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[转载] 中国的万里长城


% P$ A( v. H) E/ I一、中国的万里长城
: j! N& |1 p0 l# P) R2 ], I
0 t2 z  ]0 U; y- n. M; y/ N+ E, o; A
1 D4 o9 u3 \: N' X5 r
It’s the mother of all of China’s tourist attractions, the Pièce de résistance of the country and the coolest landmark in the world. We all heard about it at an early age and the myth and allure of it draws 10 of millions of tourists to witness this World Wonder.) l5 T2 [6 [2 S, ^. G- I- B7 i( x
9 I; p) e* y4 G, r+ }
它是中国所有旅游景点之母,是中国的标志,也是世界上最酷的地标。我们在很小的时候就听说过它,它的神话和魅力吸引了成千上万的游客来见证这个世界奇观。; G( O4 F, ]7 ]/ H) u, v

+ V  q* n) F  G# @! R  h4 s3 VYou know what I’m talking about, The Great Wall of China.
) M. w$ O$ L2 F: J& E) `; [7 Z
( C9 `7 v0 t* y9 \. Z0 G1 @  R你知道我在说什么,那就是中国的长城。) ~8 o5 e: f" }, ]$ \

( z/ g; r# V4 d; {1 k" ]' o( `We were expecting hoards of tourists and chaos when we visited the Great Wall. Instead we got serenity and beauty during our time there.- n: V8 {( h! z
! N: v  v% f# s$ k
3 y0 }' L& Y1 l. f0 V$ S2 n/ D
That would be because we have smart tour guides at Intrepid Travel. They brought us to the more remote section of the wall, a two-hour bus ride outside of Beijing. The MuTianYu Great Wall section is far less crowded than the Badaling Section. The Badaling Great Wall is the most famous and most Chinese tourists go there as it was the first and most heavily promoted as a national relic.
- V/ t$ [0 Y. k# h, e! O# f6 M9 L# ]% ]$ {& t) \4 `# s
  n) L* r# b/ P1 [1 K: y
: O1 u/ B3 t2 {: T# A3 @4 s3 ASignificant events of Chinese history took place at the Badaling section of the Great Wall attracting domestic tourists. Emperor Qin himself visited this section of the wall and it was here that the Mongols crossed the Wall and took control of China under the Yuan Dynasty for nearly 100 years.
$ I8 n& K) U8 A2 j/ }, `7 ~& Z+ _, r! l; w+ Q4 u
" p2 i) X9 q; i$ c" e
. l7 K+ l# V7 E% L" {: ^* b4 sForeign tourist will be very happy with making the trip to the MuTianYu section though. It has less tourists than the other sections and it is the most well preserved section of the entire wall. Made from granite it remains one of the best quality sections of the Great Wall of China.. ]6 _1 j9 q1 J; J
. s  U$ z  ?- I/ w  _1 m& |0 L- S9 j% e
0 h" x5 y' B- I$ w2 G% @+ F8 X7 Z2 C
If you want to stay away from the masses of people, we suggest the MuTianYu Great Wall.- m, A+ w2 G  y

8 C* |& E  `9 B8 h9 ?7 x3 p$ _; b如果你想远离群众,我们建议你去慕田峪长城。3 a: c; Z% H& g! h; ^, \& {- M

# o* `; h. {8 W2 f3 s! z2 jThe Great Wall snakes over hills and rolling mountains so make sure to wear the proper shoes. We saw a woman in heels!
. z0 G. q- E% L4 [4 r% I4 R2 T) ]* G
) Q$ U" t, x6 T( i; l. D/ W% T  P" X' X
There are 22 watchtowers at Mutianyu Section spanning 2.5 km. To make the most of the view, you can easily catch a gondola up to watchtower number 6 to start your hike. The gondola is a fun little ride to catch some panorama views of the wall and countryside on the way up.1 Z9 c  V% K0 {. z3 z

