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[转载] 又给大家带来一些国外网民对于北京和伦敦的奥运开幕式评价

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  C. w3 T: {& B$ X) R9 E5 M
9 v8 b- P/ N# F8 ?& ^9 ~! _7 L: m/ i6 }
. \7 n4 H. S) A0 JWe shouldn't compare. London has a different theme. I think they are well done except some parts where I can see there are volunteers instead. I love Beijing's opening as they are beautifully executed in a way to portray their cultures and history, while London are having steel and pop themes. Maybe the next time Beijing's turn, we could see another different themes :-). q4 M: R5 e; J7 I
9 D. n# L. p7 `% t# {! J+ wkienez 33 秒前; K# T1 d; u* ]9 j6 O3 `: O$ M# ]

% |0 F) U! i$ P9 g2 X: q5 xDoes anyone know where I can find the full version of this ceremony? No Chinese website plz.
8 ^4 f4 j! @2 M5 \- D" l4 Z3 Y有谁知道从哪能看到完整的开幕式吗?不要中文网站的,谢谢。
& B3 U/ L- K6 k& qJake Han 1 分钟前( z: L! ]6 f$ Y5 }- f
/ E* F' M+ g- G
I guess this video will be hit every 4 yrs !! Beijing did an absolutely spectacular job !!!
6 H& G% b4 ^, u( \& N; I, L3 R7 n我认为这段视频会每四年轰动一次!!北京绝对做了一次壮举!!!
; [( c& Z5 r! a# v; Z7 ?+ rwoodbreakers 2 分钟前( x# I8 M/ M0 [- `8 R  j

5 E* X( e2 n0 A6 y9 cNo country can beat the Chinese for quite a while, to be honest.
1 W) P) P1 c* B8 i. F. _  P诚实地说,一时半会之间,没有谁能超越北京的奥运开幕式。2 E$ O9 c3 k" Y# x) e
Rainabearr 3 分钟前 $ N8 H1 i* H0 B$ V6 r8 n
5 s7 a% Y& T% I7 n6 L* b
I have nothing against any country at all... but that ceremony was just BORING., e& u3 N6 e$ q7 @, ?4 @/ {3 m9 l
我绝对不是针对哪个国家。。。但那个(伦敦的)开幕式太无聊了。1 |8 ~3 ]' E; @. m$ l) a( ^% i! }3 C
HitStep08 3 分钟前
6 }, o! ^" g- d& G7 T- F, p
/ H& {# Q. l  U7 oWell.. do you mean unity within the nation or others? Because, I kinda saw unity during the first piece.. you know, the Industrial Revolution part. If you're talking about unity with other nations, China didn't really do that either, you know.
" r1 y3 c# K2 O, J4 D+ y好吧。。。你们在说国家或其他方面的统一?因为在(伦敦奥运开幕式)第一部分的时候,我还看到了统一。。。就是工业**那部分。如果你们在谈论其他国家的统一问题,中国还没真正做到这一点。你们懂的。
2 j8 G/ L$ v' v; _! n7 ?& YGreyEarlTea 4 分钟前
8 {& D$ ]# @& w8 Z7 D3 m( V
- N2 _8 V; Y6 V: y# ^SOOOO much better than London 20126 `9 \5 P/ J) E- G6 E( Y
4 T* S' C! r- Q( L& C$ ]iluvdgaarab4udid 4 分钟前 ' l0 _+ q5 g. w- @: x

- c& a2 r) f. ?9 S8 Vchina is better.....they put more money in it.
0 a( \8 i2 h( y8 V) e5 v中国的更好。。。。他们投的钱更多。
) J* S$ F5 Y' o) \. A+ ^shawn liu 4 分钟前
  l  A- @( V& t$ f6 j3 h$ _
& `! r1 Z  c3 OI had to come here for flashback after watching London. I see I'm not the only one.
: ~" [$ z$ m( o; o6 y- n看完伦敦奥运的开幕式以后,我不得不来这里回味一下。我发现我并不是唯一一个这样做的人。. e2 E6 J" f0 P% B, p9 G; `
Artheate2 5 分钟前
; f2 J0 P+ h5 l* \8 j2 C
: R# v) I2 w' E5 Ethe fricken coordination of people in the beijing olympics was insane!" u) B+ o- p: {! ^+ c; I
北京奥运会上民众所展现的惊人团结太疯狂了!! E; ^" m# h+ `
MsBabybluebell 6 分钟前/ g3 v) L" w" F" O4 Q+ ?
& b* H& m: M$ R0 e  N. y/ g
Well London put forth a good effort and it had it's moments, but I don't think anything will ever top this... until China hosts , @# I1 ]; W, V* y
again that is.
# p2 _; K% S6 X嗯,伦敦的努力还不错,现在是伦敦的奥运会。但我认为没有任何一届奥运会(的开幕式)能超越这个。。。除非中国再次举办。 , a8 m/ v+ Y% @8 j2 M8 N' m
+ L9 P5 x  _$ Q! V# P
This opening ceremony of China was mindblowing, but the London opening was very...dissappointing :/ i expected much more culture of Britain instead of just pop culture, like the Beatles..Mr Bean..Harry Potter -.- they should have showed something more historic for the world. S3 [8 y1 y" k& f: x6 M% r% ^
中国的奥运开幕式令人振奋。而伦敦的开幕式非常。。。让人失望。:/我希望用上更多的英国文化元素,而非披头士、憨豆先生、哈利波特之类的流行元素。他们应当展现给世界更多历史性的东西。- S( e( D& k, M6 u/ |  v+ V
AloishaStar 8 分钟前& J; s1 A/ R  U. w- C- b* t5 i

! z' m. H* g2 t5 d: O, xWTF, how does a video of the highlights of the Beijing opening turn into a slaging match between the Americans and Brits?. {" y, h: R5 A: }0 B
怎么回事,怎么一场关于北京奥运开幕式亮点的视频变成了美英人民争吵的炮灰?* w: F6 U' {3 U0 _, O) ^
madskills84 8 分钟前! m; W; _1 e7 ], c3 b

+ L+ s! h0 I4 E8 m( a1 HTHIS IS ****IN EPIC!!!!!!!! unlike london... sucks to be a brit right about now... sorry.,,,7 s, S1 I, s6 H; _3 g' K
' r2 y2 o+ e6 J0 ?% lthebigone557 10 分钟前 2
; Z9 D* a: _3 B5 _# O/ f, B& D- s7 a
To be honest I got bored during the London opening ceremony. The Chinese set the standard very high.; o1 W! J4 z; T3 j
5 ^3 r2 c7 t% Imm1979ca 10 分钟前 2
3 [' _( h, d/ U' l+ a5 z6 j* B8 u. E, q, n2 l
Forget the boring London opening ceremony, I'm watching this.$ i7 F/ n& O- X2 ~
; F8 {) {- C3 R% y+ |/ Jmaplepuppies 11 分钟前 22 ) G2 o5 l0 f: d7 X3 H: H

. S- S0 C5 e& O# |6 z) u6 @Im not hating London ceremony but i like China better. London is epic too but China's ceremony is really amazing and unique
) o& S, c% |" N" R% Z2 Y' y/ M我不讨厌伦敦奥运的开幕式,但我更喜欢中国的。伦敦的开幕式也是史诗级的,但是中国的开幕式,是真正意义上的令人震撼和独一无二。4 {; v; D' |7 @
katteypie 11 分钟前9 P$ x4 A6 @! k+ P- ~

/ e2 d7 a* \% Y% y- V, d$ SLondon ceremony is nice.I especially like the 'Hey Jude' at the end.
) [# r. v4 T' l$ z! v+ _6 j0 |& I( v( w伦敦的开幕式做的不错。我特别喜欢结尾的“Hey Jude”& ~, |! {1 L, e; F
Arteyre 12 分钟前; o# {& u+ Y& Q7 n
0 v- H  k' t2 J! x( J% q
So cool. Jiang daebak!# X& o7 ?$ t, y, o( q$ o
太酷了。Jiang取得了巨大胜利。, H3 C: N  t6 j- E, W" [1 \) I7 m
- Z, E) G: u% `- `Beijing was so cool that london was ....
7 ~! l2 m6 t7 [北京的开幕式太酷了,而伦敦的。。。。5 a; h/ E5 W# u! {
forigenworks 12 分钟前
7 F: Y# I$ U% O" D# V4 z4 Y$ r2 _! x7 ?$ Z& l8 f
Amazing!!! no one can beat Beijing!/ i' Q* V; ^- T+ \- B, \
9 W: n6 u9 x2 oaudreychen1 13 分钟前
/ r* W* E. f: _, _* c0 r
+ }. b4 W' k  h% \' g+ m' V) ojust come to get my eyes healed
, c  ^  U  P1 b  }" P养眼。7 W( X" u* }) _& S! b$ Q) H0 `0 I
daisyzhang18 13 分钟前
+ d8 t- S& u5 B7 X) |
( d, r2 z& g, g- K! A: dBeijing - Spectacular, Phenomenal!!
, W; X, S, }$ y; j+ N北京——壮观,神话!!% \( |) {% v% J
London - SUCK!
; \; k5 ]$ n4 E% v伦敦——恶心!
' _/ {! o. `$ H! a( f. q! Franseyb 13 分钟前
9 ]  i/ V4 p' c+ [8 l8 P; N, F" Y
Th Olympics are suppose to symbolize unity.... Although countries are competing for the shining gold, this is why you see hundreds of countries gather together in the ceremonies. I personally believe that the Olympic ceremonies should reflect this. Unfortunately, England FAILED. Its the truth that some of you British people don't wanna here. Don't get mad at us, get mad at the people who put that so called production together. China however exceeded greatfully. Much respect for them <33
: Y* Q, k6 e/ t. e5 [奥运会被认为象征着团结。。。尽管各国都在为闪亮的金牌而奋斗。这就是你们看到数百个国家在开幕式上聚集的原因。我个人认为奥运会的开幕式应该反映出这点。不幸的是,英国失败了。一个不争的事实是,某些英国人不愿看到这个视频。别对我们发火,去责怪那些把这些所谓的创作组合在一起的人吧。然而中国不仅仅是使人欣慰。他们获得了极大的尊重。<33
9 }) G( K% i' ?. M9 p% RNESHA71195 14 分钟前2 F( J5 ]$ k5 N# `  D

