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Why 2017 is the wrong year for Trump to mess with China
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President-elect Donald Trump has recently recruited a couple of China hawks onto his trade team potentially provoking the nation yet again at a less than ideal time.



That’s because China is on the cusp of a leadership change that may make it particularly sensitive to provocations according to the latest report from the Eurasia Group a political risk consultancy headed by Ian Bremmer.  

根据由Ian Bremmer领导的欧亚集团政治风险咨询最新报告,这是因为中国处于领导层变革的关键时刻,这可能使得它对挑衅特别敏感。

MarkJMarkJ4 hours ago
F### China. Its time to build America to the super power it once was and we are going to stop bowing down to other countries. The reason we are so far in debt is we keep bailing everyone out when it has been us who needs the fixing. If China steps out of line we have just has much sanctions intel and so forth as they do. That candle burns at both ends. We will not live in fear. Those days of being p###ies are over!


Joseph Q4 hours ago
Mr. Trump was sent by God to save this nation. Liberals and muslims and blacks will not control us any longer!


Dan3 hours ago
Trump has pulled off the greatest con in history. Trumpians ! The party is over. You have elected the dumbest person possible. These are side effects you can expect when Trump is sworn into office. Some of us have these symptoms NOW ! R26; irritability R26; lack of appetite R26; lightheadedness R26; loss of interest or pleasure R26; relaxed and calm R26; shakiness and unsteady walk R26; sleepiness or unusual drowsiness R26; slurred speech R26; tiredness R26; trouble concentrating R26; trouble in speaking R26; trouble performing routine tasks R26; trouble sleeping R26; unsteadiness trembling or other problems with muscle control or coordination R26; unusual tiredness or weakness R26; Abdominal or stomach pain R26; blurred vision R26; body aches or pain R26; burning crawling itching numbness prickling "pins and needles or tingling feelings R26; changes in behavior R26; chills R26; clay-colored stools R26; confusion about identity place and time R26; cough R26; dark urine R26; decrease in frequency of urination R26; shivering R26; shortness of breath R26; sneezing R26; sore throat R26; sticking out of the tongue R26; sweating R26; swollen joints R26; talkativeness R26; tightness in the chest R26; trouble in breathing speaking. Other than that I feel fine. To hell with Trump. America is going to be run by Fat Old Senile Very Rich White Men ! Yeah ! Women Blacks Latinos Gays and poor people are screwed. It's one big step for the rich and 100 steps backwards for the rest of of us Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall - Humpty Trumpty will take a big fall - all the peoples horses and all the peoples men didn't want to put Trumpty back together again ! Do your best to prove the truth that the election was manipulated . Trumpty is not qualified to be POTUS. If you think Dick Cheney cleaned up with Haliburton during the G.W. Bush years ? Trump is going to clean your clock when in office. Your going to see clothing manufactures stop putting pockets in product because nobody is going to have anything to put in them. Trump is a dangerous person that is going to come back to haunt everyone



除了以上的这些症状我觉得还好。和特朗普一起下地狱吧。美国将被又老又胖又衰弱的白人土豪掌权!对!妇女、黑人、拉丁裔、同性恋和穷人都去死吧。这对富人来说是前进了一大步,对于我们其他人来说是后退了一百步。矮胖子特朗普坐在墙上,他将会摔下来,所有人才不会把他放回去!(译者注:Humpty Dumpty是一则美国童话的主人公,是坐在墙上后来摔得粉碎的的一个鸡蛋型矮胖子)尽你们所能来证明这次大选是被操纵的吧。


Daniel4 hours ago
Time for leadership not apologies!


Vodoo4 hours ago
May the Red States suffer gravely for their stupidity.


JERRY G4 hours ago
Lets get this war with China started. Right cons?


the street4 hours ago
Time to mess with China? They need us more than we need them. What What are they going to do sell our treasuries? To whom Let Trump pay them .30 cents on the dollar and be done with them.


JujuP4 hours ago
Nothing better than a liberal Yahoo writer instructing the republican president on how he should act. Thanks now thanks a lot don't let the door hit you in the ... on your way out.


Daniel4 hours ago
Why 2017 is the wrong year for China to mess with Trump!


