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[转载] 中国测试在寒冷天气下虚拟轨道上运行的智能电动列车

China tests smart electric train running on virtual tracks in frigid weather, x- s( O7 m- {+ H: R

9 W  q# t. W" }0 c4 t+ d" jChina tests smart electric train running on virtual tracks in frigid weather' \/ U  T' w' _# r

# q/ g. j5 ~5 ]) U$ R0 Y9 S( g5 G中国测试在寒冷天气下虚拟轨道上运行的智能电动列车. |# l4 U6 S0 l* {. J7 R
* r$ M8 X- \. q

/ q8 }$ r4 O. S4 N2 d4 l5 `% L7 k- ]5 ]
* j  ]' b6 F* L, g, K1 |/ U1 r$ i* @
7 ?) w1 |; Y$ J
ARBAZ QURESHI1! p, R) ^$ N  ]" X+ f  [, w
China is the future.Stop saying that theycopy the west.
/ g# S, L1 Y9 A# _& O2 H& c3 C+ ]  z4 _7 @! w
中国就是未来。别再说他们山寨西方了。. Q' h: }( K4 x: p- m! C
9 t" W+ ^; v) C3 u: @0 K
Wei Zhang1
+ K+ L$ F) ?: J4 g$ {9 IIt’s just a rumor from the western media.They always try to painting China like a evil because China can made all ofthings much cheaper, actually the people from all over the world benefit fromChina but hurted the capitalist who always overpriced for decades years.$ {+ G8 I. Z( H( u+ J, j

4 v. X- E  _0 `3 O6 @' R- l这不过是西方媒体的谣传。# [4 ]; W0 g/ b9 V6 {9 Z
他们总是试图把中国描绘成恶魔,因为中国可以更便宜的制造所有东西,事实上世界上所有人都从中国受益,只是这伤害了那些数十年来定价过高的资本家们。9 X9 H, R! k, t8 B

' z) v  g# W( X# d( B6 a; ctocrob1
" t0 N+ P. ?; `5 V@na na - the technology was not availablethen.: r/ d. T& w+ z

3 K2 Y: H9 q8 [/ T5 j7 j那时还做不到这种程度的科技。" E5 F% x2 g' ?, S/ |+ n* Y3 P

3 D5 C/ e% Y( H6 d+ U' ?Mauro Morganti15 w1 `7 E% X1 d2 {+ J" P
Melinda koid, I can confirm they havecopied from me I design yesterday in the toilet paper, W China you are the best) B1 v' j; z! W, |" M/ n8 u/ K

8 T7 `* h  ~+ _' y; A& L4 f我可以确认他们抄袭了我昨天在卫生纸上的设计,中国你是最棒的- e. N8 ~4 F: w  C% F; v( w: |

# k7 p4 N9 R+ ]9 Y5 ZAllain Sestoso1  a4 o8 K+ s7 u4 X9 e3 i
@Melinda Koid they didn't killed but theyhurt some fisherman there and they use their destroyer ship to force thepilipino Fisherman to stop fishing there and they build some military base inthe artificial islands. So what is that? Do u think that is not invading?/ V/ h. ^. ]  X: _, C- i

2 p+ {( E5 F' P1 V2 w他们没有杀人但也伤害了在那儿的一些渔民,他们利用他们那具有破坏性的船只强迫阻止菲律宾渔民在此地捕鱼。/ o. [7 U1 u2 ]1 |- D- h" u. K( Z
3 h( k& ^( x& O
& x2 ]' [& {: t# S3 D" D6 s( e* ^) h$ ~, mMelinda Koid1
5 ?: r# l- G- n@Allain Sestoso i understand yr msg butthen again if we talk of justice do u know the islands of Diego Garcia? TheNatives were being forced out of their island by the Americans n they built amilitary base there. Check it out yourself.1 T$ z  U: W' o5 _" b2 [) y