8 _: A% Q4 ?; r" w$ c( o6 Bi appreciate the performers..!!!!
4 C& M2 _6 h9 k7 X我对演出很满意!!!!
" z$ `% \/ a3 @" v5 n3 M7 y+ igood work. let the games bring peace to everyone.& V+ P8 f% R3 s/ I+ J/ a) w( c6 \
做得好。让这场运动把和平带给每个人。( I& U6 Y( X9 G/ q2 |4 c# R2 U
Ankur07d 15 分钟前! T& V: o2 z, d) E
3 x. W) i: ~+ p. i
i hate to say this but i like Beijing's better and just to late u know us Americans are not hating becuz we dont understand your culture thats definitely not it becuz we do not get Beijings either! we dislike becuz it just wasnt as iteresting as Beijing's im sorry to say that but its true
# K6 c7 Q! i) _4 J) b+ a9 ~虽然我很抱歉这么说,但我还是更喜欢北京的开幕式。还有,你们(英国人)要知道,说我们不喜欢是因为不了解你们的文化,这种说法是绝对错误的,因为我们也不了解北京的。我们不喜欢仅仅是因为它没北京的好看。我很抱歉这么说,但这是事实。
& _0 ^  S( d; U( Ztanu jones 17 分钟前2 ^) y& v* @7 ~. B% ^# T2 w! T
: J: |) q  F4 n3 c3 m- L! Y- ~! R
They tried to up their game by giving nods to the industrial revolution, but I was like what?? Didn't a lot people live in poverty and die during that time. Why not focus on British literature like William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens. They completely overlooked the monarchy but come on that's a part of British culture. And seriously why James Bond. Is that something you are proud of? I mean that's like America having Rambo enter with grenade. Surprised there was no nod to Diana either.
- N1 P; T+ V( ?为了升华这场(伦敦)奥运,他们很努力地肯定工业**。可是我喜欢么?那个时期不是有很多人穷困潦倒,然后死去么?为什么不把焦点放在英国文学上,比如莎士比亚、狄更斯之类。虽然他们完全是俯视君主制的,但他们毕竟是英国文化的一部分啊。而且严肃地说,为什么是詹米斯邦德。你们为这种事物感到自豪?这就像美国的兰博拿着手榴弹登场一样。而且,令人惊奇的是,你们也没对戴安娜表示赞同。
! u- g+ c9 B+ e. K( xwhateverman181 17 分钟前 7 ^0 m5 T: R4 j3 w! x) \

) U7 E) s& U8 [( |, ~) v2 bThe opening ceremony was the work of one man, Danny Boyle. He is now the most unpopular man in Britain, with many calling for his head on a platter.9 z4 x. }! P2 n. B4 X3 \0 ?
伦敦奥运会的开幕式是Danny Boyle的作品。现在,他是英国最不受欢迎的人,许多人都想要用盘子端上他的脑袋。" `. i4 F+ H' m
Horrible Opening by England ...Such trash even their Queen was not interested.- y$ f; _9 W, m/ y. [( Z6 C
英国的开幕式太可怕了。。。垃圾得连女王都不感兴趣。7 Y, u( b7 r3 E9 a2 `. L
Tsunat3z 18 分钟前
' w3 `2 y5 [5 r% D# B, v/ ^( r1 X/ [$ E# D5 y
London take note, China did it right!
, t% W* _  M$ W, Y  z伦敦要记住,中国的开幕式做得好!* t: l3 c  |- I3 t
susiephn 18 分钟前 5 `: P+ d! f" A/ Z/ D

  b* V: G/ o9 _Yeah London's openning was very mediocre compared to Beijing7 f9 Y# W% H" ~* B3 C: ]. v# i
不错,相比北京奥运,伦敦奥运的开幕式非常平庸。- q( z% Y: l7 W/ T3 T
DAS505 20 分钟前
' g% U% Q% ]  u6 \( n
; I" G+ g9 U$ `8 R' uOk. I'm just going to come out and say it. Britian's opening ceremony was not bad, but it wasn't great and pales compared to other Olympics. It looked like something that was done Pre-Atlanta 1996. It looked a bit cheap, unimaginative. There are a lot of focusing on British story telling, music and text messaging, which was unrelated and made no sense. I didn't really see a lot of themes celebrating unity like doves, peace signs, nothing.* {' l3 c" k) I" D$ ?. |6 J, O
好,我也来评论一下。英国的开幕式并不坏,但也不算太好。比起历届奥运会,它相形见拙。 他就像Pre-Atlanta在96年的作品。看起来它有点廉价、 缺乏想象力。焦点都放在了英国的历史、音乐和短信上,这些东西彼此无关,也引不起人的兴趣。我以前没看过那么多的主题庆祝团体,比如鸽子、和平标志。没了。
# z; f2 }! ~: `whateverman181 20 分钟前
- V! Q  {3 Q1 X+ D5 K9 o
. C$ I: Y* |. n2 e& N5 nI just thought there is no reason to spend every dime in one's pocket just for showing off. If u have that kind of money that will be cool, otherwise its just stupid. This thing is not a competition. Just people around the world get together and have some fun. In my idea, the Beijing one must be really expensive.
! j* y3 F8 L! ]1 R! j6 {( n8 C/ `1 i3 |我认为没必要仅仅是为了炫耀就花光每一分钱。如果你们有很多钱,这样做很酷;反之,则很蠢。这不是竞争。只是让世界各地的人们聚到一起、取乐。就我看来,北京的开幕式很贵。
3 r' F  }6 o5 g8 j; V* DJake Han 22 分钟前- W3 O0 v7 q5 a' d% y: ?
, @0 Q" f. C$ r0 ]2 z+ I$ u! Z
I am not a moron. I think China did better
! ]; k# ?4 x/ ~1 p$ x1 C( m2 _( U我不是白痴,我觉得中国的更好。, g4 a2 E4 O7 Y/ [
HeyEww 24 分钟前
+ k% ?2 E# ?8 v, q- e
  r, U# b/ V3 @9 gIsnt it sad that London so much worse although youd think that the technolagy would be better
6 c. O& r& H" j% d& d( A
7 @# d$ i5 X/ T- X6 B% j看到伦敦(奥运开幕式)差那么多,心理很难过。虽然你们会觉得,技术比以前更好。+ H: L8 l: ^" K: F4 J+ ]4 h$ e
SyracusePancakes 24 分钟前
7 ~* [) Y1 a5 @7 j0 Q3 f, K# |* J. y! c# P, w7 y" `4 y
Beijing good1 B: J& s4 Q4 q
北京的好, v" R. y) k+ t% }9 B; g" k( ?( i
London bad
, B4 h  P* s; d; q% R  b3 x1 t伦敦的烂* U( U3 f% j. D7 t
simple as that sorry  l% k9 E( F  Z8 ^5 a$ B1 P) k# W
抱歉说的这么简单! l' }/ F6 x; f9 L8 _- u( n6 C( @
sharkfrenzy213 26 分钟前 & @2 G. O7 Q& W( _  x
2 e- W9 L4 W5 m. e
London Olympic opening ceremony was horrific and will be easily forgotten! My god I'm a trooper for enduring London's olympic opening torture! One word to drescribe it is "sad!"
' A1 ]9 i" Z# |( O- Q/ n伦敦的奥运开幕式是可怕的,很快就会被遗忘!我的天哪,我是一名骑兵,对伦敦奥运开幕式期待了许久!用一个词来形容就是“伤心”!/ m4 U8 l  ]9 `/ T  @
Mr77Ds 26 分钟前 3 {* T- ?0 j# ]. E9 S

% ~. }# ?  a- @! ^3 V2 t0 f' [9 p0 SThumbs up if you came here because the London opening ceremony...well....sucked.+ @: M9 s9 q1 r/ n( M
: T' R: N: M3 u# B  `" H0 filaudesigns 26 分钟前+ w2 B( v' M/ o; e% Q

! a0 j: w# _% I% Q; R0 l9 xi don't think this opening can ever be outdone....well probably when the "Northern Capital" gets to host the Olympics again in the future...
6 C; f/ Y! Q6 c6 W% X# {3 m$ m3 q我不认为这场开幕式能被超越。。。除非“北方的首都”再次举办奥运会。
" s6 l8 B  L! V" Z* [+ R# `helmsdeep84 26 分钟前
& t7 D  k" D( L
: j( V6 Y, j1 L& wAwesome...I think the Brits said "no way we can compete with that", and didn't. Opening ceremony is not suppose to be a competition anyways, that's for the athletes.. u" H" I: B) L, ~  u. G8 j, t
8 P* w0 W( q9 R, a3 {1 acarolyn130 27 分钟前
4 y6 m% L% H/ }5 ?4 t
' p! `" h5 ~% A/ y* w/ VWE BRITAIN NOW4 m% M- e( J( c
8 n5 y# A8 \( p0 L这下我们成英国人了。
" F9 v5 r0 @( P9 Y3 ^- I+ j——黑鬼# u* n) O" _) w3 x4 o& j
Synthe 27 分钟前
& M' {' h: `/ W  N* |! h
! P' h7 X% w5 QLondons opening ceremony sucked!!  D+ F; l- J8 n4 ]! t$ o
" I3 r2 K1 s+ W1 [- I  E+ F3 F2CrazEy1 27 分钟前
- e2 S3 C+ r) g0 U* K# Z: L! m# H9 B5 o9 z( B
Beijing's Opening Ceremony was the best.
! q1 P. R; G% X% @8 V+ t0 r北京的开幕式最棒。+ W6 N  V4 c" J* J. P
supahhSHAY 27 分钟前
/ h3 h* v/ n) |- l+ {! R% d2 d
7 a* _7 ^$ l3 i4 B5 f# gLondon < Beijing7 N: Q% x# _$ V+ ]7 A
7 P5 G2 |4 I  G4 `7 c5 q8 ^% wShadowZeus55555 27 分钟前
( K$ `0 l; j* c4 V+ f8 G2 o. b! g5 y
BEST Olympic opening ceremony EVER.5 m4 k3 l' J+ B. j& m1 C% S, X
* _+ l# ^- P" Y) K% ~Bertisevil666 28 分钟前
0 Q/ [, l: w, e: d% W3 e
4 q! R2 J$ e  ~1 I1 P+ PI just have to say, I'm American and I ENJOYED BOTH!+ M$ z% i7 |7 j! |
我不得不说,我是一名美国人,我对北京、伦敦的开幕式都很喜欢!6 g! P8 N  c) k' B5 K
They were both fantastic in their own way!
6 |6 L2 }% p: F7 f/ N! B他们都是以自己的方式展示了奇妙的世界!* ?. i- y, _& e/ I+ D' [) i% o
Why is this a competition! The opening ceremonies are meant to teach the people about they're nations' past!
# Z' B3 R( l( J+ R+ D0 \为什么要比较呢!开幕式应该用来向人们展示国家的过去!
8 r6 ^6 P6 h9 [4 l7 q: b' f# ^( M135970211 28 分钟前
6 \' z5 T4 {% B2 E8 ]) s2 r+ H  T% A2 {8 `: c. g
I really hate to say this, but London's opening ceremony was laughable. It couldn't hold the torch to Bejing at all, for all of its splendor, drama, theatric performance, and sheer preparedness.7 h/ ~* [- Q# M; F
虽然我很不想这么说,但是伦敦奥运的开幕式太可笑了。它无法媲美北京奥运,不管是华丽、情节还是戏剧性的演出,或是仅仅从准备工作上说。) K; Q& x+ g" o- `' _
jennaschool 29 分钟前
+ y7 r4 a) i+ t
2 i; l4 ^! p/ }2 j% NMaybe I missed something, but, what's the theme of London opening ceremony? No irony, just a simple question.4 t' g3 P2 Q0 U' i4 _$ [
5 {* i( y( D6 f" Nchloebaoable 29 分钟前
1 F3 F% X8 s, M
- Z2 A2 R2 h. P/ V/ y% @+ tWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-AAY better than London's!!!!!!!!!- p- C0 A) n: V2 [1 W( L4 X
比伦敦的好好好好好好好好好好好!!!!!2 H& {) d( f) l  Y  G/ u
Tastyjadetea 30 分钟前: _' k7 c' F% ?/ N0 i