Rufus4 hours ago
No doubt Trump will issue some serious tweets and bring China to its knees.


Mike3 hours ago
Trump is a buffoon. #NOT MY PRESIDENT!


A4 hours ago
Hi sorry but if Mr. Trump thinks it's the right time IT'S THE RIGHT TIME.


Tom3 hours ago
T. Rump is an idiot elected by idiots...


Kevin3 hours ago
God sent Trump to help America. Anti Christian liberals have had us on the path of destruction. Thank you again God for sending us Trump.


fl3 hours ago
Most americans stink at math and science and their boatload of personal debt makes them susceptible to being financially compromised....I'd say the u.s. has plenty of internal problems to solve china or any foreign entity issue aside.
How many people in this country actually can do a tech job? not many.



Bruce3 hours ago
Obama certainly wasn't going to do anything. Besides getting Bin Laden is there even a single successful event in Obama's foreign policy record?


morrow3 hours ago
So when orange man put the tariff on goods coming in does that mean it is the end for the NAFTA stores:Family dollar Deals Dollar General Everything under a Dollar etc?


thewaz2 hours ago
The Man has beaten everyone his own party and a flawed canidate. How do you explain all this from the very beginning the more people hurl criticism his way he shines. Wake up idiots the man is a modern day Noah.


voice of reason2 hours ago
Fake News! Fake News! Get your buttwipe fake news! Barry the Traitor is the one that saber-rattles interferes in other nations' internal politics and generally embarrasses the USA. President Trump will get respect and other nations will accept that he has to fix the mess of the Affirmative Action failure POTUS. They know that President Trump is not going to throw Americans or American jobs on the scrap heap to make them happy. The Snowflake Fake News Cartel has not made that connection yet -- they are all good with sacrificing Americans for a globalist / socialist agenda that can never work.



Biagio2 hours ago
But the right year for Obama to provoke Russia? FYI: China taxes our good coming into China it called making it a fair playing field. Either China cancels their tariffs or they get it added to their goods. Why these one sided stupid trade deals are we idiots? About time a businessman is in the white house.


Trump4 hours ago
Yahoo Finance has no cred!


Dubis2 hours ago
I must say I really do enjoy reading the rants and straight up hateful comments from liberals on these boards. Their pain is so obvious. I suggest getting help you know a shrink therapy pet coloring books etc. I thought Love Trumps Hate? Too funny..


译者注:"Love Trumps Hate"是希拉里支持者喊出的一句双关语,直译为“爱战胜恨”,也可以解读为“凡是特朗普恨的,我们都喜欢”。

JERRY2 hours ago
Why does Yahoo favor the Chinese president over our own president elect?


Roberta1 hour ago
All of the world leaders have already figured out that Trump is a clown. Way to go Trump voters!


michael3 hours ago
Oh my the leftist gibberish is at it again. China is running a huge trade surplus with the USA. all that money being pumped into China means it does not have to tax its people to do what the government wants to do at home and aboard. if we cut off the flow of dollars to ChinaChina will be in big trouble while the USA can buy all its junk from other suppliers if we do not make it here.


Eugene2 hours ago
The Trumptards live in Walmart but they hate china


for_your_eye_only1 hour ago
Trump will destroy America if the US congress can't control his mind. He will bring back " Great Depression" because of his big ego. His erratic attitude might lead to a war w/ other countries or America could be isolated itself.!!!
God bless America.


Russell35 minutes ago
and the Yahoo campaign against Trump continues


Brian2 hours ago
Libtards are just pathetic!!!


thewaz2 hours ago
Trump has been untouchable since day 1 . He has destroyed all the candidates including the flawed Hillary. How can you explain it the more the media goes against him he climbs another peak it's of a spiritual level. You gotta open your eyes.


tony1 hour ago
Trump hate vs Gods love


Humu Humu Nuku Nuku2 hours ago
Just stop buying made in China people!


Joseph40 minutes ago
Trump is a draft dodging chicken hawk who will command others to die in his stead.


alanm2 hours ago
Trump loves talking but rarely takes action. People who take actions don't need to talk.


Steve2 hours ago
The media calls it "messing with China". Trump calls it not being pushed around and threatened by our enemies. Something the spineless Obama has allowed for far too long.


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