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[转载] 为什么中国爱巴基斯坦?

Why does China love Pakistan?3 I1 ^- S2 U1 O( Z4 g' {3 Y
  C! F$ J1 S8 ^$ k+ ?
Why does China love Pakistan?& o3 m/ }  r* R8 l' l/ B7 d
0 |- T6 B- e, K+ i! m! n0 s0 B
为什么中国爱巴基斯坦?2 p& k6 p9 D3 k' N: n, v6 E
1 o" Q* P3 ]* W" c  W

4 n5 W! x! Z- m" e& Q5 x, o评论翻译: ^2 Q) G. L2 \+ @
! P5 J# r# \8 b$ u
- o  p! R; O7 i1 Q
Josue Diaz, Ph.D Public Policy, New YorkUniversity (2018)
8 g( T, X$ c0 O% y  H5 U5 k5 F0 t6 kI am taking an answer from another analysisI wrote on China-Pakistan-India to answer this question.% l" Y# J! C# t5 U
China loves nobody except itself, and itcertainly does not love Pakistan. It simply uses Pakistan to counter India.Pakistan has suffered a great deal due to a string of poor or corruptleadership, or just bad choices made in some cases. Pakistan desperately needsto stabilise and become a nation worthy of Jinnah’s dream. And Pakistan IScapable of becoming that nation. However, it lacks strong leadership and thecritical mass of economic development. China has been drawn to Pakistan toexploit this weakness/insecurity and continues to prop up Pakistan militarilyto counter India. Its all weather friendship rings hollow, because China couldhave also supported democracy, education, medical care, and infrastructuredevelopment in Pakistan, but it chooses to primarily help only militarily. Why?Because a stable and prosperous Pakistan will not be dependent on China, andthat is NOT a good thing for China’s interest.
8 ?5 h% o/ Q; h5 CHence, China ultimately wants to weakenIndia and keep Pakistan unstable and subservient. That is pretty much theextent of China’s “love” for Pakistan.
" m+ n" }% u4 R8 m& p; b3 T
4 R; a+ Y( f8 [) W$ e我从中印巴的角度来回答这个问题。" e: [; s3 t- b
! _$ A& g; a# J* R3 q8 f' Y因此,中国最终是想要削弱印度以及让巴基斯坦保持不稳定和服从。这就是中国对巴基斯坦的“爱”。+ p: M8 X$ A5 z! n( s: K

' c: g3 S8 v. f/ u( x* o* W& {7 sAbhay Saini
1 X8 x5 N0 c& c* S# rYour pathetic human wave tactics workedbecause Indian troops lacked budget in their defense. Try that again please andyou will know how solid is your “Chinese” fighting ability. You will get kickedout like the vermin that you are.
! W2 a, U( X. `1 h- O7 G) v& M9 O3 r& K/ S5 C: S
你们那可悲的人海战术起作用,是因为印度军队缺乏国防预算。有种再试一次,你就知道你们那“中国式”的战斗能力有多烂了。你们会被打得屁滚尿流。0 L1 c8 |' k! U3 _; _
) @$ B( |, b2 \' W7 J' ^
Tallat Sohail
% [- @9 k4 p7 Z( m! h0 _  j2 b' |6 oWe are more than friends we are brothersChina is Pakistan is china this is true story  w! c" t5 w* w9 t. l$ z' m; k. K

5 O7 a, \2 Q# J8 X5 c我们不仅是朋友,我们更是兄弟,中国和巴基斯坦,你中有我,我中有你。
  k! M$ T. Z' ^4 s4 [% c" j8 M6 C
3 K- n1 y0 }6 I5 [1 T1 FLav Bhelloriya0 P% g2 M: f! D5 |  t' {
Y Li then according to your view why Chinalost to India in Sikkim in 1967 where they tried same misadventure. This is not1962 and both are nuclear state and China knows it very well and that's whythey are arming Pakistan to keep India and Pakistan busy in Kashmir.# t  }. i+ A0 m. W) Y6 ?

