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China's Surprise Viral Hit: An Environmental Documentary
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China's Surprise Viral Hit: An Environmental Documentary


On Saturday, Chai Jing, a former television journalist from China, released a feature-length documentary film that, unusually for China, took the government to task. Titled Under the Dome, the video featured Chai giving a presentation on stage, using both photographs and slides to examine how China's notorious air pollution got so extreme—and why the Communist Party has failed to fix it. Jing's interest was personal: Her daughter underwent surgery soon after her birth to remove a tumor that, Chai claims, was caused by pollution. 


Under ordinary circumstances, the Chinese government might have swiftly removed the video from Youku, China's YouTube, before it could gain much traction. But the film has been left untouched, amassing tens of millions of views and touching off a spirited discussion online. Under the Dome, which is embedded below, has even received praise from senior government officials. 


"Chai Jing's documentary calls for public environmental consciousness from the standpoint of public health," Chen Jining, China's environment czar, said. "It deserves admiration." This isn't how the Communist Party normally reacts to videos that criticize its governance. 

The government's reaction to Under the Dome is particularly noteworthy given that under President Xi Jinping, who took office in 2013, government suppression of the media has intensified. In addition to maintaining long-held bans on Facebook, Twitter, and other foreign websites, Beijing has cracked down on any private networks that provided a workaround to the Great Firewall. And in something of a throwback to the Maoist era, the Communist Party has even promoted a song praising Internet censorship on state-run television. 


Why did Under the Dome get a pass? One reason is tone. Chai, an experienced television anchor, framed her story as a critical investigation rather than a call to action. In China, this distinction is crucial. A much-cited Harvard study found that while the Communist Party tolerates some dissent, the government works hard to stifle overt provocations. Then there's the subject matter: Environmental problems transcend social, linguistic, and economic barriers in China, and air pollution is much harder to conceal than government malfeasance. 


In this spirit of semi-forced transparency, Beijing has acknowledged that it isn't close to solving its environmental problems. Last month, a top government official said that China had to cut emissions by as much as 50 percent in order to make any noticeable progress toward cleaner air. Achieving this while maintaining economic growth won't be easy—but when dealing with a problem so palpable, the Chinese Communist Party has no other choice. 


Kyle Mitchell 59 minutes ago 
It's not just the air that's an issue. China also has serious groundwater contamination and depletion issues, severe topsoil loss, and water quality issues. Local government largely turns a blind eye to these types of issues. I've personally seen the Chinese building roads on top trash, or piling electronic waste next to rice fields without any liners. 


Water and air pollution also extend beyond China's borders, the so-called "global commons" that is a subject of intense debate in politics and envirionmental policy. China's air emissions not only contribute to global warming more than anyone else's, but particulates migrating across the Pacific are responsible for a sizable chunk of the air pollution in US cities. Their pollution of the oceans with plastic is another issue that has a global impact. 


sunshine 1 hour ago 
Do you know why there is so much pollution in China? That is because the USA has moved most of its manufacturing to China. Most of the products you buy in the USA are made in China. All these manufacturing has been the number one contributor to China's pollution problem. 


Destiny VII 36 minutes ago 
Sunshine... And I am sure China doesn't mind getting more business by cheat, lie and including killing for profits, and this is the consequences of greed! I am a strong believe in the law of nature; you reap what you sow, isn't it? 


richer 2 hours ago 
Burning coal for electricity is the reason for the majority of the smog there , then the factories and the rest from vehicles. Well those 20+ nuclear plants will be online in the next 5 years that'll get rid of most of the smog, but from that they'll have to deal with nuclear fallouts (once they go active they can't be turned off and since of these nuclear plants are not built next to a river or ocean they will have a heck of time preparing an effective way of cooling off these reactors) and radioactive waste dumping. 


