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[转载] 印度网友:为什么印度空军不怕中国隐形战斗机J-20?

Why is the Indian Air Force not afraid of a Chinese stealth fighter aircraft J-20?+ Q) b+ i5 z& g; y

% u9 r/ ]- w7 }' h. b( ^Why is the Indian Air Force not afraid of a Chinese stealth fighter aircraft J-20?! J6 h' }& I+ }5 m: e; x) M( s( c
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为什么印度空军不怕中国隐形战斗机J-20?# B- n9 \6 x0 b; v# `, h" Q
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$ x$ ?/ ]  E, y  H+ m  {( A评论翻译! R9 W' _  r7 w, P( j

) i# z. @# W( \2 v7 _7 Z回答1:
7 d/ O! P& z9 b4 l! S3 x) ?( |" L! Y/ F/ U4 I
Abhijot Gill2 V8 r% I5 M1 S) N6 S
Answered Dec 3, 2016 · Upvoted by Aryan Pundir, Officer at Indian Air Force4 L% m- D3 E8 g# H0 @8 f
China is trying to dominate the world both economically and strategically (in terms of military domination) . The finest example is the new stealth fighter Chengdu J-20 popularly known as J-20.This aircraft can be called the copy of US F-22 Raptor.J-20 aircraft is fifth generation stealth aircraft. This is twin engine aircraft.$ L0 U- z/ n% F- ]& h% Q
* B3 D- R- [4 w0 D; q) P$ `! k, V! m
$ ?( W  h& z8 S# t8 r# U0 P. q' v+ k! @  o6 q- f6 o7 B
India is also procuring S-400 Triumf from Russia which can also kill stealth aircraft's. This will help in securing our motherland against air threats.6 R, b* g2 ~6 b. ^

: {5 o9 s  y2 U印度正在生产俄罗斯的S—400导弹,这种导弹是可以干掉隐形飞机的。这对于我们祖国,对抗空中威胁有所帮助。) Q$ p1 u$ U" f1 Y

' [- m6 F$ o: k+ n8 n& c+ }Their are numerous examples in the history of military that an army with more high tech weapons will not surely win but it depends on the skill and courage of the person.We take the example of Battle Asal uttar where are old tanks destroyed the powerful Patton tanks.# ^9 e$ D; _' D" E( P, E. v  _- i2 W
6 O9 v& e# q4 i& g% p& c
历史上有很多拥有更高技术武器的军队却没有获胜的例子,这取决于人的技能和勇气。我们以阿萨尔北方邦战役为例,老坦克摧毁了强大的巴顿坦克。  d& t! H! v# p4 j

1 [7 X- C* n4 f3 J$ cAnd above all machine can do nothing without man because what makes the weapon deadly is the man behind it and Indians are well trained to perform their jobs which makes them the best.
$ C& _4 T/ x( O) d! @7 S0 O6 O2 P# }: p8 M
( m9 {1 F7 H$ r
2 q  R: u! b: r( U! j$ G# i( u' b回答2:9 p. G" |5 R0 ~# G0 {' F

8 h3 ^6 N3 T; S) I7 ^$ N+ c. DFairley Industries LLC Fairley, former Co-Pilot* t. `" B4 R$ t) V- i( h4 p" {5 ?
I am sitting back and laughing as I admire this indian propaganda. Do you think India is ready to compete on the world stage in military aviation? The truth is India buy aircraft from all over the world then subcontract avionics out through other companies all over the world. Piss anyone nation off and then you your planes, dont fly. The Tejas is Indians first and only indegious fighter while the contract for the Rafael is still being negotiated by India with the first few batchs to be built in France. India has paid alot of money into the T-50 program and has yet to get a fighter or even the technology from Russia to produce their own indegious twin seat FGFA. By the way, every time a Su-30 breaks down the engine goes back to Russia.% B' A3 O$ A1 O" P' |% [" V

