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[转载] 有人觉得中国的火锅被吹过头了吗?

Does anyone else find Hot Pot to be severely overrated?! V8 m4 F/ T) g; L+ r" `; t! t8 `
1 h) t* [/ T; u4 p
Does anyone else find Hot Pot to be severely overrated?
2 ^6 g- M7 G  p' k. c1 S: q. G1 e# v- ?
4 ]9 M$ k" j$ T1 A  E" V7 ~* }: I% B
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+ p# i& m- A, m, a" r0 @I love a lot of food in China, but I don't get the hype behind hot pot. It always tastes exactly the same whenever I have it. I don't understand why locals get so stoked about this mediocre food. Really ticks me off when I go out with my work and they order the worst meat (stomach, liver, intestines, etc.). Everyone really talks it up, and while it's pretty good, I don't see why it's held in such high esteem. Just want to know if I'm crazy or if anyone else here shares this sentiment.
% w, v3 d, l7 B  z( l( U0 }
5 n: N" x3 M7 o# E我喜欢中国的很多食物,但是我不喜欢火锅背后的炒作。我吃火锅的时候觉得味道都是一样的。我不明白为什么当地人对这种普通的食物如此着迷。当我出去工作的时候,他们给我点了最糟糕的肉(胃、肝、肠等),真让我恼火。每个人都对它赞不绝口,虽然火锅确实不错,但我不明白为什么它会受到如此高的推崇。我就想知道是不是我疯了,还是其他人也和我有一样的感觉。% q9 S3 b' }9 n" M3 E! V% L

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1 k  Y1 s+ j" n/ l评论翻译8 R% `; N4 D3 G* g9 T3 U3 l

( ]' t4 f% G9 b" D8 F8 n6 gmarmakoide 8 l( O* k' s) o$ i1 W0 X
I think hotpot is popular because it's affordable to all, and it's a very social thing. You don't go to eat hotpot to enjoy high cuisine, you go to stuff yourself at a good price, with friends. One can pay for all without breaking the bank. I've good memories about hotpot,but it wasn't about the food, it was about good memories of being with friends enjoying each other company.4 y, u3 E9 R( b1 L, j
My wife loves it, and she doesn't understand all the love for pizzas.
/ F5 D' K  d3 s* c. V# u
& h9 o1 `. ?& Z& ]: U0 U7 \我认为火锅很受欢迎,因为它比较便宜,而且它是一种适用于社交的东西。你去吃火锅不单是享受美食的,还要与朋友们一起去。不用花大价钱就可以吃得起一堆东西。我对火锅有着美好的回忆,但这不是关于食物的,而是和朋友们一起享受彼此陪伴的美好回忆。
( Q. I8 H( t! Z6 ~7 ^/ q我妻子很喜欢火锅,就像她不理解那些喜欢披萨的人一样。( E; J) p$ V# p) l
* e% x2 S$ B# y& Z: a
6 S1 f+ V: Q/ Q  A, r' M$ d$ FIn Australia it's $130 for two people. It's certainly not cheap. It's damn delicious though!; L6 v: [  @2 g0 Z3 A
, {: H6 Y$ j1 U2 T
在澳大利亚,两个人130美元。这当然不便宜。虽然它非常好吃!7 L* o. V/ m0 g

