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[转载] 中国某饮品其广告坚称椰奶能丰胸

Coconut milk gives you bigger breasts Chinese drink ad insists
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. b* g" A* Q1 i5 xA popular Chinese coconut milk manufacturer has again come under fire for adverts and packaging which claim that its beverage will make women’s breasts grow bigger.
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& x9 X- e' H' ]# e* y+ _# lAdverts for the Coconut Palm coconut milk drink feature several large-chested women dressed in skimpy tops alongside slogans such as “drink one can every day [your] curves will excite people whiter and more plump” “genuine Coconut Palm coconut juice I drank from small to big” and “drinking more coconut milk every day can make [your] breasts fuller”.
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5 S0 i9 K) e7 J8 Y5 j8 D7 h这款椰树牌椰奶广告的主角是几位胸部丰满的女性,她们身着轻薄的贴身低胸装上衣,身周有诸如此类的标语,“每天一杯,白白嫩嫩,丰满动人”、“纯正椰子牌椰汁,我从小喝到大”以及“每日多饮椰汁能使乳房饱满”。& C: ?6 N: o) n' K5 v; L2 P# G" \

4 L8 V. [" I, @2 JPhotos of the women also feature on the drinks’ distinctive black packaging which was upxed for 2019. Television commercials for the company – which made similar claims in adverts two years ago – also showed several large-chested women frolicking on a beach.  Z. x% m. @: Z4 m7 o* q' _
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But viewers quickly voiced their doubts over whether coconut milk actually has any breast-enlarging properties.
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  q% {0 g& S1 z/ ~0 e  Z% n但观众很快就对椰汁是否有丰胸效果提出质疑。
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“When I first saw the advert I thought some netizen had just Photoshopped it. It’s only now that I realised it was actually true and not someone joking around” read one comment on Weibo China’s equivalent of Twitter.( a) R/ J# y0 f  \; H9 v7 i
  K7 H$ j$ U2 @8 Q- q! j& h
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$ ^, f5 q/ e7 N. }- S- ~8 b* w$ RMany Weibo users also expressed disappointment that a well-established brand would resort to such gimmicky marketing. “The old brand has been around for so many years and still needs to do this!” one person wrote.
. |4 y1 @# _% n" D- g1 I' Q; r0 H) R, S3 O4 g+ U
许多微博用户也对一个知名品牌如此奇葩的营销手段表达了不满。有网友道,“这个老品牌都经营这么多年了,竟还做这样的广告!”# O- W( j6 V2 z

1 m7 X; U: O5 [/ cAva Kwong a professor in the University of Hong Kong's medical faculty told the South China Morning Post that based on peer-reviewed scientific literature she had not come across studies that supported the claims made for the products.
& k- N1 |* p& X. I$ D. V: ]6 Z+ V8 b9 S. X1 {
香港大学医学院教授邝霭慧告诉《南华早报》的记者,基于同行评审的科学文献来看,她还没有见到有哪项研究能证明该产品宣扬的效果。% _( j- l8 S5 q0 E  p& F9 d
; G- V* t% |5 J" n
A representative from the Coconut Palm factory in Hainan told Beijing Times on Tuesday the company was conducting an investigation into the matter.
; v; T* }; d$ X8 {9 a" b3 [5 W1 q7 @& O
, W3 J0 L5 M* a& V& Q7 j4 M5 E. w
/ H1 t9 C4 S3 s: q2 w1 nThe Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Longhua district in Haikou was also investigating and has removed some of the controversial adverts state news agency Xinhua reported on Wednesday.
# s* A0 ^* J2 V+ s0 _: z  K, S- x4 V3 h! g
据新华社周三报道,海口市龙华区工商局对此事也正在进行调查,并删除了相关争议性广告。1 z6 ?: Q) w4 q1 K5 G; G7 t

3 c) `- j: ]& X“Market regulatory departments will strictly and in accordance with the law carry out inspections and investigate any unlawful advertisements … to protect the legitimate interests of consumers” the report said.
4 I! h  q4 h/ Q0 D9 s2 S' m0 P5 F+ O
4 d3 ^. E* K! l, d. E5 t报道写道,“市场监管部门将严格依法依规查处违法广告......保障消费者的合法权益。”, \  O7 f9 P# j5 u0 Z

