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[转载] 如何弄沉一艘价值30亿美元的潜艇?印度网民:忘关门

India lost a $3 billion submarine because someone forgot to close the hatch, k! p" U0 K9 R) W6 P/ H+ S) `# S# k  ^

9 _  a; Q6 N( r8 g# VSimple mistakes can lead to really big trouble. * ^1 f% U/ `: Y* H

$ [; W, w. z5 d7 |简单错误会导致大麻烦。
+ b4 |1 N; I+ ]5 |, D5 S* P& a( i' R* M
Arihant is the most important platform within India’s nuclear triad covering land-air-sea modes,” the Hindu reports. Well, it’s important if it works — and it probably helps to make your submarine watertight.
6 K/ ~3 b$ d4 V4 }" Q* I
  T# Y& x8 y: L7 z- ]4 @! i5 A印度报道:“歼敌者是印度三位一体核能力覆盖陆海空最重要的平台。”嗯,如果管用,它才重要,而且这种重要性大概还能帮助你们的潜艇防水。
& B0 y6 r- g( S2 z) C. U& x/ c; l+ ?# V) R% L6 _5 U* y! O
The modern submarine is not a simple machine. A loss of propulsion, unexpected flooding, or trouble with reactors or weapons can doom a sub crew to a watery grave./ G" @6 ~/ w0 m( H- K: ~# `. T

& _6 u0 Z7 ?7 k; f现代的潜艇可不是简单的机器。丧失推进力、意外的淹水、或者反应堆或武器出了问题,都会将整艘潜艇的船员葬送在水下的坟墓里。( n4 Y# k, I, u6 O" p- x' J7 A9 h
( J/ X& ~( L4 ^- P9 a
Also, it’s a good idea to, like, close the hatches before you dive.4 O. R& a5 A+ ^, w
$ [& K) T' ~6 g* c3 b; W- @, [
同样的,在下潜之前关上舱门也是个好主意。3 i3 G' B  R6 t9 Q( t! W+ N

' |( ]; q$ O0 E1 o! @It’s hard to articulate how major a foul-up this is, but Kyle Mizokami does a good job at Popular Mechanics: Indian authorities ordered the pipe replacement because they “likely felt that pipes exposed to corrosive seawater couldn't be trusted again, particularly pipes that carry pressurized water coolant to and from the ship’s 83 megawatt nuclear reactor.” For context, a submarine assigned to Britain’s Royal Navy narrowly avoided a complete reactor meltdown in 2012 after the power sources for its coolant system failed., [4 b# X7 s" t/ j

& d$ |% Q: k7 \7 ]很难清楚的表达这次事故有多么混乱,但Kyle Mizokami在大众机械做了一番很好的描述:印度当局下令替换管道,是因为他们“很有可能觉得,不能再次相信在具有腐蚀性的海水中浸泡过的管道,尤其是那些用于输送高压冷却水进出反应堆(这艘船的反应堆功率83mw)的管道。”作为背景,2012年,在英国皇家海军的一艘潜艇上,当动力源的冷却系统失效后,勉强才避免了反应堆的彻底熔毁。& a% Y2 A, m& O: |2 C/ Y& Y& ~
, M0 J! _, z2 K) p
The incident is also quite an embarrassment — and strategic concern — for the Indian Armed Forces. A Russian Akula-class attack sub modified to accommodate a variety of ballistic missiles, the Arihant represented a major advance in India’s nuclear triad after its completion in October 2016. (India in 1974 became the 6th country to conduct a successful nuclear test.)
; L7 `( A4 F4 _! a& ]/ F- @% b' K$ \' G2 J" N) }9 X
7 l" w, s+ }; ]  ?8 G# L# \, ], g) o$ B; F3 X8 u/ G6 e' m9 f8 {# G
This is just some sloppy, dangerous seamanship, and the Indian Navy better get its act together fast. Either that, or perhaps follow the Royal Navy’s lead and install the 2001-era Windows XP as an operating system on all your most vital vessels. That way, you can blame the blue screen of death instead of “human error” for the next critical foul-up. Although even outdated software probably knows enough to dog down on all the hatches.5 O; p3 a( N& p: P  S$ d3 I5 o* P

  D; e2 L( `6 o( t这种操船技术实在是太草率太危险了,印度海军最好迅速采取行动。要么这样做,要么可以效仿皇家海军的做法,在所有最关键的舰船上安装2001年的winXP当作操作系统。这样的话,下次再发生关键的混乱情况,就可以归咎于蓝屏死机,而不用再说“人为错误”了。虽然即使是过时的软件,大概也知道关上所有的舱门。
, h. k3 [% M" K% e7 X6 ]* W2 [$ j; o+ }5 V

2 W+ I8 L" h7 z; z3 K) J! P' u评论翻译1 l6 I; ]  x+ Y( q, i! S

$ n7 J- w" |: i8 `! T# W# ^- f# R" z
abhay.k( t+ v' O" h( i0 u6 v8 E2 F5 V
the writers seems to be unaware of arihant completing deterrent petrol and seem to have bought the propaganda hook, line and sinker from leftist rag news outlet.
7 O8 a! N" U, `$ p" E
' F5 @9 N) D9 l* s/ i这个作者似乎没有注意到歼敌者号正在进行威慑巡逻,他被左翼垃圾新闻媒体的政治宣传钓鱼了。
' w4 W) u7 i4 i) ]
- |& N. F8 z: K* Bwillem9 L4 |/ X1 S- a' r7 P9 d
The way in which the open hatch resulted in sinking next to pier is not discussed in any of the sources. Might be similar to an incident involving the US nuclear submarine USS Guitarro (SSN-665) back in 1969. / \9 s8 Y% y* R5 v9 I
, z: c% C; V: h, o- g
潜艇在码头旁边因舱门大开导致沉没的情况,任何新闻媒体都没有讨论过。可能与美国核潜艇犁头鲛号1969年发生的事故类似。; E+ @( U/ @' h6 u7 f

# U8 ?5 C! `- pRaoul Gandy! v5 D7 J7 r. l% G" n
I don't know who is sadder, the journaliests that posted the original story or the ex-perts that base their research on it. In this day and age when even my non-luxury car has a door-open indicator and alarm don't you think a sub would have something similar? Isn't it possible the original story was a cover to hide work on a second sub while arihant is already on patrol?
9 |. C  D/ |: M  O- m3 i1 g( C8 n, n( S+ g1 i9 ^- r
& s" B8 \8 x4 S1 o; l7 Y% a+ g! O( q- q" L
Industrialist Machinist
# _5 |* `" _: Z9 W) N* Y8 cThis is the most blatant India propaganda post I've seen in some time, the fact that there are no spelling errors leads me to assume you might not be afraid of toilet witches.1 r1 z! u$ l( w! Z9 Z9 n% O

  H2 H; a2 V2 k2 Q这是我一段时间以来看到的最赤裸裸的印度宣传,你这段话没有拼写错误,这让我推测你并不害怕厕所女巫。% y, a" c' P: K. ]. N7 G+ N9 ~

1 `$ u! X2 ]* rBarack Obama% O- y5 z. `" }- b% T6 `0 {
apparently no one told them they could have hired an professional online expert from the internet such as yourself and it would have just easily fixed everything...
" {# E& c2 s& ~
6 W7 t. _8 c& O' L显然,没有人告诉他们,他们可以从互联网上聘请像你这样的专业在线专家,这样就可以轻松地解决所有问题。8 G, A* \6 O0 N
) e' U  G6 Z& e/ W
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