8 |  U  T8 x. b. P2 ], w# x& h. ]CalvinTjai2K ) I4 }, t3 S0 F0 d* t; u
Try Hai Di Lao, that stuff has top quality service (sometimes a bit overdone with every worker smiling, bowing and offering to help you) and pretty good quality food.3 c! c% d/ M- d5 M6 e
Though its not the cheapest .
7 U1 @/ H5 g- K( ?! \$ I# |7 ]9 s1 k7 u: Z
试试海底捞吧,那里有一流的服务(有时每个员工都面带微笑、鞠躬、主动帮助你,这有点过头了),还有相当优质的食物。虽然它不是最便宜的。: D6 O% Y1 p- {" Q
& h+ p( Y8 h: o( r6 b- _! y
brontojemUnited States% z7 r  s4 }. p" [
I fucking love Haidilao. I am back in the states, and I miss it so much.  K; _+ b3 @1 C# J
. N2 H% o; ^/ ^; o3 v: R# V+ E
我TM爱死海底捞了,我回到了美国,非常想念海底捞。/ ~0 t9 }- \1 m2 G7 Y
0 l% i$ r" @+ b- c" ^
CoherentPanda $ N5 m: O% `. _2 c0 o, s
Haidilao is in the States, too, if you live on the west coast.8 \$ y% f  E+ c+ ?. v. A
& T  H$ _2 j1 M" u" ]/ t3 ?
" w& E+ N. l; _6 j# r
4 U) x+ t" e. noolongvanilla " ~/ S4 M9 {# k; Z4 M/ C4 H3 [
I echo the others who say it's the social aspect and the price that makes it good. If you go out for a table full of stir-fried dishes with rice, you end up spending a lot more and getting a lot less.* Q- B% |/ a7 f6 _6 Y& [
Not all hot pots are created equal, though. Those cheap ones where everyone's eating from the same yinyang-shaped pot with a bunch of vegetables stored in big fridges are pretty awful. I also hate restaurants where you have to check what you want off a list without seeing the quality or quantity first.' w( v" y" D# M+ G; e
I've been to hot pots with unique soup bases that were pretty good, with options like black pepper steak, curry, and Thai-style tom yum.
- N6 K& \/ V$ n. q7 W2 p/ v  bI also like buffet hot pots where everyone has their own miniature pot - There's a great all-you-can-eat chain in Xinjiang called Hot Pot Hot (火焰山) that has so many choices - You don't even need to eat the hot pot, as they have a lot of other stuff like barbecue, cold salads, stir-fried dishes, desserts, dim sum, and more.
. t, h& N! ?3 K& h# K0 n/ i' R" DThere are also the "conveyer belt" mini hot pot restaurants (转转火锅) where you sit on a bar stool with your own pot and grab whatever vegetables or meats you like as they circle around, just like those Japanese sushi restaurants. That's a lot of fun.4 S' s# Q8 f3 m, v) o
5 Q$ a0 @. D5 _$ f
  e8 e5 {! H- Z3 p不过,并非所有的火锅都是一样的。在那些便宜的地方,每个人都在同一个阴阳锅里吃,蔬菜是放在大冰箱里的,真是太可怕了。还有,你必须在没有看到质量或数量的情况下,从菜单上挑选你想要的东西,这点我也很讨厌。
1 T$ ~5 v" i, T0 v3 W7 [1 N  I; V9 U
我吃过独特汤底的火锅,味道很不错,有黑胡椒牛排、咖喱和泰式酸辣汤。/ |0 U$ ~! y5 @
我也喜欢自助火锅,每个人都有自己的小锅, 新疆有一个很棒的连锁火锅(火焰山), 有很多的选择, 你甚至不需要吃火锅, 因为他们有很多其他东西像烧烤,冷沙拉,炒菜,甜点,点心,等等。
- P0 x% }5 w( Y) p( b# L  t5 N6 ^还有“传送带”迷你火锅店(转转火锅),你拿着你自己的锅坐在凳子上,你喜欢什么蔬菜和肉就自己夹,因为它们一直是转动的,就像那些日本寿司餐厅一样。
" Y; c8 U, ~% q% D
  |7 K* O$ v& [5 [' M( U0 KbalthisarUnited States
. S+ k, {4 r: jDepends where. Nanjing: mediocre in most places. Chongqing: some duds, but mostly awesome.
, d5 y3 l1 p. r2 y/ J# H, Z! W9 r5 Z
0 N" X" z0 [9 j8 A( g8 [! R" y, g6 ?# A) Y( {( P
HautamakiCanada ( b- K" {1 W- p
I share your feelings on this almost to the letter but I know we're definitely in the minority. The only other person I know who thinks hot pot is nothing but a bunch of meat and veggies boiled in the same broth is my dad. My wife can eat it 5 times a week, and all my friends think it's a good example of good Chinese cuisine at the least.
0 h- V* d/ k. `/ C/ `' e, b( y2 D3 ^! F. J5 B
- L: T1 g& ?+ K
8 {5 s1 ^& k+ s1 h/ h5 O( G3 I. _travelwithtbone
) N" f! F/ F/ bI love hotpot. The problem is prices for good hotpot have really gone up in the last few years so it’s become a more expensive outing for food
7 O' g& C8 [* [: P" G
, D" l- r7 m$ `8 V4 e% d% T4 ^我喜欢火锅。问题是,好的火锅在过去的几年里确实涨价了,所以它变成了一种更昂贵的食物。/ ~2 R, k  h: e" x5 Z8 c
; G  u; C, W4 d1 o3 b- a( y# [
PackBacker403Canada   }* y% c' A9 D: ^1 @$ h: n2 J
I love hotpot, but I prefer sour fish (spicy, sour fish soup with rice noodles and fermented veggies).6 w4 |6 z. i' _+ X; x: X
8 o* n! `* \' G  E
我喜欢火锅,但我更喜欢酸辣鱼(酸辣鱼汤配米粉和酸菜)。% U+ T* q5 c" u0 l  v* l1 S4 _2 _2 ^

: j5 B$ R: w; `0 T0 G" Z( |MattDavis5 / o2 |) P2 C. X
Firstly, the organs, while disgusting, hold the most nutrition. Duck liver and duck blood are the 2 wild things I've tried in China, and they're actually not bad.$ }  s+ \, C+ m4 ~
Secondly, I'll attempt to answer your question. I think Chinese love hot pot because to them it's national identity. They ask the same thing of expats why do we love greasy pizza doused in a mountain of cheese? Even when it tastes like shit, some will still stand by pizza.+ v1 Y+ I3 C0 c, C/ F
1 j0 e7 P* l" ~9 |/ N' e
# a; L2 M9 g0 @; b其次,我会试着回答你的问题。我认为中国人喜欢吃火锅,因为对他们来说这是民族认同。他们问外国人同样的问题,为什么我们喜欢蘸满奶酪的油腻披萨?即使吃起来很糟糕,一些人仍然会支持披萨。& J) d/ Z7 ]  v

: I! O% [5 ?7 C/ mAliveOcean % K. h; q2 k8 F% U
I agree. And I think it's disgusting when they put all the veggies inside the soup after the meat, with all the meat "foam" still floating around. Or when I put my favorite stuff on my side in the soup only to find someone else took it. Highly disrespectful!
! }' _1 m3 ~( U
# Z" S' m+ M5 Y0 Y/ k我同意。我觉得他们把所有的肉放在汤里,再放蔬菜,然而肉的“泡沫”还漂浮在汤上面,这很恶心。或者当我把我最喜欢的东西放在我前面的汤里,却发现别人夹走了,这非常不尊重!
& S( Q6 {! x, e) m  b1 R  E& z/ j+ K
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