4 @# `. i, }. N9 y根据你的看法,你觉得为什么1967年的时候中国在锡金输给了印度。这不是1962年,二者都是核国家,中国知道这一点,所以中国要武装巴基斯坦,让印巴在克什米尔问题上忙个不停。
1 n' S& x7 X/ H1 T! \8 z9 \( B) {7 E; T0 Z) [; K& {, P  ]) V
5 @8 r  X0 V/ u% t" P: uIn 1962, China made a surprise attack.India thought China & India were bhai bhai. Unfortunately, that was not thecase. India distrusts China and is better prepared now. Don’t take Indianmilitary for granted. You will he surprised.. _; v7 c. k7 F* a, b# I

, C6 g6 X+ E2 l1962年,中国发动了突袭。当时印度认为中印是兄弟。不幸的是,中国并不这么认为。现在印度不再信任中国了,做了更好的准备。不要觉得印度军队好对付。你会吃惊的。# e; b$ _( L4 O" W6 i) `8 X3 ^) ?

8 ]# u# [# ]/ H6 j/ U, Y+ FMunesh Chauhan
; C9 ]7 {7 S2 w1 }' KBashy I agree with all, but by China takingsides in bilateral disputes between India and Pakistan will create more tensionin the region. In the longer run it may not be beneficial for either Pakistanor India. The best option for China is to economically develop Pakistan andencourage India and Pakistan to patch up. By the way India too has strongeconomic ties with China. We all are in the same boat, lets not puncture it,lest all will be doomed.
" Y- i* g! d6 W; `" `+ B8 o* Q: k. Y& v" z+ z0 y
# z0 ~% @0 @/ V5 p" |& \8 [9 I5 H9 M6 m. w6 p6 t, d
) g& c; f$ ?1 W/ I, Z9 ~4 {“heavy industries complex” which heavy industry?6 F8 j$ D- P' h7 A, ~

- L% \7 \% l, X- _7 l  F6 d, O3 f“重工业”?哪个重工业?6 d/ j% _# ~0 p9 O: [9 u$ k2 ?
" N/ K% c# V4 b
Saud Ul Haq
- H4 I% ^" N# h& UI just dun get it… indians would have helpfrom anywhere i.e US russia and so on and even get involved in afghanistan justfor their own means at any costs … but Pakistan can't have economicpartnership/help from the oldest and the one and only best n honest friend ofpakistan of all times China.. they talk as if they r jealous .. i ve seen dams(reference Gomal Zam dam was constructed in my sight), transport facilities (for an instance just go and take a look on chinas help motorways under processfrom karachi to other cities, they r there to help in mines and much more ..and i have never seen china to claim … like i said jealous people.. but I won'tuse any harsh words i m a PAKISTANI
2 Q3 P7 w! l3 A2 v, S/ }/ L9 ]  A
7 M: X% r4 W/ n( V: e我真是搞不懂。印度可以获得其他国家帮助,比如美国和俄罗斯等等,甚至为了自己的利益介入阿富汗,而巴基斯坦就不能从最好的老朋友中国那里获得帮助吗?感觉他们很嫉妒的样子。我亲眼看到大坝的建成(比如高摩赞大坝),交通设施的建成(中国帮助巴基斯坦建造公路,从卡拉奇到其他城市),还有挖矿等等帮助。' q7 n. l2 u: X) Q6 M6 q: F

4 K* M: a7 u0 l' EMartin Andrews
. N% T7 O. x  h3 u1 K" j! EWell I am Indian and I think that Chinadeveloping Pakistan is a good thing as it brings more stability to the region.% g7 S8 L# Q4 R. ^
I believe a lot of these Indians who are“jealous” just lack long term thinking.
% s3 r$ b6 Z4 p) d  Z+ T$ i
& V5 D/ ?3 [) w  y我是印度人,我认为中国发展巴基斯坦是一件好事,这会给该地区带来更多稳定。我认为这些嫉妒的印度人缺乏长线思考。
. s( @- F! v/ i$ G9 @! H5 ]
* m& _- w3 Q$ S. d) M- sGiridharan Velamore+ B. ?6 F% m& v. t; N& T
When China itself is not democratic anddoesn’t see it as a positive virtue, why would they promote it in Pakistan?I’ve read that China is more comfortable dealing with Pakistan’s militaryleadership than the political leadership
2 D' J$ |. `8 u) p4 H. M1 [$ C0 ?! J& ?0 E
/ q- ^2 i/ ?8 z) i6 d
" b! h5 F% C7 r' J4 G+ H1 ]# \Saad Khuram0 f& i) z, S' C4 y" m* n  }# W
that is true. on his previous tour topakistan the chinese president did not even pay the present Pakistani PM avisit. he just discussed matters with the Chief of Army Staff and departed8 e8 w! m' H! P3 u( _) l& Y5 p- W