0 P% @+ Y! f0 }7 B: @- e( V- Y3 pBeijing is Epic
# ?$ U3 B- A: H5 {# m北京的史诗。
) e0 ^8 |2 l% gLondon is Funny; Y, Z1 m2 C1 V% M, ^
5 u, m9 W  e* O7 A% J/ ZLOL7 u3 E* `1 D9 w2 X
笑。+ l/ ]$ e0 D9 u' L: ~- |% E
LeShifonia 31 分钟前
8 @  k$ E) W, Z3 X2 r# [6 A5 @2 D
: s, }2 \, K* e. l1 MThis is the best opening ceremony ever.) E* p$ c1 l: A$ j2 F
这是有史以来最好的开幕式。, h/ ~8 c; J9 f5 x% o. G
ab201076 32 分钟前
5 e7 m' T# k2 \
7 }# W6 o2 Q! t. i- u) Ni dont understand, i think the london's ceremony was pretty good, not as good as this but still- a9 [; _# _) [. [( [  U8 Y. B0 {5 \( ^
2 ?: z% }9 Y9 W* r: w8 o8 ?minizahra 32 分钟前2 i, w9 e' H( r3 Q% }

/ n' ]8 |1 G, }8 u7 f0 CFalling asleep through the London opening ceremony right now... very disappointed.
$ \9 @5 B; h6 H2 a! \: @0 D现在看伦敦奥运开幕式看的睡着了。。。太失望了。1 {; G0 m$ \! H. l! }
HitStep08 33 分钟前
7 }( B# _0 j0 o8 K6 ^; m: h# R7 \( j& ?0 u$ H" T) J/ L( f
Britons are more physically attractive than the chunky Americans' x' C, V3 {2 g+ X8 ^
比起矮胖的美国人,英国人在体型上更吸引人。5 I; V+ C* Z' }3 J, D5 r
HeyEww 33 分钟前8 [" L9 ?) x* z  L- I8 K0 w8 u
# N9 I4 }  Y1 r
Epic!!! London is like nothing compared to this! Sorry.* o& T/ H, o- [7 ]) n4 Q3 Z. ~
史诗!!!伦敦的和这个完全没法比!不好意思。0 D7 h$ _& P8 j( R
China is hard to beat.
. U8 h9 E- \0 U4 O$ ?& u, m; G中国的开幕式难以战胜。7 W. j$ P! @: d7 {& R
And this is way more entertaining1 m' g; z' v$ k# J$ M* W
' J% g+ e# F! N/ `" V6 c+ o& yEmily styles 33 分钟前
6 @" F+ V6 w% _6 o# r5 y  y# @) P- S- [6 f
That'd be awesome8 o; y) n2 R8 p
9 |# c5 [9 T# t2 X% P7 Nturtleskm 34 分钟前
6 l  w3 }: w  `. {
. G0 u( `4 F) y0 }* S: ?beijing 2008 is tough to beat !
+ t0 X* a" S( J! k3 l- U. t9 A北京的2008难以战胜!! U6 n" |: \% G; i
i've just seen london 2012 and sir paul LOL !- q$ e+ ^& t) T
+ q! e* e* p) W8 V( m+ a5 Dhey jude, seriouswly ??? LOL again !- ?0 }% ?. g8 w: x6 ]8 V
Hey Jude,严肃吗???再笑!
; M' }1 n/ n$ y* Udynamitediego 36 分钟前
# G3 @0 }/ [  Z7 _/ d- P9 g" M4 ~# s) q) |
I was exited for the London opening ceremony, but it was kinda boring..This is how its done!!
: E" x9 {2 V8 }! E% X; ^伦敦的开幕式有点无聊,所以我就中途退出了。。这就是这场开幕式所展现的!!
" U9 I' H! p' a5 ujoselira15 36 分钟前
5 k: h+ Y# c' K$ P& ]: b* @2 ?: }$ ?% Z5 O/ I4 ?
I can only saw this: London is the WORST opening ceremony I've EVER seen. Utterly BORING.8 O& \. u  q$ K3 M/ g  t; z- {
我就看到类似这样的评论:伦敦奥运的开幕式是我见过的最垃圾的开幕式了。不厌其烦。/ p, V4 J- g) ~9 Q1 `
missmuggledetector 37 分钟前 9 {$ Z; C  ^0 s; }! m5 g( z

, R# p0 b0 ^& e' J1 Q9 aWho else is here because they got bored of London?7 f0 j$ {, v1 c1 w1 \7 p3 u2 y
还有谁是因为厌倦伦敦的开幕式来这儿的?+ G8 V  l" H, D7 Y( p: k
conscript93 37 分钟前3 ~1 {3 C; M; U" @
  j( h% Y' l- r. W
London 2012 such a disappointment on the opening ceremony. I was so excited to see it this year but what a bummer.
3 x& i. h% f/ M' J伦敦的2012开幕式太让人失望了。今年我很期待,但它太让我失望了。; a" e0 g7 A! W- t
what3verable 39 分钟前
$ q( A+ J$ g9 E/ x; u& p5 z0 s$ z, R5 g' Y2 A3 g* r
Omfg london sucksbDICK+ ^; \; M9 v/ X9 o7 P) q
他娘的,伦敦滚粗吧。# j1 B( Y  ^& P7 B; Z7 D
BanayatK1d 40 分钟前
6 ]' O: I2 U$ H) `$ @) z
* q6 h6 M( `/ M3 z8 D4 {/ U; e4 ishits dumb as ****, the london ceremony
5 j% z7 {+ Q6 n: T& J又屎又操蛋的**,伦敦的开幕式。
3 m# _8 V. J+ o, R- p: N. Rthisguy7175 40 分钟前' u1 L0 i3 g" c( c% C. m2 s6 I& Z2 R
7 s( s3 g+ E! u9 Q1 T
Judging by how many comments this vid is getting per sec. Everyone was disappointed by the 2012 ceremony immediately came here looking at the better one to wash out the after taste. Then there are angry British supporters who are butt hurt and are probably drunk commenting.7 m# z7 w' z8 l4 |4 I7 X, R
从这里每秒钟都在更新的评论看来,每个对伦敦奥运开幕式不满的人都会立刻赶来,通过观看更好的开幕式来洗涤伦敦开幕式带来的感觉。然后这里就来了一群支持英国的屁股受伤的人,可能还是酒后发言的。9 b2 }+ O2 J# |2 B- w- F" K9 }
cloverforluck 41 分钟前 - |, ~* {* A) o. ^. n+ h- O

( x$ b% k: x  L# H+ B+ w/ WLondon's Opening Ceremony was a waste of time.3 I. D) [4 n) |8 v% h
伦敦的开幕式是浪费时间。2 J5 G- U4 F/ q
jen71264 45 分钟前
$ \* d# v& @; O* x1 [2 P" s! x8 a, q& q" Z( I
Well that opening ceremony was a total cluster-fk. Nothing about made sense.$ O% a6 [9 b/ b* ~; L9 c% X
好吧,那场(伦敦的)开幕式就像集体****.毫无感觉。7 M8 ?# Q% o, M( h
Darkshadow7890 45 分钟前 - y. x' }" N8 p0 H# S

