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[转载] 叶诗文惊人战绩引外媒猜测,美国网民不淡定了

7 p8 H6 E3 C/ w* x% {* Y新闻概括:2 Y5 ?+ S; T( A& w  G* D) S) `
“16岁的叶诗文在400米混合泳中的最后50米成绩超过了男子400米混合泳冠军罗切特。罗切特游完最后50米用了29.1秒,而叶诗文仅仅用了28.93秒!”5 `6 }7 f3 Y+ u
  P" X5 z# c; e9 B5 z外国媒体沸腾了!!
" E% U# e! E1 A. E' w$ k2 m$ I$ D5 Z0 t9 h/ y  s" T2 _4 b9 \) ^& J
接下来贴评论,看看美国网民怎么说。。。。2 {, A6 E7 E& K9 P1 R

( ^: r9 T4 d" N* U) ]网友评论
' H, [- x' I% @* D7 `. [9 c+ a. W2 }$ r2 x  F# V3 L
) [- }! D- V- h* @) T" \1 Z# L% `Is she really 16? Somebody should check her birth certificate. China tends to send underage girls to Olympics to beat the best of the USA.
' c( w. S. ^5 m% c2 y' i5 a她真的够16岁了?有人去查看一下她的出生证明么?中国可是经常会耍赖,将一些未成年女孩送到奥运赛场,以此来干掉美国最好的运动员。3 e. W6 j2 a  h+ g
8 M2 h* y6 F/ @
2 {4 R# y+ Y" u# zRight, maybe she is really 12, not 16. So if a US adult swimmer gets beaten by a 12-year old Chinese girl, you will complain?
7 J/ K$ Y. {% j9 [/ K7 C好吧,或许她真的只有12岁,而非16岁。所以,要是美国的成年游泳运动员被12岁的中国丫头干掉了,你就满意了?
. S1 S# T' d/ l8 ^6 o! A) z6 M
. C* _7 d* s5 d& q! c' e
; A6 {' D5 j* Y% |2 U3 O3:deeemanCollapse
. N: w% s& r" q0 `- s8 W& H6 YIf sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, why don't stupid people get it ?
. D- X! o6 g. F如果讽刺只能算是低端黑,那为何智商低端的人看不懂呢?, Q8 z! x* |3 {6 I% z( j
! a: Q5 n" N6 m& k5 a
6 x) G& @, T1 f9 u1 IYou sound like a paedophile.
! M: u/ `7 w/ B8 j) ~2 q你好像有点恋童倾向。* C& Q) _3 y+ ?5 Z

; _2 k) I5 }# S+ ~9 b" i5:grackmanCollapse4 c/ G" f- |! l$ C" t0 X1 n% c
I was on a swim team when I was 13 (back in 1971) and one of the teams we competed with had a girl swimmer who was 15 (or 16) who was going to the olympics. We were all in awe of her (as the teams we were on were neighborhood teams). She ended up taking the gold (for USA) in at least one race during the 1972 olympics.* m5 C- f9 D* U, E6 p+ g( v
so don't overlook the fact that you are just annoyed by something else.+ Y) l. L9 i6 H
我13岁的时候在游泳队待过(当时是1971年),我们曾经的一个对手同时也是邻居队伍中有一名15,6岁的女孩,后来参加了奥运会,当时我们都很惧怕她,最终她代表美国获得了1972年奥运会的金牌。1 U0 p; }7 |& u/ X+ G: D
; W% D: D5 h! }; K# I
4 O2 v9 g$ Z; d6 ]' w& w6:NYHKCollapse7 V4 l+ u6 E6 s! k2 r2 Q
What's worse? Olympians with a questionable birth certificate? or a prez with a questionable birth certificate?
( u  j2 x3 d- R9 Q  b9 O让我们看看哪个更糟?2 `: ]" O- `. g" Y7 u
4 n' ?7 w: f2 G( P4 b! V- {0 A8 w. s
" P4 Q9 V0 V2 C, j( q+ |( w  O! A2 f/ w! O* o
7:xrocketCollapse9 c: u: @5 A2 z
lol r u nuts2 A5 f8 m- g5 v6 u+ S5 v
& G9 V/ p& G3 b- E" T6 ?# M. F8 W8 o# I' {8 f+ O& a3 L. [
8:Battle At EndCollapse
8 N7 S, w& B( j) L: hChina is smart in evil thinkings
5 f/ D. b+ f1 l5 v1 u& J! T8 Y中国很擅长搞一些坏动作。。。
) K" ~  L3 N9 b2 c! V/ p# p* Q  {4 O
+ k, b+ V2 B! \4 _( mnow how the hell can we know if she is the WORLD'S FASTEST SWIMMER? There are many swimmers out there that could be faster. One thing the average mind learns early in life....whenever you think you have the best, there is usually someone else out there that can do better!$ k) m6 `  y: e# s+ ~
现在我们他妈凭什么就说她是世界上最快的游泳运动员呢?还有很多可以被称为“最快的”运动员。在生活中我们都会有这样的共识,当你觉得自己是最好的时候,总会冒出一个更好的。# ~7 L1 X' A# w

