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China to probe army spending in corruptioncrackdown
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China's ruling Communist Party will launcha year-long probe into the incomes of military staff, state media saidThursday, following revelations of widespread graft in its armed forces.


Party leaders have described corruption asa key threat to China's military modernisation campaign, which has seen doubledigit increases in the army budget for more than a decade.


China's Central Military Commission, headedby President Xi Jinping, will conduct an "investigation of all militarypersonnel", the state-run Global Times said.


The audit will be overseen by the head ofthe army's general logistics department Zhao Keshi, and will look into"all cash flows, receipts and expenses" to find evidence ofembezzlement, said official army media according to the report.


The investigation will be "will be farreaching and may involve conflicts of interest", it cited Zhao as saying.


Xi heads the military and the CommunistParty and has vowed a crackdown against endemic corruption, an issue that haslong drawn widespread public anger in China.


Mike 7 hours ago
Someone has more stuff than his comrades. Ithought everything was split up evenly in the Communist Utopian society.
Just the newly corrupt getting rid of the old corrupt.



Kenny 10 hours ago
In China the military work for thepoliticians.
In USA the politicians work for the military.


Henry 15 hours ago
It is just a show, if Xi really cracks thecorrupted PLA, he may have to bring in the Red Guards to replace ALL thecontaminated PLA.


david 16 hours ago
we live closeby to the military base inchangchun, the then capital of manchuria during japanese occupation. thebarrack was used for the stationing of japanese army and it is a base for thetraining facility of military cooks and the dorms of the military personel. thePLA men use that base to build up all kinds of factories, e.g. drugsmanufactory facility and water bottling factory. about 3 years ago, they set upa brewing facilities for the liquor business and set up a retail shop at thegate of the base. they also sell their liquor and other spirit products to theretails liquor stores across jilin prov. in addtion, they also runkindergartens and request higher fees to the kids. they do not pay any propertytaxes to the local gov't and the sorghorm and rice they use for brewing liquoris from the local and central government for FREE. it is no good for the armyto run a business and how can they win the battle if they are involved into thebusiness transactions evne they are armed to the teeth with the advancedmilitary equipment. corruption in PLA is an apedemic.


Skeptic 13 hours ago
China's corruption is so wide spread, it'slike late stage cancer. Even a grocery shopper receives kick back from storesthanking/encouraging him to shop there.


Real 11 hours ago
Each year billions of dollars are wasted bythe Washington politicians and their corrupt buddies in the armed forces andprivate contracting companies. I wish we would do the same soon to put thecriminals behind the bar.


Dfsdf 6 hours ago
How come we are not doing this to Pentagon?


Commenter 3 hours ago
99% of Chinese officials regardless oftheir rankings are corrupted. with the Chinese culture and political system,there is no cure for corruptions. Chinese people love money and will doanything for money.


FEK 5 hours ago
I guess fundamental things doesn't changemuch in China. In 1860 during the 2nd opium war due to epidemic of forced Drugtrade (By 1858, annual imports had risen to 70,000 chests (4,480 long tons(4,550 t)), approximately equivalent to global production of opium for thedecade surrounding the year 2000-wiki). The empress of China promised hergenerals the remaining treasury would build a modernized Navy, but instead shebuild a Full size ship out of Jade, it doesn't even float, China lost the 2ndOpium war. Chinese people suffered and died by hundred million due to drugfueled Famine because millions of farmers sold their land pennies on the dollarfor more drugs and neglected all the crops. You can still see that boat today,it's been restored using Marble.


madtaxpayer 12 hours ago
We have worse corruption in military in USAcs it is legal!


J M 16 hours ago
Aside from the prime minister post, 2 most"desirable" ministry departments political leaders love to be incontrol are in the Defense & Finance. Why? Answer -- Best place / positionto make money for themselves & big money!


Nissan 14 hours ago
Wow. He's going all out on this. I mean,the man did say that he's going after flies and tigers, but this isunprecedented. I bet every governmental body officials' undies are all knottedup in a bunch right now. I'm still skeptical....yet somehow....impressed.


Zep Head 3 hours ago
We spend five times what their militaryspends, and I can guarantee you that we'd never have the sack to investigate,because the military industrial complex runs this country. That's how you endup paying 10 grand for a door knob - and if it sounds ridiculous - check someof our records - you'll see we do just that sometimes.


DerekF 10 hours ago
It is an open secret that you can buyofficer positions in chinese military. Every rank has its price.


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