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From the basketball court to the tasting room? That's the latest move from recently retired NBA star Yao Ming, who has started his own Napa Valley wine company: Yao Family Wines. This isn't the first venture into the business world for 31-year-old Ming, who also owns the pro basketball team Shanghai Sharks.
  Under the brand name YAO MING, Yao Family Wines has released its first wine -- a 2009 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon -- which will be immediately available for distribution in China. Capitalizing on the regions' wine boom, Ming's label intends to cater to the top tier of the Chinese market. The first 5,000-case production is priced at 1,775 yuan (US $289) per bottle.
  "I believe that wine can bring people together, and make our lives more enjoyable," Ming said in a statement. "Basketball gave me the opportunity to live in the United States and discover many wonderful things in America. Now I look forward to bringing great wines from California back to the Chinese people."
  The wine, which is sourced from several Napa Valley vineyards, are created with attention to detail and old-world techniques. The label, designed by renowned label maker Chuck House, combines a scenic sketch of Napa Valley with the Chinese character for "Yao," fusing the two cultures.
  The label will be exclusively imported by Pernod Ricard China. In a statement, managing director Con Constandis said, "Though we are a global company, we have strong local roots in China, which makes this strategic partnership with a man like Yao Ming as special as the quality wines themselves."
  Yao Family Wines will be available in the U.S. in 2012.
  葡萄酒,采购自几个纳帕谷葡萄酒庄园,生产时运用古老酿造技术同时无比注重细节。标签,由着名的标签制造家Chuck House设计,结合了纳帕谷风景素描和“姚”的汉字,融合了两种文化。
  标签将完全由Pernod Ricard China(一家洋酒公司)进口。董事总经理在一份声明中说:“虽然我们是一家全球性公司,我们在中国也有很强的本土根源性,这也使得与一个像姚明这样的人之间的战略性伙伴关系就如优质葡萄酒本身一样特别。”

  1、ahnree:what a joke, $200 for grape juice. why? did he use he's own feet to stomp the grape. chinese people need to go back to their own country.

  2、RJB Boston:smart biz decision

  3、Rogelio Lopez:Does he still have the "Yao" restaurant s in Houston?

  Evilsanssucre:Unfortunately. It's not very good.

  4、kevin j williams :smart guy good luck he has a huge market to sell to who will love his wine

  5、Evilsanssucre:You'll get the true Yao experience from each bottle: Each bottle will be way overhandle d by Chinese and Houston distributo rs, and upon opening and pouring about a glass full the bottom of the bottle will shatter.
  You get one bottle per year.
  About 9 bottles in a case but only 2-3 will taste any good.

        6、RDX:Very sad that he retired. Sure, he was never going to be Abdul-Jabb ar but he was a great player and a great ambassador .
  GL with the wine business!
  非常遗憾他退役了。当然,他永远不可能成为Abdul-Jabbar,但他是一个伟大的篮球员,一个伟大的大使。葡萄酒生意好运!(1989年,当42岁高龄的Kareem Abdul-Jabbar离开NBA赛场时,留下的是一串光辉璀璨,后人难以企及的纪录:史上总得分最多,总盖帽最多,常规赛MVP最多,入选全明星次数最多和职业生涯赛季最长。他还亲手缔造了或许是NBA史上最令人敬畏的一份个人荣誉表及团队荣誉表:最佳新秀,6次总冠军,6次常规赛MVP,2次总决赛MVP,19次入选全明星,2届得分王,NBA35周年大庆和50周年大庆时均入选历史全明星阵容。他还同时拥有8项季后赛纪录和7项全明星纪录。)

  7、ming099:...anybody see the 60 Minutes piece on China's trash problem?.. ..they should work on THAT instead of $290/bottl e wine......

  NastyN8:the States should also fix the economy instead of watching american Idol .....
  wish in one hand ....

  8、ColinZeal2:Now that he had a promising career as an internet meme?

  9、amorosotom:Such a sad state the People's Republic of China is in. Whatever happened to the "People" in their name? So much for the people's revolution . Now it's back to exploitation of the workers. And so the cycle begins anew.
  RDX:Well, to be honest, China has exploited their workers throughout the revolution .

  Jmmailin:There's a wonderful expression from the great socialist motherland : "In capitalism , man exploits man. In socialism it's the other way around."

  10、Mattcat25:Made in USA.

11、liveasequal:I met Yao a couple of years ago in Phoenix. He was a real gentleman and appeared to have a knack for putting people at ease. Good luck to you, Yao.

  12、WomenOnGuard:It's ironic that it took a Chinese to export to China from this country! Cheers to you Yao Ming!

  13、clarkesq:This is good. Exports to China, I hope he succeeds.