' g* s. a& k$ u* w0 k3 U3 T4 EI did feel sad about how BBC reporter trashed this opening ceremony in Beijing. However, Chinese reporter show a lot respect to London opening ceremony this time.
; T$ y3 M3 K- o" j* t我曾为BBC的记者抨击北京奥运的开幕式而感到伤心。然而,这一次,中国的记者对伦敦奥运的开幕式表现出了许多尊重。
- c2 C0 r0 U$ z4 MJake Han 45 分钟前
; C$ N4 ~) _4 D) x/ O, C$ u: \* P! T
Hey Brits it's not us that you are mad it. It's Danny Boyle. Go take your complaints there.( Y0 G" g2 e3 y( ?3 N( W
嘿,英国人,别对我们发火。对Danny Boyle吧。去他那儿抱怨吧。
0 h- _1 Q' {7 n4 R9 Iwhateverman181 45 分钟前
7 o' R- l/ ~1 P% K5 V" r! t1 @+ F% C# P
London sucked not what I expected!
% u' N( _( O$ ]  H0 q伦敦开幕式太烂了,和我想的不一样!
5 U% ~5 a" \0 c# ^' C% A8 hgrego19930 46 分钟前
' w' P: ~8 w/ A/ t& C- m
: w4 N8 E% q8 A0 vBeijing's Opening Was So Much Better Than London's xD
! o$ E1 J; I9 Y: V# O北京的开幕式比伦敦的好太多了。xD, \# N  N% u9 Z, j
itsGabyy23 47 分钟前; q8 |3 S8 Z# T5 x- D
: C) d! l5 ^' V  G5 L6 C
Seeing McCartney in the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony was pretty interesting, but felt really unrelated to the entire event.
1 G4 N- m! h6 v' `" O* c1 H看到麦卡特尼出现在2012奥运会的开幕式上让人感到非常有趣。不过感觉跟整个开幕式没什么关联。
  F: B) X& @7 }: ]6 P+ F7 Y" Jsharkfrenzy213 48 分钟前
6 Y' E/ E; n. y4 s; X% m2 N# m. }9 f: p6 E1 P/ U$ o+ E
Only Powerful countries can produce a show of power like this; M9 h0 P) v, x& X4 P1 }" a. s
I bet China, Russia, USA can all achieve same level as proved in their conquer of Space
- q4 F3 N* ^% e$ m# ]0 fIndia and Brazil are second to think of, Germany Japan used to have this capability
+ r  k9 g" G1 N3 f7 n只有强国才能像展现出这样强大的开幕式 。
7 m1 z4 V1 f3 w. o我赌中国,俄国和美国在证明自己能征服太空的方面是同一级别的。# j) }5 s& T6 D. J
我认为印度、巴西是第二级别的,德国日本则必须借助他们的能力。! J7 q( t7 i4 ]0 x
bubugao2012 48 分钟前 2
1 K( z7 m6 ?0 N
2 F( w0 |% }5 ~3 J London's ceremony tonight.. Just, a bit random.: j# x; N- c# D
伦敦奥运之夜。。只是,有点随意。' P/ K# J, @& _8 Z: R
GreyEarlTea 50 分钟前
: o) |* m3 B( X/ Q) c* }/ q3 U' \0 i8 z
Comparing to this, London's opening really sucks!( @- n5 u2 ~& ]5 s( z' r
比起这个,伦敦的开幕式非常烂!. C# _! |+ e3 y7 M
knuser004 51 分钟前 2 7 f! H, z( G. w' L
' V- B  f* G( X. V
... i think the London opening has a sophisticated feel to it, which best describes the country.. Where'as in China, you can see the grandeur and scale of the performance. Both of which are respectable and commendable. Everyone is saying China allocated allot in the opening ceremony which is true, but UK allocated more cash in its facilities rather than the opening ceremony (the Olympic stadium in London is much expensive compared to the birds nest in China)
+ l# O( O# [0 F" B! I我觉得伦敦奥运的开幕式很复杂,正好描述了这个国家。。而在中国的开幕式里,你能看到庄严而有规模的表演。这两种表现方法都是值得尊严和赞赏的。每个人都说中国在开幕式上花了更多的钱,这是对的,不过英国也在设施上花了更多的钞票。(伦敦奥运场馆比中国鸟巢更贵)( O5 c0 I8 {0 z7 [1 y) H
WGazeon 53 分钟前; F* W% e3 O" \! k  o

4 R6 l. {. R6 w, Xonce again, the Brits will have to take a back seat to the Americans and the Chinese,...follow us you stupid little person, follow us.....
& s% t' g3 `8 t% n& `8 }; V再一次,英国人将不得不站在美国人和中国人的身后。跟着我们,小傻瓜,跟着我们。。。。7 e- s0 E+ ?+ h, O& z
FrankenBukowski 53 分钟前
. r, Y: }' n( |# e# }
& X9 e9 X7 [, q3 ~+ @* |Olympic will not be something that people fight to host any longer, it is just such a waste of money especially in this bad time. We are all struggling in this economy crisis. Brazil might do it better, I heard those people are rich., R5 L, h0 s* d& Y% \
奥林匹克将不再是人人抢着申办的运动会了,它只是浪费钱,特别是在这种时候。我们深陷金融危机。巴西可能会做的更好,我听说那儿的人有钱。% P9 H$ K8 E# E
Jake Han 54 分钟前
4 e& p# C" }. I8 _9 s
8 e; m. B/ z! M* W) Z4 f) z* hWhy does Paul McCartney look like an elderly woman? The singing.....ugghhhhhhh........-......# q+ Z, P# \5 ~
0 Q5 c2 O; A$ h- {3 L6 s. @whateverman181 54 分钟前- b9 x7 r$ F" j( y* ?
* I9 T1 d4 E2 D: b! |- J0 j: h
Nice ceremony in china
. i" m0 D3 X7 j2 V# D' y中国的开幕式很棒。! H% y) [! ]" S+ m$ B* c+ ^7 y
l3ANKiiEz 55 分钟前
" ~9 Q; Z' j5 A: ~& a9 \4 f# o$ d6 W; @' \3 L2 t# g
Olympic Ceremony Level: Chinese
. n. M  s9 [# ^- N7 c奥林匹克开幕式的中国级别。6 y& k& G- b" v( ?( f: i
xxlap2xx 55 分钟前
2 N$ d1 u: G' c0 q, ?3 g. w+ y* N) S# a# s  A
The ceremony was okay for me, except that band playing when bicycles were riding with shining wings. What was the point of that? That band maybe is good, but they do not fit the big stage of Olympics!
1 ]6 Z8 v3 K7 j+ b: X我觉得伦敦的开幕式还不错,除了骑着有善良翅膀的自行车时候的配乐。那配乐是什么意思?也许它本来不错,但却不适合奥林匹克这个大舞台!
$ k; v7 Y" p( `TruthofMegaDeath 55 分钟前' E* ?8 q  K) z" x$ T
( C( x+ \, M1 k( @0 o
For the closing 'ceremony' they should just replay the clips from the beijing closing ceremony.0 i4 P* F( _: R1 U/ i' k/ B3 S% G
: B+ }8 W' ]2 O: \) [8 ^# n1017732783 55 分钟前 6
" M) |+ ^4 P9 V' [3 ?" u) }0 x# Y
London 2012 can SUCK MY NUTSACK!
0 n& n7 g+ X+ k: y8 m+ w伦敦2012可以去死了!1 \( c; i: b/ f+ N& ~) q, k9 g
sorrylondon 56 分钟前
6 c4 p  y( r( ^+ R4 L
2 D* B9 B" }7 b4 E* zFantastic opening ceremony. best one EVER. P$ h6 z- [2 Y% A; m1 `
绝佳的开幕式。最好的一个。* o9 l' S$ b9 E. ~' W) p5 ~
weezy5296 56 分钟前
  C% l2 o! X$ R/ l- Q# M& P% \0 w
( r+ `% u( m  vHarry Potter? Industrial Revolution? Mary Poppins? Children choir? Sorry, but it's kind of retarded. Except maybe the choir part.哈利波特?工业**? Mary Poppins?儿童合唱团?不好意思,这是某种程度的弱智。可能除了合唱团部分。9 c+ |5 R: ]9 d4 e) v) p
sharkfrenzy213 56 分钟前
% k% P  O3 c& b% e+ T! y& r
# _/ c3 A! H+ I. ^$ q7 \% k# _4 BI was so excited to watch this year's opening ceremony, but it ended up being such a bore... If it was as amazing as this one, I wouldn't have fallen asleep on the couch halfway through.3 H) B; {: |, U. ]
5 H8 V% P& S2 k- Qjen71264 56 分钟前 2 , C6 a, S, G: i1 r
7 v$ P# k& M$ Z5 J
I feel sorry for London opening ceremony. That's really boring.
3 l9 J, D! o( K这么评价伦敦开幕式我感到抱歉。但它的确无聊。) `7 J4 e5 Z9 ~9 W6 O3 j/ v- I7 n/ o
estellyontheway 57 分钟前6 H( r9 p0 L- j9 T6 z" g
9 B: R& z; R+ }: [3 a
I'm an asian and I like both ceremonies. What's wrong with you people?& ?4 v) F' j0 i, k# q+ }; E
我是亚洲人,两个开幕式我都喜欢。你们这些人怎么了?# T9 q" Q5 ^0 U3 h
Lance Heart 57 分钟前 2 " V$ b" }* L- S
! Z* o* ]8 k1 l3 g3 r3 `
Who lit the torch, let me guess, Elton ****ing John. Get the **** out of here!3 A# @5 I0 J; U4 z1 v
谁点燃了火炬,让我来猜猜,是该死的Elton John.给我滚开!
7 j1 ]* G# p% n5 }" |7 p5 r& tShinobiMusashi1 57 分钟前, X  e  {( U8 f# |

. T0 |) U/ x9 m$ D0 U  T2 L" i/ J0 ?HARRY ****ING POTTER VS MARY POPPINGS **** YOU ENGLAND!!!!!!!!
- a. k* C9 r" W) @4 ^哈利操蛋波特VS玛丽·波平斯。滚你娘的英国!!!!!!
+ ~' `2 H2 ]8 mShinobiMusashi1 58 分钟前 9 L( k3 e/ C* `. Y
. B$ ]6 P3 M; j+ C9 U! `, g! x5 v' d% T
The giant baby was more spectacular than these drummers* V4 X, q: Q% s5 ]; U; k* X
那个巨大的婴儿比这些鼓手更壮观。5 M* k" R3 Q. w
HeyEww 58 分钟前# h" @0 k! n/ k) M! [9 m

" r; T$ k8 W# v1 |London, the olympics are about all cultures, not just your own! ... freaking nationalists, smug that it's hapening in there country so they make it all about them.' X/ b) q6 \: x# ?
* k2 e$ _6 r! }% Q' x% `* fsharkfrenzy213 58 分钟前
! |3 a& e& K+ A& h9 `
  P6 T+ F* V- g& W$ Z0 I0 V6 DThe 2008 opening ceremony is a heck of a lot better than the one in 2012, that's for sure.
# u4 b* H. E, t) v08年的开幕式比12年的好太多了,这显而易见。: g5 i2 P& J4 |) z
sharkfrenzy213 1 小时前
8 }+ @( p* M  W% W8 B
! e! a, u7 }8 U$ d. g! d0 w3 @8 pWatching the london opening ceremony now on TV, the ceremony with alice in wonderland and other childhood characters is just plain stupid. This is not the Olympics, I want to see something actually related to athletics, fireworks, SOMETHING better than that! Chinese, you peeps got it RIGHT!
( t3 V0 l3 w- s7 A) O现在我在电视里看这伦敦开幕式,在开幕式上展示爱丽丝梦游仙境和其他童话实在是愚不可及。这不是奥运会。我想看到一些真正跟运动员和烟火有关的东西。这比童话好!中国人,你们做得好!
' H9 z" v1 w- [8 I' ?7 ysharkfrenzy213 1 小时前( G; z( s( L8 b

