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China sends its first woman into outer space
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China can send people into outer space... Russians couldn't get a drone to reach mars successfully... e.e Nice... xD



"China sends its first woman into outer space"

This is China's first woman? Where did all the Chinese children come from before she came along? And if this is their only woman why would they shoot her off into space? I've read the Chinese don't value women but to get rid of the only one they have in this manner is crazy.

If they have a National Orginization for Women like we do in the US then they just got rid of the whole thing in one shot.




That's pretty funny.... the grammar and often times the spelling mistakes within articles these days seem to be in need of more education as the numerous mistakes seem to continue without an end in sight....


The title is gramatically correct. Perhaps a couple of people need some reading comprehension skills, or as one said, "more education."


The two Chinese men are going to dock with the Chinese woman in orbit?

Wonder if it will by live streamed?



You can bet that they will dock in space. It's all scientific data to be studied. I just wonder if we had our female in space do the same thing. (I don't really remember if we had any out there.)


Only because the Chinese stole everything from US. The Russians were idiots that only stole SOME of our tech.


the united states was so far ahead of all other nations in our space program, no one else was even close.
Now after 10 years of war, 14 million illegal immigrants, 40% of America on government help,16-20 % unemployment and underemployment, 15 trillion in debt(not counting the money owed to social security, military retirement, civil service retirement together around 11 trillion more; we have given up our quest , in order to attempt to stave off a complete meltdown of our economy and life style; however no politician in either party (except Ron Paul), will even go close to the subject


现在呢,经过十多年的战争,一千四百万非法移民,40%的美国人在接受国家救助,16~20%的处于失业或者就业不足的状态,15万亿的债务(还不算11万亿的社会安全、军队退役、市民服务等的缺口);我们放弃进步,为了尝试着延缓我们的经济和生活方式的完全崩溃的速度;但是没有一个政党的政治家(除了Ron Paul)关注这个问题。

Alice Kramden?


saxon, sounds like you and Urban cowboy have been doing the brokeback mountain. LMFAO!


China thinks that by getting a woman pregnant in space, the baby will automaticly be an astronaut. they are hoping for a boy, but if it will be a girl they will just use her for research in space before killing her.


they can get 3 times as many in a small space, they are so used to it. Sideways sally in space...wow.


“the united states was so far ahead of all other nations in our space program, no one else was even close……”of course thats what you get when the scientifically illterate run around trying to tell everyone the Earth is 6000 years old...



Good on China !


Let me guess? She was a protester and was launched from a very large cannon


shoulda been Hillary.....one way.


You spelled that wrong it's Boehner get it right next time


CHARGER12......Add Cantor and McConnell to the passenger list!


Space expeditions require that everyone involved be competent and on their toes at all times. Sending up Boehner, Cantor or McConnell would doom their crew mates.


Hilary would cause over weight failure big time.


Should have sent Romney!! Since he ain't got a DD-214 he do this for his country.


Wow there are no limits to what china will do to get rid of females there.

Ohhhhhh...they meant this as a good thing. Ok got it.



Your comments are incredibly banal. I think the American propaganda machine is losing some Americans, evidently, you are still indoctrinated.


I agree w/Korn, these are silly, childish comments by Folk who cannot comprehend the challenges/accomplishments of ALL space-faring nations/businesses. Bravo China, and onward sexual/racial/cultural EQUALITY!!! :)--S—


Way to go China - the new #1 power in the world and in space. The Western democracy's are just about finished - the accession of China is just about complete


So why don't you move over there??? We'll never miss ya....


Congratulations on an absolutely beautiful launch! All systems are go and the trajectory looks good for rendezvous.

Ad Luna, Ad Ares, Ad Astra!



Well said StanUlam


"MADE IN CHINA" - it says all for the achievement.


You mean like Apple products? Best in the world.



Look on the bottom of your keyboard and tell us where it was made.



Things made in China are not trash like many bigots want to rubbish, far from it they all work well. This space capsule and the launching rocket are a reflection of the quality of China goodies but made at a fraction of the cost of similar made in the west.


Exactly right, made at a fraction of the cost. They have excellent products but they use almost slave labor and child labor. That's why our manufacturers are moving there. Cheap labor


When we have routine travel to the moon will we need chinese Visa when we land


Why would we need visas, our flag has been placed on the moon 43 years ago.


So do we own the moon?


The moon is the new US Fort Knox, that is what backs the "Green Back's" these days, an endless supply of wealth.


No country will ever own the moon, same as space, no one has control of space.


