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What lessons should Americans draw from China's history?
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What lessons should Americans draw from China's history?



Feifei Wang I spend about the same amount of my life in China and in the US.
Answered 2h ago
Border Wall doesn't work.


Take it from a country that spend majority of her 3000-year-history building and maintaining border walls and still got conquered by northern nomads twice… It didn't work when everyone was travelling on foot and horseback. It certainly doesn't work when people can fly over it.


It worked against skirmishes and small scale raids. It didn't work against “illegal immigrants trying to get in" (you can just bribe the guards) it didn't work against stronger opponents who really seriously want to attack us (they can bribe the guards go around the wall take the keep by force and open the gate…). Almost every dynasty spend money on the wall and every dynasty fall at the end quite a few of them fall at the hands of outside invaders. The wall had not saved any of the dynasties from its fate.


I think the best lesson Americans should learn from China's history is that tolerance equality and inclusiveness makes you stronger.


At a glace Chinese dynasties might all look the same but there're stronger dynasties and weaker dynasties. All of the strong dynasties share one thing in common: They're more progressive and tolerant of outsiders.


One prime example was Tang Dynasty arguably the most brilliant dynasty in our history. We were the strongest nation in the world. Instead of building border walls we welcome people to trade with us. We send our princesses to marry leaders of our vassal states to create stronger bond. In fact this “marriage+trade" strategy worked so well Tang Dynasty had not spend much money on maintaining the Great Wall to the point some of the wall had collapsed due to lack of repair.


Tang Dynasty was one of the very few dynasties where women had some power they can divorce their husband and keep their property. It's the one dynasty that gave us the only female Emperor in our history and with her bunch of female ministers. Women would ride horses and go have good time with their friends no male company required.


We were conquered twice once by Mongols second time by Manchus. Mongols established Yuan dynasty lasted a little over 100 years; Manchus established Qing dynasty lasted almost 300 years.


Yuan Dynasty had a strict racist class system Mongols on top Han people at the bottom. Qing dynasty started out with a more strict class system but quickly loose the restrictions. Manchu emperors eagerly learn Chinese hire Han Chinese as minister marry Han women… basically Manchu realized they can't really rule China without Han people's help and killing them wasn't the solution… better get friendly and work together.


Throughout history China was at its worst and weakest when it tries to isolate itself and implement strict social hierarchy against women and minorities. We're at our strongest when we open our border welcome people from the world encourage trade give women more freedom and power…


So… America remember this. Isolation is not going to keep you safe and strong. Trade works so much better than force.


Robin Daverman world traveler
Answered 4h ago
What lessons should Americans draw from China's history?


A2A. Oh man I’m telling you the only relevant historic lesson America can possibly learn at this time is that a nation WILL NOT reform itself until it’s truly down and out!

至于问题的答案。(A2A=ask to answer)。 哦,伙计。我跟你讲,对此美国唯一可以学习到的历史教训就是,一个国家只有在真正被打败时才会进行国家大改革!

Feifei Wang
3h ago · 4 upvotes including Robin Daverman
My goodness that's a scary thought…


Haiyan Chen Beijing (1989-present)
Answered 2h ago
There is an old saying in China:

“国虽大,好战必亡;天下虽安,忘战必危。”——"no matter how powerful a country is it will lead to its demise if it is too bellicose.". Although the world is stable but if you forget the war the country will also go to crisis."

“国虽大,好战必亡;天下虽安,忘战必危”。 - “无论一个国家如何强大,如果太好战,将自我灭亡”。 虽然世界是稳定的,但如果你忘记了战争,那么国家也将面临危机。“

I think this sentence applies to any country also applies to the United states.This is just my personal advice.


Al Jones Lifelong student of American history.
Answered 14h ago
Just because you’re the biggest economy most advanced have an intimidating military and some of the world’s best cities and ports doesn’t mean that makes you invulnerable or even the enduring leader beyond a century or two.


Corruption is one of the most corrosive and cascading problems every country faces and beating it back is an endless battle rather than a press conference and high profile show trial.


You never know where basic scientific research and innovative engineering will take you but skipping it as a frill or inconvenience is hugely costly if not near fatal over time.


Roads dams freshwater supply top soil health flood control port dredging/improvements energy supply livestock health and quantity food storage tech and capacity water/wastewater treatment and solid waste management matter enormously and to everyone. Politicians matter not so much other than how much they help or screw up the above.


The neighbors are always envious and feel threatened often with good reason.


You’ll always have too many languages spoken within your borders to make education or communication easy or consistent but that’s easy to forget in the national capital.


