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China just made another potentially destabilizing move in some of the world's most disputed territory.


On January 4th, Vietnam formally accused China of violating its sovereignty and a recent confidence-building pact on Saturday by landing a plane on an airstrip Beijing built on an artificial island in a contested part of the South China Sea, according to Reuters.

根据路透社报道,1月4日,越南政府正式指控中国上周六在其位于南中国海争议地区修建的人工岛机场跑道上降落了一架飞机, 此举侵犯的了其领土主权并且违反了最近签署的互信协定。

Phil 2 hours ago 7 20
China is asserting herself. She is able to do this because she has, sitting in her banks, trillions of dollars and euros sent there willingly by greedy Americans/Europeans who were looking for a bargain. I suggest you get out a map of the Japanese Empire c 1942, replace Japan with China, that will give you a very good idea of what's in store for us. China is where the US was 100 years ago; the US is where Britain 100 years ago. Historically, the US has won all its wars by attrition; this strategy will not work with China this time around. China has 4 times out population, 1 trillion of our dollars, and 4,000 years of patience.

中国正在实践她自己的主张。 她之所以能够这么做是因为她拥有庞大的金融体系,由于贪婪的欧美人贪图廉价商品累积而来多达几万亿的美元和欧元储备。我建议你拿出一张日本帝国在1942年的版图,用当前的中国带入其位置,你就能知道我们当前面临着怎样的一个局面。现在的中国就如同百年前的美国;而相应的美国则相当于百年前的英国。历史上,美国通过消耗战赢得了它参加的所有战争的胜利;然而这一战略这次将不会对中国起效。中国拥有四倍于我们的人口,1万亿我们的钱,以及四千年的耐心。

Johnny 4 hours ago 26 25
What happens in the China sea is none of our business. Lets worry about the millions of illegals coming into the US every year.


deadkenny 2 hours ago 4 14
Just wondering why anything going on in the South China Sea would be our business ? This whole thing is sort of like blaring headlines in Chinese newspapers warning that the US Navy was spotted in the Caribbean Sea or that we were meddling there .


Mel 3 hours ago 5 7
Throughout history, there is always at least one country who tries to grab land or territories. Nazi Germany had tried it. Imperialist Japan had tried it. And we all know what happened to them. It will be the same for the Chinese. It is a matter of time.

纵观历史,总是有至少一个国家想要大把攫取领土。纳粹德国试过,大日本帝国也试过, 我们都知道他们最终怎么样了。现在中国也在干这事,只是个时间问题罢了。

Jessie 2 hours ago 7 2
The US and all of its allies need to announce that if any military anything is build on that island they will all come in as a team effort and bomb every military object on it and any military aircraft that attempts to interfere with it.
Another option would be to drop something on the island itself that would make it uninhabitable for humans. something radioactive... mini nuke... Wont be anyone using that island if doing so for more then a few hours will kill them.
We need to stop letting china do as they like. Its obvious their military does one thing and their UN representatives say another.




mike 3 hours ago 3 9
Let's boycott China... The US and the rest of the nations should ban import of all goods manufactured in China. ----- No more apple junk...


mem 4 hours ago 3 17
I can draw a map as stupid looking as China's claim to those islands, and make them look like US territorial waters. DOPES.


GHOST 2 hours ago 7 14
For those of you who don't understand what business it is of our what China does in Asia let me try to make you understand. China is a communist country. Communism means World domination. In other words you don't want China to expand its territory and take over any more of the world than it has right now. Remember that Little Island on the other side of the world called Japan? Remember that country on the other side of the world that was going to rule the world? It name was Germany in case you don't remember your History lessons. You have to stop aggression no mater where it is on Earth, because that aggression will soon come knocking at your door.


Lou 3 hours ago 10 16
With China's stock market failing, the TPP will soon kick in and finish them off. Bullets wont be necessary to defeat China's aggressive ambitions. The US made China what it is and we will make them go away if needed. China cant survive without the US and our Technology. If China tries to fight the US, they will be destroyed and NONE of the debt will be paid. Bye bye China and its SMOG. Stop eating dog meat you sick EFF's


Daniel 3 hours ago 11 6
The islands in South China Sea belong to China. We have enough evidence to show this.
Do not rename these islands any more. We have named them many, many years ago. Now, some countries have occupied some of them, I am sure later or sooner, we will get them back. Because they are properties of China and the Chinese people.
It is shameful that some of the mass media of English-speaking countries try to confirm that, i) Xinjiang is not a part of China, ii) Tibet is not a part of China, iii) The Diaoyu Island is not part of China, iv) the islands on the South China Sea is not part of China.
I would like to say, shut up, stop the nonsense!



oneal 4 hours ago 4 18
China and Russia are taking what the can before the US elections.


edmundL 3 hours ago 11 7
what wrong with that ?? At least China is only doing their construction in their own claimed territory. US military has different bases in 55 different countries. US military power is 10 times more than the total of top 10 European countries so who is more dangerous and aggressive ?? Can US government tell the citizen about the dirty job of military in Asia, Africa, Europe, central S America ? Dont Use the media to fool us anymore . Media propaganda is always the best tool to attack the opponent power. Uncle Sam - pls stop using taxpayer money to do this kind of dirty job. It is BS.


Tador 2 hours ago 2 8
These writers and Reuters should just shut up with their very biased reporting. China is not the only one building airstrip on disputed shoal or island. Vietnam, Philippines and Taiwan have done the same for a long time. Among them, Vietnam is the most aggressive.


Long 1 hour ago 4 0
China is super power for the yellow skin countries, and he is the communist dictator, the land grab, he knew yellow skin countries can not fight him,and he will do what he want do not care any body, if he keep doing, all the yellow skin countries never ever trust nor respect china. just the same as Mr. Putin did, the communist dictator, and the land grab.

中国是黄种人中的超级大国,也是一个共产主义独裁国家。他抢夺土地,因为他知道黄种人国家根本打不过他,所以他根本不顾别人死活想干嘛就干嘛。如果他接着这么干下去,黄种人的国家再也不会信任和尊敬中国。就跟对普京先生,这个共产主义的独裁者和抢夺土地专业户一样。 (这个傻叉讲话跟狗学人讲话有什么区别)

Levi 3 hours ago 3 8
Nice looking China Military Ship that Americans paid for.


Underdog Dave 4 hours ago 5 5
we should just claim all the pacific ocean between the 30 and 45 degree latitudes. that would put those islands in our waters.... and we could make that claim. its the west coast.


Archangel 2 hours ago 1 5
Not too many people realize that the Chinese had already started their invasion of Viet Nam. The thing that people don't realize is, Viet Nam is being invaded from the inside out.


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