- Y  v6 _. j* i) R- n, f) k" P* V10:friendofayaCollapse
6 b  @; Z; J6 y1 \* {) AI don't know, maybe compete with the best swimmers in the world? If only there was some kind of event...
2 ~: F6 J4 a) v* U我也不知道,或许和最佳运动员比一下?只要还有这样的赛事就行。。。' H, Z! U* d7 T' M( v

7 ~9 S" w2 b: j  u" H% S4 n7 w11:Silky JohnsonCollapse3 r0 [  `5 [9 S2 }7 K  u
1. If she does it again she's on something. You don't just suddenly demolish your own personal bests... Maybe once you have the moment but not repeatedly. Michelle Smith did it in 96 and everybody doubted her... But she got away with it for a while until she was caught in 98 doctoring her samples.
7 [" h5 W, _% W( ]) M2. Lochte just isn't Phelps. He's a great swimmer but he's not Michael who can go out and race 1200M 1 day and then put down another top flight performance the next day. Phelps is pretty clearly in a class by himself. Sorry Ryan. Your time isn't nearly as special.
3 x. v( \4 n  i5 l0 k1、如果她再次游出这么好的成绩,那就说明真的有料。我们一般不会轻易的去更改内心的最佳人选。。。一次或许仅仅是巧合罢了。米歇尔.史密斯在96年也做到过,所有人都质疑她,事后她消失了,在98年她被发现尿样有问题而被捕。+ s4 ?% j$ s' w! m7 }) G" W8 P
, M& c, ~" p* ~- D& v! U
, E  w) C+ W/ L2 \' j( j0 R' A/ o12:C BasaCollapse2 y: I; o* o% B3 f( ?9 k
# ^! g- h, a# f6 k& N3 y罗切特黑。& q8 t, t1 @! R1 ?9 z+ }7 i: s+ y9 B

