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The Real Budgets Of 5 McDonald's Workers


A budget planning guide from McDonald's for its employees, shown above, caught flak this past week for being out of touch. For starters, it didn't account for food and gasoline. The second line on the sample budget leaves room for income from a second job, which many called an admission by the fast food giant that its workers can't live on its wages alone.


McDonald's (MCD, Fortune 500) said in a statement that the sample is a generic example and is intended to provide a general outline of what an individual budget may look like.


Four real McDonald's workers shared their budgets with us, shedding light on how far their wages actually go.



42 minutes ago ( 9:07 AM)
If you're too good to work for minimum wage, why do you?


2 hours ago ( 8:09 AM)
Last night on my local news reported that WalMart had opened a new store and that over two hundred people had applied for 90 jobs available and just about all are minimum wage positions.


To think there are those who will say America is the greatest nation in the world but then again I'll bet none of them work theirButts off in a minimum wage job. We as a nation could do better, we as a nation should do better. The question is: will we?

想象一下,还会有一些人说美国是世界上最伟大的国家,但我敢打赌,这些人中没有一个是在忙到抽筋却拿着最低工资的的情况下工作。 作为一个国家我们可以做的更好,作为一个国家我们应该做的更好。 但问题是:我们会吗?


1 hour ago ( 8:25 AM)
Yes, your comment was quite funny.


2 hours ago ( 7:27 AM)
Mickey D's should have left well enough alone. The good thing is that they are assisting in pointing out that the corporations now have slaves yet again.....


40 minutes ago ( 9:09 AM)
Slaves can't quit. See the difference?


3 hours ago ( 6:54 AM)
Wow, $20 a month for health insurance? Where do I sign up?! My work just signed up for a plan and it's like $50 a week! Woof.


6 hours ago ( 3:46 AM)
Our daughter works an average of 15 hrs/week and after 2 years of employment she makes 8/hr. As another poster said there is no set schedule for these jobs. Her hours vary from 7 AM to 11 PM seven days a week. No two weeks are the same.


Last week Monday and Tuesday 10 am to 7 pm, Saturday 7 am to 4 pm


This week Sunday 1 pm to 7 pm, Wednesday 2 pm to 7 pm, Friday 3:30 pm to 9 pm and Saturday 10 am to 7 pm.


Her upcoming week schedule is not given to her until Friday. With no more notice than that how could you plan to work at another place. Her other job is self employed which she is hoping to be able to do full time after she finishes school. She has found out that the corporate world is not for her.


A lot of these businesses see just how much they can take advantage of the wage laws.


I know of one food business that charges their employees $5/day for food even if they don't eat.



37 minutes ago ( 9:12 AM)
Yet she still keeps a school schedule. Sounds like she's starting out the way many of us do.


24 minutes ago ( 9:24 AM)
But very much unlike those in "This Town."


6 hours ago ( 3:45 AM)

We live about 8 miles to the nearest town which has no public transportation and 14 miles from one that does. Our daughter is going to a community college while a lot of her friends are working at minimum paying jobs. We have 2 vehicles a ' 04 and '06. Her part of the auto insurance was $1600/yr in 2011 and has finally come down to $800/yr and is supposed to drop back to the normal amount next spring after she completes 3 years of driving experience without any tickets. If she had her own car her liability insurance would be 800/yr. Her health insurance started out in 2002 costing 110/mo and rose to 306/mo in 2008, changed companies with a higher deductible for 156/mo and in August it will rise to 233/mo.


Just her insurance cost is 252/mo and in August it will be 300/mo. At 60 hours a month average she grosses 480/mo. How anyone including her grandfather defend the current minimum wage rate is beyond me. He actually said it needs to be dropped to 5/hr or completely repealed.

光是她的保险费用就要252美元/月并于到8月份就是300美元/月。而平均一个月工作60小时她的总收入却只有480美元/月。还有什么人(包括她的祖父)能比我更捍卫目前的最低工资率呢? 那些人居然说它需要降到5/hr或完全废除。

10 hours ago (11:53 PM)
Anyone who finds that minimum wage should be good enough or that someone should hold down 2 jobs (4 jobs for a couple) should try it themselves... say in the NY metro area.


Just as you can't choose your parents, you can't choose where you where born or grew up as well ...... and it is very difficult (financially and emotionally) to pack up and move to an area where the cost of living is low and job opportunities are plentiful ... I think that they call that an oxymoron!


10 hours ago (11:48 PM)
I'd bet my next paycheck** that these McDonalds employees end up getting themselves fired for revealing this information.


**I'm currently unemployed and am considering applying at McDonalds so I can get on their $20 a month health plan.


Thinking Conservative
1 hour ago ( 8:33 AM)
Is that the 'Bandaid If You Get A Cut" Health care plan?


standing ground
10 hours ago (11:44 PM)
HINT: fast food jobs are entry level....


10 hours ago (11:59 PM)
you have a point there... but too many jobs are being considered entry level and only pay minimum wage and there are whole segments of people that will only be suitable for these type of jobs ever. It only hurts the rest of us when theyre too poor to be healthy consumers. Im just saying we can raise minimum wage, the rich would still get rich, min wage jobs would still be tough but we'd all live in a slightly better world.