; d7 g5 [  L! K6 d) c  c“Tone-deaf” advertisements are still fairly common in China but in recent years they have been met with a growing backlash from consumers.' \$ ?- s" n& ?1 n0 i; A( `
+ W4 ?) ~; I' T. n1 }' q, \
. G  l' {; Y; |; v) u2 E; a7 c$ J% m& ^- F" L
In 2017 a Chinese commercial from Swedish furniture giant Ikea drew widespread criticism for showing a mother lambasting her single daughter for being a “leftover woman”. The advert was later withdrawn and Ikea apologised.0 P. ^/ H! P4 u: G8 V" Q; b  v

; G9 T5 y$ }, e5 j% [6 c2017年,瑞典家居巨头宜家在中国投放的一则广告招致广泛批评,广告中一位母亲痛斥自己的独女是“剩女”。这则广告后来被撤下,宜家也为此道歉。9 T* |3 u( I: \, X
4 }2 @2 H9 k: W  m
Ride-hailing app Didi Chuxing was condemned for a series of ads it ran between 2014 and 2016 suggesting drivers could meet women romantically through the app after a string of rapes and murders of female passengers involving Didi drivers last year.. ?% Q, {; a6 j4 H9 {# N

' D: `& w6 V- J* l+ V4 X1 @  B& q拼车软件滴滴出行曾因2014到2016年间的一系列暗示司机能通过这款软件与女性浪漫相遇的广告而受谴责。而去年滴滴司机涉嫌强奸谋杀女性乘客的事.件接连发生。* a% E5 U" k0 R9 g

" \% }1 ~0 I  A9 u$ T5 K7 |. T+ T* B! D& F. U2 ?0 p* |7 a' A
5 X8 d3 U3 u/ o4 }5 m' ?! t8 F: ]0 }5 l" O: G& o& Q6 t
" ]. e7 E0 t- g, p+ Z, H
Thomas Ng8
/ ], h) m$ Z& d5 @8 \Most Asian women want to be thin and having a sizable rack. No amount of coconut milk can change the balance of nature. I find those cosmetically enhanced breasts on some women are somewhat unattractive if they are not done tastefully (pun intended) LOL.3 c$ S) X& ]3 Z2 V# Y

( Y+ o8 d4 U  ?7 t3 S* J大多数亚洲女性都希望自己身材苗条胸大。但喝再多的椰汁也无法改变自然的平衡。我发现一些做了丰胸手术的女人如果手术做的不是很讲究,看起来就没什么吸引力,笑~
7 ?( o1 b" T0 U; t+ T* G0 M3 ~
, U+ G3 d* j( i+ F) Q5 b! @nigelpar6 d6 C, Y4 M3 v9 d+ i. E
I believe it. What I mean is - I want to believe it.
+ n4 T8 b. F$ F2 X" {2 H
9 t- t5 o8 I  D' M2 ^% @我相信喝椰奶能丰胸。我的意思是,我希望这是真的。# m  N! @) P- T. ~6 A
' ^2 p0 R$ z; A0 L0 v
9 y* D9 j# B% Y* Uwhat will happen to men who drink it? LOL- D0 B$ z2 l1 r4 j

( c( `5 [9 u3 o! t+ B那如果男人喝了会发生什么?笑~
2 a5 }  i- G: j
$ R  Z( x- c) a- Z- ]1 R3 @Big Jezza% ^2 Y* e( l) H9 r
Men might form gynecomastia.5 ]- m, c+ T6 }3 r( T$ n8 P

" _( W5 {3 T5 P) Y1 o/ B; K男的喝了胸部也许会发育(男性女乳症)。3 K* U7 L' X$ e: G( u

6 E. u) c- d" e# r: G2 gsc2mafiez@******! H; {, h2 A) d: ~* |; y
Wasn’t it papaya milk?
( n) z$ [5 @0 X# c( j0 X/ @: }- H$ A! o+ _' {+ b
难道不是喝木瓜牛奶(会丰胸)吗?! `/ D& d4 u* S4 }& O  ~+ U2 W
# k# X9 G( h* f+ K# B
" q- V) L/ k( Z4 Q6 ]( j! S) w' |This is the latest in innovation !
# p9 H& q. m6 e8 }/ c, H
% b5 \: x2 c% v1 {+ A5 v这是最新的创新成果!# q4 i9 A! ?" M* B( e# p* F/ w) g: g

$ c0 K! B" }  {, [* _dmahoon
7 q. K6 r3 Q, Z/ Z  @Stupid morons. Everybody knows that coconut water is good for the big bamboo not boobies." O( k* j0 k% k! ^  D

  _( P4 p8 E" W. ~3 m蠢货啊。大家都知道椰子汁对竹子而不是乳房的生长有益。
0 U% B% N. T4 }1 C5 N
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