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Do Africans dislike Chinese?
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Do Africans dislike Chinese?



Jean-Claude Adzalla, Hardcore african
I'm an African and I do not find a single reason why I should hate the Chinese but I do have hundreds others to express gratefulness to them.
First the Chinese have built infrastructure in Africa that has spurred development in many parts of the continent. The Chinese input is the other untold line of the “Africa rising” story.
Second the Chinese do not tell us what to do, they do not benchmark our institutions against theirs or polarize our people. They come for business and do it rather well.


Gennaro Senatore
It is true that the west has screwed up Africa many times over, but don't be so sure China won't. 
They are there for business. And they do have their own ways. 
In Nigeria they built infrastructure, yes, the infrastructure THEY needed, to get resources to THEIR countries.
They use mostly chinese labourers except in the lowest level positions.
Are they better than the West? Probably. But that is not so difficult considering the amount of shit we have done. But I would be careful in thinking they do not have their agenda....they do. And they show it.
I think the right approach for Nigeria for example would be to nationalise their entire oil industry, as Algeria did. And then whoever comes to do business, has to do business according to Nigeria conditions, and not the other way round as it is now. (saying Nigeria but any other country could be the same...Angola is another good example on why you should be careful with the chinese).




Josh Bergeman
As an American I am ashamed of my governments past and present actions and wish that I could change them! I wish you and all of Africa and China well...you are the future of the world! Your success is the success of the world!

作为一个美国人,我为我的政府过去和现在的行为感到羞愧,希望我能改变他们! 我祝愿你和整个非洲以及中国…你们是世界的未来!你们的成功就是世界的成功!

Jason Liu
Well said. Thank you.
Many western media don't like successful stories from developing countries since tons of their viewers are afraid of competitions.
However, we have succeeded, and will continue doing it, no matter you like it or not.


Rayen Zhang
Our Company developed project in Africa just same as in China, We always said that Business is Business , No matter this project in which parts of the world.


Jan Kierulf
Hope the chinese will do a whole lot more though to curb demand for ivory and rhino horns for medicinal purposes…


George Bertram
Well I can add based on the details quite easily: People think the chinese eat lizards because of television and call them cheap because of low quality control standards in many (not all) of the products they export here. In a clear case of quality versus quantity, people buy an inexpensively made chines product that looks like a certain brand thing and then expect it to have the same level of performance at the lower price. I do know, for example, that our minister of health has issued a requirement that any and all medical buildings donated by chinese persons/groups/companies be vetted by local engineers and/or architects because one such building did not in fact comply with our own building codes and could not legally be used as a hospital.



Richard Seeto
What a stupid answer regard the eating of lizards. Do you think they think that ALL Chinese eat lizards? Besides, what is wrong with eating lizards? Did you or they know that many other people also eat lizards? E.G. the people of PNG, Australia and South America and God knows where else.

吃蜥蜴的回答也太愚蠢了。你认为中国人都吃蜥蜴吗?另外,吃蜥蜴有什么问题?你或者他们知道有很多人也吃蜥蜴吗? 例如巴布亚新几内亚、澳大利亚和南美洲的人民,天知道还有什么地方吃。

George Bertram
Nono, I said that’s what certain people think. Personally I find it silly since the only reasoning behind it is the apparent age of immigrants. I mean of course you’re only going to see a certain age group, everyone else has more reasons to stay where they are than to move to a different continent.


Jon Bohmer, Kenyan-Norwegian Since 1993
Like so many other things, it is a double-edged sword. On one hand, China is the only world player that is willing to build infrastructure in Africa. while the west is busy with their aid-schemes.
On the other hand, the Chinese are willingly exploiting the corruption present in most African countries. There is also a quality problem, since the checks and balances in Africa are quite lacking.
But the main reason for a lot of resentment is the complete disregard the Chinese have for the wild animals in Africa, particularly the ivory and rhino horn business. The millions of containers leaving Africa for China with natural resources are perfect hiding places for such contraband, and from what I have heard, many of the Chinese workers that come to Africa are ex cons who are quite interested in setting up shady side businesses. Without willing buyers and traffickers there would be no reason for killing elephants and rhinos.




