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Solar power growth leaps by 50% worldwide thanks to US and China
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The amount of solar power added worldwide soared by some 50% last year because of a sun rush in the US and China new figures show.



New solar photovoltaic capacity installed in 2016 reached more than 76 gigawatts a dramatic increase on the 50GW installed the year before. China and the US led the surge with both countries almost doubling the amount of solar they added in 2015 according to data compiled by Europe’s solar power trade body.


Globally there is now 305GW of solar power capacity up from around 50GW in 2010 and virtually nothing at the turn of the millennium.


Why the countries of North Africa and the Middle East aren't harnessing this clean resource big-time I don't understand. Ever been to Israel? 
Britain is ahead of Spain because Spain has a huge investment in wind which has been a more established alternative for a long time and which the hobbits in Britain don't like because it spoils the view and "kills little birds" (they say while downing their bacon and beans). Also as you saw Solar is a tiny investment compared to the overall portfolio so at those levels it's easy to be ahead. 
We stand ready to help the Republic of China -- the true and only representative of the Chinese people. 

Nete 75



But the powerwall2 retails for ?6k. 


I reckon the dude was standing on a panel to get the shot. Agree nice shot and love the green bag against the blue of the panel. 


Tidal power is not costfree any more than any other form of renewable. It impacts the ecosystems it is placed in like any of the other means. The correct thing is to consider a varied portfolio with all the different technologies being made available where posible. Tidal is not THE solution but A solution one of several to wean ourselves first of fossilfuel and then of constant and unnecessary energy use. 


Crazy that the subsidies were cut in 2016. 


I am so optimistic about PV and wind. Mainly because the storage issue is about to be demonstrably solved. But also PV is behaving a little like the silicon processor chip which everyone knows doubles in power every two years. The price per electric output from PV is falling such that if you out for power / energy now by tender renewables always win. Think about that : even "nasty" deniers who are driven by sordid commerce will go for green ahead of coal/gas and Peat. Only wood- burning stoves to go! We need 1.57 times more acreage than those at the equator. to get the same yield As prices fall we can "over specify" as the trade would say. And begin to overcome our latitude problem. Add in storage and the picture becomes even better. So government subsidies conservative thinkers we are at the turning point inevitably on a good path. Rejoice.... 
Green-ness and economy both side of the grid which though it was built in a previous power station era will be used in this next wave. As to PV the Swiss have worked out how they can move to face the sun as it moves across the heavens and by using good slicing methods we can generate from increased parts of the spectrum. There is on nuclear power station protesters can't close and it can do it all for us : the Sun. Three months ago would never have said this! Enjoy the transformation. As I have. 


想想看,甚至被肮脏的商业利益驱使的“恶劣”否定者相对于煤/石油和泥炭都会选择绿色能源。Only wood- burning stoves to go!假如要取代木柴火炉??我们需要现在赤道地区的1.57倍面积来铺设光伏电池来获得相同的能量收率。随着成本下降,商业上可以指定使用光伏电池。并且纬度问题已经在被攻克。加入存储问题,前景会更好。所以政府补贴和保守思想者都无可避免的转到一个好的方向上。祝贺。。。


Since Jaguar-Landrover is Indian owned how can it be that any electric car technology it owns is British owned? I'm afraid that our domestic car industry is almost entirely foreign owned aside from minnows like Morgan. Even the stately Bristol is Indian owned now. 


And yes solar panels might vary in output by 10% or so across their typical temperature range; this does not compensate for seasonality which is in the area of 100s of percent. Indeed. No doubt some hack will come along and say this is not a problem but if you take the datasets from pfbach (or some other site) you see immediately big issues even when correlating on an hourly basis. What you find is very weak correlations and this does not change much for winter and summer. What you will probably be told is they correlate "on average". The other problem with complementary power is that you are saying that you will not have capacity available. In other words for perfectly complementary sources when one is generating the other is not and vice versa. Now there can be some amount of overlap but think about it. If you have a capacity factor of one source at 30% and another source at 10% what likelihood for having compensating power sources for say 50% of their time? 


I especially like how solar energy was collected by plants and then stored and concentrated for us in the form of oil gas and coal. How kind! You think that plants turn solar energy into oil gas and coal? 


Because not all homes are suitable for solar panels and putting them on would increase the cost of the new home and make the affordability crisis worse. 


I hope that we China and the United Kingdom can cooperate in energy conservation.To achieve the purpose of mutual benefit。


I checked my City on an air quality map the other day and it is 20% over safe EU limits The Tories have a plan to address that - take the UK out of the EU and hey presto our cities are no longer failing to meet EU targets for safe breathable air! All hail Brexit! 


Yeah because it's other people giving you that money They are rewarded for investing their money in something that the nation needs. They could have used that cash on a new kitchen big holiday pissed it all up the wall - none of which would have benefitted you or I. Instead they locked it up in an investment that also benefits all of us and you complain. 


In Morocco recently I was pleased to see some solar panels springing up but still woefully few for the huge amount of sunlight they get nearly all year round. Why the countries of North Africa and the Middle East aren't harnessing this clean resource big-time I don't understand. Is it because they're still wedded to oil? Or too busy in-fighting or what? 

我很高兴最近在摩洛哥出现了许多太阳能板,不过对于这个整年都日照充足的地方来说数量还是太少了。我不懂为什么像北非 中东这样的国家不去利用这种一流的清洁能源,只是因为他们还依赖石油还是苦陷于战争还是什么?

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