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I'm going to China for the first time in four weeks and reading that thread about pet peeves is making me a little uneasy. 

EDIT: Thanks for the encouragement, guys. I guess I made this thread more for myself than to spark an interesting discussion. Giving me some piece of mind. I've never left the country before and it should be an experience. I love zoos, though. Judging by the other thread I'll steer clear of them in China. Seeing people throw shit at animals in small cages would make me lose my mind.



[–]Serling 15 指標 1 年 前*
There's a lot more to do here (Beijing) than in the small country i'm from. Feeling hungry in the night? Lets go out to a bbq restaurant! I find most things to be very cheap too, especially taking a taxi.

Being here is a great cure if you are a shy person. EVERYONE will stare at the 6'3" blonde guy. People have been surprisingly kind too, often in an odd way though. A taxi driver asked my girlfriend if he could look at me for a while because I was supposedly the most beautiful foreigner he had seen.(wat) This in contrast to what I expected, to hear people screaming "WAITO PIGGO GO HOME" wherever i went due to all the negative things I've heard about China.

I find that people are more interesting to be around, regardless of the things i'm not too fond of (spitting, manners etc). Where i'm from people are too shy and stuck up.

[–]charlesesl 4 指標 1 年 前


[–]GueroCabron 37 指標 1 年 前
I love that people are utilized.


Blind people do massage therapy. Mentally handicapped people work in fields.


If you need work you can have some, sweeping streets or something.


There arent much for freeloaders.


You can get good quality cheap products if you are a good quality assurance representative.


Capitalism is alive an well here.


The media will focus on victims, not the criminals.


Some of the mannerisms are unique and I appreciate that.


Food is better (be your own quality assurance agent)


Taxis are dirt cheap even in Shanghai.


You can still find villages that are untouched by modernity.


They actively work to make beautiful areas.


Watching a country struggle from third to first world is a beautiful thing. The Chinese govt is doing a good job of controlling its growth and making sure its direction aligns with their growth plans.


[–]JesusVonChristPoland 1 指標 1 年 前
There arent much for freeloaders
You mean except all these so called jobs in public sector?


[–]movingon11United States 2 指標 1 年 前
In China it serves a purpose. They're still communists, even if they adore capitalism. In China's public sector, they create jobs to create wealth - not to create salaries.


[–]JesusVonChristPoland 1 指標 1 年 前*
OK, that's enough...
I bet if I clicked on your username I'd discover you subscribe to /r/tefl. Only members of certain profession are able to write such ignorant crap in this subreddit.
Seriously, sorry for argumentum ad personam, but what you wrote is just plain stupid.


[–]movingon11United States 1 指標 1 年 前
I'd bet you subscribe to /r/libertarian, because only people of such economic persuasions would make such baseless assumptions about human history.


[–]JesusVonChristPoland 1 指標 1 年 前
No I don't.
And you're still not able to explain how all this nepotism aren't freeloading. Baseless? I used examples, while my adversaries were blabbering about some tribes and writing one economic blasphemy after another. 


[–]movingon11United States 1 指標 1 年 前
The fact you're using blasphemy to describe economics speaks enough or itself.


[–]JesusVonChristPoland 1 指標 1 年 前
Ok, just switch 'blasphemy' to 'painfully incorrect statements'.Example? Stating that China is communist. China is as communist as North Korea is democratic. They claim to be, but facts state otherwise.
English is not my first language, it's not even the first foreign language I was learning, so I'm not really sure what are you trying to prove pointing out my choice of words.


[–][deleted] 5 指標 1 年 前
Woah, when did Taobao start accepting foreign cards? That means I can use my US cashback VISA? Fuck yah.


[–][deleted] 4 指標 1 年 前
YES! They started accepting them maybe 3-4 weeks ago. When you pay, choose "credit card" and then you just click the "more options" button. It should show "国际信用卡" and then you can choose "VISA."
It's actually a lot easier and faster than paying with a BOC card or the like. Now I'm addicted.


[–][deleted] 1 指標 1 年 前
This might be the best news I've heard all month. Thanks for sharing. I had a card, but it'd be better to have the protection of my US card plus the cashback bonus. Thanks for sharing.


[–]TheMediumPanda 1 指標 1 年 前
I'm guessing since you mentioned dresses that you are a girl, so I imagine we can't totally rule out the "I just really like shopping" part. But yeah, Taobao is definitely nice.


[–]TreePangolinUnited States 47 指標 1 年 前
I'm a young white female and something I love is just being able to walk around in public at night or at any time knowing that I'll be safe. People may be rude or spit or maybe try to pickpocket you, but violent crimes are next to ling. Not so for my hometown back in the states.
I also love how janky and weird everything is. Oh, a dangerous bridge to nowhere with people selling hairclips on it? Sure, why not? A brand new building that is falling apart for no apparent reason? Yeah China! There are 1.4 billion people here, so every strange combination of anything is sure to be found somewhere. Doubt me and China will surprise you again and again.

I also love the squatty potties, and the food even though it upsets my stomach a lot. It's also "polite" to be messy and sloppy and chew with your mouth open, and I enjoy that. ("Our host was so generous and gracious, the bounty of food was too much to contain! It got everywhere and made me fart excessively. hohoho. thank you!") But that's just me, I'm a little weird.
Oh yes and the best thing: EVERYTHING IS SO AMAZINGLY CHEAP.
I'm glad you posted this thread. There's a lot to love about China!

我是一个年轻的白人女性 ,我喜欢的事情就是晚上或者任何时间我都可以走在公共场所,而我知道那是安全的。或许会有人举止粗鲁随地吐痰或许会有人想要偷你的东西,但暴力犯罪离你很远,在美国我的家乡就不是这么回事了。

我同样喜欢奇奇怪怪的一切事,一个危险的哪也去不了的桥上面都是卖发卡的人?当然了,为什么不可以呢 ?一个全新的建筑毫无原因的崩塌了?是的,这就是中国!这里有着14亿人口,所以各种奇怪的事情都能在这里被发现。不用怀疑,中国会一次又一次的让你惊讶。

我也喜欢矮胖的便壶,我还喜欢食物,尽管经常让我的胃不舒服。懒散混乱的张着嘴咀嚼也是一种"礼貌",我也喜欢这个 。(我们的主人是如此地慷慨仁慈,食物太多了导致吃不完)这就是我,我有点奇怪。

[–]Ti3fen3 3 指標 1 年 前
I like you. I wish more western women had your joi d'vivre and adventurous spirit. (My experience is based on American women -- not sure about Euros, Aussies, etc. )


[–][deleted] 7 指標 1 年 前
Don't get too comfortable - there is a large, undocumented sexual assault problem here.
It's undocumented because the police don't take it seriously, e.g. you're asking for it if you wear short skirts, it's not rape if he used a condom, etc.
I know plenty of western women who have been groped, etc.
Be safe!


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