* G" _+ s3 Z  J4 L5 w9 R" w$ P确实。中国主席先前去巴基斯坦访问时,甚至没有会面现任的巴基斯坦总理。他只和巴基斯坦的陆军参谋长会面讨论事情,然后就离开了。2 m- }( [. G. r4 \5 C' O4 y- c5 w+ m
/ V8 u% E' ]) H4 u2 ]5 A) j) p5 y  g% y
Naeem Ulhaq9 s* H5 W& m3 R# Q. |/ ]
China is equally developing civil sector ofPakistan too, like, it's energy sector and road infrastructure. Pakistan needsmilitary help too.
# U1 b5 P- n, s; G4 g7 b2 g' B1 [' p
" S; s5 g" A1 ^中国也在帮忙发展巴基斯坦的民用领域,比如能源领域和道路基建设施。巴基斯坦也需要军事帮助。
1 g/ ~1 x7 j; H  S1 T8 ~0 d% p
) j% |2 R/ ]+ C5 x7 yPrem Kumar
* t5 ]/ A; S4 x9 {5 ^1 |Pakistan needs economical help more thanMilitary help% u5 Q& Q6 C$ Y2 N
5 J; Q9 R* _: X% C( G' z) r
, q, b5 Z/ U5 t% E( s* A9 y0 j7 T9 C$ g" W2 [$ x' d
SIDRA ZAFAR7 }+ @  m% M  W) e
When China first declared itself as anindependent state India opposed it but Pakistan was the only and first countryto accept its independence.. Also after that china helped Pakistan againstIndia during wartimes .. Pakistan is providing it the best military supportalso that is true but that's not that China or either Pakistan are using eachother.. I read it… By the way I am a Pakistani also…
' j, O# R6 M( H# a- p. V: `
/ b  l) K' K, U( b当中国首次宣布自己成为du立国家时,印度反对,但是巴基斯坦是第一个支持中国du立的。之后,印巴冲突时,中国帮助了巴基斯坦。巴基斯坦也为中国提供了最好的军事支持,但这不是中巴之间的互相利用。我是巴基斯坦人。5 g" D$ C' C* U4 V% t

1 V/ o0 X( x* Y3 d4 u' j& W4 rAnil Dharni
3 C9 S8 c; E* T  W, p. z4 KGet your facts straight.. India recognizedPRC much before Pakistan did.( V8 h# T' m$ u# X0 t. b
Dates of establishment of diplomaticrelations with the People's Republic of China - Wikipedia
8 P2 C1 _. m: L4 d  q3 U5 N1 @) ]1 `0 k+ I6 Y
印度比巴基斯坦还早承认中华人民共和国好吗。3 m* H, j6 V; x: ]

: d  d/ m2 `& g1 Y3 e# k: Q8 hKhalid Hameed
) L3 L- X9 T( x; ^- K% O$ C6 fPlease stop this nonsense. People having noidea what's going on the ground giving comments and portraying themselves asgurus. Just for your information, I'm involved with German Chinese companiesworking to develop industries in Pakistan under this CPEC project. So yourlogic is utterly fabricated.  g1 l0 W- @3 s; o( x  v

+ I* c. J) b7 ^  i5 s别胡说八道了。一些对情况完全不了解的人在到处发表自己的看法。我所在的中国企业在中巴经济走廊计划下帮忙发展巴基斯坦的产业。所以你的说法完全是捏造。
; ~1 m+ h# B: u' V8 h" l2 g& {4 c) X$ }- A/ I
Pranay Purohit4 j  y1 R  G$ ~+ }- `' N
Guys don't argue with brainwashedpeople,they are compelled to believe that CPEC will do.wonders so they can't beBlamed plus CPEC is bread and butter for this guy so how can he betray that(though highly ironic)2 C0 T$ _: d$ h6 B$ S' @