# H$ Y& O* e' ^1 `慕田峪地段有22座瞭望塔,横跨2.5公里。为了最大限度地欣赏风景,你可以搭乘缆车到6号瞭望塔开始你的徒步旅行。缆车是一个有趣的小旅程,在上升过程中能捕捉到一些长城的全景和乡村风景。
  M1 q2 \: |+ y2 z) D5 j  c. @! H# u5 R& C/ e% ~8 u6 w
The Great Wall of China actually consists of several different walls brought together after China''s warring states unified under the rule of Emperor Qin. It was during the Qin Dynasty, over 2000 years ago that the Great Wall was unified and constructed. Using hundreds of thousand of workers and prisoners, the wall was constructed over decades of work.
4 s" [: y; b  y6 ?) G, M# B1 L' A  [% V
中国的长城实际上是由几道不同的城墙组成的,这些城墙是在中国战国时期在秦统治后修建的。两千多年前的秦朝统一了全国,并修建了长城。利用数十万劳工和囚犯,经过几十年的努力才建成。. o0 {2 M/ x1 I$ ]
# q0 V; L& f. o3 s/ W1 [# Q
For over a thousand years the wall served as protection from the nomadic tribes to the north. Later dynasties repaired and maintained the wall to keep their fortification intact.( o" n+ c2 z( q( ^; j7 f" w

* ]: N( x( t7 O0 J+ R+ v* g/ q# V一千多年来,长城一直阻挡北方游牧民族侵犯的保护墙。后来的朝代也在继续修筑并维护长城,以保持其防御工事完好无损。# F+ O- E" W+ v* _0 p
# P0 J+ n/ k, R  ^* \' j9 p
It wasn’t until Genghis Khan came along in the 13th century that the Great Wall finally fell. He unified the Mongols bringing together warring tribes and seizing control of land spanning from Eastern Europe and Russia through the Middle East and Central Asia all the way to China and South Korea. The Great Wall was of little consequence to the now organized Mongols and once they decided that they wanted China, they broke through with ease.
' i5 q+ t6 K$ G. v# |6 d! f. @
0 B+ `' E1 R- V, B1 [+ ^5 W1 y. a: V% ^直到13世纪成吉思汗的崛起,长城才最终被攻破。他统一了蒙古,把交战的各部落团结在了一起,并控制了从东欧到俄罗斯,从中东和中亚,一直到中国和韩国的领土。长城对于团结起来的蒙古人没有什么阻碍,一旦他们决定要攻取中国,他们就轻而易举地攻破了长城。( r( Z: v# ?% G. s
3 x) d/ C( R8 K/ R
They held power for 100 years as the Yuan Dynasty and since the ruling party was from Mongolia and part of the nomadic tribes that the wall was built to keep out, it wasn''t needed anymore and left to fall to ruins., S. m- f: e5 M3 k' V
+ I' X: k% N2 h4 K( S
* x9 v& P" {9 x' V" S: Y8 g, J& ], i" H. @
When the Yuan Dynasty fell, the Great wall was once again rebuilt and restored by the Ming Dynasty over a one hundred year period only to be breached again by the Manchurians.
: }7 ]3 {4 U% S/ S3 y# c+ B6 p3 C
- ^* z# t! d0 ~$ U  `元朝灭亡后,明朝在一百多年的时间里再次重建和修复了长城,却再次被满洲人攻破。9 U6 O' ?4 N  i6 X7 `. M
. @: j+ a% B$ ?# Q' i: a+ Y8 i. w' I
Whatever you may think of the Great Wall of China, it is an incredible feat of engineering.: ~2 ^9 S+ p( ]& X3 b: v

0 t, D2 v: R; b. E不管你如何看待中国的长城,它都是一项令人难以置信的工程壮举。
* k( x: j5 S3 \5 j' \" S* E/ W7 V5 |3 }6 E: x( d# Y! F# U
With hundreds of thousands of men constructing thousands of miles of wall over the centuries, it is astounding to comprehend the history and events that took place over its lifetime.* z, f% x: g5 b5 @6 }2 G0 _
0 R0 R! h* T# o& n" Q) R7 [
& Z7 D8 A2 B% s5 J" h; u
' n' w, Q2 y5 U. i! A-----------------------------+ c! d" n2 G2 \5 W" [
9 X! W2 O2 v, m* W

