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What do people in Africa think about China?
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What do people in Africa think about China?



Idy Udoma-Udofa
Written Mar 16
Depends for the black middle class and upper class Nigerian




We think they are fast efficient foreigners that mind their business honest on a business to business perspective we think their news channel cgtn Africa only highlights the good parts of Africa which is good we like how humble and down to earth President Xi is whenever he needs something he travels to the African continent and meet the leaders whenever he wants to address the continent he travels to Ethiopia and address’ them at the African unx building built by as opposed to everyone going Washington or London to meet we also like the fact that they don't deny us technology as they have plans to build coal power stations in the southern region nuclear power stations in Kenya Angola Namibia and Sudan which no other country will sell nuclear tech to


We see them as an alternative to the imperialist west the governments like the fact that china gives them low interest loans for infrastructure and opens the Chinese markets to agricultural goods the successful business men of china in Nigeria pay their tax by building schools and training individuals in Nigeria they send their kids to the same school as the middle class sometimes send their kids for sleepovers so there's a lot of cultural exchange we like the 80000 capacity stadiums that prop up everywhere as we like sports.


A lot of us travel to Europe for holiday and we notice how efficient Germans are when it comes to construction a pot hole won't last for more than 3 days in Germany but in Nigeria German companies don't live up to that a bridge that should be built in 8 months will take 3 years and then the Chinese come and finish it under a year in my village it took the Germans 10 years to complete a 600m bridge in Germany I don't think it would take up to 2 years…There's a little amount of sinophobia on the continent but when we see BLM in us kkk and stuff like that it makes us like the Chinese option more. We feel we are on the team of the west but we sit on the bench and never get to play but since the internet and people started traveling more and we see that Africa is the last place the west wants to recognize we have no option that to look to the east.


And we are very thankful that you do not sell military hardware to our leaders sadly that's changing in some countries. 


Dislikes; we kind of feel we are walking into colonialism 2.0 or dependency 2.0 any thing that has to do with the sale or killing of the big 5 is a no no it's cool to harvest the whole forest of trees but those animals are dear to our hearts we don't like when a giraffe elephant zebra rhino or lion has to leave the continent if you want to see you come visit… in general we don't really like non English speakers but we understand that English isn't your first language。  


Male Williams Quora user
Written Mar 17
This is me and the coleague in china. China is the main exporter of its products to Uganda where I come from. 70% of our products are imported from China. China has the biggest construction companies in my country they construct roads we pay later. China is very important for us Africans more than the west. If the Chinese knew English we would have benefited more.


Jama Muktar 1 upvote
Jama Muktar赞同
I am actually fairly interested in the entire Chinese and Africa relationship .are Ugandans learning and acquiring skills to maintain the infrastructure you know after the Chinese leave? It’s not too healthy to be dependent on one country.


Male Williams 2 upvotes
Male Williams 不赞同
I think the reasons as to why the Chinese are more popular is because they are fast and more skilled. They don't divert funds allocated for a given project like my fellow brothers I remember we used to do it ourselves but because of corruption scunddles the government had to find other means. That's why they are a first priority here. Thank you so much.


Yawen Mo 1 upvote
Last year China finished the construction of a railway in Ethiopia and helped training local engineers and conductors to maintain and run it. I'm sure China is doing the same in Uganda.


David Paul Hensbough 2 upvotes
I think you guys should learn Mandarin,coz once you have learned Mandarin,it means you have endless job opportunities in Continent!Even westerners now are eagerly learn Mandarin.


Male Williams
We shall learn but it's better we find mutual grounds by using English. Thanks


Henry Ngogo works at Students
Written Mar 16
Whenever I hear about China the following comes into my mind
1.high population
2.technology wizards
3.kung fuI watched a lot of Chinese movies during my childhood.
5.fake products in my country (Tanzania) even if a fake product is not from China it will be called Chinese product.


Ethan Gao 4 upvotes
Hahahaha we did have those copying issues. But we're developing our own products too.


Henry Ngogo
that’s why I mentioned technology wizards also.


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