* R( y0 p& ]/ B: P* z, ?不想和被洗恼的人说话,他们被洗恼以为中巴经济走廊可以产生奇迹,所以也不能怪他们。而且中巴经济走廊是你的生计所在,你当然会说好话。
7 g$ g) z  E6 Q2 j2 E6 b& j% u# Q/ k. S
Dipankar Sen) l$ k* y. v4 Q8 N& Q9 X
China is developing CPEC not out ofgenerosity, it has a long term interest which is strategical in military terms.But in the long run it will make Pakistan a pauper state economically andthat’s for sure.3 J1 O5 }  Y* _+ O; ~1 {+ q* F
' N) F. b; G8 f. L
  d+ B7 f. Y% Q1 v2 x- y. p; ?' ^  b3 p2 U0 `: z7 P: \, Q1 N
In China there are no significant lobbiesoutside the government. Any support China provides to Pakistan is far moreconditional than US support to Israel. The main condition of course is thatPakistan continues to challenge India, China's greatest rival in Asia. Luckilyfor China, Pakistan's policy towards India is dominated by it's Army and assuch needs little encouragement in this regard. The other conditions or ratherinterests of China in Pakistan are access to the Middle East bypassing theMalacca straits and access to the Indian ocean for China's landlocked andunderdeveloped far west region. Pakistan is also the 6th largest population inthe world and a significant market for Chinese goods.* u, R2 |2 X+ V; r8 W+ J
- c/ Y  [5 n  X0 t
在中国,政府之外不存在什么重要的游说团体。中国向巴基斯坦提供的任何帮助其条件都比美国向以色列提供帮助的条件来得多。当然主要的条件就是巴基斯坦继续挑战印度——中国在亚洲的最大对手。中国是幸运的,因为巴基斯坦的印度政策由其军队主导,所以几乎都不需要中国去鼓动。中国在巴基斯坦的另外一个利益是中国不发达的内陆地区可以通过巴基斯坦绕开马六甲海峡进入中东和印度洋。巴基斯坦也是第六大人口大国,是中国商品的一个巨大市场。/ |0 Y' ^) ~9 H
8 [5 Z3 z/ r) ~' D, B
The fact that policy towards Pakistan isnot at all a matter of ‘love’ for China is evidenced by the current Chinesevisa policy. China allows nationals of many countries to obtain visa-on-arrivalin emergency situations. India is included in that facility. Pakistan is not.If anything, Chinese visas have become even harder to obtain for Pakistanis inrecent months. China is as concerned about terrorism emanating from Pakistan asthe West, just that it says much less about it publicly.
4 W3 r8 m4 _) W" ?
$ z6 o5 c& J8 d4 Z3 |8 c. X; e$ A中国的巴基斯坦政策完全不是出于爱,这点可以从中国现在的签证政策中看出来。中国允许很多国家的国民在紧急情况时进行落地签证。其中包括印度。而没有包括巴基斯坦。最近几个月巴基斯坦人要想获得中国签证反而还更难了。中国和西方一样担心来自巴基斯坦的恐怖主义,只不过公开场合不怎么说。2 f* a$ l' Z3 B" A+ v' C. F
' ?" ~8 Y+ J2 X& h% j) j" S
As for CPEC, championed by the Pakistanistate as a cure-all, it is again a project China has undertaken entirely in itsown interest. It is indeed a great opportunity for Pakistan, but if Pakistanidecision-makers don’t ensure that its benefits accrue to Pakistanis, might aswell call it the new East India Company. Currently most of the funds coming infrom China are in the form of debt at commercial rates. Most of the high-skill(and therefore high-pay) jobs created to-date have gone to Chinese expatriates.
. C, [! ]! r9 @$ k
0 N& B$ ?0 z+ Q9 D* ~至于中巴经济走廊,巴基斯坦称这是一副万灵药,但中国完全是根据自己的利益来开展这个项目的。这对巴基斯坦而言确实是一个很好的机会,但是如果巴基斯坦政策决策者不能保证巴基斯坦人也从中获得好处的话,我们也可以称之为新的东印度公司。现在来自中国的大部分资金都是债务的形式,要付商业利息的。而且大部分的高技能和高收入职位都是中国人在做。
& R3 N+ V$ e/ T8 Z3 k6 Y2 y3 I. i" u" O  c% p
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