1 ]) ~5 H  S4 U) A+ m% y; |& g在中国旅行的5个小贴士
2 J1 w" U/ P2 T: a' o, B" y) w0 D6 S" m; N! k
China is a great destination for both, experienced and inexperienced, budget travellers.3 Q7 Z* }7 I  f
+ ^) r6 y, c5 P  p* E2 o0 Q
2 Y1 K  n( [6 [) w+ c2 [8 G* C1 {: F! V: f4 A) {
It offers amazing natural scenery as well as historical and cultural relics, so the number of foreign travellers visiting China is increasing every year.
6 B- Q! J) {' ], \7 ^/ r
: {/ c( e" l# _# v& Y它拥有令人惊叹的自然风光和历史文化遗产,游览中国的外国游客数量每年都在增加。, ?( f0 f  i* ]# T6 \6 [0 |  u6 n
" U. w) I6 ^* g+ j) |
The country is growing faster than ever and people are getting richer by the minute, so the prices are rising as well.
& L. E+ U3 m' M0 c: J% c9 J5 s2 C+ }* u* }& U( _/ s  p
这个国家的经济正以前所未有的速度增长,人们变得越来越富有,物价也在上涨。; J. L: @0 W; Z$ x
6 N- ~  p( ?  g8 B* X
China is still a cheap travel destination, in comparison to most of European countries, but that can change very soon." I# F& w0 G& }$ b- V. C: a

/ O% L$ \5 A+ `% H. W7 j% d与大多数欧洲国家相比,中国仍然是一个廉价的旅游目的地,但这种情况很快就会改变。
( A2 A0 P) ^+ e
7 E% D9 _  q% y+ FHowever, following a few simple tips, you will be able to travel in China for free or next to nothing.$ Q% f3 T8 i2 s8 u- B5 V' H8 X

" G' q" a7 D, z不过,根据以下一些简单的提示,你可以在中国廉价地旅游。
7 B0 m/ Q0 I- a, Y1 B6 e' H* _% w: g, H  B  i( N$ _. m* D" m
1.TEACH ENGLISH, k0 l& n  p$ L1 }" |3 e
) p% B" P' _. ?' ^2 {$ w
1.教英语8 T) K$ G# D5 |8 e; K
% ?; f+ L7 z8 ^' M8 T2 E8 D) k% ^
Since the Chinese economy has strengthened greatly and is advancing at breath-taking speed, there is a high demand for English teachers.
* \/ E5 L& C+ ^0 G/ h7 C: s4 v& z$ }% V, e7 v/ E3 y
随着中国经济的快速增长,对英语教师的需求也越来越大。# w4 N0 t, G# ?: X
' o1 c4 |, v7 n1 b' O
Whether you are a native speaker of English or not, you can get a teaching job almost everywhere.
2 c% S6 M" M5 x; {
, p6 R+ X! |8 N( \  V/ ~不管你的母语是不是英语,你都可以在任何地方找到一份教书的工作。
- M. W1 P2 K! B2 Q' Q3 z
6 }* Z% q8 ~. f+ ^6 m5 w1 bFriendly Chinese students you might teach
3 \3 |, l) U1 Y' g$ z  Y9 _
5 V+ q6 ?- c9 J0 r- l你可以教友好的中国学生; I2 F2 E4 {6 j- s

2 W4 D8 \! f' I9 c2 xThe school will pay for your transport, food, accommodation and you will also get a decent salary.$ k$ x4 |: @" [9 k% M3 B/ I
7 X- A# l9 u3 o7 q6 [
学校会支付你的交通费、食物费、住宿费,你还会得到一份体面的工资。) B  i. K, W1 Q$ ^3 P

1 K& q# y0 g( a% s8 hThus, you can earn some extra money, save up and keep travelling! Pick up a province where you would like to teach for 1 semester and keep exploring China on the cheap!
% o" e7 f  T, Y6 M1 |4 a  F9 n0 u
因此,你可以赚一些额外的钱,存起来,继续旅行!选择一个你愿意教一个学期的省份,然后继续廉价地游览中国!% d& T* }: z7 ^  R9 p( D
& a) b: ]3 }+ T! @2 {
" j8 x$ k, m: C+ T
' `* {9 R- B3 I& @" y2.学习一些基本的汉语
8 Y9 V/ p! y7 g2 t9 g* W* g5 h. o- q% i" z' m8 n! `! b# _
Once you start speaking some basic Chinese, you will notice how differently people will treat you.9 e& Z  B; O0 I# f" z