; A: U8 w% O: e5 O% o4 A/ v; ~5 r我在背后偷笑着欣赏印度的宣传。你真的认为印度已经准备好在世界舞台上进行军事航空的竞争了吗?事实是,印度从世界各地购买飞机,然后通过世界各地的公司将航空电子设备分包出去。让其他国家都走开,然后你的飞机,根本飞不起来。光辉战斗机是印度第一个也是唯一国产的战机,而与达索公司的阵风合同仍在由印度谈判,首批几架将在法国建造。印度已经向T-50项目投入了大量资金,至今还没有从俄罗斯获得一架战斗机,甚至是还没有获得相关技术来生产他们自己国产的双座FGFA。顺便说一句,每次苏-30坏了,发动机就会回到俄罗斯。  P- b3 z. e: j

  U3 P5 d+ A- o4 w: d0 E; E& fIndia Air Force might be the best strategist so far. They did dominate the U.S. Red Flag in Cope India but hear is the problem with that. Alot actually. The best Aircraft in that scenario was the Mig21 bis. Small radar cross section. Fast. Jammar pods. Off bore weapons. Deadly. They actually scored all the kills while MKIs took a AWACs role. It was Indian Aces versus a regular deployable squadron. The did not win any one on one dog fights with there thrust vectoring MKIs. So I wouldn't really say that an Air Force is better when you lose with superior equipment. Especially if you have not done well in another red flag since then.5 L% J3 m+ c8 E  ]  ]. k

8 @" `- t3 m7 b# O( u印度空军可能是迄今为止最好的战略家。印度确实在某场美国红旗军演中表现不错,但这场军演中有些问题。实际上问题在于,在这场军演的情况中,最适合的飞机是米格21比斯,雷达截面小,快,Jammar吊舱,钻地武器。这些是致命的。事实上,这些米格21是在MKI战机扮演预警机角色的时候,才完成了所有的击杀。这就是印度如何对抗常规部署的飞行中队的。然而米格21在与装备推力矢量的MKI一对一的狗斗中,没有赢得任何一场。所以我不会说,如果你失去了一流的装备,空军反而会更好。尤其是从那以后,印度在另一场红旗军演中表现的并不很好。6 C# \8 ]0 Z  Y/ ^( O7 _  Y

2 K" J- h) v7 n  x) FIm not shitting on India but we must be honest and not fall into the propaganda. As long as you fly French, Russian, American, British, etc(India Airforce is like a Paris Airshow) aircraft. Outsource your Avonics from everywhere from Germany to Isreal. You do not have yet a full squadron if Tejas fighters. You have yet to build one squadron of T50 aircraft or even any R&D out of the deal. Your. losing two aircraft a month on average do to maintaince issues. It would be hard to say India is ready to compete with the technology found in the J-20/J-31 when India has yet to develope technology. China has developed two 5generation fighters to compete with the F-22 while India is building a fighter to compete with J-10, F-16, and J-17.
4 A9 ^6 ^- I3 G
/ f1 ?3 G5 G% e& p" }我不是在嘲笑印度,但我们必须诚实,不要陷入宣传中。你一直乘坐法式、俄式、美式、英式等(印度空军就像巴黎航展)飞机。把你的装备统统外包,从外包德国到外包以色列。你还没有一个完整的光辉战绩中队。你还没有建立一个T50飞机中队,甚至在交易之外没有任何研发成果。维护问题让你平均一个月损失两架飞机。很难说印度已经准备好与J-20/J-31的技术竞争,因为印度还没有开发出相关技术。中国已经研制出两种5代战斗机与F-22竞争,而印度正在研制一种战斗机与J-10、F-16和J-17竞争。# t# x) z) C0 L! z: {* D

" Z( o& B# s$ D% X回答3:
7 @8 O, s1 I: ~1 w& O3 `. Z. z4 B& b* X* r
Another confidence to the IAF Pilots is the exercise with the US F-22. That confidence is good enough as the pilots was able to shoot down F-22 with their Su-30MKI in close combat. The IAF pilots understand whats coming out of China and i believe they are very much prepared to face any such threats from China.
2 M: x, |# c1 i# x! v8 T' v
* i" L' S( B% I, x4 t印度空军飞行员的另一个信心来自与美国F-22的演习。当飞行员在近距离作战中,用他们的苏-30MKI击落了F-22,这种信心就足够了。印度空军的飞行员了解中国的情况,我相信他们已经准备好面对来自中国的任何威胁。/ Q8 Y4 V+ d4 |: C3 f
8 t" j" G. b+ A/ G
回答4:  E! g; u% _- V" B