Vete A La Mierda 2 hours ago 
Good, let the Chinese know about the pollution that is killing them. We need to bring those jobs back here. Clean air and water is all well and good, but without jobs, none of that matter one bit. We've got plenty of that, and we can sacrifice some of it to start building stuff here again. I know that's not what you flaming libs want, but those of us who work to support our families instead of getting a handout from the government need work. If you don't like that, then go to China. 


F8HRrz8B 1 hour ago 
Them cutting pollution has nothing to do to do with bringing back jobs. 


Seres1091 6 minutes ago 
Okay then go back to Mexico and stop STEALING American jobs!!! 


Anis 1 hour ago 
Vince, What China did in just 25 Years is totally amazing for their Country and People including signing Joint Ventures and Mega Infrastructure Projects in all over the World that never happened in our modern History, but the Pollution needed urgent Care from the Chinese Government and People, Also, China can adopt Solar, Nuclear and Oil from (Russia, Iran, Sudan, Venezuela and Angola). The Cancer is very Bad. 


64993366 2 hours ago 
Reducing 50% emission might not be easy, but there is one easy route to reduce substantial amount of emission -- gasoline. China's gasoline is the worst, and can be easily improved, albeit at a higher cost. 


70Chimaa 55 minutes ago 
The fact is China is our major banker supporting our national depth. They also been heavily investing in building of neighborhoods, buildings, hotels and city projects. And we been out-sourcing our major work directly to China. And all this is not because of our government - it's us looking for cheaper ways, wanting to sell to a higher price, and cutting corners around environmental laws. So in-shirt - Well done America. Well done people. 


Raymond Farrell 18 minutes ago 
Nice logical slight of hand but no it is not America's fault, it China's, I am living in China, and they up until just lately don't care about the environment. They can control the pollution better and not lose jobs if they want and Americans will still get their cheap junk made in China. 


Commenter 3 hours ago 
So, critical investigation is fine as long as you don't blame government. The minute you demand action is where you get screwed. 


Andrew Kwan 3 hours ago 
The writer is half right. The other half is blinded by his anti-communism stance. In China, you could largely critcise the government as long as you do not invite foreign (aka: American) reporters to have their hands in it and then sensationalise it. Like this writer did. 


ab 3 hours ago 
Price of enormous wealth in 10 short yrs! 


Vince 3 hours ago 
Jealous of China's economic success, and taking a cheap shot at the environment. Loser! Go to the state of Nevada here in the US. This is where the US dumps all the nuke radiation pollutions. I can easily say part of the US is a nuclear waste land too. Jealous of china's economic success. You should be. The own you, all your companies, all your deficits. Hillary Clinton ,and Joe Biden the Vice President are seen every six month in Shanghai begging for money. Can you handle this reality? ha ha ha 


firstname l 2 hours ago 
Hello, it was a Chinese person who made the documentary. Read the article next time. 


Kyle Mitchell 2 hours ago 
You're a stereotypical Chinese nationalist. When people criticize your country, it's because they're "jealous". When someone points out a specific problem in your country, you just have to compare it to the US even though it's totally irrelevant. You can find examples of similar problems in other countries, sure, but the SCALE of China's problems are much higher. 


Oki 1 hour ago 
@Vince: I have to disagreed with you that. Jealous over China economy success ? Are you kidding ? Hong Kong as been a number two financial center right behind Japan for many decade. Now Singapore seem to be taken that place as financial Hub of Asia.


As for Nuclear dump, Yes, Nevada is the place to dump nuclear waste but that billion dollars designed or otherwise ,All Nevadian would have die long time ago...


Deficits, they the China manipulated their currency to gain some economy advantage by making their Yuan cheaper and dump all cheap products in the US market... And by the way, Treasury Department own China less than two trillion by selling T-Bills to them... Why do you think China didn't dump that US dollars ? Easy answer, because those money circulated their economy... 


spike 2 hours ago 
Now you understand why Hong Kong dont want to be with them 


Sancho 2 hours ago 
it is because of them there is a rich hong kong, idiot. hong kong took a cut from business between the West and China and this is how Hong Kong got rich, you idiot 

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