Jean-Claude Adzalla
The “Chinese taking advantage of corruption in Africa”. Who doesn't Jon? I have been working at a very senior level in development and I can tell you for a fact that it takes two to Tango.
When we are talking about corruption in Africa, it comes in multiple forms. I won't really waste my time on the police man racketing on the roads in Nairobi. I had the same experience in New Jersey where I had to “tip” a policeman.
In the USA for example, corruption is only wrong when it doesn't benefit the “licensed actors”, otherwise, what can we say about the lobbyists who are flaming guns for hire for almost any cause, controversial, legal or not?
What is corruption and what is a legitimate wealth as opposed to the one acquired through corruption? The line in my opinion is quite blurry.
I do not know what to say about UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and the other countries who acquired “legitimate wealth” by pumping out resources from their former colonies…and many still doing so in complete impunity and with the blessings of the skewed and corrupt WTO rules and EU agreements.
Let's now tall about the chinese taking advantage of “corruption” in Africa. Corruption in Africa is in a large extent an inheritance from Western dominance. I was in Kenya in the early years of the Kibaki regime and I could recall how a former Minister of defense has been vilified and portrayed as corrupt just because he refused to renew the inflated contracts on purchasing British Land-rovers and preferred Chinese defense vehicles instead. The West controls the media, so it is the side of the story that prevailed…I'm not saying he is an Angel, but what Im trying to say is that as long as you play “by the rules” and give your contracts to Western firms, you are ok! As long as a Chinese firm wins a big tender, people are quick to look for the kickbacks. Yet, more Western firms have been indicted or charged with corruption and other similar improprieties than the chinese (not sure which WB report outlined that but it is very fresh in my mind).
The West created, molded and perpetuate corruption in Africa for their own gain.




Quora User
While the hunting of African wildlife is deplorable, but shouldn’t Africans be blamed because they could not manage their affairs properly? After all, it is not as if they were suddenly or recently made independent. They have been given free reign to run its affairs close to half a century in most places, yes?
After all, if the Africans impose strict anti corruption measures like in Singapore themselves, what can the China do? They could hardly send sepoys and mercenaries like you Europeans did a century and recently did, yes?


毕竟,如果非洲人也像新加坡人一样采取严厉的反腐措施,中国能做什么呢? 他们不可能像一个世纪前的欧洲人那样派遣士兵和雇佣兵,对吧?

Richard Seeto
This is yet another pseudo-genuine question designed as an attempt to belittle China and also to provoke the ne’er-do-wells, miscreants and the malcontents to foment hate of Chinese endeavors in Africa Continent.
If the questioner or the world do not already realise, you can please many or most of the people most of the time but you cannot please all of them all of the time (Courtesy: Abe Lincoln). There are bound to be those who would rather layabout and do nothing in Africa and see progress growing all around them and all they do is to resent because either they are too lazy or care less to become part of the action.
As Jean-Claude Adzalla so articulately puts it, China is the only foreign country which builds infra-structure for the resources that Africa provides.
This is not the only benefits that the African people are getting from China: There are Cultural exchanges, education, medicines and TCM and fair trade.



For very personal reasons I am going anonymous… As a Ghanaian who has never set foot in another country (pathetic huh) I wouldn’t say Africans despise the Chinese. I wouldn’t say we love them either. My reason is simple: Most Chinese are quite enlightened unlike most Americans and some Europeans who have been mostly brainwashed (sorry). So when everybody thought Hillary was gonna win, the Chinese were sure Trump will take it - presence of mind. I love that.They are hardworking and recognize their power as a leading force in the global economy. But for the sake of our (Africans, in this case Ghanaians) selfish leaders, they come to Ghana for example, mine our gold (inappropriately sometimes), destroy our lands, fight with our people ( you can google) and go scot free. Of course they build infrastructure but they take more than they give us. But hey, their leaders are smart, ours are hungry anacondas looking for their next hefty meal. 


YeshiLodro Karma
And why do you ignore the fact that there also really are many Africans who do like Chinese? I have some African friends, and they're very nice~


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