* u/ A) q& V$ b8 f9 NArnab Chatterjee, glad to be born Indian' P( B+ U4 {" a6 a% ~7 a6 Q
The short answer is that neither India nor china is stupid enough to try and make each other afraid!
1 o( y2 B" x2 E( F, Q' ]) A2 G9 Q2 P. }- `9 S$ K# o2 S3 O
" P) t) k# z1 ]) k; ?1 A) Y8 h+ h5 M' u
WHY? …..: R+ {8 }9 A6 A8 H9 J

; G: @5 b* `- @( v- ?9 A为什么5 L7 G# B2 a3 i1 Z& v
4 U2 H4 g. j8 {" O% I
because we both are established nuclear powers with intercontinental capabilities and none of us have a credible ballistic missile defence which any way is never 100% effective in any case!
1 G4 t. T% R7 z9 H! _' c2 x* s* b; {% V
9 k) d/ f( B$ P6 p. v* B" i% v6 Z! d: r8 e9 P# I. q3 O1 \$ A
the main answer is that the stealth fighters are the epitome of any countries power projection around the world. it can be compared to an aerial equivalent to nuclear submarines. thus it takes heavy investment as these beasts are designed to last at-least 4–5 decades with successive modernization along the way. precisely due to this reason, these weapons are mainly for first strike missions and penetration attacks! these bests are simply too costly to be put into active combat theaters and dogfight scenarios. simply put , it will be a huge waste of money if an advanced Akaash SAM or S400 Triumf, shoots down a J20. moreover the nations like India which though lagging still having considerable heft in the high-tech industries of the world, can also build better stealth detecting radars as well as advanced air defence on its own , thereby raising the costs to benefit of ever using these expensive jets into active war scenarios!
; W+ J0 x; ]" G7 I8 b5 f
, h) _, n- O# S% ]我的主要答案是隐形战斗机是世界上一个国家力量投射能力的缩影。它可以比作空中的核潜艇。由于这些野兽的设计寿命至少为40-50年,并且一路进行着现代化改造,所以需要大量的资金。正是由于这个原因,这些武器主要用于首次打击任务和渗透攻击!这些最佳武器的成本太高,无法投入到实战和狗斗场景中。简单地说,如果一个高级萨姆导弹或S400凯旋导弹击落了一架J20,那将是一个巨大的浪费。此外,像印度这样的国家在世界高科技产业中仍有相当大的影响力,同时也可以自行建造更好的隐身探测雷达和先进的防空系统,从而提高了将这些昂贵的喷气机用于主动战争场景的成本效益!3 X. s% D; |+ t6 b

4 P4 B4 M" P, q/ G$ V3 \* C  w  F, EJ20 , if had been a stealth unmanned combat platform, would have been revolutionary . it is the fact that its a manned version , which makes it economically nonviable in the event if war!& L7 i3 |. z6 n( o

/ K, b% e0 f% _: d4 \' L0 K如果J20是一个隐形无人作战平台,那么它将是ge命性的。事实上,它是一个载人版本,这使得它在经济上无法在战争中生存!
' }6 Z  z) t. y
; M/ w, U2 `8 y: o) \: ?2 [the stealth fighters itself on its own are not going to be any use. but the use of artificial intelligence and the superior technological capabilities will be important!where J20 loses out is the perhaps the lack of originality and the Chinese incapacity to introduce original concepts in aerial warfare, given the state of technological advancement that they have reached5 ?$ j3 M. k6 y7 B, G( G% P

4 ]9 e8 k4 ]5 h. R4 S隐形战斗机本身不会有任何用处。但是在研发过程中使用人工智能和积累优越的技术能力是重要的!J20失败的地方可能是缺乏独创性,并且鉴于中国所达到的技术,他们不能够引入空战的新理念。7 l$ F( f  l- `( p% p1 R2 ?% G3 R

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