- L+ P' j% ^% m& J1 v# pI am kind of hoping that USA can host next time.+ _" C' V. _1 Y/ v9 ]# D- [8 S8 R
/ ?3 \3 Z8 U4 o! V( uJake Han 1 小时前 2 % N: @. X* C; D$ O$ i. T

: S/ z% l7 @* _4 o6 vAll I can say is the Chinese did an outstanding job. It'll be difficult to top this one.- o9 r8 U+ I; r# y0 _. K
我唯一想说的就是中国人干的很好。想超过这个很难。* J9 y! l& m$ v" v, {+ k, N
lilacbirman 1 小时前$ F; ]! P: E! B8 u! z0 ~" l

4 ]& \. U2 P/ j6 _& e- Y& g# zBeijing was more impressive but London has Mr Bean... and James Bond. So up yours Beijing... lol! [6 M2 l5 ?! k: G4 k& `
0 }" p" I1 Z3 ~8 e2 ?% r2 u: _; \Scudeyyy 1 小时前
+ M1 D+ U+ M. H
7 T, e- C9 s. t( [Also, the ceremony to me, shows what the british gave to the world.
0 Y8 m0 k3 ^' C" w7 b2 h1 B开幕式再次证明了英国人能给世界带来什么玩意。
& w1 Z% V3 B  o0 ?  F9 aHeyyjeffrey 1 小时前
" Q- _3 U" o# g+ j! e4 n) _; m0 U8 y5 a' |
Please!! I just hope the closing ceremony will at least be more entertaining to watch! No more hospital beds with people acting a fool! Seriously, no more texting & broadway dancing! Or Susan Boyle being the Queens stunt double & jumping out of a helicopter!! Sheesh!!
2 {7 x; \8 W7 W' ]8 l6 H求求你们了!!我只是希望闭幕式能让人更乐于观看!别再让人躺在医院病床上扮演傻瓜了!特别是,别再搞短信舞蹈或是百老汇舞蹈了!还有,充当女王替身的Susan Boyle别再从直升机里跳出来了!!嘘!!0 K) ?2 n( c: n" Q  z
MyJoshika 1 小时前 2
' E' e# e( I  q1 U( z
$ n4 ^8 Q+ D& `# O9 X0 E2 sThe Chinese kick ass! Get used to it!* Y- j& h, A& k2 e9 g
( [& ^% P. i" x4 ?. b3 @mercuryuge 1 小时前: i6 i+ k4 Z. \' E
( B4 ]+ |: p5 O2 }  j
NOW THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT! The 2012 Olympic opening was depressing...
# K( H4 R9 U3 T现在这就是你们所做的!12年的开幕式令人沮丧。。。
0 s( M9 @0 F7 _$ ]+ l  m) mLXBD 1 小时前
7 K9 S3 a: v9 Y# m5 n9 _( D, J
' _6 R4 I8 V! u& x" w/ `4 PI can imagine the Americans dancing on a giant hamburger stage in future
" |7 X. @1 s  L/ b% V我能想到在未来某天美国人在一个巨大的汉堡舞台上跳舞的场景。
5 a( ?1 S/ ]# {+ z7 J5 yHeyEww 1 小时前  T  s' O7 H7 [" @

$ @7 S* {9 ?& M; n3 G# IWhy doesn't everyone stop hating on the opening ceremonies and enjoy the Olympics?
8 Z5 y3 `- v: g' O. Z7 h% S为什么大家不停止喷开幕式,享受奥运呢?
1 Y# L4 P5 O. x$ ^  mHeyyjeffrey 1 小时前 2 ) E) H1 O( r' n( r

2 h% N8 L' g4 @3 M1 Q" w$ V. HWtf is peoples problem?! You're supposed to show off your country why are people bashing england?
% o  E+ g* e; A( l# `& s大家搞什么名堂?你们应该炫耀自己的国家,为什么反而都在抨击英国?+ l3 N3 Y5 E0 K- @* F
ichbineincoolcat 1 小时前9 ?- U& a5 F% M6 \: B* w

* R) |8 c8 Z, ~' t6 ^" A- ZPlease tell me why they didn't bring out those scary Teletubbies to terrorize the children? ) s0 m6 U3 W0 x6 p
5 d5 |! r+ q, V% M( ]5 v: Y2 Cwhateverman181 1 小时前 3 3 O0 `: S' h$ O. N1 C& k
/ o+ C. Z2 j3 `% y# o( I
Disappointed in london olympic opening ceremony. It was unique....but.......i still like beijing's opening ceremony better. It was beautiful and left me speechless. =]  F: _6 C3 d* k- N$ q9 d
- C/ V* T4 i" D3 |! E4 R3 XLovelyMNGurl02 1 小时前
. P, a) z* p7 K) F1 g; C3 J
, b2 c5 o, i; E& G9 J; wAfter 30 years, people will still remember Beijing 2008, not London./ F' B3 R; w/ f* H9 c
30年后,人们会记得北京奥运,而非伦敦。8 ]8 n" p" o* Z' D+ _; m
whcwwr 1 小时前 4
$ A: ?* _- }* e5 R1 i/ }( y8 X2 r5 N/ ?# P) F' s! }7 A- ~
I'm sorry but how do you beat this?!!
. y  _9 C- C! D, G我很抱歉这么说,但你们要怎样打败这样的一场开幕式?!!
# u; Y" }* }5 U  b* y9 {% FCetteBelleChevelure 1 小时前7 o! Y5 [/ t1 C4 F7 G
- c& F' a1 R# A( Z
First time proud of being Chinese )))))
8 t% {3 Y8 e% J5 w2 y第一次为当中国人感到骄傲:))))8 U& X- a" s+ h/ Z+ I/ X
Aaron chiuman 1 小时前 9
; V1 B& J4 u# ~4 e2 F5 _6 g, @2 L3 a. e' x
London opening is so BAD that my dog ran back to his den half way through. And Thank God the performance part was so short, that it is easy to forget all those nostalgia and funky noises./ J: j6 [& c- H* U
伦敦奥运太水了,连我的狗都中途回到了狗窝。感谢上帝,演出部分如此短暂,把那些怀旧情结和**的噪音忘掉是很容易的。, p& P: u5 n7 R4 X7 \
fatfatlamb 1 小时前* p/ n5 e  `  y$ Q, T- X; c4 O7 X
& J8 W  Q. t2 T0 a1 z
In comparison to Beijing, it maybe wasn’t as beautiful, but I think that wasn’t the point of the London opening. China is known for beauty and elegance, which their ceremony definitely had. London is known for being a city that has grown and evolved so much since it was born, which was amazingly represented in this ceremony. A real Darwinian theme in my opinion.
) Q" ?  m7 F9 K; ~比起北京的开幕式,也许伦敦的并不漂亮,但是,我认为这不是重点。中国凭借美丽和优雅出名,他们的开幕式无疑会有这一特性。伦敦以相比以前更加成长和进化著称,这也在本次开幕式得到了体现。我认为本次开幕式真正体现了达尔文主义。
% M# Y4 p' ?8 ]* p8 D% |' L" ?aglassofsampayne 1 小时前# N! I/ M6 v4 k# A7 W9 [
% l2 _6 s) D% ^& b
Watched the London opening via China CCTV, and I just want to say, CCTV announcers patiently explained historical stories behind each scene, and showed their high respects to British history, culture and acheivements, but what did BBC announcers do 4 years ago?
$ J) d; f. X7 n. v: K! D% w! ]0 H看这CCTV上播放的伦敦奥运,我只想说,CCTV的播音员很负责任地讲解了每个场景背后的历史故事,并表达了对英国历史、文化和成就的高度尊重。但是,4年前的BBC播音员做了什么?6 C" ?- @# N: ~3 ]2 d4 X5 Y/ T
Jjingwong 1 小时前 9 A: C! {% a+ M: H  J$ u

1 K' P6 `" T5 y* z" j- l4 m**** London!
! ~. ?. x- m2 y去你妈的伦敦!8 |. e+ e% M5 g5 i0 r, M  R
GrobycRocketFist 1 小时前
8 y/ A( o% @& W/ [, X
0 B7 M% a$ O8 ^+ C2 h7 w* b" S; P* mRather disappointing opening ceremony...6 l7 J. a! W1 [; t9 W; G
+ w0 ]. u3 I8 K" dcohcoh668 1 小时前. F, }9 n9 K( K5 p; I
, Y+ t$ P: E3 g! h9 {
I quite liked the London ceremony! A little boring at times, but really crazy and interesting at others.
, ]7 S  i  O( d我非常喜欢伦敦开幕式!有时候有点无聊,但比起其他开幕式,它非常疯狂而有趣。
* V7 w' b8 [1 m: h" ^symmylynn 1 小时前
- C* F; n) v, I, WFYI , London's firework was made in CHINA !!!!!!
/ i0 J: M# _- s0 W2 w仅供参考:伦敦烟火中国造!!!!!% K9 A2 m- i( y, ?
eric79653 1 小时前 2 3 x) h. C$ t& G) b1 h
/ o, M( [6 d  z* e, e* B
Come on !Beijing told a story as well ! You just don't understand Chinese history ! Beijing's opening ceremony told a story with 5000 years ! How STUPID you are !! Q. @2 P  C/ c# T& g
来吧!北京也说了个故事!你们只是不懂中国的历史罢了!北京的开幕式讲了一个关于5000年历史的故事啊!你们太蠢了!4 _6 z" Z; U0 d9 }3 G. v1 I* S
eric79653 1 小时前3 ]1 F' E. V1 k2 W5 h* b! i& q, {+ X

+ Z* f+ t) {  d0 M9 tThe London opening was well, alright. I only really liked it because of the cake we had for celebration
- V6 R" N) M/ K3 j伦敦的开幕式也,嗯,不错。我只喜欢它,因为我们有蛋糕来庆祝。
& I8 k; v+ V- N  MAnna Loanzon 1 小时前# B/ N# L$ u0 y0 e! K2 `" C9 @% Y( G: G
% U* [/ M$ ~6 d! x
2 n3 A& {  y- A4 o2 X! l伦敦甚至连(北京开幕式的)边都沾不上。1 k  f7 V4 A7 d- H1 [4 ^; r
thephubet 1 小时前# a% y$ J/ W( ~3 D