  14、Quai DOrsay:$289 for just a bottle of wine ? Dammmmm Yao

  15、jb6789:So, it took a Chinese national to finally create jobs in America!!! !! Hurray for capitalism !!!!!

16、Roommate :He should get in the real estate business, buy low sell high

  17、Ben Winslow :He will be stomping ALL of his grapes with his own feet.
  Yao will make quick work of that with his size 17!

  18、Oortcloud:Free Tibet.

  Beyond1984:A tee-shirt commonly seen throughout China:Free Hawaii for Hawaiins!

  Nick Montana:Tibet was never its own country and was in fact a barbaric place with a spoiled theocratic oligarchy hoarding all the wealth and power ruling over a mass of worker serfs in desolate poverty left ignorant and subject to even torture.
  It was not the happy, autonomous paradise of peaceful glee depicted by Hollywood, and was always a part of China in the first place.
  The PRC government isn't anything to cheer for but at least people in Tibet now have public education and utilities.
  "Free Tibet" doesn't mean anything nor does it reflect reality or history.

  WoodsideCraig:I've heard about that from another source as well. There is also apparently a link between the Dali Lama and Nazi fascists.
  There is apparently a fanatical minority in Tibet that is promoting the idyllic version of pre-China Tibet while spreading messages of Chinese oppression and ignoring the gains that the average citizen has made under that regime.

        19、AJOHMSS:Starting a winery?
  That's not surprising .
  Becoming a jockey?
  Now THAT would be surprising .
  (Good luck with the winery Yao, you were always one of my favorite players)

  20、MRb1000:He doing what he like to do. Do what you do! Yao!

  21、nowayless:I have to admit that people are different and so do their lives.
  When there comes a day I can take back home $1000 per hour for a whole day, then a whole year, I will too be able to get a taste of others' enjoyments , or affairs.

  22、Rick H :The Chinese would not allow an American to own a vineyard in China.
  Yet Yao Ming is allowed to use American soil to profit and benefit his native country.
  Stupid Americans.

  Tiny Dot :Read carefully before you pounce. He's buying wine from American vineyards and selling to Chinese consumers. And even if he owns a vineyard in the US, he's still selling to China while creating jobs in the US at the same time. So, you are saying that foreign investment (and foreign investment to make goods for export) is no good for America?

        23、vespachild:wow, a great career change。I hope him all the best

  24、Nostrodamus:He figures the Chinese will drink any thing at any price he throws at them.
  nowayless :before he figured out that is simply not true.

  25、olddognewtrick:$289 per bottle...Y AO!
  jb6789:Must be a very tall bottle.

  26、toastt :I believe Chinese are one of if not the biggest of consumers of beer and wine. I saw a report lately about Chinese wine makers going to France and buying vineyard contracts to supply wine to Chinese people.
  Sign of their wealth growing. Congratula tions to them.

  27、da6675 :The 1% Chinese "roaring capitalist " class has money to burn and will pay top dollar for status symbol items. Our American 1%ers are much more sophistica ted, always taking the high road and putting nation first!

        28、baldbiker2:Label status is a huge thing in China, and since theyre enjoying their newly found employment opportunit ies that used to be in the U.S., this is a brilliant move. He will make a fortune.

  StrawHat :Will he? Or will the knock-off and counterfei ters make a fortune off of him?

  DessLoch :Unless it's easy to copy California wines cheaply in China I doubt it. Making fine wine isn't like buring a DVD. He is selling to the upscale market people who presumably know the diff between Tempranill o and Thunderbir d. It will be controlled where it's sold I'm sure. And if knockoffs appear on the street, it will be flattering but not devastatin g.
  除非廉价仿制加利福尼亚葡萄酒在中国很容易,但我对此表示怀疑。酿造葡萄酒可不像做DVD。他销售的中高档市场的人们肯定大概了解Tempranill o和Thunderbir d之间的不同。我肯定在它的销售地区会加以控制。如果仿冒品出现在大街上,这更像是一种奉承性的而不是毁灭性的。(潜台词是有名气受欢迎的东西才会被仿冒)

  29、baldbiker2 :Wow, this article must really piss off the occupy folks. Heres a guy who came from a foreign country to America and worked hard and made sometrhing of himself and now he is rich. I'm sure the occupy folks will have a hay day with this article.
  哇噢,这篇文章肯定会使美国乡亲们恼怒不已。一个从外国到美国来的家伙,努力工作,为他自己赚得了一些东西,现在他很富有。我肯定美国乡亲们将会因为这篇文章度过不爽的一天。(hay原意是做饲料用的干草,衍生了许多美国常用语。这里的have a hay day不知道是不是这个意思。)

  cavallo :If you were eight feet tall, you might be a rich basketball player also.
  How many millions of unemployed Americans do you see standing in lines for hours to apply for jobs just to survive?