你说得有点道理... 但现在太多的工作被认为是入门级并只支付最低工资,而一大堆人实际上只适合做这样的工作。让他们无法成为一个正常的消费者,这对剩下那部分的人也没啥好处。 我的意思是说,我们可以考虑提高最低工资标准,而富人仍然会富有,这些工作也仍然艰难,但这样我们大家都能在一个稍微好一点的世界里生活。

11 hours ago (11:06 PM)

Yes, McD may be "out of touch", but lets get real:

1.) This is a fast food facility. It isn't a "fine dining" restaurant where they are paid better and generally receive a good tip, a restaurant in which they will receive tips (I know many waitresses that work at Applebee's, Outback, etc that brings home 100-150 a night. It also isn't a skilled field or a field that requires higher education. It is typically students or adults with no education, so of course they won't be making a significant amount of money. While working on my masters, I worked in a forensic unit at a psychiatric hospital and made less than a friend who worked at Walmart and McD.

2.) A lot of individuals have to or do obtain a second job, even those with decent pay, so merely having a line for "second job" isn't admission that they aren't pay well.

With all due respect, they get paid what they deserve. Pay needs to be equal to skill level, education, and demand of the job- there is minimal skill level that is required to work at McD, no education, and the demand isn't high. Shall I continue with this: most of the employees (that I have met) in fast food establishments are inept. They are rude, totally mess up your order, and down outright incompetent.


1)这是一个快餐工厂。 它不是一个“精致美食”的餐厅,在那里他们能得到更好的薪水,还能有不错的小费收入,(我知道很多在Applebee's或者Outback工作的女服务员一晚能拿到100-150块回家。)这不是一个需要高等教育或者娴熟技术的领域,它通常适合学生或没有受过教育的成人,所以他们当然不会得到高的报酬。而我读硕士那会,也曾在一家精神病医院的法医单位兼职,但身边的朋友却没几个是曾在沃尔玛或麦当劳工作过的。


我很尊重的说,他们得到的报酬和他们的付出是等值的。收入必须要与技能水平,教育和职位要求相对等,在麦当劳工作只需要最简单的技能,不需要受过教育,工作要求也不高。 因此,还需要我继续说:许多快餐店的员工(我见过的)都是不称职的,他们相当粗鲁,经常搞乱你的订单,相当的不称职吗。

mama train
4 hours ago ( 6:09 AM)

I call BS...pay equal to skill level makes sense...just not starting so low that no matter what you do you cant make ends meet. It is morally wrong to pay slave wages to people that must trade such a significant part of their lives. When is a person supposed to sleep? Between jobs or on breaks?

IF you work full time you should be able to meet your basic needs. Food shelter heat healthcare and transportation to work. Nothing fancy or extravagant. If a job pays so little that the people of the US have to supplement that income with rent assistance, food stamps, healthcare, childcare or utility assistance then that is backdoor corporate welfare. You should be P!ssed at micky D's not the employee.

我叫BS ...收入要与技能水平对等,是有道理的......只是开始不能那么低,无论你做什么,你不能让入不敷出。 对需要为生活支出那么多的人们支付奴隶式的工资,这在道德上是错误的。 你想让人家啥时候睡觉?工作中或中间休息的时候吗?

只要你是全职工作,你就应该得到能满足你的基本需求的收入。食品,医疗和交通,这些都不是花哨或奢侈的东西。 如果一份工作只给那么一丁点儿,以至于政府需要为这些人提供额外的补助,例如房租补助,食品券,医疗保健,育儿或其他援助,那等于是在为企业擦屁股!你应该吐槽的是麦当劳而不是它的雇员。

3 hours ago ( 6:35 AM)
have you ever worked at McDonalds? I haven't but I bet it takes some skill to be able to hold the job. Just because things like dealing with the nasty public and cleaning are not "valued" doesn't mean they are low skill and easy.

你是否曾经在麦当劳工作? 我没有,但我敢打赌,它是需要一定技巧来担任这个职务的。不能因为这份工作只是与普罗大众打交道或者清洁什么的没啥“价值”就认为它们只需要低技能或者很简单。

12 hours ago ( 9:59 PM)
So basically, they are f---ked if they have a kid.....


11 hours ago (11:07 PM)
Then maybe they should go out and obtain a better paying job.


10 hours ago (11:37 PM)
why doesnt that one pay enough? McDonalds cant afford to pay a livable wage?

为什么不支付足够呢? 麦当劳付不起能让人活的工资吗?

9 hours ago (12:46 AM)
Yeah, and that's real easy. Since a majority of the jobs available are low-wage and/or part-time. Funny how delusional so many Americans are when they say, "Just go out and get another job." Really??


Brian Judge
12 hours ago ( 9:56 PM)
This is the price that we all pay for craving cheap junk food that is making us obese.


george martini
10 hours ago (11:53 PM)
I agree as I reach for another handful of Cheetos....


mama train
4 hours ago ( 6:13 AM)
Never mind that it's designed to make us "crave" it. Too bad the US won't wage war on fast food the same as on drugs! I think the fast food is the most dangerous and addictive of the two!

不要介意它让我们“流口水”。 太糟糕了,美国不会像对待嗑药一样向快餐食物也发动一场“战争”! 我认为这两者之中快餐才是最危险和最容易令人上瘾的!

12 hours ago ( 9:55 PM)
One of several major problems with this so-called "budget" is that McD's changes their workers' schedules every week and requires them to be available for any shift they assign the worker to. So, that pretty much eliminates being able to hold a 2nd job unless that job has really flexible hours (dealing drugs comes to mind.)

这个所谓的“预算”的几个主要问题之一是,麦当劳改变员工每周的时间表,要求他们能适应公司安排的任何时间段。 所以,这几乎消除能够再去找第二份工作的可能,除非这份工作具有非常灵活的工作时间!(嗑药的时候想到的。)

11 hours ago (11:08 PM)
This is called the real world. Most employers will require their facility to be "first." If you have a problem with it, find a new place.

这就是现实世界。 大部分雇主都要求他们的方便才是“第一”的。 如果你不愿意,那就滚~
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