9 C/ f: k2 F9 D8 q5 s& DIn my honest opinion, China's ceremony was their history transcending the ages. I saw it in a more philosophical light while I thought London's was humorous at best. We all have our own opinions. To me, I saw London as "A History of Iconic Music". When I watched this I saw, "The transformation of an empire."
( P9 [( |! f1 w* Y) L3 I就我个人平心而论,中国的开幕式展现的是超过他们年龄的历史。当我从一个更哲学的角度来看,英国的开幕式则是最好的幽默。每个人都有自己的看法。对我来说,我认为伦敦的是一部“有标志性的音乐史”。在我看北京奥运的时候,我认为它是一部
+ J0 C4 X4 W  I( u5 g( h! W“帝国的变革史”。' w$ t# T+ E) |9 K$ R
Leon9293 1 小时前 8
5 r. y+ D6 |8 c& \  H& g  j$ ~- I7 A! V3 L7 D3 V! K1 f
To all the people saying this is the best Opening Olympic Ceremony...how many of these opening Ceremony's have you seen? You guys must be old!!% @' p( i# V, S+ x% w
' z# n1 V: }1 a, ^$ X0 shelloploxxd 1 小时前
4 M+ A# y( y3 `% ?. Z- F7 T% z* |+ B8 H! r0 N
That was an amazing opening ceremony! London did well but didn't come close
. H3 t2 |; |$ r, f这是一场令人震惊的开幕式!伦敦也做得不错,但是和这场差得远。3 e, ~8 r) ^8 F$ U5 @+ B6 T" [
pdm121280 1 小时前
  S2 i" L9 @* r
" T# o5 C" }% p, Q5 w8 g9 }Had to wash London out of my mouth不得不把伦敦从我嘴里剔除。  U: ]  D: A9 P+ }7 M9 P8 O) H
MadTimmy 1 小时前
( Z) K6 n. p2 {# j1 x% r5 c  x- j! f/ y: R8 b9 V$ M5 S
I do like Mr.Bean on London's opening ceremony.
- l  h6 L! d, Q6 s% f" \2 }我太喜欢伦敦开幕式上的憨豆先生了。6 B' I, X" r1 q4 u$ P
Jake Han 1 小时前
% p% j, b$ b2 s4 X. k8 D% B  e) J6 Z$ C5 D. r8 |" W4 A
This opening ceremony is one of the best if not thee best...4 f0 ]) z" |: h6 a2 l8 s( `2 w6 o
这场开幕式即便不是最好的,也是最好的开幕式之一。8 G, b8 ]8 L3 L- ~: w, y
Jeff Lopez 1 小时前' N4 R$ O- d! K0 \+ h3 V  Q* P

6 w- c$ B0 P9 ^3 Ythe Thames reeks of human waste, Britts that is.
2 k) `" D; F* Q人类的排泄物之泰晤士系列,英国的开幕式就是。/ b: h; E4 w0 g% b
FrankenBukowski 1 小时前
3 h8 S5 W0 v- Z% M5 f5 G: L* h' A  x+ k8 F* |9 P; z
how do people say this was better than londons. londons told a story while this one just showed how much money and slave labor china has
6 \7 G  a- |0 X$ k人们怎么能说这个比伦敦的好。伦敦的开幕式讲了一个故事,而这个开幕式不过是向人们展示中国多么有钱和有多少奴隶劳工而已。- m5 v& w1 b+ E9 S
Rapture189 1 小时前# S; Z# @5 W! w: o' p5 u) `

4 z2 X8 `( S2 O6 Y! E' t# OLondon opening ceremony disappointment brought me here!- [- y9 N$ E2 o4 w$ C0 v! j4 C
对伦敦开幕式的失望使我来到了这儿!0 B: N1 @) R: f
darreltye00 1 小时前
- T5 j2 y0 S5 u5 z" }+ N+ f0 P4 O' F
I stopped watching when they started dancing on hospital beds in London's ceremony. I don't care what the reason was, and I might be a little arrogant for that, but I don't think that's what the world wants to see in an opening ceremony.6 e9 |2 R) b5 O; k* X/ t9 A. ^
# Z: }# X) R$ ?  SDaHomieC 1 小时前
$ I, I; p/ n9 l% f8 o' ~
' w" R+ t' }5 N2 V- [, }, Nlondons was way worst than this) N6 g/ k, a& }- c
0 k# j4 e# l, F. |hii2786 1 小时前
8 b$ ~/ s. }2 c2 E0 f6 Z0 q  p  ]/ @- N: D1 [
his is so much better than London's
9 E" T2 a7 m% D; q这比伦敦那个好多了。
3 r$ }& }; U1 Y7 S* fMrSOOOCAL 1 小时前
. d; x1 a% ?: ~( k/ a# N! L2 R; V, F' v/ I
USA rules. Count the gold medals in the end.* p1 u- a5 P3 c, p" @, S
6 b0 X( v6 R! i" s' f0 V7 VFrankenBukowski 1 小时前  e  U( z" G: t$ H

/ p- y" j* _: \( m' u+ A( sWhat's up with the hospital beds & the kids sleeping in it? What was that meant to be about?!..
: Y, H/ N3 P, }  v# l3 P5 b展示医院病床并让孩子们睡在上面是什么意思?想表达什么?!。。  T$ e, }! }3 H! |) Z
MyJoshika 1 小时前$ H8 z/ V3 `! r6 e" R
( g- j# U+ u5 L5 ~% h1 s+ [" {
Londons sucked.
! A( n/ m) F# G3 B2 v+ V伦敦的烂。
& f+ \" R3 b( Y1 f+ @EheartsB 1 小时前2 M; k% Z6 G4 X* K

; t* H& n8 q; LLondon opening was such a disapointment, had to view this again lol7 P* b2 O' s+ @6 U" m: A* V
/ b9 A% \) T: N/ U* D2 S  @; bvlad006 1 小时前 ) M' C3 b, S' |# M+ T$ R

& s% E) [6 I0 U* f( e9 aDear England:
% F( i* V% y9 q3 |0 gThe olympic ceremonies are meant to appreciate ALL the cultures and countries of the world as part of a time-honored tradition dating back several hundred years ago. It is not a time for you to showcase your own personal history, punctuated by chimney sweeps and douchebags in top hats. Learn from the Chinese!: {  A& `3 m9 V) O! z5 Z4 h- s2 a
8 }7 ?8 y3 ~; g# i" M, qkeerkhor 1 小时前 38
; r8 Q$ X! ]3 G+ T/ c
3 C' |3 l0 P# o4 U1 {& MThe Queen was picking her nails when the British athletes walked in. What's that all about?
5 \3 ]! c4 u5 O7 K8 B) g! M在英国运动员入场时,女王正在剔指甲。这是怎么回事?% I% M# L: {5 \/ U6 L
whateverman181 1 小时前
$ n. ]+ I- j4 e1 q
3 c7 y: A. N7 Z) p2 p: H3 c1 lLondon.... no.
. D0 U# B  ?' D9 P: ?1 w6 X伦敦。。。。不。
/ W1 A5 V9 Y$ R. _: ^thorche19 1 小时前
3 s( i" l9 o6 L/ ]3 a) s' a
) F, n1 ~" D+ B0 M/ [* aLondon opening is horrible!+ C9 p( ~9 B) i; o0 `5 z
5 c) r! ~# x- S& S  egunnery18 1 小时前1 k: a, K! }0 ?/ w! Z( D

, j% b0 f& {6 A  z2 L! ]Dear Britain,6 U; m: s  l& G0 p% |
When are you going to stop using Paul 'Boring Ass' McCartney to close every damn event of yours?! E' S; R1 B; ~  ?9 B! `0 e
He's boring, dated and lost his voice.
5 a; Q- y3 m2 l: P1 v3 DPlease stop using him.: Z* B$ K/ x1 J* @
( t+ Z0 Z' P0 \2 E" d. SFrom the rest of the world., J. L( C7 x8 U: b7 Y
' g# A6 l7 |9 G; E2 f5 ~# F& M你们什么时候才能通过停止使用保罗·枯燥的** · 麦卡特尼来终止你们的每一个糟糕举动?
6 U7 A2 h: k$ i: D5 g  {, Q他无聊,过期,而且失声了。4 z, f" h/ j' a3 Y
求你们了,别用他了。! I1 g( y% |& h# f0 q( O
感谢," c2 [4 [* K. ?! ], @* k7 R3 O
  R0 K) ^9 ~9 ?. I% s4 Isorrylondon 1 小时前 3 _/ L% _* d/ [

/ _) U8 {: ?) C* GThis takes a shit on Londons./ z0 ]* G9 E, y- s2 T4 b
把伦敦的爆出翔了。% ^7 e1 {4 H. U! C: A( r7 ]; I/ h
P4KiiST4N 1 小时前0 D9 d" j* `* M; k/ H
+ O7 z! L' X( e. |, R9 Z" f0 y
the london olympics opening is at best amateurish compared to the beijing one. the english can feel proud of their ceremony, and write raving reviews, but they shouldn't compare their's to the chinese.* e4 f1 y1 }* d  I
; u( f4 O$ _, Jharryom123 1 小时前
- p0 m3 h% \$ o# F- R1 l0 ?2 p) R( i( u/ g. n$ Z* t- Z+ ~
This beats the crap out of londons sorry+ l$ W% P9 m! j
这场开幕式把伦敦打得落花流水。不好意思。$ E0 n: q% x+ d; U# w
rrajeevy 1 小时前 37 % \+ L$ m% V7 J" t3 @& C* G1 ^
: l' r8 V2 U1 M' `! F& `5 \
How about we just let Beijing do every Opening Olympics Ceremony from here on out.) f5 @! a/ q, p
* m3 E# M5 J, Z# j  TEggomanicful 1 小时前 45 9 Z9 G( E$ R) ~9 e6 r7 G
1 x2 i, b- k2 o' S9 `
i was disappointed by the london olympics. but this was the BEST opening ceremonies ever
2 ]9 _/ P7 Y% }) V. s: D, g我对伦敦奥运失望了。而这场则是有史以来最好的开幕式。3 e  u- `. _- u' k
PandasAndMonsters 1 小时前/ S/ k4 J( q+ i! M# `1 B/ R! o

