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China admonishes the U.S. for visit to disputed India-China border
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BEIJING (Reuters) - China admonished the UnitedStates on Monday for sending its ambassador in India to a contested stretch ofland on the India-China border, warning that a third party's meddling wouldonly complicate the dispute between Beijing and New Delhi.


China claims more than 90,000 sq km (35,000 sq miles) ofterritory disputed by India in the eastern sector of the Himalayas. Much ofthat forms the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, which China calls SouthTibet.


U.S. Ambassador to India Richard Verma posted photos onhis Twitter account on Oct. 21 of his recent trip to Arunachal Pradesh,thanking Indian officials for their "warm hospitality" and callingthe region a "magical place".

美国驻印大使Richard Verma于10月21日在其推特上发布访问阿鲁纳恰尔邦的照片,并指出感谢印度政府的热情招待以及称该地区为"神奇的地方".

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said China was"firmly opposed" to the U.S. diplomat's actions, which he said would"damage the hard-earned peace and tranquillity of the China-India borderregion".


"Any responsible third party should respect effortsby China and India to seek peaceful and stable reconciliation, and not theopposite," Lu told a regular press briefing.


"We urge the United States to stop getting involvedin the China-India territorial dispute and do more to benefit this region'speace and tranquillity," he said, adding that China and India were handlingthe matter appropriately through talks.


India'sMinistry of External Affairs described Verma's visit as "nothingunusual".

印度外交事物部形容美国大使的访问 “十分正常”。

"The U.S. Ambassador visited Arunachal Pradesh, astate which is an integral part of the country to which he is accredited,"MEA spokesman Vikas Swarup said in response to the Chinese statement.

印度外交事务部发言人Vikas Swarup回应中国外交部言论时指出:”美国大使当然可以访问作为印度领土一部分的阿鲁纳恰尔邦”。

No comment was available from the U.S. Embassy in NewDelhi.


Luv1970  10 hours ago
No differencebetween Russia and China. Both are land grabbers. While Russia does this veryobviously, China does this very subtly. US and West should play active role incounter balancing these devils.


nyc   15 hours ago
China is playinggame everywhere.


IronHorse 13 hours ago
How is callingthis region of India as a "magical place" considered meddling forChina?


neils 13 hours ago
By claiming IndianSovereign Land of Indian States of Arunachal Pradesh and Kashmir, "damagethe hard-earned peace and tranquillity of the China-India borderregion".China is acting as bully which should NOT be acceptable anymore toIndia or to the world as China's intentions are NOT good. China needs to vacateand stop building CPEC on Pakistan on Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir whichis forcefully occupied by two terrorist countries of Pakistan and China. IfChina wants Peace and Tranquility in the region, they should vacate the Indianland and stop claiming the wholesale States of India which they know they canNOT get it even in their dream without a Nuclear war. China becomes a terroristcountry themselves when they keep supporting militarily a terrorist countrylike Pakistan


MIGHTY 14 hours ago
What the hell iswrong with the U.S ??


George   15 hours ago
So if you go toChina and make comments like "warm hospitality" and calling theregion a "magical place". you would be accused of meddling? Touchyaren't they?


eng   13 hours ago
China should thinkcarefully before it make condenmation on the us ambassordor visit.it is theindia government right to invite guest of other nation visit any part whetherdisputed or not China should start get use to it act like responsible bignation not bully .


gfc   4 hours ago
stop provokingChina and stirring up trouble all over the world...... stay home and spend allthe money wasted on foreign misadventures. on improving the lives of ur ownpeople..


nicky    4 hours ago
communist chinaand its people are here to steal, rob and destroy whenever they can. Get rid ofthese low life befor they claim everything belongs to china. Wake up !


Public EYE   11 hours ago
Lets see chinagrabs land from India. and again blames the US?


PEPE    3 hours ago
China likes totell the USA where it can go and what it can do. It says we shouldn't sail inthe SCS, we shouldn't give THADD to SK, we shouldn't support are alliesterritorial claims, and on and on. Maybe China should contemplate morecarefully what it says and does. Even the Chinese can be wrong sometimes.


kamal    14 hours ago
China is aland-grabber, wanting to engulf Siberia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, SpratleyIslands...anything you name. Around us, the Chinese running dog is Pakistan,trying to grab Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh. USA & Russia should cometogether to teach the rogue nation a lesson, let alone


Kamil   9 hours ago
India should putthe screws to China early on . They should set up army base there


JR1    11 hours ago
Tibet isn't a partof China much less a region wants to call South Tibet which Tibet doesn't evenclaim.


KPaul    9 hours ago
China is only ableto intimidate the Philippines or the poor people of Hong Kong. The Chinese willnot attack India, US, Japan, Taiwan or Vietnam because they will expose theweakness of the Chinese military and its political leaders.


zcorpio    3 hours ago
No one can said toU.S. o any country where can they go China believe the can manipulate any one


FanOf Hogan    46 minutes ago
beside USA andEngland, 1/- India can content the land grabbing stupid China anytime, anywhere2/- Don't forget it took the great Imperial Army of Japan only 2.5 months tooccupy the whole eastern part of China in 1942

1,  印度可以在任何时间与地点与中国开展。
2,  别忘了在1942年打日本帝国仅仅用了两个半月就是全面占领中国东部

HumanRace    1 hour ago
Why in the worldwas China so stupid to have retreated to the north of the McMahon Line fromwhat it rightly claimed after they thrashed India in the border war in 1962?Stupid Chinese !


Mathiew   1 hour ago
China, truly apaper tiger, if it is always acting so belligeren


Daniel   6 hours ago
Don't worry China.As with everything else this administration does it doesn't mean anything. It'slike expecting a toothless homeless woman to take a huge bite from a crispapple. It ain't gonna happen.


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