) Y3 {: v, m$ Z1 N@Allain Sestoso 我懂你的意思,但再说一次,如果我们要谈公平的话,你知道迪格加西亚岛(位于印度洋,如今是美国军事基地)?当地人被美国人强制赶出他们的岛屿,然后修建了军事基地。多了解了解。
" ^8 j. X- m; l! k/ z* l
; M. E1 z: u, E* W8 ^6 f( S7 IHenry Yu1/ ?: i7 v) C; i9 v8 V1 ^1 O) R7 J
yutuniopati Don’t fool me. I live inEurope. Tram bus doesn’t do self-driving in Europe. This Chinese one does.
4 W( a: c* z. P. J! i
: t) Y3 x  i7 m/ k# _3 c别来愚弄我。我就住在欧洲。欧洲的轨道巴士不是自动驾驶。而中国的可以。
2 L) e' z2 E' P: R6 {
+ d4 d( ~1 Q* Z4 c: M" K7 @. zD Tango11 I* Y7 K2 A5 D8 l  I: ~! d
Wow China surpass everyone. China stealing?Think again!! Time to learn Mandarin now.
: k) ?& C, W6 C$ K! R5 s
9 Q$ L4 f) l( M( }4 G$ `哇奥,中国超越了所有人。中国偷?多想想!是时候学习普通话了。, t. m- g8 W6 q. }9 B- j" z

8 T& v' \0 T. V3 USen Super55 ~8 }% |( `* y; q" u
@Bismarck Killer Really?!!!!That will belike HEAVEN!
3 x" j/ @/ C0 g
# I/ k# i  E2 Y@Bismarck Killer真的?那一定是天堂了!0 b  K: K) |7 j, ?" t: ~

; z. [8 o$ [, j6 Y/ TBismarck Killer5
) ~9 S- Q$ t1 M5 c& V* U# p@Sen Super No, but I wish we did. I wasjoking.
6 H  x4 a, d8 @; ~$ B* L1 j9 }2 {: i
' w0 C! T; m* q$ [! b! L. `) A+ h" t- `
王揭4) V9 t. i9 j% `# c( V# ?3 j
India is the superpower, and it is time forthe United States to adjust its policy toward China!
0 O' I9 D. \* d3 J1 j  t% q$ l- C+ C" B4 R
5 F. a' n3 D* ~% Y
" j7 b9 P8 r% `2 ~; j& |. o7 [High Plains Drifter4" G6 i$ z" @; @5 R
@A W in rapes and molestation yes.Otherwise no. British invented India
/ J8 a0 j* c, v+ b( f. e; W
& n/ z# g; ]$ `2 A% M在强奸和调戏方面的超级大国。别的就没了。英国创造了印度。. C) C0 {/ N/ {3 X

% w; W) T6 Q. M( Z% m# r& |Conscience Observer1  T! c4 r8 W- r+ A2 l
@obsidianstatue America invented theairplane. Now the entire world uses American creations. That's something to beproud about. Using a train that has car tires is not impressive. Especiallywhen Europe invented it. China is such a disappointment. INVENT SOMETHINGALREADY!!!! You talk so much about being smarter than America yet you don'tinvent anything to help the world. We are tired of carrying all the weight.Step up or just sit down. Pathetic.5 _% v1 }# c+ w

/ q# L2 F+ E9 W; v@obsidianstatue 美国发明了飞机。现在全世界都在使用美国的发明。这是值得骄傲的事。; d, R) [+ t' O/ H5 \* p9 }
; F6 o2 X1 C; w) a& ]! z5 [中国太令人失望了。发明一些已有的东西!& ^) D! ~  T5 X2 ]% M
5 ]/ f, [/ t8 K/ ]7 s0 `+ ~5 y
6 }# R/ C8 n( k& }3 s8 L$ kaphw20001
! w. w2 F& Q$ H" ?America did not invent the airplane ! Itwas copied from the British and German design and improved upon ! So in theoryit was an IP thief' r( p" ^5 f2 [! n8 I& T3 J
8 T, k( ?; c3 }% ?
3 w4 l3 k& a& T  A  G: z2 X2 H! x  Q4 w( `7 {8 x" C/ U1 i" [
Nomadic Nationalist1
+ b0 X7 i% o& K( IMateus Mahumane Agreed. The greatdemocratic government of India does not provide toilets to Indians because theyknow Indians prefer to live in their own filth.
  E" J0 h: X6 x0 e. I9 y7 d8 k; J% @! s! z2 o2 A) Y0 w" ]
同意了。伟大的印度民主政府不为印度人提供厕所,因为他们知道印度人更喜欢生活在自己的污秽中。: h7 q: U; E; w7 w# x
1 e  @$ S" {% H
Conscience Observer1$ _' u, s8 F$ ?7 s7 `# y
This is a tram bus and has been Europe fora long time. China is so brainwashed they don't know of the outside world. Fakenationalism.' j. N5 R$ w7 ^8 t: c" d