2 {' N  \: i  i- g" RBritish ceremony was fun, imaginative, humorous and made you think at times. Obviously around a third of humanity are below average in iq, so they will prefer choreography over substance because it hurts their brains less.
( Z. X& S0 H# K7 I+ X, P8 W# D5 C& x2 E$ D7 U
London, the olympics are about all cultures, not just your own! ... freaking nationalists, smug that it's hapening in there country so they make it all about them.
: l) R0 q: |% m伦敦,奥林匹克是关系到所有文化的,而不仅仅是你们的!。。。畸形的民族主义者们沾沾自喜,他们展现的全都是自己。, a& V; x4 S% k
sharkfrenzy213 58 分钟前
# u/ w$ t  w# @7 t, {$ a* x1 O; W1 c9 ?( X4 h7 {1 p- q
The 2008 opening ceremony is a heck of a lot better than the one in 2012, that's for sure.$ l: b1 f% r7 ?7 K+ Y
08年的开幕式比12年的好太多了,这显而易见。+ I% \8 \* m9 G
sharkfrenzy213 1 小时前
) f( J2 |( O0 r& Y( c
& C$ Q  a2 ~0 ]Watching the london opening ceremony now on TV, the ceremony with alice in wonderland and other childhood characters is just plain stupid. This is not the Olympics, I want to see something actually related to athletics, fireworks, SOMETHING better than that! Chinese, you peeps got it RIGHT!2 n+ ^4 \( O  q0 p9 P
+ ^5 _% z; f( h# Z$ Z: Ssharkfrenzy213 1 小时前
7 P+ ~) j/ w/ N( E
! o# w1 B  b) _* c% d5 P: H4 Q6 P$ hI am kind of hoping that USA can host next time.
! V/ j: C( z4 b% q$ @! ]4 N我有点希望下一次由美国举办奥运会。% K- z4 V' l. R% B4 [
Jake Han 1 小时前 2
9 P4 `+ n; F; ?( I1 u7 C$ Y# f# p* a5 B. }& E
All I can say is the Chinese did an outstanding job. It'll be difficult to top this one.
; w8 m& [1 A7 x: z/ S我唯一想说的就是中国人干的很好。想超过这个很难。( j, _& x3 @. l
lilacbirman 1 小时前1 k; \: V- A( G) B. k1 C4 j
5 e% d+ n) g, _% n0 ?7 h
Beijing was more impressive but London has Mr Bean... and James Bond. So up yours Beijing... lol
0 ?* V% p# b: M" l! Z2 O) S北京的更令人印象深刻,不过伦敦有憨豆。。还有詹姆斯邦德。所以去你们的北京吧。。。笑。
$ z$ [! R/ [; ]3 i% r5 cScudeyyy 1 小时前8 D4 \0 \) V; I
. |1 u1 E! `- |/ x& ]+ z  b
Also, the ceremony to me, shows what the british gave to the world.
) D4 ?: Z' i* @( h( v" M: b! I开幕式再次证明了英国人能给世界带来什么玩意。
1 R; ]( u- n# [  DHeyyjeffrey 1 小时前
# z4 p9 C- @8 L" r! ~2 {0 e# s5 ]; B( s1 I: u" ], I
Please!! I just hope the closing ceremony will at least be more entertaining to watch! No more hospital beds with people acting a fool! Seriously, no more texting & broadway dancing! Or Susan Boyle being the Queens stunt double & jumping out of a helicopter!! Sheesh!!/ w8 z. j# p* s: {* S5 ]" O
求求你们了!!我只是希望闭幕式能让人更乐于观看!别再让人躺在医院病床上扮演傻瓜了!特别是,别再搞短信舞蹈或是百老汇舞蹈了!还有,充当女王替身的Susan Boyle别再从直升机里跳出来了!!嘘!!
+ p9 ?$ j5 L+ L( m. t9 D8 ]MyJoshika 1 小时前 2
9 O+ L% H- ^- j& n& a4 W9 w% J1 `/ b# g1 z1 f$ j
The Chinese kick ass! Get used to it!( Z0 r8 F* J/ M% d/ Z
: U1 |$ R7 K- w' cmercuryuge 1 小时前6 q1 c4 L) o( E; Z% F) d

. z4 ?4 C6 z" MNOW THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT! The 2012 Olympic opening was depressing...
, G! G% o% }; g3 ~现在这就是你们所做的!12年的开幕式令人沮丧。。。
3 T: |6 I4 L. i7 XLXBD 1 小时前. q+ y0 U; K( M6 C1 }
, y2 S, Y  o7 T2 S7 S0 _
I can imagine the Americans dancing on a giant hamburger stage in future# s  }7 l* z, \! X- x  t
我能想到在未来某天美国人在一个巨大的汉堡舞台上跳舞的场景。7 T  T  D6 y: w2 H
HeyEww 1 小时前. K5 n+ L* L' D8 k0 r& T, d" S
8 X. n, k, @5 b
Why doesn't everyone stop hating on the opening ceremonies and enjoy the Olympics?
& @2 g6 W8 _& R/ z2 A9 x' {9 H为什么大家不停止喷开幕式,享受奥运呢?$ m) b" d+ w, P9 g3 Q
Heyyjeffrey 1 小时前 2
5 U. f' J7 `2 x. l9 Z
5 E) n# N  r9 U) I# ]Wtf is peoples problem?! You're supposed to show off your country why are people bashing england?' n0 X( ~' @/ z7 Y" e' i  ]+ t
' K3 U* J: E+ g' E5 \( @$ tichbineincoolcat 1 小时前
, m0 g0 u* p& G0 D; H0 V* E7 M% r1 p9 z- w
Please tell me why they didn't bring out those scary Teletubbies to terrorize the children? $ G- L" x! b5 L' {) a
shadowfilm 1 小时前
) s$ B' |0 L$ K# a0 B6 R
/ ]- @, R8 _+ o) vThey should have U2 to perform and save this opening ceremony
5 c: F; m& T+ D' c他们(北京)应该通过免费演出来挽救这场(伦敦奥运会的)开幕式。
* e3 l( x. _7 o8 u4 swhateverman181 1 小时前
( J5 ^% ?/ d/ L6 M. w  d6 D6 K- b: y3 e( U2 l" W9 I) Y  m
Drinking the sweat off a roasting pig would have been more suitable for the english history than that lump of cow dung3 ]; k- K% q6 f( E" d2 |) N6 x8 s7 v3 a; J
( I6 p0 `( w6 M" h# x% ]FrankenBukowski 1 小时前) @( @& j  L: A  T$ V, ^1 \& ^- l
1 d/ d9 z2 F$ E7 `
The London ceremony was cool and more chilled out
4 Z8 Z. @- J$ C& _  D. [" y伦敦开幕式酷,而且更令人放松。0 M; j$ E. u' _' m# ?# a/ r
Ela La 1 小时前
9 k; W- ~* t3 Z. w9 l& M
2 t! a3 [* D1 z5 _$ I! IThe Chinese ceremony was a bit souless and fascist, and like they were trying to impress./ U1 l7 B! y' R& z6 |' h  E" m) n& t
中国的开幕式有点缺少灵魂,带点法西斯主义,而且他们似乎在竭力给人留下深刻印象。( p" C( @' z$ W( i: L9 X3 n5 H
The British opening ceremony was funny and had more of a sense of humour, and also showed they don't take themselves so seriously and don't need to impress. I prefer the British.
2 d" d4 X2 f6 Z4 B; U英国的开幕式有趣而有更多的幽默感,这也显示了他们不愿把自己搞的太严肃,也不需要让人留下深刻印象。我更喜欢英国的。
) J0 G& p1 _  A: w% Eyentalan 1 小时前: D4 _, {" c3 T8 t( f

) c0 [( j) V; {, x" k2 dIt is not that Beijing opening was better. It is that all other openings were better.! Y2 V  c0 {2 \, g8 D
; j+ Z1 o+ j* gcrackrero 2 小时前4 r4 A" @) P/ J/ Y3 F& w- T) |* Q
$ F, k# @4 k; x6 f$ p1 ^( c
I live in the east but i am not Chinese, i had to set my alarm at 3 am just to watch the London opening. I was so disappointed, i should have stayed in bed. Bejing opening was far far better. I don't know what were they thinking when they ask Danny Boyle to the direct this horrible opening. It was as bad as his movie Slumdog, boring, chaotic and senseless. I really didn't get what he was trying to show. Such a waste of money and time. Susan Boyle could have done it better.
. Q* ?! s# W% y& d0 U我住在东方,不过不是中国人。为了观看伦敦开幕式,不得不把闹钟调到凌晨3点。我感到非常失望,那时候我应该睡觉的。北京的开幕式好太多了。我不知道当他们要求Danny Boyle导演这场糟糕的开幕式时,他们是怎么想的。开幕式就像此人的电影《贫民窟的百万富翁》一样的无聊、混乱、毫无意义。我实在不知道他在努力地展示什么。太浪费钱和时间了。换Susan Boyle导演会更好。
( X1 ]* u. ^, `. ^. D% K9 I. i, _archangel1124 2 小时前! u2 z/ S7 L. r( t: J

3 O8 a* C# ^! [2 @+ \100x better than london opening
, t: v3 V( r9 L) f比伦敦开幕式好上百倍。
& _, k8 X8 z6 lNaz khan 2 小时前
3 L, w6 C; L7 o
$ w- ?1 i2 h  u& \- XI'm from America, so most of you will probably go hating on me when I say I liked the Beijing opening ceremony more than the London. But you have to give the English props on being able to write a story with the ceremony. Beijing's was huge, flashy, and pretty, but London's was fun and told a story.. v* I; ~! k, ^' `
我是美国人,所以当我说比起伦敦的开幕式,我更喜欢北京的时候,你们中的一些人可能会恨我。但是你们应该给英国人一个道具,让他们懂写开幕式的剧本。北京的开幕式庞大而令人震撼,而且漂亮。不过伦敦的有趣,而且讲了一个故事。, Y( D$ U7 b' X
TemarixKamatari 2 小时前
( q4 @* ?9 |# T# B9 V. e" b8 G6 t5 i
- S4 Z  H- M2 {) s; r- BThe best opening EVER!!! London disappointed me.* i. l  i; a0 Z- G
- d1 y$ R# t7 W# M1 q% ]& R5 ?9 fChaucer129 2 小时前 2   y- w; ]4 U. g4 @
# X; y/ l% {7 H" g1 Y; v( \! {3 i
Nice try London
  t* I7 p+ {% i: Y漂亮的尝试。伦敦。+ i$ I4 ]/ K" I# |
Julian81218 2 小时前9 q! ~7 a( m$ ^0 p
# H/ f" s3 {  |
London, imma let you finish but Beijing had the best opening ceremonies of all time.$ T' F+ z6 f+ [" F0 J0 y
伦敦,我想让你结束。北京的开幕式在任何时期都是最棒的。2 R3 q$ k0 _3 e) I
turtIesRcool 2 小时前 8 n  m2 L& Z8 U1 V( K3 n7 M0 i# o