1 j+ \' J) p7 |+ ~# K" o一旦你开始说一些基本的汉语,你就会注意到人们对你的态度是多么的不同。
9 H7 }% j3 h4 D/ l4 s. u9 \, ?3 a% S% B; I. s3 ]6 I- d# l# _8 O
4.TRAVEL BY TRAINS7 b7 O, O; h7 E% P) @, k3 w5 x" U9 K
* A" r/ [! `6 L9 T! R
4.乘火车旅行' D- Y. ]2 l* b( @- g) P# O- @

% u5 x& d8 C* ^6 L, K7 u& VGetting a train is the cheapest transport option in China.
1 Q* Y# S" B8 ^& V; v
. ~9 g8 @& v, K: F4 F  S  j在中国,坐火车是最便宜的交通方式。
' M' D* |' k# _* i1 J0 u/ E+ V4 b) n$ {
" Z, @. y3 O# Z# y3 o, x2 D9 sYou can get standing ticket, hard seat, soft seat or hard sleeper ticket. The standing and sitting tickets cost nearly nothing but they are the least comfortable.
8 F9 S  a' I; a: E3 W% }( Y, M4 ?: C3 A/ ?
8 P5 K7 @9 j0 V. z" H/ Y/ F8 D0 a$ l6 `/ E8 M- K: K# B9 {. H
You can make some friends with Chinese when travelling by trains  b& P! U9 `7 u$ ~/ U
2 I' k- [: @' F$ s" G3 O/ T5 A5 \
乘火车旅行的时候,你可以和中国人交朋友。" X( ?/ l  k/ X) Q2 v' U  J: A8 R
/ s4 Y+ G3 ^: |. i5 \8 k
Nevertheless, if you are a foreigner and you buy a standing ticket, you will actually never stand as Chinese will not let you. They will often give up their seats for you.7 ]9 ~3 J& B6 Y+ j. @% i
; m9 C$ A6 n* H. @  S
, u6 m- {5 k5 a( A% @& |7 U+ e$ A4 s* B& Q
Don’t be surprise when you see people smoke, wash their faces, brush their teeth or change their clothes while being on the train. If you can stand it all, then you will pay next to nothing for transport in China!
) }% ^2 U$ }# Y: V# K
2 j+ N3 A2 d- B  F) f( M; L: b当你在火车上看到人们吸烟、洗脸、刷牙或者换衣服时,不要惊讶。如果你能忍受这一切,那么你在中国的交通费用几乎为零!* c9 T3 h+ Y( c7 _3 Z

# b# k0 A5 x0 B6 y5.EAT LOCAL FOOD4 H' c- d+ m" Y
2 A3 B6 o3 O8 \8 O
5.吃本地食物5 A, o; ~& n! [, \

& N# \0 k* u6 v' y, v: F+ H, ADining out in Chinese restaurants is cheap, but the street food is much cheaper. For example, the dinner in a restaurant will cost you at least RMB100 ($16), whereas you can have a decent bowl of fried noodles with vegetables from the street for only RMB4, which is less than $0.50.$ X) o) R4 Q" Y. X, `. ~
9 \& j8 {' t9 l( |, E3 j
在中国餐馆吃饭很便宜,街头小吃更便宜。例如,在餐馆吃一顿饭至少要花100元人民币(合16美元),而在街上吃一碗像样的炒面只要4元人民币,不到0.5美元。; m' Y8 l/ u: V4 Q- N( d
' X; g* Z; R4 H8 V1 e4 I% r) ^# X
After 2 weeks of having street meals, you will notice how much you can save on food and you will not believe it!
% d4 V3 c. w3 O% D% {
! t/ N  U" p/ l! {+ |, h; g在街头吃了两个星期的饭后,你会发现你可以节省多少食物,你会难以相信!* h$ }( z! y! q5 ^
7 m8 C/ K3 A$ b, ], E
To sum up, China is a country which can be as expensive or as cheap as you make it. There are numerous options for low-budget travel, which give you an opportunity not only to see a lot and have fun, but also to save up money for your further expeditions.! u3 {* D" H1 y- R! n

