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[转载] 中国唐朝视丰满为美丽和时尚

The plump is beautiful and fashion in Chinese Tang Dynasty
/ _* w1 w7 f4 ^. ?6 c# L9 A" [. x9 ?$ t. a, L( U+ b. l4 ?
( P7 G; p+ X, p) Y8 j. FAre you on a diet to lose weight? In fact, during the Tang Dynasty (618 -907AD) of China, people thought the plump is beautiful and fashion rather than the slim, but should not out of shape. Just look at the girls in the following Tang murals. What kind of plump figures they have? The present aesthetic standard has changed a lot, but the plump should always have their unique charm. Don’t bother to be slim!
6 ^2 G+ Q) K- f8 N  Z  l% m9 W  a0 [# W( P$ z1 P! |0 I$ ^, r
% P4 p/ H+ \! h# K0 S
* Y2 y  M4 _7 g+ n& d, [  L5 Y/ O: E) p1 \( D

% a/ Y, J, ?/ ?) k- B9 b6 C评论翻译3 I  y( V8 u& M

: @. ^! R% b2 u$ m- ], f; p' u
4 i; e  \6 s+ D. ^3 c2.WANHU
6 c0 P  }8 ^1 b# ~$ D7 P7 G* p6 CI have heard of the tale about a Chinese princess with deformed small feet. The palace court ordered all the subjects should bandage the feet so that they won't grow and became small like the princess'. In those days, it is said, girls with smaller feet were beautiful! Perhaps during Tang, some of the courtesans were plump, in order not to upset them, they started the grapevine saying plump is beautiful. Anyway, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
8 {# k1 B) ^% }4 X" j; ]5 S% k# C7 ]" r7 i8 k' V
我听过这样一个传说,有一个公主长了一双畸形的小脚,于是宫廷命令所有的女人都要缠脚,那样所有女人的脚都不会长大,就和公主的脚一样小,在那段时期,被认为有小脚的女人才是美丽的!- \, x+ ^: K% T6 j' A, E
也许在唐朝,有些有势力的交际女性长的比较丰满,为了不得罪她们,就秘密散步消息说丰满是美丽的。不管怎么说,是不是美丽,在于看的人怎么想。# |$ [( R9 d) |

% \$ Z& [1 u7 \. K* h4 x4 C4 l$ z3 y0 s3. GUESTLILY
! v; x, y% u/ ^Interesting hypothesis I want to be in the Tang Dynasty. Losing weight is painful
6 }. H' s( |% N* F$ j+ X4 d# H) n( O: B& t, r
有意思的推想,哈哈,我想去唐朝了,减肥太痛苦了。哭& v- V1 x. p0 r

" O9 t# \) t* C; P4. WANHU8 W  F# {" B5 \, R. ~+ G! j
GuestLily, have you seen the old ladies with wrapped small feet? It's difficult for them to walk.& w  K! O9 D  ?
; k' }) B! Y  E
% B% w0 F) z& `* a: G1 z" W, G5 V1 @) r
, E! S% c, R( d4 WLonely, do you think the girls dared to bind their feet in support of Miss Wu who failed in her attempt to assassinate the emperor? I'm sure they would be condemned to death because it showed their contempt against the emperor.* S4 c' g+ f& T5 E9 ?
, i2 a+ B: V* j/ _8 @
引用:你认为那些女孩胆敢裹脚支持那个刺杀隋炀帝失败的吴小姐吗?我很确定她们会因为反对隋炀帝而被判处死刑。1 |4 N- ]7 _1 [" q

' t' _* B1 k! v* HWan, you will find that Emperor Suiyang was a tyrant if you you check some Chinese history materials. Many his people hated him but few could do heroic deeds like Miss Wu. That's why she was regarded as a heroine and remembered by the people. Anyway, it's just a tale. There is another saying: foot-binding might originate in the Song Dynasty because it was mentioned in some poems of the Song Dynasty.. W% `+ m3 t3 M- V
1 r  ~4 A: R* U5 H! k* z
回复楼上:如果你查一下中国的历史材料,你就会发现隋炀帝是个暴君,许多他的子民对他恨之入骨,但是仅有少数人能做出想吴小姐一样的英勇的壮举,这就是为什么她会被看着是女英雄而人们铭记。 不管怎么说,这也只是个传说。另一种起源的说法是源自宋朝,因为在一些宋朝的诗句中被提到。
+ {) Z& N+ X0 I
( }8 E4 r& t$ c8. WANHU
5 O  P, t0 f  AA tyrant... the more they scared to show any contempt. In early 1950s according to an oral tradition narrated by my grandma to my mom, there were many ladies with cloth-wrapped feet, from Guangzhou. It's not easy for them to walk, and quite painful too. The local society called them as the Chinese with tiny feet and became a centre stage when they walked outside of their abode in the evening. Those Chinese ladies told my grandma that this culture ran in their family. When Qing Dynasty fell in 1912, the new Republic of China government banned this culture of feet binding but many of them defied the order.% D2 H/ S& }9 A' {; c/ B2 \