6 |& a7 j% F1 k4 N13:Silky JohnsonCollapse& R0 X* Q, i$ p. A' L# q
Hater but accurate. Michelle Smith was on drugs and eventually got caught. If this chick keeps blowing away her personal bests it's obvious she is too.
, z4 _, y5 w! d7 \$ p% i5 P8 YLochte is great but he will never accomplish the things Phelp has. Phelps swam the same events as Lochte but came out and had the best time of anybody in the entire field for the 4X100.0 ^" M) r" Y& {$ T1 v" q1 I
他虽然是“罗黑”,不过说得在理,米歇尔史密斯最终因服用药物而被捕。要是这个小妮子也能不断打破自己创下的记录,那她肯定也有问题。* E$ ?- f) L6 A9 S) D6 h  j
' M9 Q5 B1 k. y
/ k2 x& O$ S3 E& Y( w14:drake21511
& d7 _/ _6 @% N8 swait till you see the chinese super soldiers. your jaws are going to drop again.
' {7 N" b# [9 |等你们看到中国的超级兵时,请托好你们的下巴。。。
4 V0 @8 w) V" T9 `8 N, ^& S2 N% t8 x: l7 O$ s- g
. V% Q# ]/ ?0 [Too little too late. Welcome to the age of unmanned drones.
5 D" ?: I) M- R9 Q% G: o弱爆了,落伍透了,欢迎来到无人机时代!' c  [* L0 v4 A* V( n8 d$ o
  u- K, ?  w5 G2 ]; B  u
16:Deckard_CainCollapse: }4 s- s' K8 B! U
I saw her race (race as in competition, not race as in chinese) and I was completely stunned. The fact is that in the other legs she didn't stand out. However, and considering the history of communist countries in these competitions there will always be doubts about if she won fair and square.1 f7 _4 e6 F) q8 l; w
我看了她的比赛,完全被震惊了!事实上她的其他项目(除自由泳以外的)并非出众。尽管如此,考虑到她来自社会主义国家,我们总会不自觉的去怀疑她。  N+ n' f: z# p/ j& ?
' E3 u# T4 f6 P
17:Silky JohnsonCollapse
# f' H! H* }* \' |She didn't. She's on some new form of EPO and it's possible shes not even biologically female.4 H" Y  [2 m& ^  b7 k) C" u4 b: A
% Q$ Y7 X% g4 P" e* t" h/ r
& P* S) U: c) B8 R9 n3 a& l18:Deckard_CainCollapse
) y: ^7 I) m- n5 v* kThat's just retarded.
' l/ Q6 o" J: M# _这说法太2了。。。
' B4 B/ O. M' J. V/ v# h6 r& g1 ]1 f: B. y
20:Deckard_CainCollapse% ^- u) B) c/ E9 T2 E
Not chinese for me.
! M% {& D% W4 C8 `# d3 f8 S* W我不针对中国人- L/ M" I+ K+ d5 @' s

8 g  u9 y$ Z% c. B21:jesusmaryCollapse
6 J8 Q; Q& B+ d% E) V0 m/ u8 bThe truth is...yes you saw her race and she happened to be chinese.' x# R$ [+ j; [, B* @8 L
Yes,you were stunned because the you were taught by your "daddy" to fraudulantly believe it was
: T0 S6 |. y& R8 y* knot possible for a chinese person to win well and good.Yes,you were were % b% F, x7 a* T" |& E! C
brainwashed fraudulantly into believing all communist countries are bad and "immoral".( h8 o/ ?* @5 P" M. o1 _
Yes,you were made to fraudulantly believe by the USA banks there is such thing as the "American dream" and that it is only for americans (entitlement)......7 t) y( x; z. d4 I& w1 W  U( B5 `
Yes...you were fraudulantly believe that living lie was sustainable....
# z2 }. g7 B. o+ \  WSHAME....you need help but you will not find it honestly in the USA
8 t/ L- k5 S" V事实上,你看了比赛,发现她是中国人。5 U: E2 ^0 i/ O2 K! t/ m
是的,你震惊了,因为你的老爸从小就给你错误地灌输中国人不可能正当赢得比赛的观念,被洗脑的你也相信所有的社会主义国家都是邪恶的恶棍。8 U- g' |  h( E$ b
7 a# \7 t" q- S是的,你们错误的沉浸在谎言中而无法自拔。: C" `4 }! B  U+ l' ^. A3 ?7 P
' W/ @  ^: f9 \2 Q5 o" ]* b3 H5 w: c) m' V( Z8 M- a$ |, u
5 F5 K; S% G+ b! G! M) w+ EI am european. What I remember very well are the athletes of the German Democratic Republic that won loads of medals in the Olympics because of a state-sponsored doping program that eventually destroyed their bodies.8 P* h+ \4 J- \/ k) n) P
我是欧洲人,我清楚地记得当时东德利用兴奋剂在奥运会赢了一大堆奖牌,最终损毁了很多人的身体。- g  v6 G* x' _1 y5 B

: \( r+ ~/ @9 d23:DanMcFarlandCollapse
3 @5 G# I: n7 P& V$ i1 x6 ]In 30-40 years, we will know if her trainers were doping her or if she is truly a once in a hundred year athlete.
) V1 ]7 g& Q" c  A6 GTime and patience reveals all.' |( n, i- A8 D$ n5 m, l3 _8 x% ~0 r
* ~$ k; \6 [$ Y: ]% h请忍耐一下,静待时间告诉我们真相。
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