5 G% w  c$ H3 P% z( w总而言之,中国作为一个旅游目的地,它可以是贵的,也可以是便宜的。低预算的旅行有很多选择,这不仅让你有机会看到很多有乐趣的东西,而且还可以为你未来的探险攒钱。4 x; u6 C9 r1 q+ r1 _

7 k2 \0 W$ t2 i$ s2 tEat cheap, travel off the path by trains and do some teaching in between and you might leave China with more money than you came with!7 X$ M  B. G. u/ K

7 W8 u/ P. L: U  k4 W& e吃便宜的食物,乘火车旅行,在这期间做一些教学工作,你离开中国的时候可能会比你来的时候更有钱!
, B7 ?( o- J' l: N0 _
/ Z2 |3 N+ b/ X% v! ]) i评论翻译# R2 m; C1 p1 U  q

7 j9 }" [( n+ j; O1 i# w7 RMICHAEL% g) S' ?7 m5 a5 L
Mutianyu Great wall was said as the most beautiful great wall in Beijing. I was there in last summer. It need about 40 minutes walk from the entrance up to the great wall. But the path is in very good condition. Once i stepped on the great wall, i was impressed by the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding.- \8 {8 J# R" L' t/ p1 P
2 B2 @- }9 O, f' m4 W# x
; P0 k1 s4 y: Y/ I) ]6 G# ^
* |3 i; v1 _& \1 Y+ I6 W, L- lDEBNDAVE
  z5 J, t1 w" |You captured the feeling perfectly. The views from the Great wall are astounding.
. @4 b9 p' [5 Y6 `2 C1 L; H6 m3 U' u1 t( c( _
你完美地体会到了这种感觉,从长城上看到的景色令人惊叹。+ y1 a' H& c) a  k
) ?  T0 @$ x3 t0 s; s9 y$ M+ Q7 ~
ROTUB$ Z) i0 I7 S- n8 \+ r# J8 i. j
I went here. Yay!# l; i) l+ \# P) F" }8 k
: L& g% C4 {0 X' P5 c. }, ~
$ `3 e4 T2 L3 t  _& @: \/ _% M+ [) z, n4 A) P$ j& d! c
Hi Dave and Deb, great pics with a side of history lesson! I am totally fascinated with China. I have to figure out a way to get there this year.
# T' O* _  O' ~5 S
6 \: N# @% e* [7 r. e7 |嗨,Dave和 Deb,很棒的图片,还有你的历史课!我完全着迷于中国。今年我必须想出一个办法去那里。
* ~8 R, q0 h+ K( s
. x" l* Q+ M( }# A. N5 ASCOTT @ ORDINARY TRAVELER! j" W+ `, D7 U3 i9 o
Just simply amazing. I am so excited that you were able to go to a spot with so few visitors. I will have to remember that the MuTianYu Great Wall section is far less traveled. Great photos as well.9 Z7 j& U# J! H) j4 Z+ f- i( I5 Z
) ]3 {3 c4 Z7 |+ n
简直太棒了。我很高兴你能去一个游客很少的地方。我必须记住,慕田峪长城是人迹罕至的。照片也很棒。& z- ?' D- b# J2 T2 z7 [: B

) r6 i! v  Y- {( B, Y7 d! x# ^, KMATT
4 Y+ U: m( y% O, YAs always, stunning photos. Great tips – can’t wait to get to China.
3 u" u% g% g0 h2 o3 t. D- y! Q8 D3 q. J$ d3 Q# i3 Z( ]
一如既往,令人惊叹的照片。好帖子,让我迫不及待地想去中国。4 `2 \6 I, M- P' I1 ?