  30、DeuxExMachina:Surely you mean $298 a case??? $298 a bottle for a new wine label is unheard of.

  Ubatuba:upper class in China is wealthy. top buyers of art are chinese, russians and arabs. it's the new world order...


31、LaoShur:(US $289) per bottle.
  "I believe that wine can bring people together, and make our lives more enjoyable, " Ming said in a statement.
  At $289 a bottle, I know whose life will be more enjoyable! !

  32、Morgantheaxe:Good business move. Catering to the Asian upper crust is very lucrative these days.

  33、oilfield:how ironic and brilliant, a chinese immigrant exporting american made wine to china.

  34、Nightangle:'em Chinese. . . . typical overachiev ers. no surprise there.

  35、cb3cb3:That's gonna be a gold mine to that enormous luxury market in China

  enigma3535:Yep, they're only the 3rd ranked country in number of millionair e's behind the US and Japan ...

  mattsm84 :The problem with this is that its out of reach for middle class types. Consider that even first tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou the average income is only between 7,000 to 10,000 Yuan monthly with a relatively high cost of living. This is problemati c because the wine boom has been driven primarily by middle class strivers trying to spend conspicuou sly.

  RegLib2 :You ever been there/ Want me to tell you about the Lamborghini dealership s in malls in Beijing and Shanghai?
  The Chinese are our global competitio n. Beleiving 30 year old myths doesn't help us.

36、Boli Atepa :One bottle of wine in exchange for 289 chinese imports. Not a bad deal. And if we can clone Yao, we will even make more money and shut down this fear for the coming great Chinese economy.

  Nightangle :I hope you visit China one of these days. Yao is a typical Chinese. China is our best bet for a second chance, if only our leaders do not plant intrigues and bad mouth them.
  1.5 billion Chinese is their country best leverage and it's landscape has changed and continue to become a force in the world economy. It's one reason why they kept their yuan stable and not get bullied by US political bullying.
  There is no reason to be so fearful of the Chinese. It's our paranoia that is the problem.

  37、maxranter:Guess we can count that as one export from the US to China. Good to see that.

  38、TheCycad:A 289 dollar Cab Suav from 2009? WTF!
  you'd have to be an idiot to buy that.

  39、MichaelMcKLA:Good luck, dude!

  40、countrycontemplative:Good for Yao! Best wishes on your venture.

41、repugnicansfearme:Good luck in your new venture. Good person.

  42、BlueZoo :The key words here are "...immedi ately available for distributi on in China." This is very expensive for an '09 cabernet and it needs to lay down for a few years. In China, people will buy it up like crazy! Lots of money there these days and it's mostly our money!

  43、NWBrunette:$289 for a 2009 Napa Cab? Please. He's either harvesting gold-plate d grapes or his customers are beyond clue

  44、Recalled:BBC had an interestin g expose on all the wineries in the South of France being bought up by Chinese.

  45、JohnMavis41:Hopefully, they will hire locally to step on the grapes

46、Greatest Darthfruit :$289 a bottle???! !!! I can get 6-10 bottles of pretty decent wine with that money, and I am talking about great wines, from California , Chile, or Argentina. No thanks Yao!

  47、Shomali:Now there is something from US that will be exported to China.

  48、Evilsanssucre :Will it break immediatel y upon use, like Yao?

  49、tommy b :Cant wait to buy the knock off version from China for $2.89

  50、HerzogD :A real man of the people, that Yao. Way to make a product for your homeland in another country and then sell it at a prices that only the richest of Chinese can actually afford. Way to give back.

51、umen:Way to go Yao! Enjoy the wine, and I know you will use the proceeds to improve conditions for your fellow countrymen in China.

  52、Solsticedancer :And for $289 dollars I can feed my family for one month. Or pay the electric bill. Or buy only one bottle.

  dvglass3:What are you feeding your family? I go through that much a week and that is my wife, 2 year old girl and myself. And electric bill closer to $600 a month.

  Solsticedancer :I am a coupon queen !! :) I have to visit the meat dept frequently , to watch for reduced meat. I am also on WIC for my 3 year old son, and do not qualify for food stamps. I am very careful as to what time of day I run my dishwasher and washer/dry er. Unplug stuff you don't use. Change your light bulbs. All that stuff actually works and you will see a difference in your bill.

  53、decimus:Only have to sell roughly a billion bottles of Yao Ming wine and we can close the entire trade deficit with China! Get drinking, Chinese...

  Lobo72 :Get this guy into the Commerce Dept!

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