghhh 110 o" w( I: p+ U' {
wow jesus christ! it's like i'm watching an alien movie..... the alien city from another world., L  ^2 S( H2 \0 r$ `

, b( ?: I8 u, o, l4 K- j喔我的耶稣基督!就好像我在看一部外星人的电影……来自另一个世界的外星城市。
7 Y$ k$ h* M* B) u; V  A$ [; i( _# o: r
Just Awesome 5
" {  F2 B1 X" ]) }& R. i& W4 LAMAZING ..8 ^; z' b8 Y" Y& W8 x
Chinese people are da most DRIVEN and perhaps the hardest working people of the modern ERA% S$ [$ k9 K% [) ~7 g% M
That's something to be proud of
7 K8 y1 u) V( w4 j9 D3 {Wishing them a PHENOMENAL future for years to come
4 _. l: O+ w3 B, `6 ]1 }With AWESOME love from America
. m( f( K! z* t% E/ n# H) Y! n, l
3 n* p4 m/ T9 I太!神!了!……中国人民可能是现代世界是最有动力、最勤劳的人民,这绝对是件值得骄傲的事!愿他们拥有一个非凡的未来!来自美国的敬畏之爱!
# d8 c4 }  w8 c5 Y2 Q) B- O9 p! Q0 u* `- I- \; j) I( r7 h6 C
blablablablauk 45 s. ]2 d+ p. V! k0 [. s
ALL payed for by the U.S. and the Europeans ! ! ! ! !+ i4 t6 e/ |# I0 ?: O: l

) o( A7 k8 J$ ]+ E这些全都是美国还有欧洲人付的钱!!!!!( M* Y2 |6 A: t% u1 u8 K

9 H! U  d$ g) F$ n3 y- e$ B# N" zDavid vs Goliath 4! u* X$ o' G) C8 K% j2 p* f
Really spectacular! Wow! Thumbs up!
- F1 d. p/ {' K8 G! Z7 h5 Y' m5 R. d
是真的壮观!哇噢!点赞!$ ~, C7 B, n. E  b( ?( ^
. S& a$ m' k2 W$ P
Jeremy Liu 3$ l/ h7 B* a, x, E) r9 z
从视频可以看出:9 [/ w' e1 {. A! U  ~: l2 ]
中国不缺电 : k0 }( S7 _: W& q* A
@台湾?  A: w# D+ j" a
9 r. b- |4 p1 a5 F+ b: @; E$ A
Baidu Mel 25 t% M, x# m$ L& \% t
The lights just as powerful as the Chinese economy.?
/ z0 C4 E, @& a) B9 b
0 x9 L, b: K- r! y. H这些灯光就像中国的经济一样强劲。
- D2 ~5 o: N0 ]+ X7 F  C& K+ o$ A0 R* T% p+ G3 x  g, k2 W% Y
ghost 2
* c8 ?1 K" K$ J1 jYou won’t see this on CNN AND FOX, BBC and MSNBC?) f: _4 ~+ A& ]6 |
0 ?$ \3 U+ w3 `1 m0 ]( s
你在CNN、福克斯、BBC、微软全国广播公司(MSNBC)上可看不到这些。' b" D% _5 w" R/ b. X/ r6 b, {& ]# P+ A

! M! _/ \% y4 ajohn farnworth 19 ?! z% E0 U! Y. ]7 }& J) B: m  r
Was in Shenzhen for China National Day light show recorded some of it.Was amazing.
$ Y( V0 C  V7 ?7 }' ?0 p
8 a" ?4 b. V7 H当时人就在深圳,我也拍摄了一些国庆灯光秀。确实很棒。
+ U1 N) j. P+ s6 z+ h# T3 q; q$ |' s# Q# T5 _" W0 S! E9 Q
Buddha magic 1
" r: R8 o  L  K$ i0 D7 B" SI hope that Russia is getting better and better~from China?3 O3 B: r  H. u% |) m: c! M
  b2 n! K) j; I$ u
! |$ G* m- M- S: }3 ?
0 b- N" c5 p6 x3 y4 `6 `" CMoon Jae-in 1
* I8 q; B/ h2 H. ?) x8 W+ z1 l是時候重回世界第一了!  g- v. w8 u( l. @1 ]

' B# v0 ^2 X' Y# B2 c1 gResonance of Illumination - Ambition of Void
# c( x" T4 Z: |One day we'll make our fairy tales reality. Life will be so beautifully surreal.
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