3 W/ ?2 U2 Z: U7 k$ EKELSI2 Q( d6 @) C# s9 a6 h
Wonderful photos! I love the Great Wall.( J7 s. \2 f; ]3 @0 c
3 J* L% u7 U1 h. h# N' G; J
, r5 c3 t3 j" A3 c( V: @, ?& e7 \/ k
bethany$ t) G& p1 A! e$ i
Oh Cool! That is a place I can’t wait to visit as well. Looks awesome!3 H5 T( m8 q0 ~  ]
" t0 P" {% }  I( h! {1 A) G
哦,酷!那是一个我也迫不及待想去的地方。看起来棒极了!5 i1 `- K+ z/ g5 l* u1 D) `. `9 m) e+ }

2 ~4 E2 m$ M% P, ]9 ?Davendeb# B3 Q& o( h2 x" q% x7 h
It was definitely cool to visit. Especially this section. It just seemed surreal to be there.
. m8 F4 q9 w" J! r. W
5 b- O* D# ?+ t- g- X2 F参观这里绝对很酷,尤其是这个区域,在那里感觉很不真实,很梦幻。
2 c) b+ m$ r+ t$ p' x0 Y5 K0 z, y3 H+ o" L/ G& N9 i
" M0 c8 b8 k+ I) o5 V4 \I’m pretty sure I climbed the Badaling section in November 2007. The area around the main entrance to the wall was packed with vendors and tourists, but once you got up on the wall it was actually quite quiet and not crowded at all. It could have just been because we were there in the off-season, but my Great Wall experience was great! Now you’ve inspired me to do a post about it.
) i0 _% M* q2 C% E' M% X
; N/ P# M) x( B% F我很确定我是在2007年11月爬上八达岭长城的。靠墙的入口周围挤满了小贩和游客,但是一旦你爬上长城,其实是相当安静的,一点也不拥挤。这可能是因为是淡季,但我的长城之旅非常棒!现在你启发了我写一篇关于它的文章。
: V; c. O% x' i! ]' c9 c" u4 V5 T& a5 E1 j9 V4 P/ s; M
% A) h- |( k0 Q( H2 iThanks for sharing Amanda. Those were great tips too! It is cool to see the other section of the wall that we didn’t get to visit. I am glad we could inspire you to write about it.* D& P: v/ j7 _6 H9 I1 H
2 O! r- U% U2 U2 ^1 U
* {7 I3 G! y$ j& B" ^7 q  C; }' A0 b3 e4 m) A, r! v0 o/ g( T% r
JILL - JACK AND JILL TRAVEL THE WORLD4 ^7 a% r$ ^; ?0 R  {; s
Great photos! Can’t wait to see it for ourselves!
5 ?5 J5 u& M' j5 ]7 Y4 O5 x- J% U; o" c6 y( t! J. t, Y+ F7 S4 D1 p
很棒的照片!我等不及要亲眼看看了!, r& D, g/ m7 w  x' Y% u: _

3 I$ G! |  d, o% K$ V( E) s1 Ypriyank$ o1 Z. J+ ^  v! v3 x
The wall looks quite imposing from this angle. Its funny that someone would wear heels on excursions like this. I hope you also got to see Mongol horsemen on the other side, lol.
3 H& x/ R1 V+ w, V3 Q! G" x$ u6 y/ r% H9 C/ ~
, \% Q* Y5 f$ D+ s% }5 ]/ b6 M& a! P) f8 K; ]5 @
; }2 B% k1 p9 CGood lord it looks epic! There are few places in the world that live up to the hype and I would imagine the Great Wall is one of them.
( O0 m7 J$ R( K& D- x7 c! m6 u7 e; m" G( K) G! R  j5 _7 z
% O+ w3 Z: p5 L3 \  m
" q1 a" w. d3 F: F# ^6 t0 MDavendeb
) x  L: b9 f) oWe were lucky, we normally find ourselves surrounded by haze in our travels, so we appreciated this sunny day.8 u5 b$ y- g' p. P9 A! F% ^

" Q, U8 f- I3 f/ }我们很幸运,在旅途中我们经常发现自己被阴霾包围,很感激这个阳光灿烂的日子。
4 ]7 \; t: ~  e! Y
: E( X2 j/ i0 N7 hKIMBOFO, f+ k" H% f" B- i
Your photographs are awesome — as usual.I still think our visit to the wall was the highlight of our trip.$ U: r% c  ^# y5 \$ B

