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[转载] 三星在中国和印度市场节节败退,而它只能埋怨自己

Samsung is losing ground in China and India, and it has itself to blame
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Samsung is losing ground in China and India, and it has itself to blame
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2 Q; E- S; V; x% `. z* g三星在中国和印度市场节节败退,而它只能埋怨自己
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With smartphone sales plateauing in Western countries, phone manufacturers shifted focus to Asian markets, where the addressable userbase is considerably larger. Samsung, in particular, has managed to carve out a healthy lead for itself in both China and India over the last five years thanks to aggressive marketing and an extensive offline distribution network.0 W2 I0 m4 |2 Q! a$ u2 d
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With the Indian mobile industry driven primarily by price, there is no way for Apple to claw its way back in the country without drastically changing its business practices. Samsung, meanwhile, is also facing a sales downturn and is projected to miss its profit targets for Q4 2018. That's a big deal when you consider the fact that Samsung posted record profits for much of last year.
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Even though Samsung as a whole posted healthy profits, a bulk of that was down to its chip business, which has taken off in recent years. Samsung became the world's largest semiconductor early last year after overtaking Intel, and that momentum has continued through much of 2018. However, Apple is one of Samsung's biggest clients for DRAM modules, and with iPhone sales on the downturn, Samsung is also slashing its outlook. With the company no longer able to rely as heavily on its chip division, it needs to look elsewhere for growth, and that means increased scrutiny over its phone business.
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尽管三星公司作为一个整体依然保持着健康的利润,但是这很大程度上要归功于他们最近几年起飞的芯片业务。去年初,三星超越英特尔,成为了全球最大的半导体制造商,这一势头在2018年的大部分时间里都一直延续了下来。然而,苹果是三星DRAM模块最大的客户之一,随着iPhone销量的下滑,三星也不得不大幅下调自身的前景预期。介于该公司不能像过往一样如此严重地依赖自身的芯片部门,它们需要寻找到其他的增长点,这就意味着他们对自身手机业务的重视将大幅增强。3 X0 {3 a" @* x: w$ r
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Devices under $200 account for a sizable portion of sales in India and Xiaomi utterly dominates in this category, with the brand selling over ten phones in the budget space. It's no wonder, then, that four out of five best-selling phones in India come from Xiaomi. To give you an idea of the numbers involved, the entry-level Redmi 5A — which retails for under $100 — was the best-selling Android phone globally.- L$ r2 O7 M$ @$ D6 A

( X7 L! l0 ~1 L售价在200美元以下的手机在印度市场的销量占据了相当大的份额,而小米则在这一类别中完全占据了主导地位,该品牌在这一预算空间内铺设了10多部手机。这也难怪印度最畅销的5部手机中有四部都来自小米。为了让你直观地了解这一数字:小米售价不到100美元的入门级智能手机红米5A是全球最畅销的安卓手机。
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$ z% h, B( |) w  i. nThe 2018 Galaxy J launches — in the form of the Galaxy J8, J6, J6+, and the J4 — were all derivative and had mediocre hardware that wasn't even close to what Chinese brands were offering. To call them a dumpster fire would be an affront to dumpsters. In a year where everyone else raised the bar for value, Samsung decided to stick with its usual strategy of rolling out phones with parts from the leftover bin, and unless that changes this year, Samsung will lose even more ground.
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( d! S$ c; S. x7 A3 i评论翻译. C4 M7 z8 S& P! Y
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; q$ D5 Y- b+ jPetrolicious66
2 y! x$ a) T5 O# {4 W' IThe problem for both iPhone and Samsung is that Chinese phones have gotten so much better in quality while still staying low in price.
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" F) t: o! y2 C; e3 jiPhone和三星陷入困境的原因是相同的,那就是中国手机在质量上提高了很多,但是它们的手机依然低廉。
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' Q  x. C" H" t6 T* o4 \# sDreamerlax: M3 u4 D' @, P3 r- N, m3 R. P( }/ p! G
It's as if you don't really need a $800-900 smartphone to get a great experience anymore." W0 K( M; h* t

# t; D) [! Q& o+ p8 k5 e% q" X如今你不需要在手机上花800~900美元的钱就能享受到非凡的用户体验。
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They're cost effective, have good specs and decent support. Somehow this combination is rare in the Android market. They've built up a name for themselves by providing decent products at appealing prices. Also, you don't feel too bad about changing a $250 phone every 12-18 months. Not many can afford to change $1000 phones at that cadence.
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因为他们物超所值,配置良好,软件支持也到位。不知道为什么,这种组合在安卓市场上并不多见。他们以诱人的价格提供着得体的产品,从而为自己赢得了声誉。此外,每12-18个月换一台250美元的手机并不会让你觉得可惜,然而如果以这样的周期更换1000美元的手机的话,大部分人都会觉得力不从心。' r/ F# t0 i7 l
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  [3 i7 {& Z$ P2 n% Y: S6 sTheir phones are cheap. They have phones that cost less than 50% of the price of a mid-range Samsung phone, while having better specs. Their flagships are also half the price of other brands'.They also offer a huge variety of products and hook users into their eco-system by selling cheap phones to gain market share. You can fill your house with Xiaomi logo, from phones and phone accessories (power banks, headphones, chargers,...) to laptop, router, vacuum cleaner, rice cooker, TV, lighting, washing machine, cameras, etc. They are sort of like Samsung of China now.3 U; t# W1 `  I& H. z

7 r( t6 g1 L: Z9 mYumethGX
* ~. \) }- R, `. L* I! qIn sri lanka its mostly Huawei and Oppo.
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, I( B3 p  g* ?$ u& {/ g4 o! g在斯里兰卡,大部分手机都是华为和Oppo
& N; J9 j& L* o7 k% f7 h# z* A" c5 @8 k$ ?/ d
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