% J$ D1 [. U$ D" I. l4 T既然是暴君,那么她们胆敢做出轻蔑他的举动。。。 上世纪五十年代早期,根据我祖母口传给我妈妈的传统叙述,在广州,有许多女子缠足,她们行动不便,走起路来也相当疼。当地社团称她们为中国小脚,当她们晚上走出她们的住所,逐渐形成了一个小圈子聚会。这些女子告诉我的祖母,这种传统在她们的家庭里继承,从秦朝开始一直到1912年,新中国政府禁止这种缠足的传统,但是她们许多人不遵从这个法令。
% n/ m" ]0 u& Y. F: b. r6 Z/ t% x! Q9 }' S2 i9 S0 g
0 T7 o; z) Y; k9 w2 A2 Z& n  DYou may create a Tang Dynasty in your mind. If you able to do that, then why not try to manage a change? It's not that painful as long as we have the real focus and patience.$ l) E( E, C! _+ k# R+ ]/ c5 _1 {& M1 V

) _$ U2 g1 c' J& ~9 Q你可以在你脑中脑补一个唐朝,如果可以,那为什么不作一点改变,只要我们报以真正的关注和耐性,也没有那么痛苦。
+ C" O2 a) ^8 {. _
# |1 ]- [8 b3 U10. LONELYJO...& G! q6 }' [3 ?# i- M5 }2 }
The Emperor Suiyang just did a good thing, building Hangzhou-Beijing Grand Canal. Although the grand canal was built for him to have fun in Southern China, it facilitated the economic development in both northern and southern China.6 S" C. O: j4 ?' s# d: p

. J' \; ]  @- k隋炀帝只做了一件好事,那就是修建了京杭大运河,虽然大运河是为他到南中国游玩而建,但的确促进了中国南北的经济发展。
7 t* z: R! C# U, d" n3 w6 J! h  n. h0 T( y' E  v6 X/ I" ]  c
- F8 U5 x! Y% |A blessing in disguise.) {' Z: P1 @# |

6 D: K# [. P% M& V, K因祸得福。2 m7 d( T9 \. Z

$ }  X" y9 v( y- D6 }: S" \12. RAINDROP& j9 m+ n% b* g4 j0 z8 s" n# y  W8 @. k
Originally Posted by WANHU You may create a Tang Dynasty in your mind. If you able to do that, then why not try to manage a change? It's not that painful as long as we have the real focus and patience. That is a good idea, but how about others around me? they believe that the weight of "good girls" should not be more than 50kg. This is for Chinese only!
5 `+ s! u- a* x+ B6 R6 y
" H4 l; Z6 U* p: N' h8 O引用:你可以在你脑中脑补一个唐朝,如果可以,那为什么不作一点改变,只要我们报以真正的关注和耐性,也没有那么痛苦。 回复:是个好主意,但是我身边的女孩怎么办?她们坚信一个好女孩的体重不应超过50公斤,仅对于中国人而言!
/ y6 g, D  L0 l1 m( c! m$ p. e- u8 k* j* d# x- t
9 S$ `1 m' t/ G; pProbably they are right, the ideal weight. Anyway, for man, the ideal weight is his height (in cm) - 100, and should not be more than that. If his height is 164 then -100, his weight should be more than 64kg., v, H* U6 M. h) V. I

+ {+ L% |* H; [  L  j$ M这个说法可能是对的,总之,对于男人来说,理想的体重是身高减去一百,不应该再多了。如果他的身高是164cm,那么他的体重不应超过64公斤。
) \  R- t; ~6 Z
3 O0 ^- J1 ^3 |4 I( {+ E14. ENID: q) M- T' f1 L) w0 x$ S
Great, is this formula for men only? I think, for girls the ideal weight should be = (height cm-100)x0.9(kg)-2.5(kg): `/ z; v+ |6 M1 H