- u. e7 q1 h8 a% K. ?. |& v# K你的照片很棒——和往常一样。我认为长城之旅是我们旅行中最精彩的部分。1 ^. T3 g% G) C+ j- l

  D8 k& g& \. E5 ^- H+ \& DDONNA HULL2 z& a8 F) @5 U7 a
What beautiful photos from the Great Wall. I visited the Juyongguan Section near Beijing, another popular tourist stop on the wall. It was very crowded, making climbing up and down those steep steps tricky for someone like me who has a fear of heights. Your tour company was smart to take you two hours away to a less crowded section of the wall. From your photos, it looks magnificent.0 F3 V! A8 H# x2 J7 e* M" y3 X6 c
9 w, J1 G- ]7 P3 u
+ w1 q* L& a  a0 E  e0 H6 S
* b- [9 |, f* TDavendeb* v. p2 i  f9 F4 r; [. n+ q
Thanks Donna. You are right, the Great Wall has some tricky sections that can be very scary if you are afraid of heights. I never expected that. I also think the time of the year was perfect. Our entire time in China is was the tail end of the tourist season so we rarely saw crowds.
- Q& m2 o9 O% D! f1 b" F  n# S
. o" u8 |+ `) ~3 Y谢谢,Donna。你是对的,如果你有恐高症的话,长城有一些复杂的部分会非常可怕。我也认为一年中的这个时候是完美的。我们在中国的整个时间是旅游季节的尾声,所以很少看到拥挤的人群。6 |, q) Z3 ]2 I; W  B6 x

0 X( ~% k/ V- O) f- oMildred
! L/ l* B4 f+ a; R, P( CHello, I will be traveling China for 15 days. I would like to visit Beijing, Huangshan, Guilin and Zhangjiajie. Can you help me how to go around China with a budget. I want to see the natures. No shopping. I will stay in a hostels.
6 L& g& x# c! ^# T, V, G; G5 k' b7 g3 V: a3 Y
你好,我将在中国旅行15天。我想去北京、黄山、桂林和张家界。你能教我如何节省预算周游中国吗,我想看看大自然,我不购物,会住在旅馆里。( x3 @" K8 [) c2 ?# n. m- ?
4 Y( |" i6 E: F1 F& L) }# V, X
% `( H& C, {* v! z4 M1 u5 A" o1 FGreat post on budget China tour. China overflows with beautiful places to visit. Its charming riverside towns, Epic statues and buildings attractions for tourist. There are some ways to reduce the cost for china tour: Join a group tour to save money, choose cheaper guest houses and hotels etc.0 s" N4 d% G# U  M: a
7 F* Q/ P/ a6 H4 r4 a" S
; {( s7 d0 ], F
# B5 f: o$ l$ _7 H& x* zsonu shira1 n& I* o/ A! P# j! B% x3 V* V
china is very beautiful country.i am planning to travel in china to know about its culture,people etc. but money was my main concern. i read this article it is very useful for saving money during travel time.thanks for sharing. It would be very helpful for me.
' s& Q$ |9 s) j4 S6 ?' r! x3 M/ I& p
中国是一个非常美丽的国家,我计划去中国旅行,了解中国的文化,人民等,但钱是我最关心的问题。我读了这篇文章,对在旅行中节省金钱很有帮助,谢谢分享。这对我很有帮助。3 U/ V  Z% b0 {+ L$ V- u1 u

9 ?7 V. G6 R3 f& U/ q& xANNIE@GREENGLOBALTRAVEL  p: Y6 v4 j. Y, E7 k6 f3 t4 p, v
I just heard of this “soft seat” option… A couple of my friends gave me this tips and told me to get it, no matter how cheap the other ones would be .
+ J; w* W' M( ^* W" p) H7 g6 T. R% k6 a4 A
我刚听说了这个“软座”的选择...我的几个朋友给了我这个建议,并告诉去买,不管其他的有多便宜。/ N0 H5 s0 j! W. e* u, B