Tom Liu lives in China (1993-present)
Answered 1h ago
Ok Feifei Wang’s answer is one of example of why American liberals and pretty bourgeoisie need to learn some basic historical and martial knowledge before they jump to certain conclusion.

好吧,网友Feifei Wang的回答是说明为什么美国的自由主义者和小资产阶级在急于下某种结论前需要学习一些基本的历史和军事知识的例子之一。  

First her point “Border Walls don’t work.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Allow me laugh before I correct the statement. The more accurate statement is that “The Chinese Wall’s function and effect is unquestionable while the Wall Mr.Trump is going to build is questionable.”


Through Chinese history until 1840 the Wall has been a major defence from the annoying nomads in the North. It’s first function is to alarm and communication. In ancient times there was no telephone so the most effective way to convey the message that the nomads are invading is smoke. You ignite the wet hay on one post on the Wall and the next post will see the smoke you generate and do the same thing. This could convey the message to the headquarters within maybe one day and armies could be rallied.(I hope liberals know the basic knowledge that before going to battle armies must be rallied or otherwise the soldiers would be butchered like lamb) So when the barbarians reach the Wall on the ridges after the long march and be exhausted they would find a strong and big army waiting for them sharpening their spear and loading their crossbows.


Some clever barbarian chiefs were smart enough to come up with the idea that they should bypass the Wall avoid the Han army and mount a surprise attack. But when they reaches the endpoint of the Wall they would find the very Han army waiting for them at the endpoint showing their fang to those barbarians. Why? Because the Han army could march on the relatively good road on the Wall while the barbarians could only march on the wild which has mountains and swamps. That’s the second function of the Wall.


And since the nomads have only one option for trade i.e Hans and they couldn’t forge metal things Han emperors could bring fierce economic sanctions on them with the Wall. They just issue an order to ban all the trade and wait for the nomads to use up their iron arrowhead and go weak. For example after the Zhu Yuanzhang of Ming dynasty chased the Mongol rulers to the North of the Wall the Mongol tribes were using bone-made arrowhead within 30 years. Not to mention other important things like salt and tea. (Nomads need tea for vitamin basic knowledge liberals) Because even if it may be relatively easy for army to get over the Wall if unnoticed it’s impossible for individual smugglers to transcend the Wall with patrols. Hence the third function of the Wall economic lock-down.


So in short the Wall is very effective in fighting against the northern nomads like Huns Mongols and Turks. Feifei Wang’s mention of the Tang Dynasty just makes her answer more ridiculous. Tang dynasty was open on the basis that there was no single regime could threaten our heartland at that time. She clearly mistaken the result for the cause.


Song dynasty lost the Wall so it was weak throughout its life. And Ming dynasty had the Wall so it took the general’s betrayal in charge of the Wall to let the Manchu army in.


Back to the question what can USA learn from Chinese history? I don’t know. The ancient China was a country based on agriculture while USA is an industrialised country. USA is unlikely to go through the dynasty changes in ancient China. Enough of the cliche like humidity and piety or whatever. They are just traits every decent human being possess. Nothing special.


Fred Landis worked at University of Southern California
Answered 15h ago
That very large countries like China Russia and the US have wild pendulum swings between centralized power and anarchy.


That the progess China has made seems to date from the agreement that all cats are black.


Once the fanatical totalitarian Chinese Communists with a MASTER PLAN for world domination (1950s US view) were willing to mix free enterprise with socialism there has been progress.


If you cannot get Republicans to accept Evolution and global warming how are you going to get them to consider socialist ideas that work.


Self-criticism sessions started in China as a tool to harrass enemies of the Communist party but now has evolved into something more genuine. Maybe Washington Harvey Weinstein and CNN might learn genuine self-criticism.

自我批评开始于中国,被用作是羞辱骚扰党的敌人的一个工具,但现在演变为更纯粹的意义。也许华盛顿的哈维.韦恩斯坦(Harvey Weinstein)和CNN也该好好学习一下自我批评了。(译者注:批评与自我批评出自毛选第三卷,出现的时间远在党还弱小的时候,目的也是为了提高党的战斗力和组织度,显然此处回复者知识点有限;哈维.韦恩斯坦是美国电影巨头,被曝光出来潜规则了不少女明星和为了得奖不择手段,CNN你懂的,you are fake news!)

David Pan former Mercenary
Answered 18h ago
The best lesson from Chinese history is not to turn inward and isolationist. That is how power is lost and your country will be weakened against foreign enemies. Remain engaged and learn from them.


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