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In the wild pandas separate from their mothers around 18 months old—exactly Bao Bao's age. Keepers have been closely following the signs that mother and cub were ready to separate for months. They saw Mei Xiang actively discourage Bao Bao from nursing, and spending more time away from her, which was expected as a female in the wild would be preparing to breed again. As these signs became more pronounced, they prepared for the final transition, and even spent nights in the panda house to make it as smooth as possible. Bao Bao now lives in her own area of the giant panda habitat, eats significantly more bamboo and solid foods (like sweet potato), and is mastering training behaviors just like her parents.


Paula Phillips 
our little girl ....thanks, Mei, for being such a wonderful Mom !


Nicole Fields 
Makes me sad because I know the time comes closer to send her to China... 


Barbara Anne 
I was thinking the same thing!


Barb Boyd 
But we have at least 2-3 years before THAT happens!


Cindy Z 
yes, but then she can become a Mommy too. 


Carol Loveless 
Don't worry about it so soon, just enjoy her. When it comes time the keepers will do an excellent job of preparing her just like they did with Tai Shan. My world crashed when he left but I was happy to read how well he adjusted and so quickly


Mary Price 
Going to miss watching them together I'm addicted 


Darryl Peck 
Poor Bao Bao looks so depressed being separated from Mom, at least the way I see it. The Atlanta Zoo twin cubs have been separated from their mom but they have companionship by being together. Bao Bao has no friends to play with. I enjoyed watching the two bears wrestle and play with each other both inside and outside.


Louise Snyder 
Thank you Darryl for seeing this too. From what I've read,even the staff is withdrawing from her to make it even worse.

谢谢Darryl 你也发现了,从我读到的内容来看,甚至连工作人员也开始慢慢不跟她玩了,感觉更糟。

Kathy Majich 
US zoo's have weaned 10 cubs now all using the same method and they are all fine and thriving.


Darryl Peck 
I am sure it will work out with Bao Bao in time. It certainly looks like the animal is unhappy at this point without any companionship. The keepers need to find some way to stimulate or keep the animal occupied with new and interesting toys or experiences in its habitat. I watch the twin cubs at the Atlanta zoo and they do not seem to be as depressed as Bao Bao. Bao Bao does a lot of sleeping and this is a symptom of humans who suffer from depression.


Viv Hepworth 
Yes Darryl you are right, both Mom and cubbie are depressed, and there is not much for them to do anymore, they used to be busy with each other since birth and now suddenly there is no one and nothing, very sad. But who are we, what do we know right

Darryl 你说得对,母女两熊都很低落,也没法做点什么。从出生以来她俩都成天腻在一块儿现在说分开就分开,真是难受。但我们又是谁,我们又如何知道怎样才对?

Ann Davis
She isn't eating that much either. Usually a few bamboo meals a day and now not eating much much less.


Patricia Coleman 
Congratulations and a big thank you to all the staff at the National Zoo and Mei Xiang for all their efforts. It has been a joy watching our little panda grow from a helpless little "butter stick" into a beautiful, healthy, independent panda. I'm looking forward to many more years of milestones for Bao Bao.


April Brown Antico
all last weekend she nursed and was not discouraged from Mei, so when did Mei just abruptly start this exactly?


Janice DeThomas
Why is Mei outside crying and pacing if she is ready to let go?


Viv Hepworth
She is not ready to let go, they need to get her ready for breeding


Diane Holcomb Wilshere 
She has been nursing her less and less for the past few months.


Cyndy Taylor
Go to the zoo get the facts! BB was not getting much milk. All this negativity is disturbing. The keepers are amazing and love the pandas. They would never harm them.


Ann Davis 
The keepers are being deceitful to cover the real purpose.. to get Mei pregnant again. She breast fed the last night together on Saturday night. (Have been there and they have continued with breast feeding.) Even if time to get off breast, doesn't mean they should have been socially separated.


Cindy Jensen 
Bao Bao grows up.


