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[转载] 联合国预测印度人口将在6年内超过中国,到2050年全球人口将接近100亿

India’s population to surpass China’s in 6yrs, nearly 10 billion total on Earth by 2050 – UN
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/ f) g  o5 G5 b4 XIndia’s population to surpass China’s in 6yrs, nearly 10 billion total on Earth by 2050 – UN
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8 ~, X2 ]( h/ s8 ?联合国预测印度人口将在6年内超过中国,到2050年全球人口将接近100亿4 x+ ^) I( K. k* j' l
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The global population will add 2 billion in the next three decades, closing in on the 10-billion milestone by 2050, the UN said. India, projected to overtake China, will lead the charge.- K0 k1 u) v' H% z8 g5 N) I

7 X  t# c6 S2 J, n6 c1 l联合国称未来30年全球人口将增加20亿,到2050年将接近100亿。印度预计将超过中国将成为人口领头羊。+ e; k3 C" X3 W. S6 ]
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A newly released report by the Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) titled ‘The World Population Prospects 2019: Highlights’ estimates that a mind-boggling 9.7 billion people will inhabit the Earth by 2050, an increase of two billion from now.
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% u7 m: y4 z2 JNine countries are projected to be responsible for over the half of that surge. Leading the way is India, which is projected to add 273 million to its already massive 1.37 billion population and overtake China, whose population is expected to shrink by 31.4 million between 2019 and 2050. China’s population will continue to dwindle and is set to reach 1.1 billion by 2100, while India is expected to have 1.4 billion inhabitants by that time.
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预计有9个国家将占到这一增长的一半以上。人口增长领先的是印度,预计将在其13.7亿人口的基础上再增加2.73亿,在总数上超过中国。中国人口预计将在2019年至2050年间减少3140万并持续减少,预计到2100年将减少到11亿,而印度预计届时将有14亿人口。1 s9 W, [( N) q/ G! @) s$ ?

9 [" `) @$ z8 L* j3 X4 X6 r' DRunner-up Nigeria is not lagging far behind, and is expected to add 200 million people by 2050. Pakistan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Indonesia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, and the US are the other seven countries that will be driving the world population growth in the next 30 years, according to the report.
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排名第二的尼日利亚紧随其后,预计到2050年将新增2亿人口。报告也称巴基斯坦、埃塞俄比亚、坦桑尼亚、印度尼西亚、刚果民主共和国、埃及和美国是未来30年推动世界人口增长的另外7个主要国家。: x4 m+ u8 B* t9 P9 n9 N' e. ^1 R
* L. n: Q2 m' Z2 `# }. x
While researchers sound the alarm over the rapid population growth in the developing world, they also point to the growing number of people 65 and older that constitute an economic burden. While only one in 11 people is currently in this age group, by 2050, one in six will be 65 or older. In some regions, such as Asia, Latin America, and Northern Africa, the proportion of the elderly population is expected to double by 2050, the study notes.8 e6 E, U% V3 z4 [" t- E2 c2 s! B
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尽管研究人员对发展中国家人口的快速增长发出了警告,但他们也指出65岁及以上人口占比的不断增长造成了经济负担。虽然目前只有1 / 11的人处于这个年龄段,但到2050年,达到65岁或以上人口将占1/6。该研究指出在一些地区,如亚洲、拉丁美洲和北非,老年人口比例到2050年将翻一番。
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; g0 k2 N! k$ N) A. z) @) p: Z& C评论翻译
( d; N6 D3 T0 \& S# k! p+ m! J2 F& z
, V8 A1 G- ]- b$ F  m/ H, }' ]% J! L
+ t) {6 ~- p+ |4 Y8 YResource shortages will start occurring by the 2030's at the rate we are consuming things. Right now we live in a golden age, things are going to get rocky in the future.
* }# V9 u! w9 u/ s3 A7 ~  ]) U1 {5 S. O0 s
按照我们消费的速度,2030年将开始出现资源短缺。现在我们还生活在黄金时代,未来事情会变得越发困难。) Y; ]# M- R) q8 W

2 {) ^$ h# J" N+ w1 [4 jRandaomnpc69* [- _' ~3 T" z
maybe thats for the better, vast majority of humans with their backward mentality and way of thinking are a blight
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9 W1 `# T+ `* X3 \# x也许这是好事,绝大多数思想落后的人都是祸根。
3 S8 g7 H2 \, T: _$ {. ]0 N
1 n  q) L8 k  ?- {, xMike123au
+ m4 V5 [6 v1 Z) aAbout time nature did it's thing, and put the world back in balance. I think around 500million left would be a good number.
7 _2 Y$ W, Z& T7 o7 D  e7 x! l. R3 ~; D- }5 B; V; v
2 \* h$ q% d* X6 E# R( `9 M1 \& h) K! x3 C/ H( J. r: A  s  P
Kernelpanis999! v& D" b: Z6 \4 M" {; |/ ~
From experience huge quantity always goes on the backs of the quality. Those 10bn humans in 2050 will be as productive as the 6bn in 2000 and much more unhealthy aka genetically deficient., i  X( m" x5 H) b
8 O6 s/ B1 i! ^
从经验看,人家总数总是建立在人口素质基础上。到2050年,100亿人口的生产力只会与2000年60亿人相当,而且他们的健康状况也会差得多,很可能充满基因缺陷。- {, c( N  h" L9 a( o

4 Y/ O5 y4 R' R! x; WSheikyerbooby$ O, S2 A3 ~! p; T) S
With all my love for India. But absolute PRIORITY should be the control of population growth and the fight against corruption. If this will not happen, India will have to say good bye to becoming China like.
8 ]& W7 F9 l( i0 O2 ]5 o
% C1 i  a  d. A+ k, e# Y我全心全意爱印度。但印度首先该做的就是控制人口增长和打击腐败。如果两者不能实现,印度无法成为中国那样的国家。
5 X( R8 i0 h! o
, f: }& V1 Y/ B) L, s3 JTom_callan
$ `$ [" E' G9 {1 M7 u1 w4 {! tThat is already happening in India and most Asian countries, population growth has declined and family size is now close to Western levels. Most people don't know this. Africa is a problem but is on the way to smaller families. Most of the info people hear about population growth is false, it's already slowing and perhaps will not go much beyond 10 billion.
8 |' j6 u0 i$ L2 SIf you wish to understand more about the world with real facts, look up a video called : Don't Panic-The truth about population.
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/ d6 N' @# b6 X9 H: s0 t这种情况已经在印度和大多数亚洲国家发生。人口增长开始下降,家庭规模也缩小到接近西方的水平。大多数人都不知道这一点。2 f5 j8 r& b5 n
非洲也是一个问题,但它正走向小家庭。人们听到的大多数关于人口增长信息都是假的,非洲人口增速已经放缓,也许不会超过100亿。0 n5 z7 C7 m5 J' l" y- }% T" s
如果你想了解真实的事实,那就去看一段名为《不要恐慌——人口真相》的视频吧。7 |) c- P' {* _5 `- u: P' q
* V& X1 s1 }! V! x0 u
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