- T* ~6 C' B5 r4 V这是轨道公交车,欧洲有它已经有很长一段时间了。中国太会洗恼,他们不知道外面的世界。冒牌民族主义。
4 J2 k5 o7 C* s1 @! h
1 Z( s0 ^( J& @. j3 P$ W% QAndrew Manook1
! H% P7 X% x1 `8 i1 ?! `& Y@Conscience Observer Shithole USA stilldoesn't have high speed train.
- A8 g' j* k$ N: ?% E! |
6 K9 I0 l; b& R3 H7 `' _而狗si美国依然没有高速火车。
" n4 ?4 ~2 _7 m4 U, {7 d7 h7 u* A5 X% f; G. U- E* w! Q
shawshan gu5
2 |, _/ Q- M1 t0 d5 s/ g( s, J$ N; T, f( N4 [
冲鸭 中国!+ \1 x+ {0 P$ G( z# ]0 O, G3 D! v
$ H! O) l  d0 g$ c" W$ o9 n; H
Donald John Trump1& `3 R3 [+ v9 b" H% T
It's copied from India.
; K1 v  Y7 L; `; E6 `( L* ]3 d5 W; _
5 |* v; Y$ ?. p: l这是山寨自印度的。, [$ N, ]5 L! p/ z

( T3 R- v" |3 U4 k9 `/ k' nyoukesh1001& o% L3 }; p3 r% s/ o
In india we have such trains that can runon rails and then get off and run on roads. That gives a lot of convenience fortravelling as compared to this dumb idea
& F; L: j" r; \+ v/ e( @- I$ K- ]6 t
在我们印度,有既可以轨道上跑之后也可脱轨然后路上跑的火车。相比于中国那愚蠢的点子,这对于旅行来说方便太多了。% _# {7 F  L$ J. p) V. j. M3 I
) h2 _# h9 ?- _9 M+ |3 }0 G8 @+ U
Panyu Zhang2/ B5 E8 I  K; I" |, y$ }7 c8 G
Russians are our Comrade
4 U; W0 y! n. R; r1 f7 ^% Y7 V9 [9 _8 z  B5 k& c
& j7 w% W( ?6 E3 q8 r  y, H+ R/ t
" j; |$ t. C7 i+ N8 A9 \Colin Tan1()
0 o0 W: K1 a3 |  I4 ~! ?) ^Trains are getting smarter and can runwithout track. Poor BRI countries which cannot afford rail infrastructure to gointo Debt traps will definitely welcome the cheaper alternative.) g- G3 o6 }& g' `

4 r! P/ @) J9 c, d9 [, F$ j火车越来越聪明,不用轨道也能跑。无法负担铁路基础设施的陷入债务困境的贫困人口国家肯定会欢迎更便宜的替代方案。
( b6 @! H; }. Z  H: X" R/ q' A5 s, R& E: f5 r. ?
4 s  k3 v4 ^& ]0 _1 _* \4 h6 n5 rmaybe a better name, such as e-Transporter,is more descriptive.
4 `  @$ B  g7 U8 w  h+ {! a. w; Y( s, K0 p8 ~! L8 g$ Q: m: p
0 j+ p3 L4 O0 P- U0 p
- ^5 H3 S( G4 {% {# N6packter1
9 V) ?: B4 u7 y: }' Rusa" h" O; _' {0 s" \  G! l: V( o
says copied from usa, usa has so many such trains like amtrak trains ftom 1960s
5 s. O9 t  W0 j/ qare like these. mike penis says so
, d: t" U' e$ d# C+ ^
9 Q% k- o4 u9 H  c1 K3 y美国会说这是山寨自美国,美国自上世纪60年代就有大量类似于antrak这样的火车,跟这个差不多。/ u( d7 w" l& X! M2 m+ Y
& \2 j4 `' ]8 r+ `! B1 Q
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