Mary Ann McIntosh
I'm only going to say this once: GET A GRIP, people. If Mei and Bao were in the wild, Mei would already have left her. In any event the NZ pretty taught the Chinese how to save the Giant Panda, so they know what they're doing, as do the San Diego and Atlanta and Vienna Zoos, all of which separate cubs and mothers at around 18 months. Like it or not, the female will come back into estrus at about the 20-24 month mark and at that point, in an enclosed environment, SHE CAN HARM THE CUB. So quit yer b!tchin, stop yer silly petitioning and give the Zookeepers credit for knowing how to do their jobs, which YOU do not. 
Panda Camming does not confer upon you a Zoology Degree, nor 40+ years the NZ has with working with the species.Thank You.


Sue Edwards 
Mei has been a great Mum But lets not forget he keepers who play a massive role in their care and wellbeing ..Thank you for making this as pain free as possible as a human i am a little sad i will not see them together again but look forward to their new adventures in life .


Zain Nurani 
Bao looks depressed and spent yesterday seeking solace in her tree. There's nothing "natural" about this separation or how it's playing out. In nature there's free will which makes all the difference - if one chooses to separate or if it's imposed on you will make a difference in how you react. In nature both
would be emotionally and developmentally ready to separate then they would. My poor baby Bao.


Carol Loveless
So so proud of our little girl. to my sweet precious miracle Bao Bao


Barbara Anne
So she is a Tweenager? Let the mood swings begin!


Sandy Reno
It's nature but it's just so sad


Betsy Coppens
I am crying I have watched this beautiful baby since her birth I don't think I will watch the panda cam anymore without bao bao there! I am so sad!


Tammy Coan
Has anyone heard how Tai Shan is doing??


Leslie Davis Johnson 
Tammy, Tai is doing well. He now has a 24 hour cam so we can watch our dear boy in China! The feed can be intermittent, so keep trying


Danielle Feldman Blum 
Thank you Smithsonian for taking excellent care of the animals at the zoo. So I always see Bao Bao and Mei together. I know they've been separated. What is the point of it ? Why do they have to be 2 lonely bears. Why do they have to live alone. They are not in the wild. They are in a zoo. I feel bad for Mei she's loves her baby.I feel so sad. You're right smithsonian zoo, this human does not understand.

谢谢Smithsonian 动物园把动物们照顾得这么好,我总是看到宝宝跟美香再一块儿,我也知道他们已经分开了。但这到底有什么意义?为什么他们必须成为两只孤独的熊?为什么他们必须独自生活?他们不是在野外,他们在动物园里啊。我感觉很糟,因为美香真的很爱她的宝宝。

Kathy Dix Haskins 
The little princess grows up. So proud of her accomplishment. She is a shining star.


Michelle Thrower 
You always know this will happen but sure does bring a tear to your eye knowing our 'little girl' is growing up. 


Kim Byrd Camp 
I hope they get to keep her PLEASE DONT SEND HER TO CHINA. I was there in Sept and fell in love with her.


Ann Davis 
Mei is running back and forth and Bao Bao isn't eating much. Totally unnecessary and cruel!! They only separated them now to get Mei pregnant. Even plaque inside zoo says mothers and cubs can take upt to 3 years to separate.


Patricia Gooch 
Don't send her away! All of us followers will be tooooooo sad!!!


Jean Trivitt 
Hope she is happy whenever she is


Mary Ann McIntosh 
Thank you, Dawn. And the folks here seem to not understand that Bao herself gave the first indication she was ready to be weaned when she spent all night in her tree. When they go that long without nursing, they're ready. And it really is harder on us humans than it is on the Pandas; it's a big milestone. But that doesn't excuse bashing the Zoo nor the Keepers. I remember how Nicole cried when Tai went back to China and to hurl insults her way is unconscionable.


Jean Mayo 
I am not ready for this, but thank you for keeping in touch with us. I hope it will become a habit. Thank you panda keepers for everything that you do.


Lisa Berthiaume 

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