: k! x3 i4 F' r9 }6 D/ Z太对了,这个公式只适用于男人?我认为,对于女孩子的体重,理想状态是身高减去100乘以0.9再减去二点五公斤。
4 ?: p; g& ?3 T
# d9 z7 ]5 \1 d, l9 R15. WANHU
  ^2 X6 Q8 w3 k" y: P+ e+ S! |Errata: "his weight should be", should change to "his weight shouldn't be"% B! d0 i% X* w- s* a/ N7 {/ K! S
5 m6 x! n5 ?4 n4 @! {' I
纠正:“他的体重应该是”应改成“他的体重不应该是”。6 Q9 }1 X4 d& @: _: p- q7 v5 s

& ]" L7 \% G3 K" z  o4 F16. WANHU
: w& K2 F3 h; T2 S) W+ A) TDear Enid, sometimes I look for what I need, maybe part of the constraints and limitations that I have, only looking at what an ideal weight a man should have. I will try to find out for others too, and I'll keep this in mind." H( i2 \( G' k9 R

+ G, F# }) H# U亲,有时我追求我的理想,有些出于我本身的约束和限制,仅仅看看一个男人应该具有的理想体重吧,我也在尽力追寻其他的,我想将这深刻脑海中。* B4 ^9 m3 ~' q4 u
& R7 r+ y) l( J5 @# R
17. RAINDROP( x4 y$ L) u, k7 f
I agree, I will pursue ideal weight I should have.
) P" @, K6 o, E; l$ f  ^' E, Y6 C& g: i. t. {; L& ~. h
我同意,我也要追求我的应该有的完美体重。* R! z1 Y5 C" g& r  V
0 W" |/ {: w2 k* g
18. WANHU$ F* r) N! o- m6 j3 F3 {& M& }
But it's not easy to reduce even for 5kg. I only can maintain for one month the most.
  |# S3 O$ q& V# Y4 O) K) k4 ^, K8 ^
$ U+ S+ f. l' p8 C4 M* {" }
: k9 q4 D0 K& ?# M* e2 H4 s% p! q/ }3 f/ I- i0 y

; S4 }# j  f" V8 p3 w0 t! Y+ a! K24. WANHU
: w; ]3 G& y  Q9 h. _" ]& e' GIndeed Enid, we need good health.
- J9 z# R% _1 Q5 k2 k+ `. s. C. F$ c- A+ K6 s" K! Q
确实伙计,我们需要健康。9 w7 s. z, e" h3 M2 t
: s- N7 r5 z1 w% u  L, B
25. ENID, Q% G% d  }8 x3 B4 |% M0 |8 ?
Anyway, it is impossible for the time returning back to Tang Dynasty. The plump is not healthy in modern times. The number of people with high blood fat, fat liver or hypercholesterolemia is appalling.4 r, g' H. p" k

& b/ Q. v9 n" Q! A7 V5 b. z不管怎么说,不可能再穿越回唐朝了。丰满对于当今时代已经不再健康,那么多得了高血脂、脂肪肝、高胆固醇的人数真是太可怕了。: h7 V* S- f: F, }; O4 y
6 W$ D  F+ h! y, h3 @$ d4 R
- G: ^% v$ U) XSo is thin that looks like an opium addict. What more important is good health, be they plump or slim. Sumo wrestlers are fat but they are healthy in their own way.5 C! H& J' l; G* i
4 c1 H5 f$ c$ \) W5 Q- y
太瘦了看上去就像是瘾君子。健康是更重要的,不管是胖还是瘦。日本的相扑运动员那么胖但是他们也健康。  e, @5 j6 B) p7 G' \5 h
* Q/ X" W& e' ?' C
. f/ m* \) s4 q6 J: e+ BWhat's the difference between plump and fatty? Plump girls are favored in the Tang Dynasty. What about female sumo wrestlers? Can they be as popular as the plump girls?/ h5 H# g  H. d! G" S# F

5 G7 o; O6 b; ~$ Z" t丰满和肥胖的区别是什么?唐朝的丰满女孩是受人喜欢的,那么女性相扑运动员呢?她们能像丰满的女孩一样受欢迎吗?$ U+ _  j+ _% f! d8 s
2 H. L( ]$ B9 B. T* @, j
4 s5 q7 e5 ]2 |% e/ nPlump and fat I think probably the same, but usually plump or chubby is more rounded in figure while fat is associated with lots or spare tires around the body. Women sumo wrestlers are for amateurs, not as well known as men.5 i* J! J$ ~2 F+ h! X

