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Puanthanh Gangmei, worked in Kallipolis for 40 years.
“China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world.” It doesn''t matter whether Napoleon Bonaparte said this or not. What matters is that the giant has awoken.
China is still an export-led economy, and the American consumer is its largest customer. America is not just buying but also are investing more in China—and they don’t even know it. Americans are investing billions in corporate China.
Lacking in savings at home, and wanting to consume and grow, the U.S. must import surplus foreign saving from abroad – and run massive balance-of-payments and trade deficits to import this capital. President Donald Trump continues to single out China as the villain in the great American tragedy, when in fact he should take a careful look in the mirror.
We have done enough debate on who needs the other more. The U.S. depends heavily on China for providing low-cost goods that enable income-constrained American consumers to make ends meet. Chinese manufacturing also lowered prices in the United States for consumer goods, dampening inflation and putting more money in American wallets.





Allen Allington, former Career Counselor and 50 years of world traveling.
The USA needs China for numerous reasons and leaders like Trump only make our relationship worse instead of better, the way it could/should be.
If the USA would partner with China instead of trying to sabotage its progress, slander its people and threaten its existence, we would be further ahead. A US-China partnership would rule the world with its political, economic and military power and with leadership from China, the US might be able to quit creating wars around the world and focus on providing its people with a better and safer life.
I don’t see China as a threat, but see the US military and our war mongers as the biggest threat in this world.




Huang Dawei, Research Assistant at University of Michigan (2014-present)
Every decision by a nation is the outcome of complex negotiations and many compromises. It’s a complex game that takes multiple PhD thesis to explain.
Whoever try to personify a decision of a country is either dumb or up to no good.
IMO, US still think they are having the situation under control. Buying from China benefits US, and if necessary, they still have the power to beat the tiger before it grows too strong?
Is it really the case? I think it takes years and years of research to answer that question, and I am no where near to be qualified.



这是真的吗? 我认为要回答这个问题需要多年的研究,而现在的我离合格还差得远呢。

Glenn Lee
Please whose hand has been feeding China? In a Capitalist system, money is always in search of profit. If the profit is in China, the money will move to China. The money will stay in China as long the return on investment in China is acceptable. The money that has fueled China’s rise, only a very small portion has originated from America.
America is not doing China any favor; nor is China doing any favor for America.

请问是谁的手一直在喂养中国? 在资本主义制度中,金钱总是追求利润。如果利润在中国,资金就会转移到中国。只要在中国的投资回报是可接受的,这些钱就会留在中国。推动中国崛起的资金,只有很小一部分来自美国。

美国没有给中国任何好处; 中国也没有给美国任何好处。

Bob MacKenzie, former Business Owner and Manager. at Private Business Self Employed Thinker (1973-2019)
The US continues to buy from China because it is more profitable for the US companies and corporations to do so.
If a company in the US made a dishwasher it would cost consumers 100% more if the company wanted to make the same profit as when it is made in China.
If the company wanted to sell their dishwasher in the US they would have to sell it with about a 15% market from cost instead of a 100% mark up from cost importing from China.



Jansen Junaedi, Studied East Asian, Middle East, and European politics
Americans has just realized in the trade war that they are not prepared to live in a world without Chinese cheap products and Chinese food consumers. That’s the problem.


Sam Zhang, lives in China (1997-present)
You should ask American why they want to buy Chinese products , because It''s cheap. America dinitely don''t buy China products if there is cheaper one . In some ways, USA can''t leave China.
America is the biggest agriculture exporting country in the world. China is the biggest market, USA can''t leave China again lol, That''s why Trump forced China to buy America agriculture products in China -USA trade war deal . Why USA forced China? because nobody can consume so many products except China . It''s really funny!!!
Vice versa, China can''t leave USA either. As a Chinese ,I can''t leave American TV series. Some of my friends can''t leave iPad iPhone etc. It''s too late to trade war. China government said :“There''s no winer in trade war ”damn right!! Little to glass cup big to car , We can see each other in many ways.


美国是世界上最大的农产品出口国。中国是其最大的市场,美国不能再离开中国了。哈哈,这就是为什么特朗普在中美贸易战协议中让中国购买美国农产品的原因。为什么美国要求中国? 因为除了中国,没有人可以消费这么多的农产品。这真的很有趣! ! !

反之,中国也不能离开美国。作为一个中国人,我不能离开美剧。我的一些朋友不能离开iPad, iPhone等。现在打贸易战已经太迟了。中国说:“贸易战没有赢家!”小到杯子大到汽车,我们可以在很多方面看到对方的影子。

John Charles Fisher, studied Master of Laws (2005)
It will not. The 4th industrial revolution will relocalise production. China’s trajectory over the past 40 years is based on the ruthless exploitation of cheap labour, environment and leverage. Chinese will also benefit from new tech revolution. But this will require a reset from the former export led model which is unsustainable.


Danny Auyeung, Director , Private Client Group (1991-present)
Who is feeding whom?
With globalization trading nations are interdependent of each other. Decoupling will take time and lots of effort. All things considered, it is in the best interest of the U.S. to work with China. Yes, eventually, the U.S. will be the second most powerful country in the world. But so what?


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