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We knew each other in college talked about what classes to take which companies to apply to how our jobs were and our life and career path. Two years ago I asked if she can lend me US$200 for 4 days. She refused saying if it is "substantial" amount she can't (she won't).



Brendan Donegan
Written Nov 8
If you knew her for 22 years since you were in college you must be at least 40. If you’re 40 years old in America and have no formal line of credit then you must be pretty bad with money/in a bad situation financially (I’m not judging). So asking for $200 from someone raises suspicion (why can’t this person just borrow the money in a normal way?)
FWIW I’m half-American half-Irish and live in the UK. There’s no way I’d lend a friend anything over £20 and that only for a very brief period of time for a good reason - such as they need cash as the establishment they want to use doesn’t take cards I have it and they don’t and going to a cash machine would be an unnecessary inconvenience. In that situation I’d expect it back at the earliest opportunity.
The only time I provided large sums of money to anyone is in the case of family recently I gave my brother ~$250 for a rental deposit. I don’t expect it back but I don’t care. If I lent a ‘friend’ $250 and they didn’t give it back I would care - as that person would be taking advantage of our friendship and not be a true friend.




Ankit Sud
Ankit Sud1 vote by Elizabeth Jamieson
Its a cultural thing Americans are very impersonal people. Friends dont lend friends money even families often wont ask for or lend money. I have lent around $1000 to a friend. I can really not imagine the same happening in US.


Iheanyi Umez-Eronini3 votes Show
Maybe it's cultural. The amount I'd lend a close friend is only limited by what I can afford to lend. If it could afford $5 or $5000 I'd do it. That said while there are plenty of people I've known for 20+ years including family the number I'd lend to under those circumstances can be counted on my fingers. I have noticed that non Americans tend to over estimate the friendship of Americans.


Kenny Mack3 votes Show
Before reading this I had never seen the phrase “half-American”. Interesting


H. Nellene1 vote by Paul Deming
I once loaned a friend $2000 because she was experiencing some job issues and was also in danger of losing her house*. It seemed like the right thing to do.
She repaid $100 (with prompting) and then I never heard from her again. Although I do see from her Facebook page that her family routinely goes out to dinner and even went on a mission trip to a foreign country last year.


It was an expensive lesson but I will NEVER loan more than about $20 again. Instead I will help someone find more conventional lenders — which now includes micro-loan websites and the like. I wish I’d had the sense to do that in the first place.
*so she said; I’m not sure I buy that anymore

*所以她说;我不确定我不再买那个了。 (这句话是不是放错地方了啊??)

John Smith2 votes Show
In my case it heavily depends on the person. Also somewhat on the circumstances. For example I have a friend and former coworker who I will regularly loan cash ammounts up to $500 to. I know he will pay me bay incrementally and typically with a bit of make up. He is just impulsive with cash when he has it but earns a substantial enough income that being so doesn't make him insolvent.
I have another friend who I know had a couple if really rough weeks. I also know that his base bi-weekly compensation is in the $4500 range however between having pipes freeze in his basement during a cold snap a minor car crash being in the midst of some renovations on his home (part of why the pipes froze) with maxing his IRA and having a computer die all in the same time period he was very cash tight for a few days. I gladly loaned him the couple hundred he needed.
It was simply a case of him not having his typical amount of steady cash on hand due to the renovations and IRA. Then he purchased a new computer with a big part of his emergency fund when his old one died. With the pipes and insurance deductible on the crash he was short and it just didn't make sense for me to let him get charged the fees and interest at a payday place nor would it have really made sense for him to try and clear money from investment accounts in the 3 business days and weekend in between when he realized things were going to be stupid tight with his finances before his paycheck. i also knew the guy for years and his biggest vice is probably spending to much on video and RPG games.
Another guy though who I know makes roughly $40 per hour doesn't receive loans of more than 20 . he is just two irresponsible with money.





Steve Dong7 votes Show
Well as a Chinese live in US I realized the big difference in culture too.
In our culture good friends usually mean you know everything of each other: annual income debt credit score property value all family members friends. So when we borrow or lend money the credit is how well we know each other.
It is very common to see people borrowing a few thousand dollars from close friends. I used to borrow 10k USD from a friend for 5 months to pay off my car. And another friend of me still owes me 7k USD for 6 months my girlfriend owes me 2k. We don’t even write a thing down on the paper for record (I knew sometimes it is not good). I am not rich at all I only have about 2k deposit left in my bank account but if my good friend need it I will let it go without any hesitation.
It is true that there are a lot problems that people cheat their friends for big amount of money especially after China became capitalized. But our tradition had been like that for thousands of years.




Thing Two1 vote by Hunter Crosby
Wow that’s a bit odd. I haven’t lent anything over 50 but I know my mom lends money like crazy as long as she feels like she knows you. She gave her brother 15000 to get his license in something a couple years back. He still hasn’t paid it up but she trusts him and is willing to drop it if he truly cant pay up (don’t ask she’s super religious- whatever god wills is what will happen sort of thing). ***U.S. by the way & there is no “formal” borrowing from banks and whatnot since it has interest which is forbidden in our religion.


Anton Kovalenko
This is an excellent answer. North America is a place where credits are abundant even for people with bad credit history. They are so easy to get that really asking someone for a loan like discribed could only be for a reason of taking advantage of the lender's trust and a strange request to hear from a self-sufficient responsible person.


Doyle Johnson1 vote by Ava Grego
Neither a borrower nor a lender be. Pretty good advice to remain friends.


Kurt Hammond
You must not know her as well as you think. If I knew someone for 22 years and they asked me for $200 I’d probably just give it to them.


Victor Kovyrshin
I see what you’re saying about credit and everything. I won’t not borrow money to most of the people I know. However.. If I can call someone “Best Friend” I will simply give needed amount. No question asked. No return expected. You don’t need to be in 40s to know someone for 22 years. I know some of my friends for 20+yeards and my 27th birthday was couple weeks ago. Talking about about amount It depends on your age and income. Since I’m not expecting any money back I won’t give more then I’m willing to “lose” but even being 27 years old it’s way more then $250.


Jim Fitz
I'm American n have no prob lending a friend I've known n stayed in touch with for 22$ as much as I could without risking financial probs for myself unless they have addictions (drugsgambling…). But I know people who won't lend $ to friends because they don't want it to ruin the friendship. N then some people are cheap. I think it's like that everywhere on earth. Not a US thing


Marie Price1 vote by Eric Crowell
My personal policy since no-contract/collateral lenders never see a dime back & I don't mix money with friendship: make it clear it's a gift or say no.


Sam Letunovskiy1 vote by Carol Mark
Okay then what kind of friend does that make you? If you can't trust your own friend to pay you back even $250? It doesn't make you a friend at all.


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