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OVER THE LAST five years, the United States has struggled to influence Chinese behavior. Washington’s responses to Beijing’s increasingly assertive activities—ranging from economic espionage to artificial island construction—have been largely ineffective. Yet U.S. leaders are now considering a new option: economic sanctions. Conventional wisdom holds that the U.S.-Chinese economic relationship is “too big to fail” and that Washington therefore has little economic leverage with Beijing. Indeed, U.S. policymakers should be realistic that extensive sanctions against China would be unwise and infeasible. Nevertheless, certain limited, conduct-based sanctions may be able to shape Chinese behavior at an acceptable cost.



The surprising aspect of the debate in Washington over whether to sanction China is that it took so long to emerge; within the last decade, the United States has sanctioned every one of its major national-security concerns other than China. Iran, Russia, North Korea and terrorist groups have found themselves facing not only U.S. unilateral sanctions, but extensive international sanctions regimes. Acknowledging the need for more effective policy options, President Barack Obama issued an executive order providing the Treasury Department authority to sanction state and nonstate actors—including Chinese entities—engaging in malicious cyber activity. Last year, the administration threatened to impose sanctions on a number of Chinese persons in the lead up to President Xi’s state visit. Likewise, various presidential candidates have suggested that the United States impose sanctions against Chinese agencies or businesses involved in cyber attacks against economic targets.


Merlion Economist • 6 hours ago
The US has to get over the idea that it can alter chinese behaviour. It doesn't have the power or the means right now and the Chinese are too smart to fall into any trap the US may set up.


Vevoli Merlion Economist • 3 hours ago
Looking forward to China boycotting US companies, and just watch Chinese exports to the US disappear.


A Chinese Vevoli • 3 hours ago
Anyone making statement about Chinese exports to the US disappear is either non-American or a loser to Chinese exports. Chinese exports to the US is consumers/end users driven, the demand of Chinese goods in the US is deep and full spectrum.


Vevoli A Chinese • 2 hours ago
The US is a free trader, but if China sanctions US companies, the US will respond in kind. Looking forward to future trade wars.


A Chinese Vevoli • 2 hours ago
As neither an American nor a beneficiary of Chinese exports to the USA your sour grape response is within the norm.


Hi banana republic Vevoli • 2 hours ago
it always been war.....and US losting badly


Eagle Hi banana republic • an hour ago
Your english is losting badly.


No-U-FC Merlion Economist • an hour ago
The Russian used to think the same way like you are thinking right now and see what happened in 1988?


O_Pinion • 6 hours ago
Sick of sanctions. My wife uses them all the time. "Not tonight Dear".


Eagle O_Pinion • 23 minutes ago
The chinese use santions for its child policy. There are too many mouths to feed.


China Liar • 2 hours ago
Diplomacy doesn't work with China. We help China too many times and China shows us time and time China bites the hands feed her. It's time be tough and ready to use force against China. or else risk ww3. China will back down if we show our strength.


Eagle China Liar • 31 minutes ago
Economic sanctions will do the trick.


thesurvivor • 4 hours ago
The truth is China has done very little if anything to harm US national interest. US has a overwhelming advantage in propaganda war. They are able to portray every little dispute into a life and death struggle for survival to the American people. These lie machines also portray US as savior for the world when in fact US is suffering from self induced mania.
This long article only tells us:
1) US is very isolated.
2) US has little options left to sabotage China.
3) Do nothing, let China over take US, and the world will change little.


Eagle thesurvivor • an hour ago
1) china is very isolated like North Korea.
2) china has little options left to sabotage the US.
3) Don't let china overtake the US, and the world will be a better place.


Elemental • 5 hours ago
All the more reasons Chinese will not allow American companies to have a monopoly in China. This little trick can be turn around. China can influence American behavior by targeted economic sanctions.


Springfire • 5 hours ago
China should start sanctioning US companies that are providing finance, parts or labour resources to US army or navy to shape US behaviour in creating deaths, wars, chaos in many countries.


As a starting point, banning Ford/GM/Chrysler from doing business in China will kill US car industry. Further sanctioning could also be applied to US financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, etc. The list is quite long.


As a longer term measurement, China should work with countries to discard the use of USD as international trade currencies. This will dismantle US hegemony in international finance. China is the biggest trading nation in the world. China has the capacity and means to do so.


Eagle Springfire • an hour ago
Yes, let the trade wars begin. Now!


Vevoli Springfire • 3 hours ago
LOL. Go ahead and sanction GM, after all it's 50% owned by the Chinese. Chrysler is owned by Fiat, and Ford doesn't have much of a presence in China. VW and Hyundai will be overjoyed.
Re boycotting US financial institutions, they deserve to be punished in at least China since they're immune from prosecution everywhere else.



pizzapicante27 • 31 minutes ago
Oh look another article about containing China, jeez thank god, its been almost 48 hours since the last one, I thought WW3 was on or something.


cherrysan • 37 minutes ago
"For example, to authorize sanctions against China for its activities in the South China Sea, U.S. law requires the president declare a national emergency in response to an unusual and extraordinary threat to the United States"


It is laughable to equate Chinese building islands on her own reefs as a national emergency. Putting a few HQ9 anti missile battery on Woody Island also does not become a national emergency issue that raise to be worthy of sanctions.


Cyberwar is a reality and US should just live with it instead of thinking about sanctions. The Chinese don't make a lot of noise and hide their weakness, suffer in silence. Everybody win some and lose some. US should just engage in this smokeless war, far less dangerous than the cowboys in the Pentagon engaging in close encounters adventurism in the SCS.


Eagle cherrysan • 29 minutes ago
If china wants cyberwar against the US then china gets economic war with the US also.


No-U-FC • an hour ago
In order to be effectively contain china, economic isolation must come first before military blockade. Its harder to nullify the economic conquest than the military one!


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