' P, c! n& `" R% l+ m+ ^: OTRAVEL ADVISOR6 q& B$ R, _& \2 [% k3 W* J
I love the fact that this article is dedicated to China! This beautiful country deserves all the attention, there is so much history, knowledge and beauty there, and so much to learn and explore. Thanks!
' `" O* h* `8 r& I/ b5 r; E
+ ]" S% z# r2 M% M/ y  Y% E# ]4 I我喜欢这篇文章!这个美丽的国家值得所有的关注,那里有如此多的历史知识和美丽风景,有如此多的东西需要学习和探索。谢谢!
! `3 L: L! n: X( {$ Z5 y, Z+ E( O) B
% r8 v& {) q' S. O* e' ?* zI’m going to implement your living on $25 a day on my next trip to China! I think that it’s completely doable.
  J" L! M& T6 F, b7 @/ k- K# V' i- I$ Z3 [) M- h" j4 l
8 Y# w1 n& E" C4 q9 p/ T7 C8 `
/ X3 t% v) f/ P, xZENY
; Y" E  n0 H) o% z- s6 E. }It was the first time I visit this blog, and here I found a lot of interesting info related trip to china. thanks, your article has inspired me) T6 Y+ ^  C- L. y' y/ u- e
$ E& A0 ^( {* ?8 \# L7 n
这是我第一次访问这个博客,在这里我发现了很多关于中国之旅的有趣信息。谢谢,你的文章启发了我。8 a8 |, r# b$ c% c) r
* H' w( [, ~; z7 s
beth& b" p5 r' G+ Q8 E# B
I like how you made your blog personal, the pictures are amazing, and the tips are great. Very useful. I try to be as careful as possible while I’m on a trip, however splurging once in a while is nice
9 n1 P# Y. ]( P8 W) P0 f2 I
5 Q9 Y6 x8 o3 y% K$ c我喜欢你个性化的博客,照片和建议都很棒,非常有用。我在旅行的时候会尽量小心,不过偶尔挥霍一下也不错。
0 q: Y- V- I: k3 s5 k  ^! Q# p6 `, j, {
MELAMIN! A% U6 f! |2 J
China and India are on my list for a long time, but it is hard to choose where to start with and schedule where to go and how many days to stay. These are nice tips though but it would be also nice to hear some information on what to see as well.8 A" ^- \9 F+ F" [# e5 |0 {
  ]: K" H; b# d/ V
  e2 T% a( Z" u; E) H3 b8 y2 {- S6 V' y
JARMO2 g  L* J! j2 n) I/ k& q
Good tips, prices in China do depend a lot on where you are. The less touristy places definitely are cheaper, and there is still plenty to see there. And you should most definitely eat local food in China, it’s damn awesome!
. a; W  b, O* _2 E4 H6 N  c1 k) k3 f: L& K9 C- I$ I) J
好建议,在中国的价格很大程度上取决于你在哪里。游客较少的地方肯定更便宜,那里还有很多值得一看的东西。你绝对应该吃中国当地的食物,这真是太棒了!6 c: e, F' r- H* {) z1 A* j

% @( r& @3 O2 y( ^30TRAVELER7 r# P/ g$ H) x
China has been on my ‘maybe’ list for so long. It’s seem like such an important destination in terms of the massive portion of the world living there, but there are some things that put me off too e.g., pollution, spitting and other gross habits, attempts at overcharging, and that I don’t typically like Chinese food.: V* r  m9 d- t7 m  j) L

9 ~+ B7 p% q% S( q中国在我的“可能去旅游”名单上已经有很长时间了。对于世界上大多数人来说,这是一个非常重要的目的地,但是也有一些事情让我厌恶,比如污染,吐痰和其他不好的习惯,收费过高,而且我不喜欢中国食物。) l7 F, p# l3 Q- ?7 \, D
& t$ f1 u6 n$ h) T* X4 p8 y& E; I( g
/ T3 [/ V3 b; h' \Great tips! China is high on my list of places to visit…it’s just that there is so much to see that I don’t even know where to begin!
  Y9 h( S5 T( {, t: o6 X; v, U
$ E+ h# R6 Q* v8 J# B7 }/ h" d( P很棒的建议!中国在我的旅游名单上排名靠前......只是有太多的地方要看,我不知道该从哪里开始!
+ l) Q' g: Z2 ^$ {- U& q- Q' h" n: G, D) I
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