Yea lets see if that no ownership rule applies when the first reachable inhabitable planet gets discovered


I think we will ALL be long gone and turned to dust before we will EVER be able to travel to another inhabitable planet. So what's to worry about?


Good for them. I hope they are successful and all three astronauts return safely. Hopefully they are going to use their space program for good and not evil.


However, it appears that China is making the same mistake that ultimately crippled NASA. The head is China's space program is a Lieutenant General in the PLA. All three astronauts (including the woman) are senior fighter pilots. This means that, just like with NASA, there will be a clash between the military and the scientists that the scientists will lose.
While we bemoan our "loss" (non-existent) of our lead in space, we seldom want to account for the root cause. Many scholars that follow this believe that the Cold War made NASA into a quasi-military organization that was dominated by military men with the "right stuff" --- especially fighter pilots.
As a result of all this "right stuff" NASA made three disastrous decisions: a) they abandoned the moon effort in mid-stream and completely lost all the momentum they had built. This was because of budget cuts to feed the military and to military influence within NASA who saw no military value in moon missions. b) Scientists wanted a big dumb lifter that could throw the greatest weight the most cheaply and most reliably to the Earth-Moon LaGrange Point. The military wanted a "shuttle" that could carry KH-type reconnaissance satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and also perform military reconnaissance, command-and-control, and potentially orbital weapons platform missions. When the reliability and turnaround turned out to be non-existent, the military took the X-37 program and walked. Besides recon satellites had gotten so small they no longer needed the shuttle. c) Scientists wanted a space station at the Earth-Moon LaGrange Point where it couls serve as a jumpingoff point for long-duration missions. The military wanted a space station in LEO so it could serve as a reconnaissance, command-and-control, and potential orbitan weapons platform. They won, but the process restricted man's presence to a low-gravity point within the Earth's magnetosphere. The low gravity severely limits science that can be done there.
But the biggest impact of the space shuttle and the ISS was to kill any chance of a manned flight to Mars, its moons, or an asteroid for the next 40-50 years and every scientist at NASA knows it. The problem is that we do not know a lot about long-duration space flight. We know that in zero and low gravity, there is serious atrophy of muscle and bone. At this point, exercise can help a tiny bit, but a near-Earth level of gravity is necessary to prevent it and we simply do not have the technology to do that ala 2001. The other issue is cosmic radiation's damage to human DNA on long-duration space flights. Again, we simply do not know much about it and certainly not enough to even provide minimal protection to long-duration astronauts. Shielding and revolving space quarters are simply way beyond out throw weight capability. At this point an attempt to send a man to Mars would be simply put a suicide mission.
And by having its space program controlled by its military, China will encounter the same conflicts of interest that have relegated NASA to an increasingly back seat in space.






Chris, an A+1 post


Cris, Thanks for that informative post!! I hadn't looked at NASA's history in quite that light before. Alot of puzzles now are a bit clearer. Let's all hope that business interests will become the leaders in space technology as they will not be hampered by having to be either Agressive or Defensive in "military" posture.


Chris, you seem to make up a lot of the history you cite. The Apollo program was killed by CONGRESS and President Nixon, who saw no further value in "thowing the taxpayer's money away to go someplace we've already been". Three planned Apollo lunar missions were scrapped shortly after Apollo 11 landed on the moon. This was not NASA's nor the military's decision. The miltary did dictate some of the specs for the Space Shuttle, as they were funding part of it's development under a mandate from Congress and President Nixon. After Challenger, the military pulled out of the Shuttle program because they decided it was no longer reliable enough for their needs.

It takes little effort to look up this history. Please do so before posting such inaccurate opinions again.



Sounds plausible Chris but I do not believe so. Even the dumbest military leader must understand that whoever controls outer space could control the Earth. We don't know what materials might be available in the moon but they know that it would be easier to launch a missile from the moon towards the Earth and that there is gravity in the moon, even if it's weak. So the space program was not killed by the military.
There is another group that controls the government. They love profit and dream of an economic empire to control the world. To them the space program meant a stronger USA and they did not want that. So now our space program does not exist and the only efforts to get to space comes from private companies who are looking for a profit. No profit no advancement.
The Chinese know all this. Soon they will catch up and go beyond what the international effort is managing because their motivation is their national security.




“There is another group that controls the government. They love profit and dream of an economic empire to control the world. To them the space program meant a stronger USA and they did not want that. So now our space program does not exist and the only efforts to get to space comes from private companies who are looking for a profit. No profit no advancement.”

*shakes head slowly with face in palm*


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