1 f8 ~- O3 a$ ?' ~' T# _) s2 J8 @丰满和肥胖我认为几乎相同,通常丰满或者圆润在外形上完美些,而肥胖则与身上有太多赘肉有关。女性相扑运动员是业余的,不像男性那么出名。
+ T. S7 O* c; b  n# a6 Q- |8 w$ G, ~+ ?3 B* U- k# r+ I! }8 L
' l/ e! O! m- RNo matter women sumo wrestlers are amateurs or pros, they won't be favored in the Tang Dynasty. They are too large.
6 I+ B7 D1 }: T( {4 M* y$ X, H  |$ x* |- x: f
0 U7 p6 x! ~4 B9 A" C$ \- L1 ~2 M. J8 V' B* q
30. WANHU8 R. X$ {8 k7 J
not only too large but also too fat., x, n/ A+ A( e! A

' B! ^- s7 L* ?0 B9 _不仅仅是巨大同时也太肥胖了。0 p* E! \  z2 X4 m( M: X

- W4 }2 V1 w8 K" J0 S" i31. SUNNYDREAM: z1 g+ O# s+ h2 {8 w
I guess that their husbands dare to pick on them because they won't win if they fight.
, ]  V3 O" a) }2 d- n5 x! v3 i
9 n' x% y" v2 K! T3 U- o我猜她们的丈夫敢选择她们是因为如果打架了她们不会赢。* J- B1 H5 x+ b% E5 _% b

7 A# f- ^; F- Z. ~  s$ M1 x32. RAINDROP
" R) w1 J* J' r5 c2 D' O5 q; `4 eFight with sumo, you are kidding! just like to dig their own grave.; M8 G9 q7 D4 n( D+ n  }1 ]' n
% y! }! l% W# j2 ?% j3 h
5 H, t/ J# U9 e2 ?' T0 b' U3 w2 g3 ^/ p
( x( O, B' c5 f5 L, [3 R% dYour words are quite funny, Raindrop.
9 [& f4 s  _) x  s0 z( Q* E  y0 {, e( X( N' G1 x
# a1 ^5 A, J' }4 W. g
  F+ K/ y# D* d34. WANHU8 ~. B; E! J  x& k( f, i
Do you think they have people like sumo wrestlers during Tang Dynasty?
' m! ]& a9 l: R5 Q9 [) j4 x2 m! N2 M' s
# O9 F  u5 t, v1 h: E( U
) A& X9 J9 q6 ]4 f$ X35. SUNNYDREAM) x# |+ x6 D% z9 }% y
Wan, it's hard to say. Japan and Tang Empire are in good relationship. It is said that Sumo Wrestling was introduced to Japan during the Tang Dynasty. But I am not sure that the sumo wrestlers at that time were as strong as those today.
* ]9 i6 |4 p' C0 W% P( v
9 N* P# |( s! ~9 A4 q$ _很难说,日本和唐朝的关系很好,传说相扑运动就是在唐朝流传到日本。但是我不确定,那时的相扑运动员是不是和今天的一样强壮。  {7 W0 k$ U9 U5 B

+ K: ]7 W+ \2 }, V36. ENID
3 a! K8 o1 V4 j9 M- K  bI am not sure if there is something related between Mongols in Mongolia autonomous region and the Japanese sumo. They like wrestling too. I have seen a video that a Mongol wrestler defeated a sumo wrestler.
8 O- a9 o4 Q7 ^3 H9 A5 P5 `, S
: O  B! g1 O9 d: A我不确定蒙古自治区的蒙古人和日本的相扑有什么关联,他们也喜欢摔跤,我看过一个视频,一个蒙古摔跤手击败了相扑运动员。# ?/ f$ Q% ^( g1 [
" t( H+ T& S/ K  _$ X
37. GLOOMYSU...# f5 {3 x% p# V  J) z
The plump is beautiful and fashion in Chinese Tang Dynasty! Fortunately the society changed its standard for beauty as it can be less crowded on public buses and subways.6 A# Y* J( N6 P" P( A6 [0 I( X  Z

  g) k% L7 p& n/ D; W# X丰满在唐朝被视为美丽和时尚!幸运的是,世道改变了审美的标准,否则如今的公交车和地铁将少拉许多人。" e% q: ^0 f& r/ G0 Y
! A; h; z/ m5 q
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