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标题: [转载] 越南春节和中国春节大不同?看外国人怎么说 [打印本页]

作者: 天天    时间: 2019-9-1 21:49     标题: 越南春节和中国春节大不同?看外国人怎么说

How similar is Chinese New Year and Vietnamese New Year?) ]$ U; O& e* `/ U
) T1 V6 o7 r% J. v6 Q" l0 ^
中国新年和越南新年有多相似?6 C2 C: m1 [6 ^0 X; Z* Q" ^" M

; a9 @, e8 U- N  n8 g# K5 t- X9 R+ x& T1 e& {  w+ C" ]
评论翻译$ a$ L: o3 t/ i6 t' ^! @1 D; G
$ m1 [) G& M$ j: k1 a+ e

5 E: q1 `% ?# A- U3 mSuri Do5 o; A9 s. ]8 O/ o; ]" B" R4 @
They are the same thing.
% A6 K: ]7 h/ M+ s5 j+ A. |- ~* {  h' _2 D* D* x
这两者是一回事。) {+ S% Z  a3 ~
( r  }# c1 G# @9 ?9 H0 z& R3 ]
Also, I'm pretty certain that many of ourancestors probably admired Han culture, administration, science, literature,the arts etc. I'd bet that even Tran Hung Dao and Le Loi probably did too… soif these guys can admire ancient Chinese culture and traditions, why can't we?It's the same in Europe. You don't hear about French or Germans lamenting theimpact of the Romans on their traditions do we?
; I+ W# M! a# A6 n5 D! k" |8 l7 s" h6 H" C9 C+ a' X
我也相当确定我们祖先中的许多人可能仰慕汉文化、管理制度、科学、文学和 艺术等。我敢打赌即便是陈兴道和黎利可能也是这样……那么如果这些人能仰慕中国古代的文化和传统为什么我们不行呢?在欧洲情况也是一样。你没听说过法国或德国人为罗马文明带来的影响而心痛,不是吗?' X# ?$ a. [: ~( N, j
5 J% ]; e+ n( T: m, F
I stress that there is a difference betweenancient Han culture and China today. Post cultural revolution, I don't thinktoo many Vietnamese people admire Chinese culture anymore. No offence toChinese people, but they really shot themselves in the foot and destroyed somuch wonder and beauty. I really hope that once China fully develops they canrediscover the great achievements of their past.
. X: g" d) z! C( E: t* H6 I: F# d5 G5 s3 [' o2 L; `3 d
- k9 a4 u2 Y9 q" h( m6 _, G3 v0 K1 @3 u6 W* V9 ?
Nguyen Phuong, former free
1 B6 H- _6 g7 \, UIt is a ridiculous question.6 w; k0 O' p* N$ N3 g
1 y( {! L8 Y- Z) i
( @7 x8 Y# q( X
+ g9 u% k# Y4 U6 s+ Y! r" m$ UChina is dangerous for us and we aredangerous for China because we are near China and the West does not want to seethat China will surpass them. China and we are asian people. We are reallydifficult to deal with China : to hate or to love but we must cooperate withChina.; T8 f8 z. s5 r; ~0 d
) K8 h. E9 U$ ~+ A
对我们来说中国很危险,反之亦然,因为我们靠近中国,而西方世界不愿意看到中国超过它们。中国人和我们都是亚洲人。我们和中国相处真的不容易:又恨又爱,但我们必须同中国合作。/ w% p3 p* X% s+ }: A

; B- ?  a( N, ?, U5 s( PUS fears that Cuba is a means for Russia todestroy US.
( e: t7 j1 B& F$ b( a0 c9 w# x
) N1 ?. x; U( a5 H美国担心古巴会成为俄罗斯毁灭美国的通道。
+ R; |% h7 L) {  I* z9 R* h: L3 p. ]$ r6 r( |" ^! K- g* W( h
Every 23 years, Vietnamese New Year (NY) isearlier than Chinese NY 23 hours once and later 1 hour twenty two times. Onaverage it’s about 2 hours different.
6 Q6 J# u1 K% y6 i
- V8 P, r( H9 d' A每过23年,越南新年要比中国新年早23个小时到来,其他22次都要比中国新年晚1个小时到来。平均来看,两者有约两小时的时差。# r8 ]( P( p2 c3 c/ z' h* k

7 I  p* v) B: Q8 {1 GNow, Chinese NY and Western NY ( Gregoriancalendar) difference is around one month.
$ G5 V. e! Z9 A! W+ S+ V& H1 V, b/ Q8 j* A6 `5 D# B
现在,中国新年和西方新年(格里历)的时差约为1个月。4 m* p+ `' z) P4 K( l

# F: e# e" h4 w( zVietnamese decorate their house with hoa đào (peach blossom tree) orhoa mai (a type of tree with yellow flowers). They don’t usually use red latternor paper cuttings like Chinese do.6 r2 ?( a1 d5 S# N
On the first day of Tet, we have atradition called “xông nhà”. We believe that thefirst visitor of the year will determine the fortune and luck for the entireyear, so this person must be selected carefully. Chinese people don’t have thiscustom.- W( n1 Z. R! k( C# k4 z( g
- ~: I9 I, C% K; \
越南人用桃花或杏花装饰房子。和中国人不同,他们很少用红灯笼或剪纸(来装饰)。春节第一天,我们有一项传统叫“xông nhà(快点回家)”。我们认为这一年的第一位客人会决定一整年的运气,所以这位客人要好好挑选。中国人没有这个习俗。& U" r( D1 w8 [: S2 D) z
' z& p0 I. t* _* |
Huyen Anh Pizzabella
+ @1 [& s$ L' \0 F+ p9 ]Answer is easy - Vietnamese don’t celebrateChinese New Year. Anyone saying its the same is like saying USA celebratingCanadian independent day.% Q0 J  i3 d5 W3 u# R8 E
% X2 I9 S% Z1 n- m  _
' V' K7 e7 B. O2 ?7 j$ L3 r& f% j7 V4 T6 H2 S) b
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