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Asia's Odd Couple: India and Japan Join Forces
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India and Japan are drawing closer to each other. Senior representatives of both governments have praised each other at high-level visits and have signed a remarkable number of security, trade and investment agreements in a relatively short time. Doubtless, this embrace has its origins in China’s provocative—some might say aggressive—behavior. But, having drawn together for security reasons, the two countries now realize how closer relations will also bring powerful economic and investment advantages. There are, of course, limits to how intertwined India and Japan can become, but the mutual advantages—diplomatic, military, economic and financial—certainly invite an extension of the recent trend.


Mike Jones • 20 hours ago
If China continues to threaten its neighbors, they will continue to band together, just like India and Japan are doing it.


A Chinese Mike Jones • 3 hours ago
India is a nation of beggar-thy-neighbour, and Japan is a nation of unrepentant war criminals, both of them are undesirable human trashes, they are attracted to each other because they are the same kind, stinky, ugly and greedy.

印度是一个损人利己的国家,而日本是一个对战争罪行死不悔改的国家,他们都是令人讨厌的人类垃圾 ,他们互相吸引因为他们都是一类货色,恶臭,丑陋,贪婪。

Dodo • a day ago
Too much wishful imagination!
Modi is much smarter than many US hawks. He has no problems to take offers from competing parties but there is no way for him to commit India to join their fights. Currently, India has also contracted China to do feasibility studies of two high speed rails. India has also contracted France to conduct feasibility study of another route.
This deal has very low interest thus India would like to use it to pouch others. Of course, if others refuse to do money losing business, whether Japan can offer the same term again is questionable.


shiva the destroyer Dodo • 18 hours ago
yes you're right
China is studying the Delhi-Chennai and Delhi-Mumbai routes

嗯 你是对的

Michiko cherrysan • 7 hours ago
"Abe cannot allow Indians to immigrate to Japan and becoming Japanese citizens."
You are right, remember WHY that imbecile Abe kind is supported by the right wingers.
Because of the same faith in Japanese superiority.
They have no problem in discriminating any other ethnic people, they have a big problem in treating other people equally.
Except for someone white.
Abe's prominent supporter Ayako Sono is saying that Apartheid system in South Africa was a feature reasonable, as she doesn't want to be mixed with immigrants.

安倍著名的支持者Ayako Sono说过南非的种族隔离系统是一个合理的特征,正如她表示不想和移民混在一起。

wulfenstraat Michiko • 4 hours ago
Illusion passes away, yet America's vision still dominates the globe. You are consequently nothing but a shadow version of an American, because your life is the illusion of what America is all about.
You are very little of what your parents and grandparents were. You are embarrassed by them, even as you recognize that you are the one who sold out. You sold yourself to me. You are now simply a worker-cog in the American machine which has taken over the world, Michiko.
And, poor miscreant that you are, I am required to find you out on sites like this and hear your objections and commentary. So far, I am not impressed. You are simply not going forward to a higher level at this time. That's your illusion.



cherrysan wulfenstraat • 2 hours ago
Ah wulfy, you're baaack! The thing that make America great is the Value system of the people, not the near psychotic insistence to be a global hegemon, in particular in Asia. If you take a vote in America, I am pretty sure the majority will demand US to get lost from Asia and use the tax dollars for more urgent domestic needs. Check your tax bills. Check the pot holes, under repaired bridges, tunnels. Check the sky rocketing Debt/GDP ratio. These are Signs of Rome Collapsing and you are starring at these Hard Numbers as Evidence of the Decline of America. The next generation will be paying through their nose for increased taxes, less social services thanks to the neocons in Washington DC who Misappropriate US funds to finance her war machines in Asia Where There Is NO Threat from China!

Ah wulfy,你是退化了吗!美国如此伟大的原因正是人民的价值系统,而不是近来像神经质一样地坚持做一个全球霸主,特别是在亚洲。如果你在美国进行一次投票,我很确定大多数人会要求美国撤出亚洲然后用税钱来发展更多紧迫的国内需求。检查一下你的征税单。检查一下那些桥梁,隧道上需要修补的坑洞。


Temujin cherrysan • 4 hours ago
Superficial friendship? its a win-win relationship, Japan possess advanced nuclear technologies and India possess weaponized on nuclear!


Bankotsu • a day ago
I hope good India-Japan ties can help bring Japan into BRICS and RIC.


DaKardii Bankotsu • 9 hours ago
If China continues to provoke India, a more likely scenario would be India defecting to the G-7.


Bankotsu • a day ago
"For now, though, a strengthened Indian-Japanese relationship is a
benefit to the United States, even if it is taking place increasingly
outside of Washington’s orbit."
The wariness of U.S. over an India-Japan relationship that it doesn't control is showing.



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