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[转载] 中国人是真的更喜欢吃中餐吗,还是这是因为他们从来没吃过正宗的西餐?

Do Chinese people genuinely enjoy eating Chinese food more or have they just never tried authentic Western food& _! @/ m5 N: B* x* t

$ _( i+ P8 ~  A- D9 X6 s3 I# D中国人是真的更喜欢吃中餐吗,还是这是因为他们从来没吃过正宗的西餐?" R1 A# M8 m- d& @+ [

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①Wendy Quon CSM PMP M.Ed.Over-educated underemployed Canadian. upxed% ^* s6 v/ B/ z
Having born and raised in Canada as a child growing up I thought western food was very tasty as I never tasted those flavours before but I later realized that what I ate at camp Kearney was French-inspired. As I grew older I often get bored with the banquet-style Chinese food that I usually get at parties/gatherings so I sought to find other flavours of the world. Since I was in Toronto this would not be an issue. I have tried Mexican Caribbean Romanian Greek Italian Indian (south and north) Spanish French Lebanese Filipino Japanese Korean Thai and etc… time and time again I find myself wanting Chinese food. Authentic Chinese cuisine is balanced with vegetables hot cold meat bathed in savoury goodness without feeling awful at the end (unless you overeat…). I find southern cuisine focuses more on steaming boiling blanching stir-frying with lots of green vegetables lean meat fresh fruits seafood nuts and herbs than deep frying and excessive oils or heavy spices like in Sichuan or northern-type dishes.
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我在加拿大出生长大。当我还是孩子的时候,我曾经认为西餐非常好吃,因为我从没有尝过这些味道,不过后来我才认识到我在卡尼市(加拿大安大略省帕里湾区一镇)参加的营地吃的其实是法国风味的。当我再大些时,我常对各种聚会中那宴会式的中国菜感到厌倦,所以我开始寻找世界上的其它味道。自从我在多伦多后,这就不是问题了。我已经尝过墨西哥菜、加勒比海地区菜肴、罗马尼亚菜、希腊菜、意大利菜、印度风味的菜(南印度菜和北印度菜)、西班牙菜、法国菜、黎巴嫩菜、菲律宾菜、日本料理、韩国菜和泰国菜等,就这么一次又一次后,我发现自己想吃中餐了。地道的中餐菜肴是蔬菜、肉类和冷热的完美调和,饱含美味营养,吃后不会觉得不舒服(除非你吃得过饱……)。我发现中国南方菜更注重用蒸煮烫炒(等方法烹饪)大量的绿色蔬菜、瘦肉、新鲜水果、海鲜、坚果、药草,而不是像四川菜或北方菜那样油炸和用过多油分或者使用大量重口香辛料。# E: R$ w8 s8 e" A  y; ~, c, s
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Authentic western food whatever that means can be really good if it is cooked well and seasoned! Like most foods in the world after all meat is meat vegetables are vegetables fruit is fruit rice-bread-pasta-grain is ubiquitous in all cultures… I find a lot of American western food either highly processed in a shape and form that is far remote from its original source or it’s too generic and nothing really special about it." A2 V# l# E$ J( v

( `% r( r( K; t地道西餐,不管这是指什么,如果烧得好味调的好,就很好吃!像世界大部分食物一样,不管怎样,肉就是肉,蔬菜就是蔬菜,水果就是水果,米饭-面包-面食-谷物在所有文化中无处不在......我发现许多美式西餐要么是加工处理到完全吃不出看不出原料的食物,要么太泛泛没什么特别之处。
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Brian Cox
- k7 D: D) n9 w8 O: l8 y/ ]/ FI am a Canadian who lived in Chongqing China for seven years. Once I got used to the hot spices I really preferred the food there to my traditional food. Upon returning to Canada with my Chinese wife we went to 5 or 6 Chinese restaurants and she refused to go to another. Their buffets are 95% meat. In Chongqing it is 80% vegetable…unlike Canada they can cook veggies so they taste delicious. The only thing lacking in China is getting a good beef steak otherwise their food is more tasty and more healthy…no fat people in Chongqing (except for me).) T- y; ]8 S0 o& N

2 w0 d5 X5 |6 ^5 k$ T1 S* F6 Q9 V我是一位在中国重庆生活过7年的加拿大人。一旦我习惯了辛辣香料,比起我家乡那儿的传统食物,这儿的食物我更喜欢。在和我的中国妻子回到加拿大后没多久,我们去了五六家中餐馆,最后她拒绝去另一家。这几家餐馆提供的95%都是肉。在重庆,80%都是蔬菜……不像加拿大,他们会煮蔬菜,所以很好吃。中餐唯一缺少的就是优质牛排,除此之外,中餐更美味更健康……在重庆都没有胖子(除了我)。
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Jeff Li
; I+ i+ |9 p- o9 ]) n" l, p5 `Do western people genuinely enjoy eating western food or have they just never tried authentic Chinese food? I think the answer to that for most is ‘no’ cuz otherwise no one would ask this type of question.
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Kyle O'Connor
+ Q# @* P4 h( O: f8 XChinese people are notorious for longing for their food. The problem is you can’t really get their food outside of China except for some Cantonese dishes. What I mean is you can get it but it isn’t good or authentic almost 100% or the time. Even in San Francisco you can’t find a hot pot that even comes close to a typical hot pot readily available in China. I love Chinese food and going to China 9+ times a year has ruined me.
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/ I8 M' z  Z( ?7 \8 q9 S中国人对中餐的喜爱是“臭名昭著”的。问题是你不能在中国以外的地方吃到他们的美食,除了一些粤菜。也就是说,你可以吃到中餐,但是并没有那么美味正宗。即使在旧金山,你也找不到在中国很常见的火锅样式。我热爱中餐,一年至少去中国9次,这太让我破费了。
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Trygve Klovholt ' Y7 }( S& T9 d4 G2 O9 \+ A. G
Chinese food ok enough but there are so much other choices that give me pleasure in taste.
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