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奥巴马赦免八名非暴力毒犯 美国网友不干了!

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Obama to free 8nonviolent drug offenders

By Liz GoodwinDecember 17, 2014 5:40 PMYahoo News
President BarackObama will shorten the sentences of eight prisoners serving time for nonviolentdrug crimes and pardon 12 ex-convicts, the JusticeDepartment announced Wednesday.The act ofpresidential clemency is traditional around Christmastime, but Obama’s action is part of his administration’s broader push to roll back harsh mandatorydrug sentences that imprisoned people for decades for nonviolent drug crimes.The “tough on crime” drug laws contributed to America’s record of locking up a larger share ofits population than any other nation in the world.Recently, judgeshave been given more flexibility around mandatory minimums, and in 2010Congress narrowed the disparity that sent crack dealers to prison for a hundredtimes longer than cocaine dealers. But those who were incarcerated under theold laws remained there, prompting the Justice Department to announce in Aprilthat nonviolent offenders could apply for clemency through a special initiativecalled “Clemency Project 2014.” Thousands of prisoners have done so, andan outside group of nonprofit lawyers is currently vetting the applications. Anadministration official said the president will most likely grant morecommutations of this kind as the applications begin to land on the pardonattorney’s desk.Barbara Scrivner,who was serving 30 years for her minor role in her drug-dealer husband’s meth ring, is among the eight prisonerswhose sentences were commuted by the president on Wednesday. The subject of aYahoo News feature last April, Scrivner said that two of her previous clemencyapplications were denied by the pardon attorney’s office in 2005 and 2011, though even the judge whosentenced her unequivocally supported her petition. Obama and Attorney GeneralEric Holder reformed the pardon attorney’s office in April, replacing Ronald Rodgers, who hadbeen criticized for knee-jerk rejections of petitions, with Deborah Leff, an advocacy-mindedattorney, to lead the office. One of the factors Leff may be givingless weight to is remorse in petitions. In the past, prisoners wererequired to show unqualified contrition to get a second lookfrom the pardon attorney.Scrivner’s attorney, Sam Kauffman, said his clientcried when he called her to tell her she had received the commutation from thepresident. She still had more than four years of her sentence left to serve.“It should have happened a long time ago,but what are you going to do?” Kauffman said.In April, Scrivnertold Yahoo she wanted to get out of prison to be there for her daughter,Alannah, who was just a toddler when she was sentenced.”Ten years isa long time to be in prison. And now it’s been 20 years,” Scrivner said at the time.”It just doesn’t seem real to me.”The eightprisoners, all of whom have served at least 10 years, will be released in June.“While all eight were properly heldaccountable for their criminal actions, their punishments did not fit theircrimes, and sentencing laws and policies have since been updated to ensure morefairness for low-level offenders,” Deputy Attorney General Jim Cole said in a statement.





斯克里夫纳的律师,山姆考夫曼说,当他给他的委托人打电话,告诉他总统已批准减刑时,她哭了。即使她还有四年多的服刑期。“这本该很早之前就该发生的事,但你能怎么办?”考夫曼说。斯克里夫纳在四月告诉雅虎,她曾想逃出监狱去看女儿,他的女儿叫阿兰那,当她被判刑时,女儿才刚学会走步“监狱里的10年太漫长了,眼见快住了20年了” 斯克里夫纳此时说道,“对我来说这太不真实了”.



Ila 4 days ago 15129
The largestconsumer of legal and illegal drugs IN THE WORLD is the united statesChouen lai saidWe will defeatAmerican through drugsWhen we had ourbusiness we background checked before hiring9 out of 10 ,had ameth historyAnyone you hired ,never showed up most of the timeOur policy was noshow ,no call ,no jobDrugs were allthat ever matteredThe lifestyle wasbreed ,go on welfare and do meth ,steal and go to prisonRuralsmall town USA ismeth infestedWednesday’schild’s site ,are the thousands of throw away abandoned children ,yearning fortheir parents who are in prison ,/ drug related convictionWhata tragedy our country has become

世界上最大的合法及非法**消费群体全都在美国。Chou en lai(周恩来???)曾说过.我们将用**打败美国。在我们做生意时,雇人之前最好要调查下背景,每10人就有9人有过吸毒史你所雇的人,多数情况下从不表现出来。我们的政策是不公布,不告知,不负责

Non-AllowedKeywordsNon-AllowedKeywords 4 days ago 6 13
The problem is wehave ourselves we can and must save these people. Why? And the war on drugsisn’t exactly something for which we should be proud. This is a bit morecomplicated than white rural people do meth. Gee. Follow the money.


donald jdonald j 4 daysago 4 14
Welcome to the : NewAmerica sucks don’t it


kingofmarskingofmars 4 daysago 13 21
nine out of ten,hahaha, whatever, tell me another story mommy


marvinmarvin 4 days ago10 399
out of 10 had adrug problem. What kind of business did you have, I hate to ask. that meansless than a 1/10th of the usa is not on drugs. (math notcorrect)

9成人涉毒。你做啥生意的…算了当我没问。你的意思是说不到1/ 10美国人没碰过毒?(大麻不算)


Davidian 4 daysago 96 149
He should releaseall non-violent drug offenders.Collapse Replies(39) Reply


Hawaii Guy 4 daysago 39 10
And non-violentrapists, murderers and felons. Make it a clean sweep you idiot Davidian.


Lazarus 4 days ago7 20
Hawaii POS, do you at least know how a rapist ora murderer can commit these crimes in a non-violent way ? #$%$ moron.


joe b 4 days ago14 13
Selling somethingyou know to be highly addictive and destructive isn’t exactly something thatshould be tolerated. Con men, thieves, hackers and swindlers could beconsidered non-violent, why not let them off too?


Travis Trout 4days ago 7 6
@JoeB- Are you suggesting that drug addicts are victims?


Davidian 4 daysago 9 5
I’d suggest Joe Bis rather dense.


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