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China claims to have developed hypersonic anti missile with 8000+mph speed
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China has developed a new type of ultrafast anti-missile interceptor capable of knocking down an incoming projectile that is flying 10 times faster than a bullet according to the nation’s largest missile maker. China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp one of the major defense contractors for the People’s Liberation Army recently revealed that its Second Academy in Beijing has made a “new-generation defense aerospace missile” that incorporates top space technologies and which it describes as one of the cornerstones of a world power’s strategic prowess. The weapon is so difficult to design that only a handful of nations in the world are able to develop it the State-owned company said adding that its product is capable of bringing down targets tens of kilometers above the ground that fly 10 times faster than a bullet. The CASIC Second Academy is the country’s major developer of air defense systems.




Blah blah blah. It doesn't matter how fast the missile is if the guidance system can't track the target and the onboard guidance can't maneuver to target. The higher the speed the harder it is to hit a target. I don't think this report is credible.


I think I seen this episode with the Coyote and the Roadrunner.. The missile was returned to Acme Fireworks wasn't it...


Calvin Coontzyesterday
If its made in China then its cheap plastic crap.


I believe them. They have 5 TRILLION is SURPLUS. That is a lot of money to hire many scientists to build the best weapons. And so has the Russians. They have successfully built the hyper anti ship missles too. The problem with US is that we are 20 TRILLION in debt and americans are voting for more welfare. There are waaaaaay toooooo many welfare programs in the US. Social security unemployment food stamps Obama care etc etc. All welfare programs. Americans thinks the government OWES them something. Americans are NOT willing to work and create your own companies. American women all divorce their men and ask the government to raise their kids by applying for more welfare. American companies are NOT willing to bring manufacturing companies back to the US. Democrats continue to attack Trump NONSTOP. Nothing is being done and nothing continuing fighting each other while china and Russia SURPASS the USA. That is American democracy for you. Americans are NOT unified but a DIVIDED many small SELFISH groups who thinks the government OWE them everything. Pathetic!



Andrew19 hours ago
China is more than capable of creating these weapons. American yokels just like to parrot garbage about Chinese quality to ward off depression of potential inferiority. They have no idea what China is capable of.


They have little choice but to defend themselves! That is why they developed technology such as hypersonic vehicles quantum radar/communication/computers fastest supercomputersetc.! They also have artificial islands for some little extra space! Otherwise they will be choked to death by all the hostile forces from bases surrounding them!


I bought one and it sucked. Returned it the next day to Walmart.


Bet it can't out run a laser.


Yeah I doubt it. I think that its been developed on paper and they are just trying to act like they actually built this thing. China is known for yelling about things they've developed without showing anything for it then you don't hear anything about it for years.


Using that kind of speed to knock out an incoming missile is silly since the faster you go the harder it is to hit... but as an offensive weapon that's a different story.

用那样的速度去拦截一个进来的导弹是很傻的,因为速度越快越难击中…… 但是如果作为一个攻击性武器那就是另一回事儿了。

Jelly Fish11 hours ago
The next war won't have a lot of booms. A bio-engineered plague will wipe out half of the earth population.


Yahoo Reader15 hours ago
As usual only 2 sane comments on Yahoo here the rest of you maroons of low education level and never been to China or any other nation for that matter talk like a bunch of 3rd grader's...No one understands if we keep up all this bluster there will be a war like no other has ever happened and all will suffer the same fate...


John1 hour ago
First the news tells us russia has developed a missle that will go 45oo miles per hour and nothing can defend against it and now they china has developed a missle defense that will go twice that speed.I will believe it when i see it


Chris M2 hours ago
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.


In Gold We Trust2 hours ago
China will lead the world in the 21st century. America's arrogance and Trump leadership have damaged our world standing.


CaptainKKK2 hours ago
China can finish US of gays with 1 button. Stupid naz1 toads go back to your hillbilly gay naz1 trash.


Notyourbusiness4 hours ago
Isn't this the same thing Russia just claimed they have? Lets actually see the data on how successful it really is! I'll bet they are riddled with problems.

这个和俄罗斯刚刚宣布的武器是一个? 我们还是先看看实际数据再说是多么成功好吧。我打赌他们研制的武器浑身上下全是问题。

Kissmeyoufool7 hours ago
We can only pray that all of the Chinese military equipment works as well as the other crap they sell us. I can't even buy a freeking can opener that works.


Aries15 hours ago
Mine flies at 16000 mph and is shipped directly from Mars where we create them in a vacuum test them against Mar's toughest landscapes & if you want a planet scarring missile order them from Me. ;)


Larry16 hours ago
Chinese make really good pork fried rice but so far I don't see any advanced technology from them. They couldn't even build their own aircraft carrier until recently they had to buy a old one from Russia.

 中国的猪肉炒饭真的好吃,但是我真的看不到他们有什么高科技。他们连自己的航空母舰都建不了,还是最近从俄罗斯那里买了一个旧的。(喵喵喵?你说的是印度吧!    (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻)

This is actually the news of last year. They even get the picture wrong.
This is a high speed flying obxt both US and China are developing. US got one test successful and China did ten successful tests by last year. it is developed as the substitute of ICBM the difference is that this thing can fly by will and no way to track it by the technologies men have so far.
This is well known news last year in Asia.


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