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What China's Military Looks Like Compared to the U.S.
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As President Donald Trump arrives in Beijing on Wednesday afternoon to a red-carpet welcome from China, in the background will be simmering tensions between the world's greatest economic powers--and militaries.

唐纳德. 特朗普总统于周三下午到达了北京,踏上了欢迎他的中国红地毯,而这次访的背景是这两个世界上最大的经济强国和军事强国正在出现紧张。


While Trump is looking to befriend Beijing's economic and political leaders, China's powerful military has increasingly focused in recent years on managing its rank-and-file outside its immediate periphery, a modernization effort that could one day pose greater risks to U.S. interests in Asia and beyond.


"The range and capabilities of Chinese air and sea defenses have continued to grow, making U.S. forward-basing more vulnerable and the direct defense of U.S. interests in the region potentially more costly," according to an October report by the RAND Corporation, a California-based think tank that does research and analysis on behalf of the U.S. military. "As these trends continue, the United States will find itself gradually pushed more toward the threat of horizontal or vertical escalation for deterrence, with the attendant risks of counter-escalation. Neither the United States nor China is likely to employ nuclear weapons, but even an initially localized conflict could quickly spread into the economic, cyber, and space realms, doing considerable damage to both sides."


These days, China has more ballistic missiles for both nuclear missions than ever and it just opened its first overseas military base in the small African country of Djibouti in October. Beijing grew its military budget by an average rate of about 9.5 percent every year from 2005 to 2014, paying for quieter submarines, modern fighter aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles. Its military spending represents about 2 percent of it's GDP.


Unlike the U.S., which has engaged in costly wars for decades without break, China hasn't seen a major conflict since a brief war with Vietnam in 1979. And unique from the U.S.? China does not have military allies to back up its ambitions, according to a March 2016 report from the U.S. Congressional Research Service.


The U.S. has a far bigger navy than China, with 500 vessels. China has 300 warships. When it comes to its air force, China has the world’s second-largest fleet of jet fighters. The U.S. is in first place with 2,800 jets to China's 1,500 jets.


The U.S. far outspends China when it comes to defense. Washington earmarked $610 billion on military costs in 2014. That's nearly three times as much as China, the second-highest military spender in the world, which dropped $216 billion on defense.


One advantage for China? It's massive population. China counts more than 2.3 million active service members, and another 1.1 million in reserves and military police, or the largest ground force in the world. That's down from more than 3 million in active service in 1992. The U.S. has about 1.4 million active service members.


2 days ago
Deleted the old article and put up another one because you can't get the response you want? China and the US are partners - we're not going to go to war, period.


Ted2 days ago
ROFLMAO. China maybe our partner, but they would most definitely go to war with us and smoke our #$%$


2 days ago
Reagan and Sadam were partners. HW Bush and Osama were partners. Enough said.


2 days ago
China does not have military allies to back up its ambitions, Russia? The U.S. has about 1.4 million active service members and millions of Facebookers who will protest if drafted.


wumao #214
2 days ago
Russia and China are far from allies. Friends? Sure. Russia and China are wary of each other. Russia fears a rising power on their border that will soon overtake them. China buys Russian military tech, reverse engineers them, and produces for domestically for cheap costing Russia billions. China is suspicious of Russia in that they think Russia is trying to keep them below them. China knows Russia is a fading power like a cornered animal. China wonders whether Russia will accept its fate gracefully or will they throw every roadblock at China.


2 days ago
The difference between our military and China's is that we have Transgenders and we pay for them to switch size because they're mentally unstable and we cater to Muslims and they don't have to shave not to mention that now drill sergeants have to have sensitivity training for those poor little babies in the military so they can have a safe space because God forbid if they cry because the drill sergeant was too hard on them they might get sued. Also that we have a little traitor who runs away like a little crying b**** to the Taliban!


Mark S
2 days ago
What we need to get in arms race with China? We cant afford that. We wasted trillions on all these useless wars. We don't need to be in Asia. China wont go to war with us. We buy all their stuff at Walmart. American are obsessed with saying we have largest and best military. We spend more than the next 12 countries combines. Most of these are Allies...how about spending that on making America better....universal healthcare is a good start rather than pretending to be police of world. No one wants us policing them....it just creates more enemies. We are less safe due to the wars we involved ourselves


2 days ago
China is toying with the US. Putin, too. Not the other way around.


k p
2 days ago
We have the bravest men and women on the planet....... and the a bunch of college kids that cry when they can't find a safespace


2 days ago
In our next war, we need “operation snowflake”. Draft the college kids, men and women, and put them on the front lines.


2 days ago
Experience counts, any fighter who never fights is a paper tiger.


2 days ago
Looking at the photos of the two men together, China’s president looks like an actual leader. trump looks like a beaten up drunk. And the photos of him with his squinting slavic wife makes him looks like a pimp too.


2 days ago
We better hurry up and figure out how to build robots to do the fighting. The greatest generation are old or already gone.


2 days ago
I am not worried about a war with China.. China knows how to play the game better than USA. They also have NK to distract USA. Weapon china doesn't match USA but better, strategist than any president and general. China will NOT fight USA head on unless really necessary..


2 days ago
I just came from China. I saw the 21st Century. I am glad I was born some time ago and do not have to compete with those hard working, intelligent, disciplined and co-operative people. Forget it, the century belongs to them. They have zero interest in war with anyone, especially the U.S., its best buyer.


2 days ago
Why would China go to war with the US? They already own it.


2 days ago
China can safely wait, biding their time, while America fights itself from within. What a perfect scenario for our enemies, who must be laughing their heads off!


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