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What countries will you never visit again?
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What countrieswill you never visit again?



RichardMuller, Prof Physics, UCBerkeley, author "Now, The Physics of Time"
Russia. I’ve beenthere four times, once for a scientific conference, and three times fordiscussion of arms control, and I find the Russianculture and art and people wonderful. Under the communist regime I always feltpersonally safe. Because of my security clearances,I sensed that the KGB kept me under surveillance (indeed, one time my wife wasapproached in an attempt to find out more about me). As a result, I feltsecure; nobody could accost me without me getting offimmediate defense from my KGB followers.
But I’ve had aclose friend, Dan Ford, who interacted with thePutin government, and was threatened with murder if he didn’t comply with theirillegal demands. “We’ve learned that it would be cheaper to have you killedthan to buy your shares” he was told.
When Dan reportedthis to the FBI, they told him that such behavior had become common under thePutin regime, and that there was nothing they could do. They suggested that hegive up ownership of the Russian company he had cofounded.He did, losing all of his substantial investment, but saving his own life.
His story is verysimilar to that of Bill Browder,but in Browder’s case, his close colleagues actually were murdered. You canread his story in the book Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance,Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice, by Bill Browder. I highlyrecommend this book; it gives a remarkable insight into what is currentlyhappening in Russia. I asked Browder if his book put his life in additionaldanger, and he told me that he hoped for the opposite. Now that he has gonepublic, it makes it much more difficult for Putin to simply kill him.
If Putin and hiskind of government is ever replaced, then I could imagine going back.

Richard Muller,加州大学伯克利分校物理学教授,《现在是物理时间》作者。


我有个好朋友丹·福特(Dan Ford),他曾经和普京政府打过交道。有人威胁丹说如果不满足他们的非法要求,他们就要杀了丹。他们和丹说“我们都知道,杀了你比买你的股票更便宜。”


他的故事和比尔·布劳德(Bill Browder)非常相似,只不过在比尔的故事里,他亲密的同事却真的被谋杀了。你可以在比尔写的书:《Red Notice: A True Story of HighFinance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice》里面读到他的故事。我十分推荐这本书,这本书对当前俄罗斯的状况进行了深刻解读。我问过布劳德,这本书是不是会让他有生命危险,他跟我说希望不会。现在他已经被大众所熟知,普京想要杀他可就不那么简单了。

Jessie Saleh, Medical student, truth enthusiast, life isnot easy to climb.
The number onecountry I won't visit ever again would have to be the UAE (United ArabEmirates). For those of you wondering, it’s located in the Persian Gulf.
Whenever someonementions cities within the UAE; such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc.. The first imagesthat come to mind are that of skyscrapers and glorious beaches. As well asother unique modern landmarks that can be seen:
(All images aretaken from Google)
Looks wonderful,doesn't it?
However, whatmost people don't realize is that these massive buildings which has grantedthis country its modern civilization are mostly constructed and built byworkers; the majority of which are expats in the UAE and which have been deniedtheir respective wages for months by the companies which they're working for.
The process ofrecruiting these workers is simple; companies would typically post ads orcontact foreign recruitment/employment agencies based in multiple countries(Mostly Southeast Asian countries; i.e. Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India,The Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China etc..) to recruit workers forthem. The agencies would act as the middlemen between the two; they would findthose interested in working abroad, or in the tempting offers and swayingpromises made by the construction companies. The recruitment agencies wouldhelp the workers fill in their application forms & necessary documents forthe job and the visa and assist them in booking their airline tickets oncetheir visa has been approved. Ultimately they would get a fee from the workers anda percentage from the company.
The unsuspectedlaborers would take off to their destination in the hopes of being paid a highsalary; and making a fortune to support their families back home.
Unfortunately,once they land in the UAE they are given a lengthy contract to sign with thecompany, taken to their accommodation, and their passports are stripped awayfrom them and kept by their employers. This makes them unable to leave thecountry unless they obtain their passports back somehow, some of them never doand are trapped for years.
If that wasn'tbad enough, the workers are made to stay in terrible accommodation. The placesthey are kept in are unhygienic and filthy for people to live in. Some are keptin old buildings, just on the outskirts of the city they helped build.
The issue hasgenerated some controversy and international attention by the media, when acouple of journalists investigated the situation. Here are some pictures that'sbeen taken by an Iranian investigative journalist who did an article about themistreatment of these expats
(Due to lack of a proper cooking facilityworkers cook in unhygienic conditions)
(Some workers arepaid so little but forced to stay in horrible conditions)
The workers areforced to share a room, sometimes 7–8 workers share one room to sleep in.
They are notoffered running water for showering or cooking, and they aren't offered propercooking facilities either. Which means most of the time they are forced to findunconventional means to cook for themselves.
Due to the lackof sufficient plumbing the men’s living compartment are engulfed by a river ofsewage.
Some are paid aslittle as 150 a month, some are paid nothing whatsoever. Most are unable toprotest, unable to leave because they don't have their passports & areforced to stay & complete their contract work agreement.
Most are in debtback home, because they had to take loans and borrow money to pay the agencies,and buy an airline ticket and their minimum wage income isn't helping them payoff their debts or support their families back home or themselves.
The workingconditions themselves are atrocious, workers are forced to work for as long as12 hours per day, sometimes more. They are made to work during day shifts, evenwhen the temperature outside reaches 50 Celsius, workers have to work under thesun.
The UAEgovernment officials have been criticized for allowing such treatment to takeplace. However, the government’s response was to deny such accusations &ensure all the migrant workers in the UAE are treated well and are taken careof by their employers. Even if reality revealed otherwise.
A lot of this istermed Modern slavery. A mini documentary made by Vice has been uploaded intoYouTube in which reporter Ben Anderson poses as a Britishtourist and exposes the mistreatment of migrant workers in the UAE. I know it'sa bit outdated, but this remains a pressing issue that's still going on tillthis day.
Slaves of Dubai
I'm not bashingthe people of the UAE. I'm sure there are wonderful people there. On the plusside: the food was great and it was a lovely getaway. The hospitality werecieved was great. On the down side: it was incredibly expensive, and I'm notentirely sure the cost was entirely worth it for the tourist experience you'relooking to get.
However,unfortunately the government doesn't care about making a reform, or changingthe laws to protect the rights of the migrant workers that seek a better lifeand are kept in the dark about the circumstances that might await them. I'm notin support of that.
I realize thatsuch activities go on and do happen in different countries across allcontinents. The only difference being is that most of these countries have lawsagainst such actions & award migrant workers with their proper rights. Iunderstand migrant workers from everywhere might face discrimination and racismwhile they're working in different counties but at least their legal rights arepreserved and they are protected.
Those workers arenot, because the UAE doesn't grant them their legal rights & on top of thatin case the workers attempt to escape their forced labor once they're caught byauthorities they are rejoined with their abusive employers despite anyprotests.
A lot of theworkers who succeed in running away, spend years in hiding from authorities.During that period they try to gather as much money as possible to be able toafford a return ticket back home since the government won't legally deport themor ask the company they work for to pay for their return ticket either.

Jessie Saleh,医学学生,狂热追寻真理的人,生活不易。







工人们都被迫挤在一个房间, 甚至有时候七八个工人睡在一间屋子里。





大量的这种行为可以被称为现代奴隶主义。由Vice制作的,关于此类情况的迷你纪录片已经被上传到了油土鳖上。视频中记者本·阿德森(Ben Anderson)伪装成一名英国游客将这些工人在阿联酋受到的虐待揭露了出来。我知道视频可能有点过时,但这一紧迫的问题直到今天却仍然存在。






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