; a6 _$ u8 I4 {+ `! b, SThe problem was that the British opening should have left people having more respect/understanding of British culture. The modern segment with kids texting and references only the Brits would understand was just embarrassing.5 S; |( N# \7 l% t! a
( z  m% _8 Z1 B' R8 o6 u- ^RoyaleInliner 2 小时前
+ g7 R9 S* o6 V# t) A0 m. h+ u9 y' K% s% F$ K& U8 e, J
The London opening ceremony was terrible. It wa boring with sloppy laughable choreography, a jumbled mess.
$ N2 {. O7 @" A1 `  L4 O伦敦的开幕式太可怕了。这是场草率而可笑的编排,一个一塌糊涂的烂摊子,令人感到厌烦。9 T5 @+ x4 I" n5 z4 g
serenakiril 2 小时前9 }% F  h4 E4 K" Y, ]( E

4 \1 [% E2 G5 I- XGreat Britain's uniform look$ better in 2008. What the hell did they wear in 2012?!9 e# }$ \& N+ |& G& R
- y4 ~+ I5 F) K# `& T3 XGrilledZucchinis 2 小时前" J$ C$ H/ ]8 [# r( \# [7 D& w

8 J- w. q0 E, e+ K+ |china wa better, great ,awensome!!!!
8 j6 n: Y0 J! r( ?* G. Y: @中国的更好,很好,很棒!!!!
% P/ E0 c; d2 t- I& u& l: Y$ Mhardbrenacore 2 小时前
8 I/ {  E6 H: \! L. U, w
- k6 I$ c+ `% _  o7 AIndustrial Revolution....Harry potter...Mr.Bean...Jame$ Bond...David Beckham...Paul Mccartney....What the hell was that....
+ r7 @% R% H$ [4 N% L: Q  T! h工业革齤命。。。哈利波特。。。。憨豆先生。。。。詹姆斯邦德。。。。。大卫贝克汉姆。。。。保罗·麦卡特尼。。。这他妈是什么玩意。。。5 W4 g) r- q# }5 {, Y9 {* `
ddr2533 2 小时前2 D, `/ R2 ]( R: {4 ~

& A1 q. v3 p# J7 {' v4 Z- xChina kick as !!!!!!! Beijing rulez!!!!!
4 z/ u" _0 o5 w1 K4 |5 L9 q中国踢了英国的屁股!!!!!北京领先!!!!, u& ^- x: a4 V/ p+ U& s3 a
AdrianSmith2000 2 小时前
* o3 `( ]( X) U2 ?, H  q! X
# S; I9 _* S6 M0 p& y7 Kno doubt, this one is much better0 s# |$ o: n5 O" u" m9 n3 Y
毫无疑问,这个要好多了。' I$ ]' z* L, w/ q% a: W5 V+ R
zhantonio 2 小时前8 U. w: U% A) W
/ p; d& x1 u$ @- j3 r
tbh, this opening i beyond compare~/ m) k# O" E  c$ I+ c
老实说,这场开幕式无与伦比~% o; @' Y& S( ~* I6 n, t
cyyuchungyau 2 小时前 5 + q( [! S. `5 X+ E/ H2 H

$ W/ Z  y+ H. v+ p2 LToday will go down in history as an embarrassment to the United Kingdom.
2 |/ U0 R1 B. p& q: ~/ ~今天将因英国的窘迫而载入史册。* l3 O4 O+ f( f) ]& A
RagingCapitalist 2 小时前
; j; n) W8 d( Q
8 r: Y" b$ X6 I! Y+ V1 v2 u% uwhen all is said and done..
2 w8 b- R6 [/ T+ ~# g+ r* {% Q说过很多遍了。。
! ~- g; B' B5 a1 G+ o5 Jchina population 1.4 billion+ ^, u! D5 Q" O+ T% x
中国人口14亿。8 }6 r; Q; r! {7 l# t/ T% x/ U9 `
britain population 60 million., ^+ l3 k, A) ]5 ?7 a
英国人口6千万。9 p1 U. O7 e4 C# Z& o
london 2012 was 1/4 of the price, not a false politically driven slave show.. but a true, transparent taste of london..) Q5 z$ z7 A% j8 P- o
7 E5 I( [$ `( i2 \, a" Q, \6 GP.S the whole world visits london every year.. NOT beijing.. just think about it& g. }3 k6 M2 ~+ j# b: O" V
" b4 F' M- p6 l' x; `Tommy Gunn 2 小时前# S. \  p5 V% v5 o

" r+ w9 T/ I9 p最好的开幕式是中国的,有史以来最好的则是希腊的。。。。它更好而且有历史意义。
, y( K! {: d4 Rmene14387 2 小时前1 m# R) f$ O- Y4 W
% q) t' n& P* m- L& F: L
Much better than 20085 H/ g4 q; y! V+ f0 D' P7 |& m
% X3 i9 K  h  R3 G6 j9 _# G' t7 N$ i( jna戄猀琀攀爀915 2 小时前) \) f) a7 @, R( s9 W

: ^, W$ U* c. q2 q, @3 KOkay, Beijing will remain the best opening and closing ceremony for now. It was just 椄洀瀀氀攀 breathtaking. I actually saw another one of Zhang Yimou's work. He does a show in Yangshuo (near Guilin) and it was equally wonderful. He is a real genius.
, y- {3 u3 \2 {& k, @3 f好吧,北京现在仍将保持最好的开幕、闭幕式纪录。这只是简单的惊人。我还看了张艺谋的另一部作品。他在阳朔(临近桂林)拍的。这部作品同样精彩。他是个真正的天才。
9 I: ~3 d, m6 x; Falterna 2 小时前
2 p( I# Z+ F  I- B! o" F0 |5 s6 z) S" P. o
One thing to say about this ceremony... MADE IN CHINA!!!# u5 X' D0 C# g: O% H# u) x5 u
用一句话来形容这场开幕式。。。中国制造!!!" x& W. h: V" R( O2 l
jabjaw1 2 小时前
$ j6 S. ~/ j0 S
1 L( b/ ~7 @3 xIn all seriousness though, it doesn't feel right to celebrate the Olympics with so many wars going on in the rest of the world and people suffering. 1 billion people watching. The other 4 billion are too poor to even afford a tv and trying to figure out how they will survive through the night.严肃地说,在庆祝奥运的时候,看到其他国家有那么多的争吵、那么多人受伤不会使人好过。10亿人在收看。另外40亿太穷,甚至连电视业买不起,只能在夜里想着怎么生存。9 `1 ]! L5 M* W( i
patsybob 2 小时前; {7 S5 D9 {+ M3 I8 Y3 O4 C
3 {+ K1 u' y# {& M% d. e
The reason Beijing was so great is because the West knows little about their history, they could do anything. With Britain, the history is rich, so they preferred to focus on the cultural and industrial impact of what they've brought to the world. Yes, London couldn't possibly compare to Beijing and Danny Boyle knew that, so he went with Britain's flashiness and extravagance. Because it's unique, doesn't make it shit. Americans, that goes for you guys who can't be bothered to try and understand.4 t+ x4 e& R( t. O# j4 C
北京做的如此出色的原因,是西方人很少了解他们的历史,中国人可以随便表演。而英国,该国历史丰富,所以他们宁愿着眼于他们带给世界的文化和工业影响。是,伦敦不可能媲美北京的开幕式,而Danny Boyle知道这点,所以他撇去了英国的浮华与奢侈。因为这会让它独一无二,而不是让它变屎。美国人,这一点是你们这些人不愿尝试和理解的。, S6 n+ }' A. e1 W% E+ ^
Lasergridable 2 小时前, P) M" T; h$ p  s% E9 \5 \3 L

0 d" y+ t* z# K+ b0 V! V* O2 s8 [The London Ceremony is on TV right now but I'm here watching this AWESOME Beijing Opening Ceremony instead!! London's opening is kinda boring compared to this.9 G7 d- S0 z1 V" d6 R* C1 f
# Y  R/ G/ C: l# L" ~& uMyJoshika 2 小时前 ! Y' `6 i/ ~  ^
8 h7 P4 Z* |  n2 S
Well the London Olympics was never going to have a chance of surpassing the Beijing one, I think everyone knew that immediately after watching the Beijing opening ceremony 4 years ago. London's was too dull for the most part IMHO with a few great moments. Was too self involved. After 10 minutes I was like, "okay, yes you're British, we get it"$ V2 z/ u3 G, l/ B! h. t
8 q; }+ e* p0 c/ Qmdwalsh333 3 小时前4 E& d; y$ `+ f8 C

. C+ f' N! A1 \5 g: f) e* pwhy was beijing so different?/ G2 A5 J$ |. ?7 Q3 ]
为什么北京(的开幕式)如此与众不同?( Y$ t: C: q  H" V9 ?9 z
zero00tolerance 3 小时前
+ k, I) C9 @- o3 f% k/ T1 }6 n5 V2 @: d% o8 V3 W
you can say every thing but Beijing did not have Mr. Bean in their ceremony.^^; H# s& V. @9 [6 E$ T
你们爱咋说咋说,反正北京的开幕式上可没憨豆先生。^^. g; E' Z5 }; W8 J+ f3 F
mokonokos 3 小时前& a8 q) n- g. G! i# H& s
2 N- W, K) x* k" G
London sucked.% K# M1 F2 u" v! e6 V6 S2 W
伦敦的烂。+ C& j" c  g2 u' k0 J' I# j
ChunkyBeckz 3 小时前
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